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Introduction – present tense

Abstract – past tense pero future tense muna gagawin mo kasi di mo pa nagagaawa study

RRL – past tense

Writing a thesis Abstract

The abstract is a stand-alone document that would provide clear and

5 parts of an abstract

1. Typology
“This study examines…. --- first sentence is about the problem
Are you questioning how hospitals are built
Are you trying to introduce a new way how to build hosp?
Ano ba yung topic

This study attempts to introduce an improved Juvenile intervention center that would detain
both pre-trial and postsentenced cases of Children in Conflict with the law (CICL). The study will
eradicate pertinent problems such as overcrowding and presence of jail-like environment. In
addition, it will also work around on the budget constraints and building security.

2. essential literatrure
Conventional wisdom….
Current situation of the topic
“the latest findings suggest that….” Are deeply hampered with inefficient facilities,…..
“current studies suggest that school system are dee.”

Under RA no. 9344 or most commonly known as Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006,
creation of Bahay Pag-asa or Intervention facility is mandated. However in the recent years,
there has been low compliance rate regarding the parameters set by the Act. Latest findings
suggest that the current state of Juvenile Detention Centers in the Philippines fails to
rehabilitate and transform children in conflict with the law. In the country, 114 centers are
expected to be built but as of November 2018, only 58 are operational. In the 58 centers, only 8
are accredited.

Right now, deped has written about primary education is chuchu and according to studies, it is

3. Innovation
Gap in knowledge
“a comparative case study analysis shows that….. if it ….”
Part of the problem & where the solution comes in

What unanswered questions remain in your literature review?

Is ythere a particular issue that needs to be address

An ethnographic study will help in developing an understanding to further solve the current
issues of the intervention facility. With the gathered information, it will provide solutions to
improve its efficiency and devising a new way of space configuration.

of the facility while dealing with a lot of people

study conducted has proved that spatial arrangement and

4. How would your solution answer the problem

The findings
What do you hope to discover with your research?
An abstract is suppose to b written after

Subsequently, this juvenile facility would devise a new configuration of building environments
that is compelling and sufficient using cost-effective measures and construction to solve the
overcrowding and substandard living conditions of children in conflict with the law.

“after this thesis I would want to…”

In the end of this thesis, I would want to

5. Impact
“what are the social or practical implications of your study? Think about the contribution to the
profession/ practice/ products of architecture

The proposed project would help juvenile justice practitioners, and professionals in correctional
and institutional design in creating an improved facility layout in the field of designing for
density using healing ambiance under minimum costs to the achievement of rehabilitation
among youth offenders.

*** may keywords sa baba.

Innovations, typology etc.
“how to record voice on top of presentation slides”

2. Abstract WORD (1 page)

1. Typology


STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM ---- architectural problems --- aligned in UN GOALS

Methodology – research design

Tools – maybe may observation sheet, guide questions,

Scope and limitation

--- ano kailangan ng project mo para magawa goal mo

Gusto mo ba isama yung 10 year plan

Related Interests