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How do you help others solve their problem?

I help others solve their problems just talking.

Imagine you have won a million dollars. Who will you tell? What will you
2 do with the money?
I will tell my family and I will invest in my education.

Would you like to have your own car? If yes, what kind of car do you
want to have? If no, why not?
I would like to have a mercedes benz car

What do your parents do in their free-time?

4 They usually spend time with us.

Do you think is it important to follow instructions? Explain.

Yes, I think so. If you try to get something, you will have to follow

What are the advantages/benefits of owning a car?

6 The main advantage is save time and some coins.

Are you good at saving money? Why/not?

7 I am not. I usually spend my money buying clothes.

What do you think is the safest form of transportation? Why?

I think with own car-
What ambitions do you have regarding your career?
I want to finish my career and work abroad.

What's the most readily available form of public transportation where

10 you live?
the most readily available form of public transportation are combis.

What type of political system does your country have? What's your
opinion about it?

Do you prefer driving or riding public transportation? Why?

12 Now I prefer public transportation until I get my own car.

What’s the biggest accident you’ve ever had?

13 I’ve never had an accident.

What are elections generally like in your home country?

People have to
Have you ever seen a very bad accident? Tell me what happened
No, I haven’t.had an accident.
What are the main causes of accidents on the roads?
16 When the cars is going with high speed or the drivers fall asleep.

17 Have you ever studied first aid? What did you learn?
I haven’t studied first aid yet.

18 What are your parents like?

They are so patient and responsible.
What do you think is the most dangerous form of transportation? Why?
The most dangerous for me is by land.

Who in your family would you turn to if you had an emotional problem?

Would you like to be a politician? Why, why not?

I would like to be a politician just to help poor people.

22 Describe your wife / husband. What kind of a person is he/she?

What, in general, do you think should be the qualities of a good

political leader?
24 Tell something about your child / children.
What is your best family memory?
25 When all family get together for Christmas.

Where do you think that most accidents happen: in the home or at

work? Why do you say so?

What is your worst family memory?

27 When happen something bad.

What's the worst problem you have ever had?

What is your first reaction to problems? Do you panic/ analyze it/ run
to someone to talk and get help?
My first reaction is analyze the situation and think.

For you what's an ambition?

30 An ambition is the way to get something with a lot of effort

Do you think it is important to have ambitions? Explain

31 Yes, of course. Each person has ambitions to get in their personal life.

32 What are the disadvantages/negative side of owning a car?

33 Do you consider yourself to be an ambitious person? Why/not?

34 What do you usually do when riding a train or bus?

35 What’s the difference between an ambition and a dream?
36 What's your favorite form of transportation? Why?
37 What kind of success do you want in the future in your life?
38 What can you do now to be successful in the future?

39 Which do you enjoy more: earning money or spending money? Why you
say so?
40 What’s the best way of making a lot of money?
41 What's your opinion about saving money?
What does your husband/wife do in his/her free-time?
How do you usually spend your money? What do you usually buy?
43 I usually spend my money on clothes and going to the theather.

Do you sometimes buy things that you don't need? How do you feel?
Give example
What was the most important thing your parents taught you?
The most important thing that my parents taught were values.
46 Is it better to pay cash or by credit card? Explain

47 If you found 100,000 soles in a bag on the street, what would you do?
Keep it?
In a marriage, do you think one person should handle the finances, or
Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I see myself working for a big company or being owner of one

50 In general, what is your opinion of the politicians in your country?

Who is the current leader of your country? How would you describe

52 If you were the leader of your place, what changes would you make?

How do you spend your day with your family?


54 What can be done to prevent accidents?

55 Do you follow instruction?