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Ripples of Programming

No more programming fear, this

program will help you to improve
360 Ripples Solutions
- 360 Ripples Flagship program for improving
your skills and get placed technical aptitude skills & placements.

This program has successfully reached 1200+ students in the last 2 years and helping them to get
employed in corporates. The program focusses on building skills of the students, the key mantra in
getting placed. The training program will be customized based on student’s inherent capabilities,
profiled by “Sirius our artificial intelligence robot” which compares your skills with the experts in
industries and predicts a successful career for you.


1. With our unique training model, successfully 1. TCS

able to place even Non-IT students in IT jobs, 2. Mind Tree
for instance from Civil, Mechanical etc., 3. BPM Links
2. Students were hired after our 60 hours 4. CGI Corp
training inclusive of on job project experience. 5. Infosys
3. All the students were placed within 3 months 6. Cap Gemini
of training and few were in just 30 days only. 7. In Logic
8. Precision
9. Onward and many more….

An organization formed by professionals with close to 20 years of
industry experience as technology architects and delivery
Course fees as low as
This is a 3 levels of course, helping students to understand the students competence.
common patterns and algorithms of programming paradigm. Which
can help students to crack simple to very complex problems like
For further details,
automata and other online code assessments. The following are the
programming paradigms used for the 3 level of training. Phone: +91 8870970432
✓ Java Email:
✓ C#
✓ Python