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Female Orgasms
This article is intended to be a quick reference, as opposed to a thorough guide or technique tutorial. Many
different areas are described briefly, to give the reader a grasp of the complexity and unique characteristics that
vary from woman to woman.
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What is a female orgasm? ​Female Changes in situation or patterns can

orgasms are not always easy to be a trigger or deterrent for an
classify, as they can originate from orgasm. A common phrase is “don’t
multiple places or contain pleasure stop what you are doing” which
in different areas. Most female indicates a positive feedback loop
orgasms involve sensations of with the stimulation that may lead to
intense pleasure, which can spike or climax. If the stimulation is
grow in some form of pattern, and interrupted or changed, the loop may
may also trigger contraction of not always immediately start again.
muscle groups. Most females are Change in stimulation also can
unique in their traits of preference sometimes be a positive trigger,
and receptiveness to stimulation. where desire for another type of
stimulation builds. A common
What can trigger a female situation is when vaginal stimulation
orgasm? ​Stimulation can be mental is purposefully ignored or teased by
or physical, with climax achievable providing stimulation in other areas,
from either or a combination of the which may create receptiveness to
two. Pressure stimulation is the first vaginal stimulation.
type of physical stimulation, which
typically involves shifting of blood
from one sensitive tissue to the next.
The second stimulation is friction
where skin or tissue is rubbed.
Pleasurable stretching sensation is a
third type of sensation.
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Female Orgasms
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Stimulation Areas​​: ​Clitoris​ ​The Orgasm Type​​: ​Clitoris ​An orgasm

clitoris is a small shaft of erectile involving mostly the clitoris is often
tissue that may protrude from the described as intense both mentally
vulva or may be mostly internal to and physically. Many describe it as
the vulva. It is connected to several reaching mountain peak with one or
other shafts of erectile tissue inside multiple points at the top which
the vulva, which encircle the vagina. decline quickly. The clitoris is often
Its external tip can be very sensitive, involved in some fashion to achieve
and its receptiveness to stimulation any other the types of orgasm, and
can vary with arousal. It is often can cause a refractory period with
more sooner receptive to stimulation over sensitivity shortly after orgasm.
compared to other areas. It can be This trait of refractory period can be
both stimulated with friction as well similar in males and females.
as pressure. It can be stimulated by
friction without moving the structure
itself such as lightly grazing the tip.
It can also be stimulated by pushing
its entire structure in different
directions, which stimulates the
internal structures for differing
sensations. Because of the internal
shafts or “legs” of the clitoris that
encircle the vagina, pressure and
motion in and around the entrance to
the vagina may cause clitoral type
stimulation. The feeling of “fullness”
may be associated with an object of
girth pressing on the clitoral legs just
inside the vagina.
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Female Orgasms
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Stimulation Areas​​: ​G-Spot​ ​The Orgasm Type​​: ​G-Spot ​The

urethra is lined with a varied amount of pleasure and orgasm triggered by
erectile or spongy tissue, which varies the G-Spot is often referenced more
in size and sensitivity. There are also as building wave with a smoother
glands in this area that can secrete peak that can repeat or maintain its
fluids, which vary in amount from intensity. This longer peak can
person to person. The G-Spot can be make other areas receptive to
found just inside the vagina along the stimulation or allow triggering an
anterior wall, and typically is mostly orgasm on their own; combining the
sensitive to pressure. It can be two types into what can be called a
pressed toward the front of the pelvis
blended orgasm.​ ​ The G-Spot
against the pelvic bone, with either
generally does not enter a refractory
gentle or very firm pressure, the latter
period the same as the clitoris, with
more applicable to higher arousal
the possibility of continued
levels. When the erectile tissue is
stimulation and further climax. At
engorged, it can often be squished
the peak of climax, constant
between a finger on each side. Its
pressure can be held on the G-Spot
state of receptiveness to stimulation
varies by time due to other factors such
against the pubic bone, for possible
as overall arousal or stimulation that is extended sensations or extended
occurring in other areas. It may also orgasm.
be more receptive if another orgasm
was recently achieved. It is less
receptive when not aroused, and may
cause the undesired sensation of
needing to urinate. This area can be
associated with a “squirting orgasm” by
some women, which is a particular
sensation of a type of orgasm that may
or may not involve a release of fluid.
Some women can have this type of
orgasm without stimulating this area.
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Female Orgasms
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Stimulation Areas​​: ​A-Spot Orgasm Type​​: ​A-Spot ​Some

(Anterior fornix) A ​ t the end of the women enjoy sensations and
vagina, the uterus and its position pressure on their uterus, while
may shift the direction of an erect others may not. They may also be
penis in one of two fornix pockets, in sensitive to friction in certain deeper
front or behind the opening of the areas of their anterior vaginal wall.
uterus, the cervix. Actual uterus This influences if an orgasm can be
location and angle will vary from triggered in this area. Because of the
woman to woman, and may not be in nature of thrusting, often rhythm is
the same location as the diagrams. involved which can interrupted or
The non-aroused location of the exaggerate the feedback loop.
uterus often guides the erection into Because some women have a
the anterior location, which is in sensitive uterus, care may need to
between the belly button and uterus. be taken with thrusting after orgasm
When in this location, the depth of if the penis is still impacting the
the the vagina is limited, and the uterus.
penis can only enter so far, typically
between 3 to 5 inches. This area of
the vagina and the cervix may not be
receptive to stimulation, and may be
referenced the feeling to having their
uterus or cervix “pounded”. As
arousal increases, the cervix may
accept pressure and some women
enjoy pressure or friction on the
cervix. Another positive of this penis
location is its direction toward the
belly button which can put pressure
on the G-Spot. Skilled partners can
exploit the positives of this situation
without causing discomfort.
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Female Orgasms
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Stimulation Areas​​: ​P-Spot Orgasm Type​​: ​P-Spot T ​ he

(Posterior fornix) ​The uterus may mechanics of stimulating the P-Spot
shift its position, often during typically involves deep insertion and
arousal, which allow easier access rhythmic motion, which leads it to
for the erect penis to enter the rear more of a repeating build-up of
fornix. In this position, the penis can pleasure with smoother multiple
contact the cervix and slips past it peaks. The longer peaks of
into a softer area of the vagina, pleasure leans this type of orgasm to
which can usually stretch to mix well with other orgasms for a
accommodate a longer erection. The blended orgasm​. Friction on the
stretching effect itself can be cervix by the glans of the penis can
stimulating, but may also allow the either be positive or negative, and
male pelvis to contact the clitoris for the change in friction as the penis
direct stimulation. The reciprocating enters this area may be noticed by
motion in which the penis head one or both participants.
grazes the cervix can be positive in
place of previous direct impact
pressure which is may not desired in
some cases. The arousal level also
can increase receptiveness level to
friction on the cervix. Often a skilled
partner can determine the location of
the uterus by feel and resistance to
insertion, and modify the angle of
erection or take note of when the
uterus moves during intercourse. If
the uterus moves, it moves slowly
during general arousal, and more
quickly as orgasm approaches or is
in progress.
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Female Orgasms
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Stimulation Areas​​: ​Anus ​The skin Orgasm Type​​: ​Anal B​ ecause of

around the anus and the anus itself stimulation of other areas near the
is very sensitive to touch, but anal cavity, many describe anal
stimulation reception may vary inside orgasm as similar or the same as
the anal cavity. Often sensitive area other types of orgasms.
may be located in one particular
direction, such as toward the vagina. Orgasm Type​​: ​Nipple, Lips,
Penetration of the anal cavity with an Hands, Neck ​The stimulation or
erection or object can allow access feedback provided though non
to stimulate other areas, due to very genital sources can combine to
close proximity. The clitoral legs, trigger an orgasm, with the erect
G-Spot, A-Spot, P-Spot and cervix nipples and upper lip being common
can all be stimulated by pressure receptors and may contribute to a
through the anal cavity. An important blended orgasm. The neck is also a
variable for anal stimulation is frequent erogenous zone that is
arousal level, as muscle relaxation sensitive to stimulation. On their
can aid in access and reception to own, these other sources are more
stimulation. rare to trigger an orgasm but it can
happen with very high arousal.
Stimulation Areas​​: ​Vagina T ​ he Combining any of these stimulation
vagina itself can have sensation to with situational knowledge can help
friction and stretching, both at its trigger a mental orgasm. An
entrance and along various parts example is an orgasm that occurs
deeper in the vaginal canal. Some when using the hands to feel a
women may be more sensitive at a partner orgasm.
shallower depth and around the
labia, with others having sensitivity
deeper in.
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Female Orgasms
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Stimulation ​Modifiers​​: ​Menstrual Orgasm Type​​: ​Mental S​ ome

cycle or emotional state D ​ uring the women possess the ability to orgasm
range of the menstrual cycle, overall from mental stimulation on its own.
natural arousal levels may vary, as Typically there are more factors at
well as receptiveness to some play, such as hormone levels, visual
stimulation. For example, the input or other non-sexual touch.
nipples may be more receptive to These can increase the blood flow to
stimulation during a period, and the sexual organs and increase
arousal factors may be different. arousal level. The aroused organs
Some genitals areas may be less can provide sensations simply by
sensitive or more sensitive. being engorged, but sometimes this
Emotional state of mind and stress is not necessary for an orgasm to
also have factors, and often affect occur.
every other variable.
Orgasm Type​​: ​Blended ​Many
Stimulation ​Modifiers​​: ​Pain women prefer specific sets of
Arousal levels can also influence orgasms, as they often can be
tolerance for pain, sometimes even combined to produce sensations
making it an ingredient in pleasure stronger than each on their own.
enhancement. For example, The most common type is vaginal
spanking, biting, pinching, or stimulation combined with clitoral
vigorous thrusting can all add an stimulation, for example a G-Spot
excitement element that can and clitoral orgasm together. Most
enhance other pleasure sensations types of orgasms can be combined
or trigger them on their own. Mixing by stimulating both at the same time,
of sensations can contribute to or some can be triggered simply by
blended orgasms. the action of the other orgasm. An
example is that some women may
experience a “squirting” G-Spot
orgasm if stimulation is shifted from
the G-Sport to the clitoris when
edged close to climax.
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Female Orgasms
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Orgasm Type​​: ​Procedural Chaining orgasms can also differ by

Stimulation in some areas may only stopping just short of an orgasm,
be receptive after certain which is called teasing/edging, and
prerequisites are met. The overall changing the stimulation, usually in a
sum of mental and physical arousal specific order. For example,
level can help increase reception, vigorous clit stimulation sometimes
such as when the G-Spot becomes can not as easily be transitioned
engorged through other means of away from as receptively as gentle
stimulation or excitement. This often clitoris stimulation. There are also
means that intercourse is not exceptions, where arousal level can
pleasurable before a certain arousal override restrictions to stimulation.
level is met, which is why many When on the edge of orgasm,
people prefer foreplay before sometimes other areas can be more
intercourse. receptive to stimulation and then
orgasm. For example, after intense
Another example is that a clit clitoris and G-Spot teasing, nipple
orgasm by itself may cause stimulation or upper lip stimulation
refractory period, but when chaining alone can trigger an orgasm. A
a G-Spot orgasm and then a clitoris benefit of these “switch” tease
orgasm, a less stressful clitoris orgasms is that there is a possibility
orgasm could be triggered and may of no refractory periods and anxiety
not have a refractory period at all. for another immediate orgasm only
An A-Spot orgasm could be chained increased. Teasing and switching is
before or after a G-Spot orgasm, by a common type of foreplay used for
alternating thrusting of the penis with building desire for vaginal types of
rocking of the penis. A P-Spot stimulation involving insertion.
orgasm can follow after the other
types of orgasms, due to the uterus
changing location during the first
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Female Orgasms
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Stimulation ​Modifiers​​: ​Breathing, Illustration of intercourse anterior

choking D ​ uring arousal, minor to the cervix, limiting insertion:
hyperventilation is common and can
influence arousal and reception to
stimulus. By controlling breathing,
rhythmic sensations can be
enhanced or orgasms more easily
triggered. The practice of choking
during arousal is actually not done
with airway restriction, but gentle
restriction of the blood vessels in the
neck, next to the throat. Illustration of intercourse toward
posterior to the cervix, allowing
deeper insertion: