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16 Warwick Court

Location Recce
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Type of room/area:


Location Address:

16 Warwick Court, Warwick


Sat Nav details (Post code):

Nearest Train Station:

Beaconsfield train station

Lighting Information: Solutions:

In this small apartment there are a 2 sources of As a quick solution to this Jordan and I will be
light that are available. Each room has one light using 2 480w LED panels to help light the room
bulb which will light the whole room. There are enough to create a crisper image.
also windows in each room which provide a lot
of natural light into the room. However when
having just the light bulb on, the image for the
cameras we use becomes very grainy and noisy,
even when using fast lenses
Sound Information: Solutions:
In the apartment there is no real sound How we could resolve this was when filming
problems, although the walls are thin, the inside we had all the curtains drawn, having it
sounds quality within the flat is pretty good. act as an acoustic blanket. We will also shut the
There is no real echoing and no real background windows to try and dampen all the sound from
noise that interferes with the mic. One of the outside. This should mean that much of the
main problems that we found was noise from audio should be a lot cleaner.
outside due to there being loads of people out.
This meant that there was a lot of noise and
between each take the sound would be
Power Information: Solutions:
Throughout the apartment there are several n/a
different mains sockets that I can plug my LED
panels into and also charging equipment whilst
were filming so were ready for the next shoot or
reshoots if needed.
Hazards Solutions:
There are few minor hazard that may have to be To avoid the possible trip hazards. I am going to
resolved. Due to the amount of wiring that will make sure that the set is well lit to make sure
be around in the flat there is a definite trip cast and crew can clearly see their
hazard. There is also a minor electrocution risk surroundings. For the lights I am going to place
with plug sockets and also the use of liquids that them out of the way of the camera operator
we plan to use in this scene. In some of the and cast members to make sure they do not
bottle that are going to be in this scene, some trip on any wires. I can also use portable
are filled with water which could lead to a batteries to power the lights to completely get
spillage on electrical devices. The bottles of the wires.
themselves are also a possible trip hazard.