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Minutes of Democrats Abroad Guatemala
Executive Committee meeting on Thursday, April 25,2A19 at 12:00 noon
Dave and Kee Evans home and on Skype

Members in Attendance: John Chudy, Chair; Mary Lou Ridinger, Vice Chair; Kee
Adams Evans, Events Coordinator; Dave Evans, Member atLarge, and via Skype
Hyungioon Jin, Member at Large; Madeline Kreider Carlson, Lake Atitl6n MeetUp
Group Chair, (acting).

Call to order: 12:10pm

Agenda: Approved
Minutes from February 81th meeting: approved
Treasurer's Report: First report of new fiscal year, thus very short - (see attached)
The left side report only identifies one event -- the AGM which had Q685 in feed the
donkey and Q356.65 in expenses. The right hand report shows our current net worth --
Q4,900. If we coasider a July 4th Sundowner, last year we lost Q2,565 and the year
before we lost only Q1,360 because we had better attendance and sold more drinks.
Fireworks cost Ql,280last year and Q1,580 the year before that. An event this year we
might reduce our net worth by half.
Annual General Meeting (AGIVD, Mareh 3Ar2Al9 New officers recognized.
Mary Lou cornmented that our membership now at 502 is the highest ever and is very
impressive number. The minutes from the AGM have been completed and are posted on
the website at:
Events for 2019: Film Series update. Next filnn: 'Fahrenheit ll0'but we need to obtain
the frlm. John will look for aad buy a copy while in the states in MaylJune. Mary Lou
commented that films would be a good way to attract yollnger voters; Madeline said
young people like to meet other young people and that showing films in public places
might aTlraetthem. Mary Lou mentioned that upstairs at Frida's restaurant might work as
a public place that is well located in Antigua to attract young people. Mary Lou also
mentioned the restaurant SAUL aear the Jade museum that might work. Kee will check
out both. Kee mentioned that suggestions fur movies to show are always welcome.
Hyung asked for a list of films already shown and it was suggested he check the 2019
AGM minutes for those shown in the past year to avoid suggesting something that has
already been featured. We discussed hotding a2019 July 4h Sundowner in tight of the
treasurer's comment. Handing the gavel to Mary Lou, John moved and Hyung seconded
that Kee prepare and send an email to the full membership to measure the potential level
of interest in a July 4tr sundowner event. The motion carried. Kee will work on this prior
to the May meeting.
Dehate Watch Parties: Hyung said he will look into places around Panajachel for a
debate watch party June 26 and27,the dates of the first two-part Democratic debate, and
coordinate with Traci on good venues. Mary Lou suggested that maybe a July 4th event
could be held in Panajachel. Hyung said the debate watch parfy could be a test of turnout
to help gauge interest in a July 4tr activity, though he felt the debate watch activities
would be enough. Dave Evans suggested that Monoloco would be a great place for a
debate watch parry in Antigua Everyone agreed and Dave will talk to Billy Burns about
arraagements and report back at the May meeting.
Fund Raisers: Lo Siento Caps. Five remain. Kee then made a motion that DAGT adopt a
bumper sticker praject, which was seconded by Hyung. During discussion, Kee
explaiaed &at the bumper sticker would display the DA Guatemala logo as it appears at
the header of our agendas and minutes, with the email address
and the www.democratsabroad.ors web address also displayed. Stickers could be
displayed on car bumpers, and for members without cars, they could show them on their
refrigerator with magnets. The motion carried. Kee will research production resources in
Antigua and cost, and report back at the May meeting.
FPCA promoticn * Next voter regiskation event in Antigua at Enlaces will be May 11,
2A19. Kee will send out email and FB announcements. Hyung said he would like to try
and combine voter registration with the debate watch parfy June 26th and27fr. Kee
suggested that when Hyung is next in Antigua she can help orient him on how the new tool works.
DPCA Global Meeting in Washington, DC, May 17 to 19: Johnmentioaedthis
important upcoming meeting. He will forward emails to Excom members should they
wish to participate via WebEx or just want informatioa about the meeting. Go to the site for all the details about the meeting.
DAGT Excom May meeting - will be held via Skype on May 23,2019 at 12:00 noon
Antigua time (2pm EDT).
Other ltems'Mary Lou expanded on the subject of reaching out to young people in the
Antigua area, and beyond, by trying to find out what digital sites they use through which
we might reach them. She said maybe if we had somethiag called "Join the Talk" and/or
'oDo you really oate?" John suggested that we do a FB ad targeted at yourg Americans
residing, studying, or working in Guatemala with such a message. An ad could be drafted
to promote a movie night under the "Join the Talk," or other tag. We could commit $50
0r $75 of our treasury to such an attempt and see if it generates any response. No motion
was made, but the idea wil1be explored firrther at our May meeting, and when the next
movie night is established.
Travel Notes: Mary Lou will be in and out. John will be in the US from May 8e till June
1Sth. Tom and Lyn will be traveling May 29e to Juae 2l't.
Adjourned: 1:12pn


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