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Name : Zahra Putri Azizah (40)

Class : 1-04

Title : Meet the Robinsons

Duration : 94 minutes
Production company : Walt Disney Animation Studios
Producer : Dorothy McKim
Director : Stephen Anderson
Release date : March 30, 2007

The movie tells a story of an orphan named Lewis. He is genious child so he can make memory
scanner machine which he brought to science fair at his school. When Lewis demonstrate the
machine in front of judges, the machine is damaged and cause chaos because of being
sabotaged by Bowler Hat Guy. Lewis feels desperate and angry to himself.

Suddenly, he meets Wilbur who took him into the future using a time machine. While
exploring the future, Lewis realise that all the technologies he saw in the future are his
invention. Adult Lewis developes a big technology company. Lewis is also happy because
finally he has a great family named Robinsons Family and turns out that Wilbur is his son in
the future. He also turns out that the Bowler Hat Guy is Lewis’s roommate at the orphanage
named Goob who feels revenge on Lewis, and the Bowler Hat is Doris, the failed robot created
by Adult Lewis. Doris steal a time machine to change the future with her evil plans but it can
be foiled by Lewis.

Wilbur take Lewis back to the past during the science fair at school. Lewis repairs the memory
scanner machine which has been sabotaged at first and gets an award. He is adopted by one
of the judges and he gets support from his new family to keep making invention. Even he fails
sometimes, he never gives up because he remember the beautiful future which is the result
of his hardworks.

This movie is very good at overall. One thing makes the movie unique is the implied quotes in
some scenes. The best quote for me is in the scene when Lewis fails to fix a machine, but the
Robinsons Family gives applause to him and then Wilbur’s mom says “From failing, you learn.
From success, not much”. The movie reminds me to keep on going through college at STAN
until graduation. Eventhough it’s not easy, i shouldn’t give up because hardwork will worth a
great future.

I have no critic for this movie because in my opinion, the movie is perfect. The animation is
appropriately describe every scenes and characters very well. The storyline is also easy to
understand so the audience can get the meaning of the movie. It is such an inspiring and
motivating movie that suitable for all ages to watch.