Entrepreneur Business Plan

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Entrepreneur Business Plan

Business Description
General Description of the business

We are going to launch solar mobile charger although people are aware of this technology while using solar electricity generator for the production of electricity at house consumption. The concept of using solar energy is very high in America and some of the cities in America are using completely Solar Energy to full fill their electricity consumption pattern. When we come to the region of Asia specifically Pakistan then we come to know that the shortage of electricity is very high which indeed create huge hurdle in every single aspect of life.

People in offices face the same problem and when we talk about the duration of load shading then it is more then 12 hours per day. People are not able to communicate with their families and relatives because they never get time to charge their mobile. Our business is completely based on the product of mobile solar charger. We have limited budget and according to that budget we will be starting manufacturing Solar Mobile charger for the people of Pakistan. The best thing about this solar mobile charger is to carry easily any where in Pakistan. The weight of the solar mobile charger is just like the weight of USB drive. We will manufacture properly this product in Pakistan.

We will be developing proper business which includes the concept of complete organization. The departments which will participate in our Business include production, Marketing, Operations, management and finance. All strategies should be execute under the consensus of different departments in order to achieve complete organizational goal.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Design of Solar Charger

Appearance The appearance of the product is just like a USB drive. The upper part of the Solar Charger is fitted with solar panel and we will also provide the different wire having different pins like for Nokia wire and pin will be different from Sony Ericson and Sony and vice versa. Size The size of the product is very small that every one can carry it easily. Weight The weight is just like ordinary USB drive. Function It is very reliable because you have to plug the pin in to your mobile and it will start work under specific requirement of solar panel.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Solar Mobile Charger Functioning Process

Complete Flow of Solar Mobile Charger Circuit
To make our Mobile solar charger we used a 250mA 6 Volt Solar Panel available in the local market of Pakistan. Even in the brightest sunshine the voltage is not excessively above that of the Mobile battery, and the current is plenty enough to charge the battery in a few hours in bright conditions. The 6V Current passes through Positive Panel and moving through Blocking Diode. From Blocking Diode it goes towards Transistor “LM317T”. After functioning of Transistor one line goes to resistor R1 and second line bypassing R1 and move towards R2. From Resistor R2 it moves towards connector. The basic functioning of Resistor is to maintain the volt for mobile battery.

The blocking Diode controls the reverse current of mobile Phone. The idea behind using Diode is to protect Solar panel. A blocking diode should be used (in the positive solar panel lead) to prevent the Mobile battery from slowly draining at night if it is still connected to the panel.


Entrepreneur Business Plan Unfortunately this results in up to 0.7 Volts being lost as heat in the diode, so it can be left out if you prefer to have a faster charger which will charge the battery in lower light conditions.

Voltage Regulatory “Transistor”
In order to regulate the voltage from our 6 Volt solar panel we used an LM317T chip (available in the Pakistani Market) in the following super simple circuit.

Voltage regulation circuit with “LM317T” where R1 is a 270 Ohm resistor and R2 is the resistor used to set the output voltage. Wiring up the above circuit on a prototyping breadboard with a 270 Ohm R1 resistor, and 820 Ohm R2 resistor we can confirm that the output voltage is 5.06 Volts which is perfect for our Mobile battery. It is essential to check that the output voltage is around 5 Volts using a suitable multimeter before attempting to charge Mobile Battery or the Mobile itself could be damaged.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Components used in the Manufacturing of Complete product Solar Panel
Solar panel is available in the market at different prices but the range is from 200 to 276Rs

Transistor is available in the local market and the cost is only 5 Rs.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Blocking Diode 1N4104
Blocking Diode is available in the market and the cost is only 2Rs

Resistor is available in the market R1 and R2. The cost is only 2 Rs on R1 and R2.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Different connectors are available and the cost of per connector is 2 Rs.

Circuit Board Chip
Circuit board chip cost is 40Rs after designing the entire circuit according to the requirement of the flow diagram or functioning of Solar Charger.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Plastic body of the Solar Charger
Plastic raw material used for the outer designing cover of the solar mobile charger. We utilize plastic Raw according to the requirement of per unit.

Industry background
Pakistan mobile Industry is not properly established because some of the mobile chargers are produced locally but having very low quality. Most of the used mobile chargers are available in the market and considered as original. The companies like Nokia, Sony and Samsung chargers are available in the market. These chargers are china made and because original chargers come with new mobile phone and the life of those chargers are better than china made charger. China Mobile charger The industry of Pakistan is filled with Chinese’s products which has very less life as compare to the original company mobile chargers. According to our survey we asked many people that which charger you would like to buy either Chinese or original used mobile. We received many answers some of the people said China’s mobile charges always affect mobile battery. By using china’s mobile charger it reduces the life of mobile battery which indeed decreases the satisfaction level. Hall road and hafiz Center is the biggest market in Lahore. We find all the accessories of mobiles at Hall road including chargers of different mobiles. Majority of the distributors buy chargers in bulk and sell it to different shops. Some suppliers sell chargers to different shops in the town. When these chargers move towards the center of the town then the prices automatically increases.


Entrepreneur Business Plan Awami Market Hall Road is the oldest plaza where you can find different mobile parts including different types of chargers. Each floor is filled with different parts of mobiles. It’s basically the hub of Lahore and Punjab. People come from different cities like Okara, Sheikhapura, Kasoor, pattoki, Phoolnagar, Mangamandi, Akhtarabad, Gujrawala, Gujrat, Sahiwal, Muredkay to

purchase in bulk.
Suburban Cities Urban Cities Main Hub

Hall Road and hafiz Center

China Market Accessories Local Used Mobile & Accessories Accessories Local manufactur er New Mobile

China market Accessories This is the Chinese market where the wholesales import mobile accessories from chine. Chinese mobile is also available in this segment. The cost is very low and especially targeting low income segment consumer in the market.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Local used mobile & Accessories In this segment we find used mobiles which comes in to the territory of Hall road and Hafiz Center through suppliers or most of the consumer sell their mobiles in these markets. Local manufacturer The trend mobile which is the local manufacturer and producing mobile and accessories for all types of mobiles and covering market share. New mobile Some mobile shops sell new mobile and there are some suppliers who sell new mobiles in Bulk.

Infrastructure of Hall Road Market
The people who come for purchasing in the market:


Wholesale r

China Mobile Market

Chinese Products

Individual Customer


Used Mobile

Mobile Parts Shops

Repairing Shops

Accessori es Shops

There activities of two stakeholder Individual customer and Supplier seen in to the market of Hall road.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Individual Customer The trends of Individual customer is towards used mobile, Mobile parts shops, Repairing Shops, Accessories shops, China mobile market & Chinese products. Supplier If you look at the side of supplier then they are usually involved with wholesaler, china mobile market and Chinese products. They buy in bulk and sell to other suburban areas of Pakistan.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Research and analysis
The Gap in Market
We conducted different surveys in the market trying to find out the current needs of the customers regarding alternative means of electricity because of electricity short fall in Pakistan. And ask them what they would like to have different alternatives of energy. We come to the conclusion that people want something that reduces their problems regarding electricity short fall. Techniques for determining the steps to be taken in moving from a current state to a desired future-state: It begins with • After judging this Gap we are going to launch a new product so, first of all we have to work on the development of the product. We will sponsor the shows so that people can be aware of our product. We will advertise our products on television peek time. • We have selected our target the market in Lahore major electric accessories distributors.

Justification of Innovation why we think it’s going to sell?
We think solar charger for mobile phones is going to sell in the market because of the following reasons.

We think solar charger is going to sell because people will like due to electricity short fall.

People belong to rural area will highly prefer our product because electricity short fall is on extreme level in Pakistan’s rural area.

• •

It is first kind of solar charger which is being introduced in Pakistan ever. Customers are always attracted by innovative product.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

We will provide solar charger at reasonable price.

Target market
Our product target market is business to business (B2B). We are now only targeting all major whole sellers of mobile accessories in Lahore, moreover we will expand our business to other major cities of Punjab and then to over all Pakistan in recent years. The two major whole seller markets in Lahore are: • • Hall road Market Hafeez center

Market size and Trends

Currently we have conducted GAP analysis and we have got to know that there is a huge market demand for our product.

In the same way if we talk about the manufacturer or the seller of such product, there is no such type of seller available.

So in the view of above points and the market analysis we come to know that there is large number of potential customer for the product.

Now if see at the trends of the products which are mainly used as the alternative means to energy (i.e. UPS, generators etc.), there sales and demand is increasing day by day.

The trend in the sales for the Solar cell is also expected to be at the high rate of increasing because of the great demand and the electricity short fall in the country.

So we are sure that the sales and the demand of our product will increase rapidly in all the areas of Pakistan in the short run.

We are going to launch the product initially in Lahore so our expected market size is all the area within the Lahore district.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

There is no as such competitor in the market in the recent situation and there is no chance there will be any competitors in the near future. There may be a competitor who will compete with us directly as a manufacture or an assembler of solar charger in the future but not at least before 2 to 3 years.

Competitive Advantage
The competitive advantage for our product is that in mobile accessories our product has a unique feature that in sun light the solar charger will absorb the rays from sun and convert them in electrical energy that will allow us to recharge our mobile. For our product there is no burden on consumer to recharge the charger accessories before connecting it to mobile phone so it is a competitive advantage for our product.

The substitute of energy also exists in the market like solar cells and rechargeable batteries which the consumer is using for a long time. Furthermore the people in Pakistan usually don’t use to buy the innovative product. So if the solar charger doesn’t take the consumer’s initial attention then our product might have a chance declared flop in the market.

Estimated market shares
If we look at the market as such with our product there is no market competitor exists. Because our product according to the market is distinguish feature. If we talk about the market share the substitute of electric accessories exist like solar cells chargeable batteries exists which have a impact on market share but there existence will not impact on our products market share directly. The survey results show that the people are willing to buy our product. As we mentioned above that there is not direct competition for our product exist at all in the market. And demand for this product exists. At the beginning we are just launching this product in Lahore only that why we can say that we can gain 30% of the market share in the first launching year. For the up coming years we have a plan to introduce this product all over Pakistan and to increase our market share for future in the market.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Marketing Plan
Marketing Strategy
The key to marketing strategy is focusing on convenience and fulfillment “Solar charger” can cover a reasonable a share in the market because of the differentiated product.

Mission Statement
“We provide products that produce High Quality of satisfaction, to customers.”

That straight forwardly says total customer satisfaction with excellent logistics management.

“To provide, convenient and cost effective solar energy products to all Customers.”

Goals and Objectives:
• • • • Initiate a plan of action to provide better convenient products. Reduce cost and increase profits. Through innovations, increase profitability. Strengthen present customer base and expand customer base to outside areas.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Market Segment:
• Demographics:

We divide the market into groups on the basis of variables such as age, family size, family life cycle, gender, income, occupation, education, religion, race, generation, nationality and social class is known as demographic segmentation. • Age and family Size:

Solar charger is not concerned with any religion, race, occupation, family life cycle or gender and has a target market in every social class. Concerned segment is every individual who have mobile phone. • Geographic:

In start we are just launching our product in Lahore. After its successful launching in Lahore, we will launch it in all the big cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Karachi, Quetta, and Faisalabad and later on in all the countries of Pakistan. • Psychographics:

In psychographic segmentation, buyers are divided into different groups on the basis of psychological or personality traits, lifestyles, or values. We are launching a product that is suitable for all the personalities. It is also suitable for all the people whether all have different values or lifestyle and income level.

Market Strategy
Sales and distribution
• Wholesaling

As we are new to the market and due to the limited budget our wholesaling department would be at the same place at factory and at fewer wholesalers. Besides that we are looking forward to enhance our wholesaling outlets in the market. We are also giving wholesalers a good profit margin to increase our sales.


Entrepreneur Business Plan


Our distribution department would be at the place of factory. We would do both direct and indirect distribution of our Solar Charger. We have selected this strategy because it is our goal to hit, enhance and overcome the market in a short period of time with our newly innovative product. • Channels of Distribution

The intensity of our distribution would be “Intensive”. Due to a new and innovative product, we need our product to reach to the customer. We are providing solar charger to main mobile accessories market of Lahore. As we are new in business to provide the product from our company to these mobile accessories markets we need 1 Suzuki Bolan.

• Price calculation

We have calculated cost of product which we will offer. And then we have set a reasonable profit margin of our and set our price. Most of the prices are same as that of market as our cost is not that much in every service. • Price per product

The price which the business has decided for our product is Rs.500 per product.


As we have decided to distribute our product via business to business so we will provide discount to whole sellers if he will purchase 500 above units in bulk for us we will provide 10 percent discount on final price.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Promotion Strategies

Product Positioning Strategy and unique selling proposition (USP)

Solar charger is a need for today’s consumers in Pakistan. In the next step we select a few whole sellers and try our positioning strategy. We will try to build the concept among the customer’s mind that it will save your electricity and reduce your bills and also it is environment friendly. That can help us later in making major market positioning statement. It’s unique selling proposition is it total environment friendly and will consume natural energy.

Advertising strategy:
We will promote our product via these medium of communications Cable network, newspapers, magazines, radio, outdoor. We are not promoting our product on TV channels and internet because of limited budget.

 Business Entity
The name of our company is “friendly solar charger”

 Camping Theme

“Keep Charged every where”
• Reach We hope that we can reach up to 500,000 potential customers through our integrated promotional activities. • Frequency:

We are hoping to reach to our customers 10 times a day through different advertising channel. This will be our frequency that will expose our message to the customers. • Media selection:

We are going to use the following media vehicles to reach our customers:

Entrepreneur Business Plan

• • •

Broachers Adds on local cable networks Newspapers adds

It is the overall evaluation of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is called SWOT analysis. It’s a way of monitoring the external and internal marketing environment.

 Strengths
• • • • • New and different product in the market Affordable and reasonable price Focused target market Our targets are all the mobile users. Our product is the need of the market

 Weaknesses
• • • We have limited budget to promote our product. Consumers have alternative sources of energy Our company has no market presence or reputation

 Opportunities
• • • • We don’t have any direct competitor We can introduce more products in future meeting the consumers demand. Our product is need for the consumers in the current era. We can make ourselves as a strong brand in future.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

 Threats
• • • • People are not early adopters of such products. The others brands have a big market share already. The image of the local brands is not good in consumers mind. Unstable economic situation in Pakistan can also affect our product.

PEST Analysis
As we are launching this product in Pakistan so there are some General constrains in market exists.

• Political Factors
Current political condition of Pakistan is very bad, due to bomb blasting in major cities of Pakistan posing new threat to the business development opportunities. Due to the facts people are avoiding to go for shopping in big markets. Lack of leadership posing a serious issue for the country development, war on terror is another issue which affects our domestic peace. There are not any special legal and political factors involve in our services except the common requirements in all business. There is no kind of price restrictions. Political conditions in Pakistan are very unstable. Bureaucracy system is bitterly corrupted which create a large extent interruption to start a new business. Taxes will be paid to government and there is not any kind of restriction on this business in Pakistan and at the same time there is also no incentive being offered from the government for this business. • Economical Factor

Unstable economy of Pakistan will have negative effects. Pakistan is a developing country and its economic outlook is bleak. It relies heavily on foreign loans and grants, and debt obligations take nearly 50% of the Government's expenditures. Huge imports and less export causing the trade deficits, due to which company economy drastically effects. Uneven distribution of incomes creating big problems of lower level population. Actually in Pakistan there is a mix of high-income, middle-income and a large number of lowincome people throughout the country.

Entrepreneur Business Plan


People have limited time. The roads are flooded with traffic and parking became an issue at many places. People welcome anything that creates convenience. The people in Pakistan are price conscious even though this product is a current need for the consumers but price factor can effect on our sales. • Technological

Cell phones have changed our life styles. Technology will play an important role in our Service. Information Technology is the back bone of our company .The extensive use of information system will enable us to be proactive in analyzing customer needs.


Entrepreneur Business Plan


We have planned to start operation near the main hub market hall road. The exact location of our production area is near Hall road. In the below picture you can easily understand the exact location.

In the above picture you can see that the location is near to Hall road and the advantage is to cut the cost of transportation. It could be easy to distribute in the market of Hall road. Lead time will also decrease which can automatically enhance the distribution process and can easily meet the demand of the wholesaler in the market.

We will produce the product in the production area and it might be possible that the wholesaler will use his transportation to pick the units from our inventory. Hafiz center is the second market where we will distribute our product to wholesaler and retailers. Its bit far but indeed that will increase the


Entrepreneur Business Plan lead time. But we will try to decrease the lead time in order to enhance productivity in aggregate operations.

We have some commitment with the dealers in Hafiz Center and Hall road that they will purchase our product in bulk in order to meet the requirement of the existing customers.

Layout of the production Area


Entrepreneur Business Plan

The layout of the production area is very simple.

Inbound Inventory Store

In the inbound Inventory store we will bring all the raw material related to the production of our product. We will buy Raw material in bulk from specific Shops in Hall road. We will bring the raw material and put in to the Inventory.

Production Area

In the production area the operational department will execute all the logistics of production operation. It will enhance the number of finished inventory.

Outbound Inventory Store

In this department the product is completely ready for delivery. From this point it moves directly to the wholesale or other distributors in the market which made some commitment.


Management is fully responsible to has all kind of check and balance. Our organization is micro and business to business that’s why it is easy to control all organization. All major decisions will be taken by partners and day to day decisions will be taken by managers so that work run smoothly.


Entrepreneur Business Plan Finance

In Finance calculations we keep in mind various aspects especially per unit cost, sales and budgeting. Profit & Loss statement shows that we earn an appropriate profit by deducting all the expenses. Our primary focus was on budgeting which includes how much sales can be done? How much raw material is required? How much labor is required? Cash Flow statement is basically described the cash inflows and outflows. Investing activities, Financing activities & operating activities shows the flow of our business. Cost control activities are also used to reduce the product cost.


In marketing we have conducted a research to find out the need of the market and finally according to the customer’s desire launch product in market. Marketing is responsible to get the customers initial attention of that product. so we have developed marketing campaign and developed some promotion activities to pursue consumers to purchase our product.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Hierarchy of Management:

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer (CMSO) 50% Share

50% Share Line Manager of Marketing Line Manager of Sale

This is a partnership based business. Both parties invested 50% each and occupy the major positions of the business. One is working as Chief Financial Officer and other is taking the responsibility of marketing and sale they also hire two specialists persons in sale and marketing. Our organization is micro that’s why our hierarchy is small. All major decisions are taken by two parties who are invested. The marketing person will take all contingency and day to day decisions and also will try to increase the brand image. While the sale manager see the all procedure from take order to deliver it.


Entrepreneur Business Plan

In production department there is seven person of labor and one is supervisor.

Employment Agreement, between __________________________ (the "Company") and ______________________________ (the "Employee"). 1. For good consideration, the Company employs the Employee on the following terms and conditions. 2. Term of Employment. Subject to the provisions for termination set forth below this agreement will begin on __________, 20____, unless sooner terminated. 3. Salary. The Company shall pay Employee a salary of Rs._______ per month, for the services of the Employee, payable at regular payroll periods. 4. Duties and Position. the Company hires the Employee in the capacity of ________________________. the Employee's duties may be reasonably modified at the Company's discretion from time to time. 5. Employee to Devote Full Time to Company. the Employee will devote full time, attention, and energies to the business of the Company, and, during this employment, will not engage in any other business activity, regardless of whether such activity is pursued for profit, gain, or other pecuniary advantage. Employee is not prohibited from making personal investments in any other businesses provided those investments do not require active involvement in the operation of said companies. 6. Confidentiality of Proprietary Information. Employee agrees, during or after the term of this employment, not to reveal confidential information, or trade secrets to any person, firm, corporation, or entity. Should Employee reveal or threaten to reveal this information, the Company shall be entitled to an injunction restraining the Employee from disclosing same, or from rendering any services to any entity to whom said information has been or is threatened to be disclosed, the right to secure an injunction is not exclusive, and the Company may pursue any other remedies it has against the Employee for a breach or threatened breach of this condition, including the recovery of damages from the Employee. 7. Reimbursement of Expenses. The Employee may incur reasonable expenses for furthering the Company's business, including expenses for entertainment, travel, and similar items. The Company shall reimburse Employee for all business expenses after the Employee presents an itemized account of expenditures, pursuant to Company policy. 8. Vacation. The Employee shall be entitled to a yearly vacation of _____ weeks

Entrepreneur Business Plan

with out pay. 9. Disability. In the event that the Employee cannot perform the duties because of illness or incapacity for a period of more than _____ weeks, the compensation otherwise due during said illness or incapacity will be reduced by _________________ ( ___ percent) . The Employee's full compensation will be reinstated upon return to work. However, if the Employee is absent from work for any reason for a continuous period of over _____ months, the Company may terminate the Employee's employment, and the Company's obligations under this agreement will cease on that date. 10. Termination of Agreement. Without cause, the Company may terminate this agreement at any time upon ____ days' written notice to the Employee. If the Company requests, the Employee will continue to perform his/her duties and may be paid his/her regular salary up to the date of termination. In addition, [select desired option:] ____ the Employee shall not receive severance allowance, or ____ the Company shall pay the Employee on the date of the termination a severance allowance of Rs.___________________ less taxes and social security required to be withheld. Without cause, the Employee may terminate employment upon ______ days' written notice to the Company. Employee may be required to perform his or her duties and will be paid the regular salary to date of termination but shall not receive severance allowance. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this agreement, the Company may terminate the Employee's employment upon ______ days' notice to the Employee should any of the following events occur: (a) The sale of substantially all of the Company's assets to a single purchaser or group of associated purchasers; or (b) The sale, exchange, or other disposition, in one transaction of the majority of the Company's outstanding corporate shares; or (c) The Company's decision to terminate its business and liquidate its assets; or (d) The merger or consolidation of the Company with another company; or (e) Bankruptcy or chapter 11 reorganization. 11. Death Benefit. Should Employee die during the term of employment, the Company shall pay to Employee's estate any compensation due through the end of the month in which death occurred. 12. Restriction on Post Employment Compensation. For a period of _________________ ( ____ ) years after the end of employment, the Employee shall not control, consult to or be employed by any business similar to that conducted by the company, either by soliciting any of its accounts or by operating

Entrepreneur Business Plan

within Employer's general trading area. 13. Assistance in Litigation. Employee shall upon reasonable notice, furnish such information and proper assistance to the Company as it may reasonably require in connection with any litigation in which it is, or may become, a party either during or after employment. 14. Effect of Prior Agreements. This Agreement supersedes any prior agreement between the Company or any predecessor of the Company and the Employee, except that this agreement shall not affect or operate to reduce any benefit or compensation inuring to the Employee of a kind elsewhere provided and not expressly provided in this agreement. 15. Settlement by negotiation. Any claim or controversy that arises out of or relates to this agreement, or the breach of it, shall be settled by negotiation in accordance with the rules. Judgment upon the award rendered may be entered in any court with jurisdiction. 16. Limited Effect of Waiver by Company. Should Company waive breach of any provision of this agreement by the Employee, that waiver will not operate or be construed as a waiver of further breach by the Employee.

17. Assumption of Agreement by Company's Successors and Assignees. The Company's rights and obligations under this agreement will inure to the benefit and be binding upon the Company's successors and assignees. 18. Oral Modifications Not Binding. This instrument is the entire agreement of the Company and the Employee. Oral changes have no effect. It may be altered only by a written agreement signed by the party against whom enforcement of any waiver, change, modification, extension, or discharge is sought. Signed this_____ day of _____________________ 20____.

______________________________ Company

____________________________ Employee


Entrepreneur Business Plan

THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into this ____ day of , 20 , by and between____ seller and _____ purchaser. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements contained in this Agreement, 1. AMOUNT AND PAYMENT OF PURCHASE PRICE. The total consideration and method of payment thereof are fully set out. 2. REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES OF SELLER. Seller hereby warrants and represents: 3. EXPENSES. Each of the parties hereto shall pay its own expense in connection with this Agreement and the transactions contemplated hereby, including the fees and expenses of its counsel and its certified public accountants and other experts. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, this Agreement has been executed by each of the individual parties hereto and signed by an officer thereunto duly authorized and attested under the corporate seal by the Secretary of the corporate party hereto, all on the date first above written. Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of: (CORPORATE SEAL) ______________________________ By:___________________________ Witness It's President ______________________________ Attest: ______________________ Witness It's Secretary ______________________________ ______________________________ Witness Seller ______________________________ Witness ______________________________ ______________________________ Witness Buyer ______________________________ Witness


Entrepreneur Business Plan

Critical Risk

Potential problems

In this business some potential problems with the passage of time can occur. This potential problem’s can be

• •

External problem Internal problem

External Problem

• • • •

In external problems the dealing problems with suppliers can happen. Non availability of raw material Increase in prices of raw material in the era of recession Unforeseen factors related to production can affect our business.

Internal Problem

• • • •

Problems in budgeting Communication problems in the organization Employees’ problems which they are facing in firm Problems which business is facing in growth

Obstacles and risk

Risk in the business can be defined as company will not have adequate cash flow to meet its operating expenses. Means the company is not generating any profit by selling there products rather the whole business in loss situation.


Entrepreneur Business Plan So the risk in our business include if our product couldn’t take the initial attention then we will unable to maintain our cash flow and that final result leads to risk.

The major obstacles in business includes

• • • •

Money Planning No Marketing plan Loosing key employees

In order to run this business on the way of success we have to over come on these business obstacles. We have to make a proper planning of money inflow and out flow. A proper business strategy to compete in market and try to motivate and engage employees with business.

Alternative courses of action
Alternative courses of action include adoption of a lateral thinking approach these are

Problem identification or objective setting

We took all managerial actions are directed towards solving some problem faced in the work being managed to achieve some objective.

Data collection.

We have to collect the data and information on what is possible what are the factors impacting the problem what resources available to overcome on these risks.

Analyzing the information.


Entrepreneur Business Plan This is done to understand interrelationship between various aspects of the problem and its solutions.

Harvest Strategy

Entrepreneurs typically launch ventures for one of two reasons. Either they want to be their own boss for the long haul and develop a "lifestyle" business, or they want to grow a business and then subsequently harvest it.

So the harvest strategy takes an important role in the over all business plan of any new venture. There are some of the areas in the harvest strategy which should be kept under consideration to have strong control over harvesting.

Transfer of Assets

There may be a chance in the future that the company may b acquired or joint ventured with any big electronic company. So that to enhance the capability or the expansion of the business to other areas of the Pakistan.

So in either situations company has different strategy to transfer its assets to other company. The strategy may be:

The company will transfer its complete assets not in one time. There will be transfer of assets in shares percentage. And the transfer will be step by step. This is the case when acquisition will take place. In the joint venture form of transfer of asset, company has a plan to have a venture only with reputable and known organization. And the assets of both the companies will be used for all operations.


Entrepreneur Business Plan Continuity of Business strategy

Truly comprehensive business continuity strategies include a number of processes by which an organization operates when all systems are available and defines how a seamless transition is made for both technical and business practices when any downtime occurs.

The business which is going on in the daily routine is run by simply the current management and operations managers. Each and every field manager is responsible of all the activities going on in his expertise field. In the first two months the operations will be run by initial capital invested in the organization. And in the coming months the finances will be managed by the sales revenue generated in first two months. The financial issues related with suppliers and dealers will be mainly on cash basis, but there may the possibility that credit base dealers will be accommodated, depends on the situation.

Identify Successor

By identifying the successor of your business is very important to be nominated in early so that there will b no confusion in terms of any incident to current owners or the managers who are currently running the business.

So the member which would be chosen as a successor must have:

• • •

Demonstrate leadership skill Possess the required and excellent skills to run the business Should be fully committed to his specific role


Entrepreneur Business Plan • Should not be a contradicting personal in the organization.

Milestone schedule

Timing and Objectives

We have decided certain goals for our business which we have to achieve in the time limits these goals are

• • •

Reduce cost and increase profits. Through innovations, increase profitability. Strengthen present customer base and expand customer base to outside areas.

We are initial stages of our business here we have time to implement such procedure for production that will increases the profitibity of our business and reduce the cost of production and try to make products according to demands of consumers.

Deadlines and milestones

Here we have to decide where and when the goals of business are going to accomplish. We have to develop a proper planning. When we are going to shut the production process and after stopping it what to do. Simply a complete list of activity should be developed.

Relationship of Events

We will try our best to build a good relation with our customer for that we will pay attention on their feedback and will give importance to them and will try to organize recreational events.


Entrepreneur Business Plan


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