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Summer training project report on

“Working capital management of Monte Carlo”

Submitted to Rajasthan technical university, Kota in lieu of

partial fulfillment of the requirement of Master of Business
Administration (MBA)
MBA 4th semester


Biyani Institute of Science and Management (BISMA),

Jaipur (Rajasthan)

No project report ever reflects the efforts of a single individual. The report owes
its existence to the constant support and guidance of a number of people. I am
grateful to all of them.

I owe a never-ending debt of gratitude to the Branch Manager Mr. Rahul Gupta of
HDFC Bank, Vidhyadhar Nagar and for their expert guidance and support.

I would like to thank all the respondents for giving their valuable time and
providing useful information.

I am also grateful to all those who have either directly or indirectly contributed
towards the completion of the project, for their support and encouragement.

Saloni Todwal

I do hereby declare that the Summer Training Project Report titled “Digitalization
in Banking services(in context to HDFC Bank)” submitted by me towards the
partial fulfillment of the requirement of Master of Business Administration,
exclusively prepared and conceptualized by me and is not submitted to any other
Institution or University or published anywhere before for the reward of any
Degree/Diploma/Certificate. It is the original work of mine and has not been
obtained from any other part.

Research methodology is the process used to collect information and data for the
purpose of making business decisions. The methodology may include publication
research, interviews, surveys and other research techniques.

Research Design
A research design serves as a bridge between what has been established (the
research objectives) and how to accomplish these objectives. In fact, the research
design is the conceptual structure within which research is conducted; it
constitutes the blueprint for the collection, measurement and analysis of data.
More explicitly, the design decisions happen to be in respect of:

1) What is the study about?

2) Why is the study being made?
3) Where will the study be carried out?
4) What type of data is required?
5) Where can be the required data found?
6) What period of time will the study include?
7) What will be the sample design?
8) What technique of data collection will be used?
9) How will the data be analyzed?
10) In what style will the report be prepared?

The function of research design is to provide for the collection of relevant

evidence with minimal expenditure of effort, time and money. But how all these
can be achieved depends mainly on the research purpose.

Research Type:
In this report I have used Descriptive research technique.

Descriptive research includes surveys and fact-finding enquiries of different kinds.

The major purpose of descriptive research is description of the state of affairs as it
exists at present. The main characteristic of this method is that the researcher has
no control over the variables.

Sampling Design:
For my survey I have used Convenience sampling technique.

Convenience sampling is a non-probability sampling technique where subjects are

selected because of their convenient accessibility and proximity to the researcher.

SAMPLE SIZE - Sample of 100 people was taken in order to conduct the research.

UNIVERSE - In accordance to the specified research universe is Lucknow city.

Sources of Data Collection:

PRIMARY DATA is the data which has been collected through personal contact.
 Through Questionnaire – Questionnaire is a written set of questions, the
answers to which are recorded by the respondents.
 Through Personal Interaction – In personal interaction an interviewer ask
questions in a face to face contact to the other person.

SECONDARY DATA is the data which are available in the form of fact and figures.
The sources of secondary data are:

 Websites
 Magazines
 Articles

Data Collection Tools:

For my survey I have used Pie chart, Graphs.

Methods of Data Collection:

For my survey I have collected data through Questionnaire.