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Minutes of the AD HOC Core Committee members meeting of the Highland Park

Society No 6 & 7 held on 27th April, 2019, at 10.00 p.m. at Amphi area near Garden , as
per the short notice given to C C members on W’app group of C C of our Society.

1. Members raised the issue of Society formation. Mr. Ashish Agarwal was of the
opinion that as parking letters and possession letters are not received and some
other work is pending to be completed we should not allow to form a Society.
Other members pointed out that as the decision is already made in the General
meeting held on 14th April 2019 to form a society we ca not take a contrary
decision. Mr. Ashish said he just raised his concern but is ready to go with the
majority. There was a suggestion to make a list of pending jobs of the society to
the builder and get assurance that work will be completed before formation of
society and guarantee that any remaining work will be completed after the
formation of society .

2. Mr. Santosh Kumar explained the problem faced regarding water tanks. There is
a suggestion to interconnect the water tanks of building no 6 & 7 to avoid the
overflow of water form tank No 6 and maintain uniform level of water in both the
tanks of No 6 & 7. Members suggested not to interconnect the tanks but to have
all the 10 valves to have opening to either tank No 6 or 7 depending upon the
water level. One valve of TMC has no water flow to check and get it cleaned and
check the water flow.

3. 1 TMC valve of Tank No 6 is not functional and to be repaired on urgent basis.

Both the tanks to be cleaned before monsoon and to check the last cleaning

4. Rubber sheets dumped near water tank no 7 to get removed as it is a breeding

place for rats.

5. Tank cover is always open and can be easily opened and needs to be locked.

6. Electrical wiring and open switch boards to be covered with paneling .

7. Fouls smell in bathrooms is perhaps due to no cover inside the outlet of flush
pipes. Cover to be fixed and checked for results for couple of days.

8. Security concerns were raised and couple of days back incidence has been
reported to Mr. Mehul but to be raised to Mr. Kunal’s level and the two boys
connected with the incidence to be removed immediately and evaluate removing
the security agency . Housekeeping staff also needs to be changed for better

9. Members felt it is necessary to have CC Tv cameras on each floor with some

incidence of footwear thefts in the society

10. Building lifts have no proper fans or blowers to discuss with the suppliers of lift
and make corrections for better air circulation.

The meeting was concluded as all the major points were discussed.

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