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Cover photo by Melanie Sue Bowles. See The Dogs of Proud Spirit, page 3.

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Mystery, 31 Native Americans, 13, 41 Nature, 10–12, 14, 19–20, 39, 41 Nonprofits, 28 North Florida, 8, 14, 24 Paleontology, 41 Pirates, 25, 38 Poetry, 34 Reference, 12, 19–20, 27–28, 38 Religion, 16–17, Science, 39, 41 South Florida, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 20, 21 Southern Culture, 23 Sports, 33 St. Augustine, 18 Storytelling, 26 Travel, 11, 14–17, 25, 34 Young Readers, 36–41

F a l l 2010 N e w B o o k s

Folklore | Animals

Chronicles of the Strange and Uncanny in Florida
Greg Jenkins
Open these hidden files to explore Florida’s darker avenues for evidence of the extraordinary and the fantastic. Look beyond the confines of everyday life to discover the truly unusual. You will encounter the Skunk Ape, El Chupacabra, the Pig Man of Deerfield Beach, the Spanish-Moss Monster of Red Reef Park, a phantom clown, and, of course, some blood-seeking vampyres. Watch out for UFOs, extraterrestrials, and other strange aerial phenomena. From Florida’s many waters come St. Augustine’s Giant Octopus; the Everglades Water Serpent; the Three-Toed Beast of Clearwater Beach; the Everglades Gatorman; Pinky, Florida’s very own dinosaur; as well as various and sundry sea serpents. Greg Jenkins, author of the three-volume series Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore, thoroughly researches his books by visiting locales and interviewing eyewitnesses. Since an early age, Greg has had a profound interest in the supernatural and fringe science, and after a personal experience with the unknown in 1987, he began his journey into the realms of parapsychology and all things mysterious. Greg is a folklorist and collector of oral traditions and urban legends, and is an associate member of England’s Society for Psychical Research.

The Dogs of Proud Spirit
Melanie Sue Bowles
What does an unlikely pack of stray and homeless dogs have in common with a certain herd of downtrodden horses? They were all lucky enough to wind up in the loving arms of Melanie Sue Bowles and her husband, Jim, founders of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary. Author Melanie Sue Bowles introduced readers to this extraordinary place of healing in her debut book, The Horses of Proud Spirit, and in the inspiring sequel, Hoof Prints: More Stories from Proud Spirit. Now Melanie graces readers once again with unforgettable true stories, this time about the numerous dogs who have found their way to the Bowles’s gate and into their hearts. “The world is a better place for the likes of Melanie and Jim, and their passion for what they do so well can be found on every page.” —Dr. Nick Trout, author of
the NY Times bestseller Tell Me Where It Hurts, and Love is the Best Medicine

“A moving tribute to the rescuers and the rescued and the world they create together — a world rich with characters and adventures, love, hope and sanctuary.” —Susannah Charleson, author of Scent of the Missing: Love and
Partnership with a Search and Rescue Dog

“If you’ve ever loved an animal you will cherish The Dogs of Proud Spirit.”—Joe
Camp, creator of canine superstar Benji and author of the best seller, The Soul of a Horse

$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-477-3 October • 6 x 9 • 256 pages

Melanie Sue Bowles, along with her husband, Jim, is the founder of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, located in Mena, Arkansas. Since its modest beginning in the early ’90s on just five acres of land in southwest Florida, Proud Spirit has evolved into an award-winning 320-acre facility, and it is one of the most successful, longest-existing sanctuaries for horses in the United States. Over the years Melanie and Jim have intervened on behalf of nearly 300 horses in need. Melanie is the author of two books that chronicle life at this unique ranch: The Horses of Proud Spirit and Hoof Prints: More Stories from Proud Spirit. Her website is www.horsesofproudspirit.org.
See page 13 for Horses of Proud Spirit and Hoof Prints: More Stories from Proud Spirit.

$18.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-478-0 October • 6 x 9 • 232 pages • b&w photos

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Reference | Gardening | Nature | Fishing

F a l l 2010 N e w B o o k s

The Trees of Florida Second Edition
A Reference and Field Guide Gil Nelson
The only comprehensive guide to Florida’s amazing diversity of tree species, now completely revised, updated, and enlarged to include all of Florida’s native and naturalized trees. Includes 528 species—up from 346 in the 1st edition—including 317 natives, 200 non-natives, and 12 species that occur nowhere else in the world. All descriptions help identify trees in the field, including notes on each tree’s form, leaves, flowers, and fruit. New features in this edition include: • 610 color photos (nearly four times as many as in the 1st edition) • 420 line drawings (up by hundreds from the 1st edition) • Indication of species’ origin (native or not native), and its region of nativity • Endangered, threatened, endemic, or invasive status • Status as invasive or potentially invasive, including the FLEPPC rating • Updated notes on each species’ distribution within Florida • Completely updated nomenclature • A revised family, genus, and species classification that follows recent phylogenetic analyses • A dichotomous key to higher taxa, making it easier to find families, genera, and species • An illustrated and enlarged glossary • An extensive and updated bibliography Gil Nelson has spent many years exploring, teaching, and writing about Florida’s natural communities. He is the author of twelve books and regularly writes for a number of magazines on natural history, ecology, outdoor recreation, and native plant gardening. He is a research associate in botany at the Robert K. Godfrey Herbarium at Florida State University, where he coordinated the Deep South Plant Specimen Imaging project, a National Science Foundation initiative, and is a Beadle Fellow at Tall Timbers Research Station and Land Conservancy. $32.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-474-2 $24.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-475-9 January • 6 x 9 • 432 pages • drawings • 612 color photos

Fishing Central Florida
Kris Thoemke
Over 145 places to catch freshwater and saltwater fish in central Florida from Crystal River to Venice along the west coast, Daytona Beach to Vero Beach along the east coast. This is one of three volumes covering a state that offers an astonishing diversity of locations and types of fishing. Even experienced fishers will find tips and techniques that will lead to new fishing adventures. Learn which types of fish are at each location and how to catch them. Discover the top game fish found in central Florida, both freshwater and saltwater. Charts and tables reveal which fish are biting in which season throughout the year. Careful maps complement access information and directions. Also included is the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s list of record saltwater and freshwater fish. So pack this book along with your rod and reel and drop a line in one of the many waters in and along central Florida. “All of us should commend Kris Thoemke for making many of Florida’s so-called secret fishing spots common knowledge. My copy of this book spends a lot of time out on the water with me. I know yours will, too.”—Mark
Sosin, producer and host, Mark Sosin’s Salt Water Journal

Kris Thoemke is one of Florida’s leading experts on fishing. An avid angler, he has the opportunity to travel, explore, and fish throughout Florida and shares these experiences through his writing, photography, and work in radio and television. He has a PhD in biology from the University of South Florida and three decades of experience as a researcher, land manager, college professor, and environmental consultant in Florida. $10.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-479-7 November • 6 x 9 • 176 pages • b&w photos • maps • fish drawings


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

F a l l 2010 N e w B o o k s

Reference | Law

Condominium Concept
Twelfth Edition Peter M. Dunbar
Completely updated edition of the practical guide for operating a successful Florida condominium association. This twelfth edition continues a tradition that began more than 20 years ago, and it brings to print the most complete guide on law governing condominium living to date. It is updated and cross-referenced not only to the Florida Statutes and the Administrative Code but also to Florida appellate court decisions. Written in clear, concise language, this is an indispensable working tool for officers, directors, homeowners, managers, realtors, and attorneys. It includes procedures for membership meetings, the board of administration, officers and committees, the budget and financial reports, assessments (levy and collection), amending documents and modifying the property, rights and responsibilities of the unit owner, and enforcing documents and resolving disputes. With more than 1,000 footnotes of authority, 69 sample forms and documents, and a complete subject matter index, it continues to be the most comprehensive operations manual for Florida condominiums. Peter Dunbar is one of the most respected and frequently quoted authorities in matters relating to the laws governing condominiums and community associations, and he draws on more than 34 years of experience in completing this edition of The Condominium Concept. Dunbar served two terms as a member of Florida’s Condominium Advisory Council, and he has served as both Chair and Vice Chair of the Council. He is an Adjunct Professor at the Florida State University College of Law where he teaches condominium and community housing law. He is a member of the American College of Real Estate Lawyers, and he serves as the Legislative Counsel to the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section of the Florida Bar. $27.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-480-3 $21.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-481-0 September • 6 x 9 • 384 pages • sample forms

Law of Florida Homeowners Associations
Eighth Edition Peter M. Dunbar & Charles F. Dudley
The only complete guide for the operation of Florida homeowners associations, including single-family subdivisions, townhouse and cluster developments, and master community associations. For more than fifteen years, The Law of Florida Homeowners Associations has been relied upon as a practical and easy-to-use guide for community living on matters ranging from proper membership meeting procedures to association budget preparations. This manual offers insight and guidance on the proper exercise of the authority of the board of directors, and it explains the rights and responsibilities of the individual home owners in the community. This book will help ensure that the association carries out its responsibilities fairly and effectively under current Florida laws. It contains complete footnoted references to the Florida Statutes and to relevant court decisions. With more than 540 footnotes of authority, two dozen sample forms and documents, and a complete subject matter index, it is the most comprehensive manual for operations in Florida homeowners associations. Peter Dunbar and Charles Dudley are among the most respected and frequently quoted authorities on matters relating to the laws governing community associations, and they draw on more than 45 years of combined experience. Dunbar is an Adjunct Professor at the Florida State University College of Law, where he teaches condominium and community housing law. He is a member of the American College of Real Estate Lawyers, and he serves as the Legislative Counsel to the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section of the Florida Bar. Dudley is in private practice in Tallahassee, where he is regularly involved with state lawmakers and policy administrators, and he has consistently contributed to the development of laws affecting Florida residential communities. $21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-482-7 $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-483-4 September • 6 x 9 • 184 pages • sample forms

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Travel | Nature | Southern Culture

W i n t e r 2 011 N e w B o o k s

Visiting Small-Town Florida
Third Edition Bruce Hunt
A guide to 75 of Florida’s most interesting small towns. This completely revised and updated new edition of a popular guide leads you to Florida’s most charming and historic little towns, places with names like Bagdad, Sopchoppy, Ozello, Yeehaw Junction, Ochopee, and Two Egg. It’s a guidebook, a travelogue, and a sort of a history book all rolled into one. Readers like the author’s easygoing chat-on-the-porch style and appreciate his criteria for “small town”: a population of 10,000 or less (with a few notable and important exceptions, like Fernandina Beach); remoteness and distinctness from large metropolitan areas; a compelling story in the town’s history; and, importantly, no speed traps. He also has a soft spot for local-cuisine Mom-and-Pop diners and hole-in-the-wall bar and grills. You won’t go hungry visiting Florida’s best small towns. And you’ll find a relaxed and old-style way of life that will keep you visiting more and more of these quaint places. Bruce Hunt, a native Floridian author-photographer-illustrator living in Tampa, has researched Florida’s small towns for nearly two decades. He has authored eight books on Florida travel and history. He has also written and photographed numerous articles for newspapers and magazines, and spent five years as a regular feature writer and photographer for DuPont Registry Tampa Bay magazine. His work has also appeared in The Tampa Tribune and St. Petersburg Times. He has written for many magazines, including Backpacker, Rock & Ice, Skydiving, and Celebrity Car. $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-488-9 March • 6 x 9 • 240 pages • 110 b&w photos

Hillsborough River Guidebook
Kevin M. McCarthy
Third in the Rivers of Florida series, this essential guidebook is both a history of and guide to the river that begins in the Green Swamp and runs through downtown Tampa to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Along the way the Hillsborough River State Park offers trails along and over the river as well as a restored fort from the Second Seminole War. The Hillsborough River is not long, but it has played an important role in Florida commerce and history. Both the Green Swamp, a watery area consisting of about nine hundred square miles in the middle of the state between Tampa and Orlando, and the Hillsborough River are of vital importance to the water needs of the urban areas of Tampa and St. Petersburg. Like the other guidebooks in this river series, this book takes you along the river by boat from the source to the outlet, telling stories of the history and pointing out wildlife along the way. You will learn that in 1539 Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto and his army probably went through what is today Hillsborough River State Park on their way north in their search for gold. For the less adventurous the book also serves as a guide to a trip along the length of the river, as much as possible, by land for those in a car, on a bike, on foot, or even on a horse. You will even learn the Native American name for the river, locksa apopka, “a place for eating acorns,” which is a lot more colorful than the English name, which honored a British official who never came within two thousand miles of it. See page 11 for St. Johns River Guidebook and Suwannee River Guidebook, also in this series. Kevin M. McCarthy is a professor emeritus, and Distinguished Alumni Professor, of English and Florida Studies at the University of Florida in Gainesville, where he taught for 33 years. He has written seventeen other books for Pineapple Press. $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-487-2 February • 6 x 9 • 160 pages • b&w photos


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

W i n t e r 2 011 N e w B o o k s

Fiction | Hemingway | Animals

Adventures in Nowhere
John Ames
A boy in 1950s Florida wrestles with adult problems and enjoys the last days of his boyhood in a place called Nowhere. Before Disney and far from the palm-lined Florida beaches, ten-year-old Danny Ryan is transplanted to a tiny community on the hyacinth-choked Hillsborough River outside Tampa, a place his older sister calls Nowhere. But for Danny and his best friend, the irrepressible Alfred Bagley, whose fondest desire is to grow up to be a junk dealer, Nowhere is where adventures lurk and lure them into more trouble than they can handle. More trouble is not what Danny needs as he copes with a family that includes a father sinking into schizophrenia; two sisters, one very ill and the other ready to run away with a shady boyfriend; and a mother trying her best to hold it all together. Adventures in Nowhere paints a compelling, imaginative, and often humorous vision of a time, a place, and a way of growing up, allowing a reader to live for a while in the mind of a remarkably thoughtful and intense boy caught at the final edge of childhood. “ ‘I couldn’t put this book down’ is an over-used phrase, but for Adventures in Nowhere it is true. John Ames has captured a boy’s life in a way that anyone can identify with.”—J. T. Glisson, author of The Creek “John Ames has written a superb coming-of-age novel in the tradition of J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. With the Hillsborough River as his trusted companion, the imaginative Danny plunges into adventures, some life-threatening, that force him to change, creating a narrative that is dark and delightful at the same time.”—Bill Maxwell, syndicated St. Petersburg Times correspondent, author of Maximum Insight John Ames was a Ford Fellow at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. He taught English and film for thirty years at Santa Fe College. He has produced and acted in numerous short films and videos, and for ten years he reviewed movies for PBS radio station WUFT. He coauthored Second Serve: The Renée Richards Story (Stein and Day, 1983) and its sequel No Way Renée: The Second Half of My Notorious Life (Simon & Schuster, 2007), and Speaking of Florida (University Presses of Florida, 1993). $18.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-484-1 January • 6 x 9 • 232 pages

Hemingway’s Cats
Carlene F. Brennen Foreword by Hilary Hemingway Now in paperback
Ernest Hemingway adopted stray cats in every city where he lived. He once wrote in a letter from his home in Cuba, where he had 57 cats: “One cat just leads to another. . . . The place is so damned big it doesn’t really seem as though there were many cats until you see them all moving like a mass migration at feeding time.” Meet a kindler, gentler Hemingway than the macho character he himself helped to create. Meet Hemingway the cat lover and devoted master of many cats (and a few dogs) throughout his life. He called the cats “purr factories” and “love sponges” that soaked up love and in return gave comfort and companionship. His cats kept him company while he wrote and helped him cope with failing relationships and his failing health. When he took his life on July 2, 1961, his cat Big Boy Peterson was by his side. “An excellent book that will contribute to further understanding of a complex man.” —The Hemingway Review “A fascinating look into the life and loves of one of America’s most beloved writers.” — Cat Fancy magazine Carlene Brennen, long a newspaper editor and publisher in southwest Florida, has spent over thirty years researching Hemingway’s life in Key West, Bimini, and Cuba. She co-wrote with Hilary Hemingway Hemingway in Cuba and worked on the award-winning documentary film by the same name. $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-489-6 April • 6 x 9 • 200 pages • 40 b&w photos Also of interest: My Brother, Ernest Hemingway, page 15 Hemingway’s Key West, page 15 Hemingway’s Cats in hardcover, page 15

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Fishing | Animals Fishing North Florida
Kris Thoemke
• Part of a series of three comprehensive guidebooks that provide anglers with the essential information about the best places for freshwater and saltwater fishing in Florida • 125 top fishing sites in north Florida Covers northeast Florida, the Panhandle, and the Big Bend. For each site there is a detailed description of the site; whether you can fish by boat, bank, pier, bridge, ramp, or surf; the species you can expect to catch and the kinds of bait to use as well as the best particular spots to find the fish; directions to get there; access points; and an address for GPS. Also filled with tips, maps, fish drawings, site photos, and month-by-month regional summaries of species in each area. $10.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-485-8 April • 6 x 9 • 176 pages • b&w photos • maps • charts A thirty-seven-year resident of Florida and dedicated angler, Kris Thoemke, PhD, is a marine biologist by training. He has extensive firsthand knowledge of the sites listed in this book. He lives in Naples, Florida, and is the author of over 200 magazine and newspaper articles about fishing in Florida.

W i n t e r 2 011 N e w B o o k s

Fishing South Florida
Kris Thoemke
• Essential information about the 120 top fishing sites for freshwater and saltwater fishing in south Florida • Monthly summaries of what’s biting offshore, in the bays and lagoons, and the freshwater lakes and rivers The third in a series of three books to replace and update the classic guidebook Fishing Florida. This comprehensive regional guidebook provides anglers with the information they need to find the best places to fish in south Florida from Port Charlotte on the west coast and Stuart on the east coast south through the Keys. The book covers places to fish from the land or by boat along with tips, maps, photos, fish identification illustrations, and plenty of insider information that will help any angler look like a pro wherever he decides to drop a line in the water. $10.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-486-5 April • 6 x 9 • 176 pages • b&w photos • maps • charts

S p r i n g 2 011 N e w B o o k s

Those Big Bears
Jan Lee Wicker
Thirteenth in the Those Amazing Animals series. See page 36 for the rest. Did you know that koala bears are not really bears at all? Can you believe there is a bear that has no front teeth? Did you know that black bears are not always black? If bears can outrun, outswim, and outclimb you, what do you do if you see one in the wild? This book will answer these 4 questions and 16 more. Includes a recipe for a yummy Powered Panda, as well as other fun activities. Jan Lee Wicker has taught pre-kindergarten through first grade for the past 29 years. She loves to teach children about animals and takes great joy in writing nonfiction for young children. She also wrote Those Funny Flamingos, Those Delightful Dolphins, Those Excellent Eagles, and Those Magical Manatees. You can visit her website at www.janleewicker.com.

$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-491-9 $10.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-492-6 April • 7 x 10 • 56 pages • 20 color photos • 20 cartoons Ages 5–9


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

W i n t e r 2 011 N e w B o o k s

Fiction | Nature | Georgia | Carolinas

Honor Bound
Robert N. Macomber
Ninth in the award-winning Honor Series of naval historical fiction following the life and career of Commander Peter Wake . “Sign on early and set sail with Peter Wake for both solid historical content and exciting sea stories.”—Naval Institute Proceedings “At last we have an American character the equivalent of Hornblower or Aubrey.”— John Prados, author of Combined Fleet Decoded It’s June 1888 and Cmdr. Peter Wake, U.S. naval intelligence agent, is in Florida culminating an espionage mission to learn Spain’s naval readiness in Cuba. A woman from his past shows up, begging him to find her missing son, and Wake sets off across Florida, through the Bahamian islands, and deep into the dank jungles of Haiti. His band includes a Smithsonian ethnologist, a Bahamian Seminole sailor, Russian spies, and a Polish-Haitian soldier. Overcoming storms, mutiny, and shipwreck, Wake discovers the hidden lair of an anarchist group planning to wreak havoc around the world—unless he stops it. Robert N. Macomber is an internationally acclaimed maritime lecturer, television commentator, and defense consultant. His honors include the American Library Association’s 2008 Boyd Literary Novel Award. Each year he is guest author aboard Queen Mary 2 and other luxury liners, lectures in the Pacific and Europe, and circles the globe researching and writing. Visit him at www.robertmacomber.com $21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-493-3 April • 6 x 9 • 416 pages See page 29 for the rest of the series.

Living Beaches of Georgia and the Carolinas
Blair and Dawn Witherington
An attractive and handy guidebook for beachgoers. Accurate identification information and over 1000 color photos. Includes in one volume birds, shells, plants, animals—everything you encounter on a beach. Georgia and the Carolinas beckon curious beachcombers with over 600 miles of wave-swept Atlantic coastline. These beaches offer more than a sandy stroll amidst stunning scenery—they are alive! As ever-changing ribbons of sand, these beaches foster unique life-forms and accept beguiling castaways from a vast marine wilderness. Mysteries abound. What is this odd creature? Why does the beach look this way? How did this strange item get here? Living Beaches of Georgia and the Carolinas satisfies a beachcomber’s curiosity within a comprehensive yet easily browsed guide covering beach processes, plants, animals, minerals, and manmade objects. The guide is written in a familiar style and is illustrated with distribution maps and over a thousand color photos. Blair and Dawn Witherington have authored books on sea turtles, Florida beaches, and seashells, and have worked together on a variety of natural history publications. Blair is a research scientist with a master’s degree in biology and a doctorate in zoology. Dawn is a graphic designer and illustrator specializing in scientific and educational depictions of nature. See Florida’s Living Beaches, page 10.

$21.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-490-2 May • 6 x 9 • 352 pages • Over 1000 color photos • range maps • charts

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Nature | Biography
The Everglades: River of Grass
60th Anniversary Edition
Marjory Stoneman Douglas with an update by Michael Grunwald
The classic book of the Everglades. Before 1947, when Marjory Stoneman Douglas named it a “river of grass,” the area was considered a worthless swamp. She brought the world’s attention to the need to preserve the Everglades.
“Recommended to all readers concerned with the great relations of man to nature.” — Marjory Kinnan Rawlings $19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-394-3 5½ x 8½ • 462 pages

Books of Continuing Interest
Florida’s Living Beaches
A Guide for the Curious Beachcomber
Blair and Dawn Witherington
Comprehensive accounts of over 800 species, with photos for each, found on 700 miles of Florida’s sandy beaches. Covers plants, animals, minerals, and manmade objects—all part of our living beaches.
“Highly recommended.” — Adventure Florida “One-of-a-kind guide, enthusiastically recommended.” — Midwest Book Review $21.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-386-8 6 x 9 • 336 pages • flexibinding • Over 900 color photos • maps and drawings

Priceless Florida
Natural Ecosystems and Native Species
Ellie Whitney, D. Bruce Means, and Anne Rudloe
Full-color photos, as well as charts and comprehensive text on all the ecosystems of the state and many of the native species.
“Combines the depth of an encyclopedia with the freshness and accessibility of a field manual.” — E.O. Wilson $37.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-309-7 $29.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-308-0 8½ x11 • 432 pages • 800 color photos

Florida’s Birds Second Edition A Field Guide and Reference
David S. Maehr, Herbert W. Kale II Illustrated by Karl Karalus
Color throughout and fully updated. Colorcoded guides and range maps. Sections on bird study, feeding, habitats, threatened and endangered species, exotics, and conservation. Each bird is illustrated three times: with the species account, in the index listing, and on a plate with similar species.
“A ‘must’ handbook.” — Midwest Book Review $21.95 • Softcover• ISBN 978-1-56164-335-6 6 x 8 • 360 pages • flexibinding color illustrations throughout

Marjory Stoneman Douglas: Voice of the River
An Autobiography with John Rothchild
Marjory Stoneman Douglas
Life story of the woman who “saved” the Florida Everglades, told in her own spirited voice.
“This vivid recall of a full and inspiring life illustrates the wonderful potential of the human spirit. She is a national treasure.” — James A. Michener $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-0-910923-94-1 6 x 9 • 268 pages • 24 b&w photos

Florida’s Seashells
A Beachcomber’s Guide
Blair and Dawn Witherington
Accounts, maps, and color photos for over 250 species of mollusk shells found on Florida’s beaches. Includes species common to the southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-387-5 6 x 9 • 88 pages • flexibinding 265 color photos • maps and drawings

Florida Magnificent Wilderness
State Lands, Parks, and Natural Areas
James Valentine and D. Bruce Means
World-famous nature photographer Valentine presents art images of the state’s remote wilderness places. Comprehensive text by biologist Means and other Florida conservationists.
“You will be enthralled by this magnificent book.” — Ney Landrum, Director Emeritus, Florida State Parks $29.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-361-5 9 x 12 • 144 pages • 156 color photos

Stalking the Plumed Serpent and Other Adventures in Herpetology
D. Bruce Means
Exciting adventures with deadly reptiles based on over 40 years of work by this famed naturalist. Includes work with the rattlesnake, the cottonmouth moccasin, and the Australian “fiercey.”
“Means is more than a scientific natural historian. He is an adventurer of the old school.” — E.O. Wilson $19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-433-9 6 x 9 • 240 pages • 12-page color insert


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
The Springs of Florida
Second Edition
Doug Stamm
The deepest and largest known springs in the world are in Florida. These photos are from hundreds of hours under water. This new edition is completely updated to serve as a guide to the springs parks. For canoeists, kayakers, divers, snorkelers, and visitors.
“A delight to those who have seen these marvels for themselves, and to those who never will.”

Nature | Travel
Florida’s Rivers
Charles R. Boning
An overview of Florida’s waterways and detailed information on 60 of Florida’s rivers, covering each from the source to the end. From the Blackwater River in the western panhandle to the Ichetucknee and Kissimmee Rivers in central Florida to the Miami River in south Florida.
“Will appeal to anyone interested in exploring the breadth and depth of Florida’s wilderness.” — Underwater Speleology $21.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-400-1 7 x 10 • 240 pages • over 200 color photos

— Florida Wildlife
$22.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-422-3 $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-418-6 8½ x 11 • 128 pages • 90 color photos • maps

St. Johns River Guidebook
Second Edition
Kevin M. McCarthy
A guide to the history, people, and sites of this north-flowing river from its source in the marshes west of Vero Beach to its mouth in Jacksonville. This new edition has completely updated traveling information, including websites and phone numbers.
“Involves both armchair readers and boat enthusiasts in a fine adventure.” — Library Bookwatch $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-435-3 6 x 9 • 176 pages • 53 b&w photos • 10 maps

Suwannee River Guidebook
Kevin M. McCarthy
Enjoy a leisurely trip down one of the best-known and most beloved rivers in the country, from the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia to the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. It may well be the last unspoiled river in the Southeast. Learn the history, wildlife, and culture of the river. Complete with travel information and tips for those exploring the area by water or by land.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-449-0 6 x 9 • 192 pages • b&w photos

Old Florida Style: A Story of Cracker Cattle ( DVD)
Steve Kidd & Alex Menendez Delve Productions, Inc.
Old Florida Style: A Story of Cracker Cattle is a historical documentary, filmed in crystalclear high-definition video, that sheds light on Florida’s role in feeding our nation in times of war and peace, by offering a look at North America’s original cattlemen and cattlewomen, the Florida cow hunters and their culture.
$14 for home viewing • ISBN 978-1-56164-463-6 $24 for public viewing • ISBN 978-1-56164-464-3 Runtime: 24 minutes

Seashore Plants of South Florida and the Caribbean
David W. Nellis
A complete source for both serious naturalists and backyard gardeners who want to learn which plants grow best in nearshore environments. Includes for each plant: form, flower and fruit date, geographic distribution, habitat, reproduction, propagation, as well as medicinal, edible, and toxic aspects.
$16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-056-0 6 x 9 • 164 pages • 100 color photos

Apalachicola Bay
Kevin M. McCarthy
A history and guide to this important bay and the towns and people around it. Discover Apalachicola, Carrabelle, Eastpoint, Lanark, and St. James Island, as well as Fort Gadsden, and Cape St. George and Crooked River lighthouses. Color paintings by William Trotter.
$18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-299-1 7 x 10 • 200 pages • 25 color paintings

Seasons of the Sea
Jay Humphreys Illustrated by Jim Wilson
As the seasons change on land, so they do in the waters along the Florida peninsula—a world largely unknown but endlessly fascinating. Learn what creatures come and go in the waters of each of the state’s six main regions. Charming illustrations accompany the text.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-226-7 6 x 9 • 160 pages • 26 line drawings

Dangerous Sea Life of the West Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico
A Guide for Accident Prevention and First Aid
Edwin S. Iversen and Renate H. Skinner
Learn how to avoid dangerous creatures and how to administer first aid. Sections on species that bite, that sting, species dangerous to eat, pests that harm swimmers, toxic species, and fish-beak injuries.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-370-7 6 x 9 • 112 pages • 34 color photos and drawings

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Reference | Gardening | Nature | Astronomy
The Shrubs & Woody Vines of Florida
A Reference and Field Guide
Gil Nelson
More than 550 woody vines and shrubs native to Florida. Useful to professional botanists as well as landscape architects and homeowners.
“A comprehensive and detailed reference work with much to commend it to the professional botanist and experienced observer.” —Footprint $30.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-106-2 $21.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-110-9 6 x 9 • 392 pages • 300 color photos 250 line drawings

Books of Continuing Interest

The Ferns of Florida
A Reference and Field Guide
Gil Nelson
Includes for each species: growth form and habit, unique characteristics, garden use, history in Florida. Color photos include some rare species never before illustrated in color.
$27.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-193-2 $19.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-197-0 6 x 9 • 208 pages • 204 color photos 27 line drawings • 14 b&w photos

See page 4 for new edition of The Trees of Florida by Gil Nelson.

Poisonous Plants and Animals of Florida and the Caribbean
David W. Nellis
A non-technical guide that provides in-depth information on the toxins, symptoms, and treatments for each plant and animal, as well as beneficial uses and folklore.
“In an area of relatively high population and many tourists, this scientifically sound yet easily usable volume is a most welcome document.” —Dr. Richard Evans Schultes, Director, Botanical Museum of Harvard University (Emeritus) $29.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-111-6 6 x 9 • 416 pages • 297 color photos

Exploring Wild South Florida
Third Edition
Susan D. Jewell
The third edition includes over 40 new natural areas and covers Broward, Hendry, Lee, and Palm Beach counties as well as Dade, Collier, and Monroe.
“Provides a splendid invitation to Florida wilderness. Well-written, with plenty of helpful advice and intriguing observations. A must for anyone who enjoys the Florida outdoors.” — The Tampa Tribune $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-262-5 5½ x 8½ • 250 pages 25 b&w photos • 6 maps • 16-page color insert

Second Edition
P. J. Benshoff
Guide to one of the largest state parks in Florida, located in the southwest part of the state. Discover its wild and scenic river, its shady oak hammocks and aerial gardens, its prairies, piney woods, and wetlands. Meet the gators, sandhill cranes, deer, and turtles.
“Full of insights about Myakka. . . . [The reader] finds out that there’s much, much more to Myakka than an airboat ride on Upper Myakka Lake.” — Bradenton Herald $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-444-5 6 x 9 • 240 pages • 52 photos & line illustrations

Paynes Prairie
The Great Savanna: A History and Guide Second Edition
Lars Andersen
Offers a sweeping history that spans millions of years of the unique shallow-bowl basin in the middle of Florida, just south of Gainesville. Guide to outdoor activities in the state preserve. Maps of trails for biking, hiking, and canoeing. The second edition offers a new chapter on exploring the Prairie today.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-296-0 5½ x 8½ • 192 pages • 36 b&w photos • 3 maps

The Florida Night Sky
A Guide to Observing from Dusk till Dawn
Elinor DeWire
For casual sky observers or serious astronomers. Begins with the organization of the known universe and where Florida fits in. Southern Florida’s position offers a view of the four stars of the Southern Cross in the spring and early summer.
“Packed with facts and figures for both professionals and amateurs. . . . Rarely have I seen so much information presented so readably and attractively.” — St. Petersburg Times $24.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-238-0 6 x 9 • 400 pages • 150 b&w drawings and photos 8-page color insert


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
Florida’s Fossils
Guide to Location, Identification and Enjoyment Revised Edition
Robin C. Brown
Learn how and where to hunt fossils—with maps, means of identification, and history. Fully illustrated, including an identification section. Revised edition contains the latest information on where to hunt fossils in Florida and completely updated appendices.
$21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-409-4 8½ x 11 • 216 pages • 40 maps and drawings 222 b&w photos

Archaeology | Native Americans | Animals | Birds
Florida’s First People
12,000 Years of Human History Revised Edition
Robin C. Brown
Combines contemporary archaeology, the writings of early European explorers, and replication experiments to present a vivid history of the state’s original inhabitants. Includes a photographic atlas of projectile points and pottery types.
“Authoritative, readable, and splendidly illustrated.” — William Marquardt, Curator in Archaeology, Florida Museum of Natural History $29.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-032-4 8½ x 11 • 262 pages • 16-page color insert 360 b&w photos

The Horses of Proud Spirit
Melanie Bowles
The story of Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary, which takes in abused or unwanted horses and gives them a loving home. Passionate stories of horses that astound with their amazing ability to recover. The PBS documentary based on the book won an Emmy.
“Wonderful, a good read for anyone who loves horses.”— Monty Roberts, author of The Man Who Listens to Horses $18.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-285-4 6 x 9 • 208 pages • 13 b&w photos

Hoof Prints
More Stories from Proud Spirit
Melanie Sue Bowles
Meet more horses and caring people in this second book from Melanie Bowles, who writes with loving care about the horses at her sanctuary, relocated from Florida to Arkansas. Learn about big old Ranger, little baby Riley, a wild Mustang, and even a flying donkey.
“ A Delight to read. . . . Bowles writes beautifully.” — ALA Booklist $19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-412-4 6 x 9 • 240 pages • b&w photos

Common Coastal Birds of Florida and the Caribbean
David W. Nellis
72 birds that inhabit the zone where the sea meets the land in Florida and the islands. Feeding habits, reproduction, behavior, migration, predators, longevity, conservation issues.
“Each of the details covered offers birders some fascinating and remarkable information.”—Birding Business $29.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-191-8 $21.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-196-3 6 x 9 • 336 pages • 234 color photos

Florida Horse Owner’s Field Guide
Second Edition
Marty Marth
Accurate, easyto-read guide to selecting, caring for, and enjoying a horse in Florida. The only horse guide devoted to Florida’s special challenges of heat, humidity, insects, poisonous plants, and unique varieties of hay. Includes updated information about equestrian trails in state parks.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-154-3 5½ x 8½ • 208 pages • 45 line drawings

Parrots of South Florida
Susan Allene Epps Illustrated by Karl Karalus

A Florida Cattle Ranch
Alto “Bud” Adams Jr. and Lee Gramling
The story of one cattle ranch reveals Florida’s place in cattle-raising history. The rancherauthor’s text and photography feature the unique terrain and wildlife. A beautiful book to add to your Florida collection.
“Bud Adams not only appreciates the sensitive ecology of our state, but he also understands the cattle industry and its role in helping preserve Florida’s wildlife. This book gives others the chance to share his view.” — Burt Tucker, Pres. of the Florida Cattlemen’s Association $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-166-6 8½ x 11 • 112 pages •140 color photos

Included are Amazons, conures, parakeets, macaws, and other parrots, some of which are rarely seen. Full-color guide gives detailed information on each bird—common name, scientific name, any other names; its size; description of its colors and markings; and where it can be found.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-401-8 6 x 9 • 96 pages • 48 color illustrations

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Travel | History | Nature
Florida’s Finest Inns and Bed & Breakfasts
Second Edition
Bruce Hunt
This completely updated guide offers 120 of the most romantic, historic, quaint, and often eclectic places to stay in Florida, from warm and cozy country B&Bs to elegant and historic hotels. Written in an engaging, personal style, this book relates the histories of the inns as well as the personal stories of many of the innkeepers.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-437-7 6 x 9 • 240 pages • b&w photos

Books of Continuing Interest
Historic Homes of Florida
Second Edition
Laura Stewart and Susanne Hupp
Updated with color photographs of each house. 68 of Florida’s notable dwellings that are open to the public, from humble Cracker houses to stately mansions. Includes the Julee Cottage and the Kingsley Plantation in northeast Florida, many old houses in St. Augustine, the Casements in central Florida, Ca d’Zan and the Edison Winter Estate in southwest Florida, Whitehall and Vizcaya in south Florida, and the Little White House in Key West.
$18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-417-9 7 x 10 • 192 pages • full-color throughout

ntal Florida Ce

Vo l u m e 2

Douglas Waitley

Best Backroads of Florida
Douglas Waitley
”You might discover some backroads that will turn your wanderings into an exciting journey.” — Ocala Star-Banner

Easygoing Guide to Natural Florida
Douglas Waitley
To be an easygoing nature site, it must be beautiful and easy to reach, not cost much, and require little effort.

Volume 1: The Heartland
Travel central Florida through miles of horse farms and explore crystalline springs. Start in DeBary and travel through Longwood, Clermont, Dade City, Brooksville, Dunnellon, Eustis, Ocala, Gainesville, Palatka, and Sanford. Winner of the Horgan Award from the Florida Historical Society.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-189-5 6 x 9 • 288 pages • 100 b&w photos • 11 maps

Volume 1: South Florida
Visit east coast beaches, the Indian River Lagoon, the St. Johns Marsh, the Kissimmee River, and the interior scrub. Also the Corkscrew Swamp, the Fakahatchee Strand, west coast beaches, the Ten Thousand Islands, the Everglades, and the Keys.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-371-4 6 x 9 • 272 pages • over 100 b&w photos • 4 maps

Volume 2: Central Florida Volume 2: Coasts, Glades, and Groves
Journey south Florida through orange groves, along beaches, and through sugar and cattle country. Start in Melbourne Beach and travel through Ft. Pierce, Stuart, Clewiston, the Miccosukee Resort, Everglades City, Ft. Myers, Venice, and Sebring.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-232-8 6 x 9 • 280 pages • 99 b&w photos • 10 maps

Visit the Orlando wetlands, Merritt Island, and a fish camp, and go airboating on the St. Johns River. Experience Wekiwa, Blue, and Gemini Springs. See the the Ocala National Forest, the Yearling Trail, Cypress Cove, the Green Swamp, Fort DeSoto Park, Cedar Key, Crystal River, the Devil’s Millhopper, Paynes Prairie, and Ravine State Gardens.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-374-5 6 x 9 • 256 pages • over 100 b&w photos • 4 maps

Florida History from the Highways
Douglas Waitley
Journey along Florida’s highways—I-75, US 41, I-95, US 1, I-4, US 27, US 98, and the Turnpike—learning all the roadside history on the way. Begins with a brief history of Florida
“An excellent historical introduction to many of the most interesting cities and sights in the Sunshine State. The reader is presented with a series of excursions along the state’s major highways so that side trips can be made as efficiently as possible.” —Bill Marina, co-author of A History of Florida, Third Edition $18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-315-8 6 x 9 • 384 pages • 167 b&w photos • 15 maps

Volume 3: Beaches and Hills
Ride near the beaches and over the hills of north Florida. Start in Titusville and travel through New Smyrna Beach, St. Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Lake City, Tallahassee, DeFuniak Springs, Pensacola, Ft. Walton Beach, Panama City, Apalachicola, Inglis, and Aripeka.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-283-0 6 x 9 • 296 pages • 100 b&w photos • 13 maps


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
Grits & Grunts
Folkloric Key West
Stetson Kennedy
A portrait of Key West in the first half of the 20th century, “when Key West was Key West.” A treasure trove of the rich multiculture of the time by one of America’s pre-eminent folklorists, who lived and worked there. Also an abundant sampling of Mario Sanchez’s famous Key West art.
“Kennedy’s keen observations and humor infuse a cornucopia of collected folklife gems.” — Peggy Bulger, Director, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress $19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-419-3 7 x 10 • 216 pages • 173 b&w photos

Key West | Hemingway | Travel | Biography
Hemingway’s Cats
An Illustrated Biography
Carlene Fredericka Brennen
Explores the life of Ernest Hemingway, the women he loved, and the animals, most especially cats, he befriended throughout his life. Filled with photographs, many of them never before published. Meet the kinder, gentler cat lover, different from the macho image he helped to create.
“An excellent book that will contribute to further understanding of a complex man.” — The Hemingway Review $21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-342-4 8½ x 11 • 200 pages • 190 b&w photos

Hemingway’s Key West
Second Edition
Stuart McIver
A vivid portrait of the legendary writer, whose decade in Key West was his most productive. Includes a record of the author’s exploits in Bimini and Cuba, including his fishing expeditions, love affairs, and writing experiences. A tour of Hemingway’s favorite Key West and Havana haunts.
$10.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-241-0 6 x 9 • 160 pages • 35 b&w photos

Note: All three volumes of this series are now available in sotftcover. The Florida Keys
John Viele
“Offers a different view of one of Florida’s most unique and colorful regions.” — Florida Historical Quarterly

My Brother, Ernest Hemingway
Leicester Hemingway
A revealing and intimate portrait of one of the great writers of the 20th century by his brother. First published in 1962, this new edition includes a selection of letters from Ernest to his family never before published and an index (previously not available).
“This new and fuller edition will replace my own worn and tattered copy.” — Michael Reynolds, Hemingway scholar $21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-098-0 5½ x 8½ • 327 pages • 16-page b&w photo insert

Volume 1: A History of the Pioneers

Well-researched, fascinating accounts of early Keys life. Just 80 years ago, there were fewer than 300 Keys inhabitants and they lived without electricity, running water, or telephones.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-494-0 6 x 9 • 176 pages • 42 b&w photos and illustrations • 8 maps

Volume 2: True Stories of the Perilous Straits
Gripping stories during the age of sail from the time of Spanish navigators to the end of the Second Seminole War in 1842. Many died in shipwrecks and attacks by natives and pirates.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-495-7 6 x 9 • 208 pages • 45 b&w photos and illustrations • 8 maps

Volume 3: The Wreckers
True stories of Keys wreckers, the daring seamen who saved lives and property from ships cast up on the Florida reef. Captures the drama of the lives and times with accuracy and clarity.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-496-4 6 x 9 • 208 pages • 74 b&w photos and illustrations • 6 maps

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Travel | Religion | Art | History | Maritime
The Streets of Key West
A History Through Street Names
J. Wills Burke

Books of Continuing Interest
Mario Sanchez
Better Than Ever
Nance Frank

Simonton, Duval, Whitehead, Truman— A celebration of the life and work of Key West discover how these and other Key West artist Mario Sanchez (1908–2005) with 54 streets came by their names. Each section full-color reproductions of his painted relief begins with an engaging history of the person carvings. His art—showing street vendors, for whom the street is named, then takes us parades, rumba bands, cigar factories, icealong the street pointing out the buildings cream trucks, people out for a stroll—has become symbolic of the picturesque diversity of and sites of historic interest along the way. Key West life in the 20th century. Sanchez portrayed neighborhood places and events where he grew up, exhibiting his love for Florida’s easy island living. His work also depicts Tampa’s “A nice gift and a ready reference”—Key West: Latin community, Ybor City, with the same textured, quirky quality.
The Newspaper $16.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-317-2 6 x 9 • 240 pages • 40 b&w photos • 5 maps $20.00 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-476-6 March • 10 x 8 • 96 pages • 54 color photos

The Houses of Key West
Alex Caemmerer
Key West is an architectural treasure trove of houses built in the 19th century, including eyebrow houses, shotgun houses, and Conch Victorians. Many charming anecdotes about old Key West gleaned from interviews with descendants of the families who built houses there. For anyone who loves to look at charming old houses and imagine their histories.
$18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-009-6 8½ x 11 • 112 pages • 90 color photos

Over Key West and the Florida Keys
Charles Feil
Starts with Key West and ends in the Everglades. The aerial images capture the uniqueness of the Keys: shimmering ocean, magical sunsets, uninhabited mangrove islands, bridges and causeways, old neighborhoods, million-dollar homes. Includes descriptive text for each photo taken from Feil’s gyroplane.
$18.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-240-3 11 x 8½ • 64 pages • 63 color photos

Florida’s Great Ocean Railway
Dan Gallagher
The incredible story of the building of the Key West Extension of the Florida East Coast Railway from Miami to Key West from 1905 to 1916.
“Dan Gallagher’s vivid photographs and informative supplementary text offer a glimpse at the enormous dedication and sacrifice needed to link the Florida Keys by rail.” — The Florida Historical Quarterly $19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-269-4 8½ x 11 • 208 pages 245 b&w photos

Key West Gardens and Their Stories
Janis Frawley
A rare opportunity to sneak a peek into the lush tropical gardens of old Key West. Fascinating histories of the grounds where gardens now grow.
“Offers a colorful look at the tropical gardens of Florida’s southernmost city.” — Florida History and the Arts magazine $19.95 • ISBN 978-1-56164-204-5 Softcover • 8½ x 11 • 128 pages 173 color photos

Florida Keys Impressions
Millard Wells
A famed watercolorist offers his unique impression of the Keys, with their blend of Caribbean cultures, interesting architecture, lush vegetation, and beautiful tropical marine environment. The paintings portray people, birds, water, lighthouses, boats, and buildings—all exuding the laid-back Keys attitude.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-209-0 11 x 8½ • 48 pages • 25 color paintings

Key Biscayne
A History of Miami’s Tropical Island and the Cape Florida Lighthouse
Joan Gill Blank
This engaging and highly illustrated history of the southernmost barrier island in the U.S. tells the story of its people from the early natives on. Includes the history of Cape Florida Lighthouse, found on Biscayne’s southern tip.
“Vividly illustrates what a fascinating piece of geography Key Biscayne is.” — Gilbert M. Grosvenor, Chairman, Nat’l Geographic Society $29.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-096-6 $21.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-103-1 8½ x 11 • 224 pages •117 b&w photos 12-page color insert


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
Florida’s Museums and Cultural Attractions
Second Edition
Doris Bardon and Murray D. Laurie
This newly updated guide, with over 350 museums and attractions to choose from, has a destination to suit every interest. Visit country stores, one-room schoolhouses, coquina forts, churches, mansions, theaters, art galleries, and gardens.
“Even Floridians who think they know their own cultural back yards will probably learn something.” — The Tampa Tribune $9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-408-7 6 x 9 • 184 pages • b&w illustrations

Travel | Religion | Art | History | Maritime
Historical Traveler’s Guide to Florida Second Edition
Eliot Kleinberg
From Fort Pickens in the Panhandle to Fort Jefferson in the ocean 40 miles beyond Key West, historical travelers will find many adventures waiting for them in Florida. The author presents 74 of his favorites—17 of them are new to this edition, and the rest have been completely updated
“Every one of [Kleinberg’s] essays will leave the readers saying, ‘Hey, I’d like to visit that place.’” — Florida Heritage Magazine $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-375-2 6 x 9 • 288 pages • 90 photos

200 Quick Looks at Florida History
James Clark
200 short essays on Florida’s 10,000 years of history, from the arrival of the first natives to the present. Packed with unusual and little-known facts and stories; for example, the inventor of air conditioning died broke and forgotten, Florida printed $3 bills in the 1830s, Florida’s first tourist attraction featured ostrich racing.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-200-7 6 x 9 • 203 pages • 40 b&w photos

Time Traveler’s Guide to Florida
Jack Powell
A unique guidebook that offers 140 places and reenactments in Florida where you can experience the past, and a few where you can time travel into the future. You can join in all sorts of historical reenactments—in full costume if you like. You have the unique opportunity to relive a part of Florida’s long and fascinating past.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-454-4 6 x 9 • 272 pages • 60 b&w photos

Thirty Florida Shipwrecks
Kevin M. McCarthy Paintings by William L. Trotter
Covers shipwrecks from 1545, when young Fontenada survived a Spanish wreck to be held captive by natives for 17 years, to the sinking of the Coast Guard cutter Bibb in 1987 to create an artificial reef. Includes Trinité, 1565; Atocha, 1622; San Pedro, 1733; America, 1862; Victor, 1872; Cecil Ann, 1967; and 22 more.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-007-2 8½ x 11 • 128 pages • 20 color paintings

Spiritual Florida
A Guide to Retreat Centers and Religious Sites in Florida and Nearby
Mauricio Herreros
Detailed descriptions of 41 centers and sites in Florida and 11 nearby in neighboring states. Includes monasteries, spiritual retreat centers, and unique religious sites in peaceful and spiritually nurturing settings.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-331-8 6 x 9 • 169 pages • b&w photos

Art in Florida
Maybelle Mann
Florida’s art history from the first European artist until the end of World War II. Over 150 illustrations, many reproduced here for the first time. Includes artists Mark Catesby, John James Audubon, John Singer Sargent, Martha Walter, Milton Avery, Andew Wyeth.
$35.00 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-171-0 8½ x 11 • 200 pages • 60 b&w photos 100 color photos

Shipwrecks of Florida
A Comprehensive Listing Second Edition
Steven D. Singer
Over 2,100 shipwrecks from the 16th century to the present; the most comprehensive listing now available. Arranged primarily by geographical sections of the state—within sections, wrecks are arranged chronologically. Extensive and heavily illustrated appendices offer a wealth of information on topics of interest to divers and researchers.
$21.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-163-5 6 x 9 • 400 pages • 200 b&w photos 31 line drawings, maps, charts, diagrams

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


St. Augustine | Ghosts | History | Architecture
St. Augustine and St. Johns County: A Historical Guide
William R. Adams
More than 80 of the oldest historic sites in and around the Ancient City of St. Augustine, Florida, from Fort San Diego in the north to Dixie Highway in the south. Maps, directions, visitor information, and accurate historical narrative by a well-known St. Augustine historian.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-432-2 7 x 10 • 112 pages • Color photos throughout

Books of Continuing Interest
The Houses of St. Augustine
David Nolan Photographs by Ken Barrett Jr. Watercolors by Jean Ellen Fitzpatrick
Richly illustrated history of the many architectural eras of the Ancient City, the oldest continually settled town in the United States. Features houses from the Spanish, British, and American eras. Includes a history of historic preservation and suggests future remedies.
$24.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-069-0 $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-075-1 8½ x 11 • 112 pages • 180 color photos 15 b&w photos • 15 original watercolor paintings

Ghosts of St. Augustine
Dave Lapham Illustrated by Tom Lapham
The unique history of St. Augustine has spawned more than 400 years’ worth of ghosts. These 24 stories from the town’s rich oral history offer a light yet sometimes hair-raising peek at the spooky side of the Oldest City.
$8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-123-9 6 x 9 • 168 pages • 24 line drawings

Ancient City Hauntings
More Ghosts of St. Augustine
David Lapham Illustrated by Tom Lapham
25 more scary stories from the author of Ghosts of St. Augustine. Visit the Oldest House, the Old Jail, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the Oldest Schoolhouse, and many other haunted establishments that harbor spirits from the ancient times.
$8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-307-3 6 x 9 • 192 pages • 25 line drawings

Oldest Ghosts
Karen Harvey
Tells of unexplained exploits by the spirits dwelling in St. Augustine, the oldest city of European origin in the United States. Find stories of spiritual contacts with no earthly justification. Some are funny, some sad, some frightening. The author conducts educational and ghost tours of the Ancient City.
$7.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-222-9 6 x 9 • 112 pages • 13 line drawings

Flagler’s St. Augustine Hotels
Thomas Graham
Near the end of the 19th century Henry Flagler came to St. Augustine and built three splendid hotels in the Spanish Renaissance style: the Ponce de Leon (which now houses Flagler College), the Alcazar (which now holds the City Hall and the Lightner Museum), and the Casa Monica, still a hotel. Comprehensive text and illustration.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-300-4 8½ x 11 • 88 pages • 32 color photos 44 b&w photos

A Yankee in a Confederate Town
Calvin L. Robinson Edited by Anne Robinson Clancy
The journal of Calvin L. Robinson, the only account of the Civil War in Florida written by a resident who sided with the Union. Describes the reign of terror in Jacksonville from 1860–64.
“For students interested in Florida’s role in the Civil War, the opening of the Robinson journal must have been akin to the opening of King Tut’s tomb.” —The Tampa Tribune $16.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-267-0 6 x 9 • 152 pages • 13 b&w photos

Classic Cracker
Florida’s Wood-Frame Vernacular Architecture
Ronald W. Haase

Winner of the LoPresti Award for Excellence in Art Publishing
The history of Florida wood-frame architecture, from the early single-pen homesteads, through the double-pen, the dog-trot, the four-square Georgian, the Cracker townhouse, to the latest homes in Seaside.
$21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-013-3 $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-014-0 8½ x 11 • 128 pages • 46 color photos 17 b&w photos • 56 line drawings including floor plans


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
Tropical Trees of Florida & the Virgin Islands
T. Kent Kirk
Over 90 species of mostly native trees. More than 500 color photographs, including shots of the whole tree, bark, leaves, flowers, and fruit for each tree.
“Based on years of work and a deep appreciation for the trees described. Accurate and thorough.” — Margaret Hayes, Herbarium Curator, St. George Village Botanical Garden, St. Croix, USVI $22.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-445-2 6 x 9 • 208 pages • Color photos throughout

Gardening | Nature | Reference
Flowering Shrubs and Small Trees for the South
Marie Harrison
A master gardener offers an ecological approach to planting and maintaining colorful small trees and shrubs for the middle story of gardens in USDA Zones 7, 8, and 9. Over 140 species included.
“An outstanding collection of Southern favorites.” — Gil Nelson, author of Trees of Florida and Shrubs and Woody Vines of Florida $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-439-1 6 x 9 • 152 pages • Color photos throughout

Groundcovers for the South
Marie Harrison
Over 130 plants that will thrive as groundcovers in the Southeast U.S., including ferns, shrubs, native plants, herbs, annuals, and perennials. Plants to avoid are also listed.
“Excellent resource.” — Florida Gardening magazine “Unveils the time-tested successes you, too, can achieve.” — Tom MacCubbin, Florida gardening author and radio show host $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-347-9 6 x 9 • 152 pages • 99 color photographs 63 drawings

Southern Gardening
An Environmentally Sensitive Approach
Marie Harrison
A comprehensive guide to beautiful and environmentally responsible yards and gardens. Time-tested advice from a master Southern gardener.
“Landscapes will flourish once homeowners start choosing from the scores of adaptable plants featured.” — Norman Winter, author of Tough-as-Nails Flowers of the South $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-329-5 6 x 9 • 256 pages • 57 drawings 8-page color insert

Gardening in the Coastal South
Marie Harrison
In her personal, witty style, a master gardener divulges tried-and-true ways of environmentally sensitive gardening in tune with the special issues presented along coasts from Texas through South Carolina. Includes salt-tolerant plants and seasonal musings.
“This is a valuable gardening book for the coastal south.” —Florida Gardening magazine $14.95 • Softcover •ISBN 978-1-56164-274-8 6 x 9 • 256 pages • 71 drawings 8-page color insert

Flowering Trees of Florida
Mark Stebbins
74 outstanding tropical flowering trees that will thrive in Florida’s climate. Practical cultivation tips. Temperature trend charts, zone map, glossary, and bibliography.
“Full of lovely photographs and good information.”—Miami Herald $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-173-4 6 x 9 • 144 pages • 130 color photos

Ornamental Tropical Shrubs
Amanda Jarrett
83 shrubs that display beautiful flowers and/or leaves in the subtropical and tropical zones. Full profile for each shrub, including drought and salt tolerance, flowers and fruits, potential problems. A section on how to use shrubs in garden design.
“An easy-to-use reference.” — Small Press Book Review “An excellent source of information.” — Florida Gardener $24.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-289-2 $18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-275-5 6 x 9 • 176 pages • 253 color photos

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Gardening | Nature | Reference
Florida’s Best Fruiting Plants
Charles R. Boning
80 native and non-native trees, shrubs, and vines that produce edible fruit. Features avocado, carambola, custard apple, fig, grumichama, guava, kumquat, loquat, mamey sapote, papaya, strawberry, and many more. Range maps, fruiting calendars, selection criteria.
“Every Florida resident should have a copy of this book.” — Florida Gardening $19.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-372-1 7 x 10 • 232 pages • 264 color photos and drawings • maps and charts

Books of Continuing Interest

Florida’s Best Herbs and Spices
Charles R. Boning
Covers 89 plants, including favorites like basil and rosemary, but also more exotic ones like bilimbi and pandanus. As in the author’s previous popular book, Florida’s Best Fruiting Plants, there are beautiful and useful illustrations, as well as charts and maps. For each plant you’ll find: plant description, geographic distribution, flavor and scent, varieties, relatives, cultivation, and harvest and use. Charles Boning is a naturalist, illustrator, and attorney who has authored numerous books. He has resided in north, central, and south Florida and is familiar with plants that succeed in each region. $19.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-453-7 May • 7 x 10 • 224 pages 200 color photos and drawings • maps and charts

Natural Florida Landscaping
Dan Walton and Laurel Schiller
Learn to reduce environmental damage by seeing your yard as part of the natural system. Helps you make a plan for your yard and choose the native plants that will thrive there. Methods for a small fruit-andvegetable garden are also covered.
“A great guide to rethinking your yard.” —GreenOrlando.com $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-388-2 6 x 9 • 120 pages • 8-page color insert

Native Bromeliads of Florida
Harry E. Luther and David H. Benzing
Identify and appreciate Florida’s 16 species (and two hybrids) of native bromeliads, often called “air plants,” from the abundant Spanish moss to the rare, carnivorous Catopsis berteroniana.
“A marvelously comprehensive and richly illustrated treatment.” — Dr. Gregory K. Brown, Professor of Botany, Bromeliad Research Lab, University of Wyoming $16.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-448-3 6 x 9 • 128 pages • Color insert, line illustrations, maps

The Art of South Florida Gardening
Second Edition
Harold Songdahl and Coralee Leon Illustrated by George Curtis
A guide to planning, planting, and making your subtropical garden grow. South Florida gardeners have depended on the advice here for over a decade. The new edition is updated with helpful tips for the conservationconscious gardener. Even if you live a little farther north you can use this book to make your landscape more tropical.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-393-6 6 x 9 • 252 pages • 200 line drawings

100 Orchids for Florida
Jack Kramer
100 species that grow well in Florida, chosen for beauty and ease of cultivation. Learn how to pot, water, feed, ventilate, and protect your orchids, whether you are an old hand or a beginner. Handy reference chart to size, color, bloom time, and exposure.
$16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-367-7 6 x 9 • 120 pages • 117 color photos


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
Tropical Surge


A History of Ambition and Disaster on the Florida Shore
Benjamin Reilly
An engaging history depicting the battle between humans and hurricanes in south Florida from 1831 to 1935. Describes how the storms dashed the early prosperity of both Miami and Key West.

Florida’s Past
People and Events that Shaped the State

“The fascinating story of hurricanes and their savage power.”—Tropicalia $19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-330-1 6 x 9 • 336 pages • 43 b&w photos • 4 maps

Volumes 1, 2, and 3
Gene Burnett
Each volume has over 60 essays dealing with the most interesting people and events in Florida’s history, written in Gene Burnett’s engaging and easygoing style. Careful research and eclectic choice of topics make history good reading that educates and entertains. Each volume divides Florida’s people and events into Achievers and Pioneers, Villains and Characters, Heroes and Heroines, War and Peace, and Calamities and Social Turbulence. Many essays were originally published in Florida Trend—a bit of Florida history in each issue for over 15 years—a tribute to Burnett’s appeal. A course in Florida history and a good read too.
“Skillful writing, thorough research, and a keen sense of what is of historical consequence.” — The Tampa Tribune

Volume 1
$13.95 • Softcover ISBN 978-1-56164-115-4 6 x 9 • 280 pages • 17 b&w photos

The Florida Chronicles, Volume 1
Dreamers, Schemers and Scalawags
Stuart B. McIver
Florida has been the home of many unusual characters throughout the years. Meet Ned Buntline, Laura Riding, Wilson Mizner, Sam Jones, and many others. Storytellers, lawbreakers, movers and shakers, sportsmen, moviemakers, visionaries, and mobsters all left their mark on Florida.
“The author uses biography, journalism, and storytelling to portray dozens of history-making individuals in a lively and engaging fashion.” — Florida Historical Quarterly $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-155-0 6 x 9 • 264 pages • 66 b&w photos

Volume 2
$12.95 • Softcover ISBN 978-1-56164-139-0 6 x 9 • 272 pages • 26 b&w photos

Volume 3
$13.95 • Softcover ISBN 978-1-56164-117-8 6 x 9 • 272 pages • 26 b&w photos

The Florida Chronicles, Volume 2
Murder in the Tropics
Stuart B. McIver

Discovering the Civil War in Florida
A Reader and Guide
Paul Taylor
Includes excerpts from official government reports as well as firsthand reports by soldiers on both sides. Maps show locations of major battles and skirmishes. Chronicles both land and sea maneuvers. Includes a guide to visiting Civil War sites in Florida today.
$18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-235-9 6 x 9 • 256 pages • 43 b&w photos • 6 maps

True tales ranging from Pensacola to Key West, from the 19th century to the present. Near Tampa, a sideshow freak called the Human Blockhead was hired to kill the Lobster Boy. Pensacola’s Judy Buenoano was called the Black Widow after the murder of her husband, a lover, and even her own son.
“Like a storyteller around a campfi re . . . McIver relates with relish 23 tales of homicide, assassination, and manslaughter that will have natives shaking their heads and saying with a perverse pride, ‘Only in Florida.’” — Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-441-4 6 x 9 • 220 pages • 26 b&w photos

The Florida Chronicles, Volume 3
Touched by the Sun
Stuart McIver
The often tangled lives of people who could never be called ordinary. Includes presidents, cowboys, gangsters, writers, politicians, captains of industry, inventors, movie stars, and even a fire chief.
$18.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-206-9 $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-440-7 6 x 9 • 272 pages • 76 b&w photos

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Twenty Florida Pirates
Kevin M. McCarthy Paintings by William L. Trotter
20 of the most notorious Florida pirates, from the English privateers of the 1500s to present-day drug smugglers and “yachtjackers.” Includes Sir Francis Drake, Black Caesar, Blackbeard, Jean Lafitte, José Gaspar.
“The swashbuckling adventures of Sir Francis Drake, Blackbeard, and José Gaspar, to name a few, are brought to life in this colorfully illustrated narrative.” —Florida Historical Quarterly $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-050-8 8½ x 11 • 96 pages • 20 color paintings

Books of Continuing Interest
Southeast Florida Pioneers
William McGoun
Meet the pioneers of the Palm Beach area, the Treasure Coast, and Lake Okeechobee in this collection of well-told, fact-filled stories of the 1690s through the 1990s. Includes Jonathan Dickinson, shipwrecked near Jupiter Inlet in 1696; John Ashley and his notorious gang; architect Addison Mizner, who brought the Mediterranean style to Florida; and many more.
$16.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-157-4 6 x 9 • 192 pages • 58 b&w photos

Spanish Pathways in Florida 1492–1992
Ann L. Henderson and Gary R. Mormino, Editors
Essays by experts in both Spanish and English on the influence of the Spanish in Florida. Topics include Hernando de Soto, Plants of the New World, Mario Sanchez, José Martí. Spanish and English on facing pages so that the book can serve in language instruction.
$24.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-003-4 $18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-004-1 6 x 9 • 368 pages • 40 b&w photos

The Spanish Treasure Fleets
Timothy R. Walton
The story of the expeditions of Spanish explorers told through the history of the first American currency: pieces of eight. Traces the rise and fall of Spain’s world dominance and chronicles the developments in transportation, organization, and military technology based on competition for gold and silver.
“Fascinating reading.” —Library Journal $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-261-8 6 x 9 • 224 pages • 66 b&w photos • 7 maps

Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, Captain General of the Ocean Sea
Albert Manucy
A biography of the founder of St. Augustine, the nation’s oldest continuously settled city, and thus the little-known story of one of the founding fathers of America. This book was the first to be written about Menéndez.
$8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-016-4 6 x 9 • 112 pages • 12 b&w photos

Miami, A Backward Glance
Muriel V. Murrell
From the lavish parties, the yachts, and the innovative architecture to the sultry summer days, the mosquito bites, and the hurricanes, Muriel Murrell captures the early days of Miami in a series of charming vignettes. Part memoir, part history, this book reminds us how Miami rose from the swamp, developing from a pioneer town to an important crossroads of the Western Hemisphere.
$18.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-286-1 6 x 9 • 200 pages • 46 b&w photos

Florida Place Names
Alachua to Zolfo Springs
Allen Morris Joan Perry Morris, Photo Editor
Origin and meaning of the name of every county and most incorporated cities in Florida. Paints a rich historical portrait of the state and reveals the dreams, memories, and sense of humor of Floridians.
$21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-084-3 6 x 9 • 291 pages • 100 b&w photos

Aviation in Florida
Kevin M. McCarthy Paintings by William L. Trotter
The definitive history of aviation in Florida— from the open-cockpit bi-wing planes used by the barnstormers of the 1920s to the jumbo jets and space shuttles of today. Paintings by famed artist William Trotter capture Florida aviation’s most spectacular moments.
$18.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-281-6 6 x 9 • 208 pages • 30 color paintings

The Edisons of Fort Myers
Discoveries of the Heart
Tom Smoot
Tells the fascinating story of Thomas and Mina Edison during their time in Fort Myers, Florida, which was their winter home for 46 years. Describes how Edison fished from both his boat and his long dock, mingled with locals, created and tended extensive botanical gardens, and labored long hours in his laboratory.
“Smoot’s history educates and entertains.” —Fort Myers News-Press $24.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-312-7 6 x 9 • 384 pages • 85 photos


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
The Storm Gourmet
A Guide to Creating Extraordinary Meals Without Electricity
Daphne Nikolopoulos
A crucial resource for hurricane season, but can be used for anytime you are without power, including camping. Shopping lists and menus as well as recipes for appetizing meals prepared from canned goods with some fresh ingredients. Featured in USA Today and on CNN and The Weather Channel
“Packed with useful information.”—Forum magazine $9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-334-9 6 x 9 • 144 pages

Cooking | Southern Culture
The Sunshine State Cookbook
George Fichter
Recipes that reflect the diversity of the state’s many immigrants. Features exotic fruits and vegetables and seafood, as well as dishes more typical in northern Florida. Cook chicken inside a coconut! Flame a pineapple with rum! Prepare tiny coquina clams and giant conch snails.
$10.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-214-4 6 x 9 • 224 pages

Florida Bounty
A Celebration of Florida Cuisine and Culture
Eric and Sandra Jacobs
Focuses on the bounty of food grown and produced in Florida. Includes complete regional menus such as “A Florida Thanksgiving,” “Boating Picnic,” “Football Tailgate Party,” “Miami High Life,” and “Key West Fiesta.” Try orange creams, crabby stuffed mushrooms, oyster stew, papaya salad, fried green tomatoes, and pecan pralines.
$8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-352-3 6 x 9 • 144 pages • line illustrations

Exotic Foods
A Kitchen and Garden Guide
Marian Van Atta
A garden-to-kitchen guide to take advantage of year-round warm weather (or your greenhouse) to grow and use exotic fruits and vegetables. Solid gardening advice as well as plenty of recipes for drinks, main courses, desserts, relishes, and jams and jellies.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-215-1 6 x 9 • 224 pages

The Mongo Mango Cookbook
Cynthia Thuma
Everything about mangos as well as recipes for preparing them in salads, meat and seafood dishes, desserts, and drinks. Includes Asian, Mexican, Indian, and American recipes. Learn mango history and lore. Guide to the cultivars, nurseries, garden clubs, and mango festivals.
“...this book offers many recipes and much of the background of mangos.” —California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc. $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-239-7 6 x 9 • 160 pages

Mastering the Art of Florida Seafood
Lonnie Lynch
Guide to purchasing, preparing, and serving seafood with restaurant flair, including artistic food placement and food painting techniques. Gives nutritional value of seafoods and describes how to choose the right kitchen equipment. Recipes include first and main courses, even desserts. “This book will entice you to try new and eclectic cuisine.”—Venice Gulf Coast Living
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-176-5 6 x 9 • 176 pages • 50 illustrations

Essential Catfish Cookbook
Janet Cope and Shannon Harper

The Mostly Mullet Cookbook
A Culinary Celebration of the South’s Favorite Fish (and other great Southern seafood)

Searching for the Dixie Barbecue
Journeys into the Southern Psyche
Wilber Caldwell
A culinary and cultural saga. It’s all about regional pride, homespun cookery, backwoods lore, and the primal importance of barbecue.
“There aren’t all that many books I wish I’d written, but this is one of them.” — John Shelton Reed, The Journal of Southern Culture $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-333-2 9 x 9 • 128 pages • 95 b&w photos

Full of mouth-watering recipes that call for succulent catfish and George “Grif” Griffin easy-to-find ingredients. Includes sauces, soups, stews, sides, and Dozens of recipes to celebrate sandwiches. Recipes are rated Very this bullet-headed silvery Easy, Easy, or Moderately Easy, delicacy. Includes mulletand all have been kitchen-tested friendly sides and sauces and for convenience, accuracy, and taste. other great Southern seafood such as Wicked Wokked Scallops “...filled with simple, delectable recipes sure to win over the legions & Veggies, Ybor City Street Vendor’s Crab Cakes, and Judy’s who swear by their catfish.” — Athens Banner-Herald Mullet Butter.
$8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-201-4 6 x 9 • 144 pages $7.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-147-5 5½ x 8½ • 112 pages

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Ghosts | Lighthouses
Florida Ghost Stories
Robert R. Jones
Stories of ghosts and spirits and tall tales of strange happenings in Florida. There are two stories of Indian legends from Silver Springs, stories of hauntings in the little town of Micanopy, an encounter with a specter at Fort Clinch near Fernandina, the tale of a ghost in the Castillo in St. Augustine, and many more.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-411-7 6 x 9 • 160 pages • b&w photos

Books of Continuing Interest
Haunting Sunshine
Jack Powell
Spectral visions, footsteps in the attic—who hasn’t witnessed such things and thought of ghosts? Join Jack Powell on a wild ride from Pensacola to Jacksonville and down to Key West, touring Florida’s places and history through some of its best ghost stories.
“. . . there is an undeniable appeal to the stories about local communities.” —The Tampa Tribune $10.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-220-5 6 x 9 • 176 pages •23 b&w photo

The Ghost Orchid Ghost and Other Tales from the Swamp
Doug Alderson
Only in a swamp can you find a swamp ape or a ghost who is obsessed with the ghost orchid. From the notes at the end of each story, you can learn about Florida’s swamps and history, along with storytelling tips.
“Thank you so much for such a fabulous book that teaches about true nature and destroys myths.” —Lauren Greene, Dunwoody Nature Center

Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore
Volume 1: South and Central Florida
Greg Jenkins
Explore ruins in New Smyrna Beach, and keep an eye out for dark figures in the nearby forest. Visit Islamorada, where the ghostly remains of Flagler’s railway rumble over tracks destroyed in the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane. Walk through the eerie corridors of the mausoleum in Myrtle Hill Cemetery near Tampa, where you’ll hear whispers from the dead.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-327-1 6 x 9 • 288 pages • 22 b&w photos

$9.95 • Softcover• ISBN 978-1-56164-379-0 6 x 9 • 176 pages • 44 b&w photos

Haunted Lighthouses and How to Find Them
Second Edition
George Steitz
A grand tour of the legends of these bewitching and bewitched monuments. Meet a cast of intriguing characters, including noted historians, people who work in lighthouses, and the ghosts themselves.
“For the ghost buff, the lover of lighthouses, or the traveler looking for a unique place to visit.” — Tim Harrison, American Lighthouse Foundation $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-436-0 6 x 9 • 312 pages

Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore
Volume 2: North Florida and St. Augustine
Greg Jenkins
Explore abandoned hospitals, ancient springs, and modern apartment complexes from Ocala to Jacksonville, from Lake City to Tallahassee. Encounter playful and frightening spirits. Take an exciting tour through ancient St. Augustine.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-328-8 6 x 9 • 208 pages • 16 b&w photos

Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore
Volume 3: The Gulf Coast and Pensacola
Greg Jenkins
From ancient graveyards and monuments to modern restaurants and hotels, this book offers a collection of uncanny legends and eerie folklore about Florida’s beautiful west coast. Walk through Pensacola in Florida’s Panhandle, where spirits are beckoned by an eerie lighthouse shining through the night, or stroll through its Seville Quarter and meet a long-dead bartender. Visit the Island Hotel and Restaurant in Cedar Key, where thirteen spirits are said to roam the building.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-399-8 6 x 9 • 256 pages • 23 b&w photos

Haunt Hunter’s Guide to Florida
Joyce Elson Moore
Take a tour of the most haunted spots in the Sunshine State. Gives each site’s history and “haunt history.” Includes interviews with owners and caretakers. Also includes travel tips.
“...by using this book as a guide, you can make interesting day trips to some of Florida’s most historic and legendary places.” — The Tampa Tribune $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-150-5 6 x 9 • 192 pages • 26 b&w photos


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
Pirates of the Carolinas
Second Edition
Terrance Zepke
13 of the most intrigueing buccaneers in the history of piracy, all connected somehow to the Carolinas: Blackbeard, Anne Bonny, “Calico Jack” Rackham, Mary Read, William Fly, “Long Ben” Avery, Billy Lewis, Stede Bonnet, Thomas Tew, Richard Worley, Charles Vane, Captain William Kidd, and John Redfield.
$10.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-344-8 6 x 9 • 176 pages • 14 drawings

Ghosts | Pirates | Carolinas | Georgia | Travel
Ghosts of the Carolina Coasts
Haunted Lighthouses, Plantations, and Other Historic Sites
Terrance Zepke
32 ghost stories taken from real-life occurrences and from Carolina Lowcountry lore. Most take place in prominent historic structures with historical characters: you’ll find out what the history books don’t tell you.
“This collection of tales . . . will make your hair stand on end.” —Sandlapper $9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-175-8 6 x 9 • 160 pages • 13 b&w photos 32 line illustrations

Ghosts and Legends of the Carolina Coasts
Terrance Zepke
This collection of 28 stories ranges from hair-raising tales of horror to fascinating legends from the folklore of North and South Carolina. Learn about the eerie Fire Ship of New Bern and meet the dreaded Boo Hag.
$9.95 • Softcover •ISBN 978-1-56164-336-3 6 x 9 • 160 pages • 28 drawings • 6 b&w photos

Best Ghost Tales of North Carolina
Second Edition
Terrance Zepke
25 tales of strange happenings, creepy places, and engaging specters across North Carolina from the mountains to the coast. Learn about the Pink Lady of Grove Park Inn, the tragedy aboard the Queen of Sounds, and the unknown soldier and the Confederate spy.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-378-3 6 x 9 • 152 pages • 32 photos and illustrations

Best Ghost Tales of South Carolina
Terrance Zepke
From the bustling streets of Charleston and the graceful old plantations to the foreboding coastal forts and the darkest heart of the swamps, spirits and creatures lurk in every corner of a state where soldiers fell, slaves died, and voodoo is an open secret.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-306-6 6 x 9 • 168 pages • 30 line drawings

Ghosts of the Georgia Coast
Don Farrant
You’ll find plenty of evidence that the supernatural is still alive in the Golden Isles of Georgia. Visit crumbling slave cabins, grand mansions and plantation homes, ancient forts, and Indian hideouts to find restless souls, skin-walkers, and protective spirits.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-265-6 6 x 9 • 160 pages • 12 b&w photos • 8 drawings

Coastal North Carolina
Its Enchanting Islands, Towns, and Communities
Terrance Zepke
Find quick histories of islands, towns, and regions; main sites and attractions; opportunities for recreation, sports, and outdoor activities; and festivals and events. Learn about little-known gems such as Bear Island’s Hammocks State Park and the Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-298-4 6 x 9 • 264 pages • 50 b&w photos • 4 maps

Coastal South Carolina
Welcome to the Lowcountry
Terrance Zepke
From Myrtle Beach to Beaufort, South Carolina’s Lowcountry is steeped in history and full of charm. Includes brief histories and fast facts for the islands and communities, historical and recent photos of local attractions, calendars of events, helpful maps and tourism resources.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-348-6 6 x 9 • 288 pages • 120 b&w photos

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Storytelling | Humor | Games
More Tellable Cracker Tales
Annette J. Bruce
Another rich collection of stories taken from Florida history and folklore, tailor-made for telling, listening, and reading.
“Brings back the feel of the front porch, the sound of the old screen door, and a host of recollections as perennial as cornbread and beans.” — Ken Crawford, Florida Folk Festival “The grand dame of Florida storytelling has done it again.” — David Matlack, Ocala Storytelling Festival $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-253-3 $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-256-4 6 x 9 • 104 pages

Books of Continuing Interest
Tellable Cracker Tales
Annette J. Bruce
Meet Cracker Jack, Sneaky Sam, Gator Todd, and a host of other colorful characters in this rich collection of tellable tales drawn from Florida history, folklore, and fiction.
“Offers all who enjoy local Floridian color hours of entertaining reading.” — Ormond Loomis, Chief, Bureau of Florida Folklore $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-100-0 $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-094-2 6 x 9 • 104 pages • 6 line drawings

Florida Tales by Florida Tellers
Compiled by Annette J. Bruce and J. Stephen Brooks
A grab-bag of tales rich with homespun humor, charm, and wisdom, told with flair by 24 of Florida’s best storytellers.
“Annette Jenks Bruce is one of Florida’s most acclaimed storytellers.” — Sarasota Herald-Tribune $16.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-242-7 $9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-243-4 6 x 9 • 176 pages

The Legend of the Lowcountry Liar and Other Tales of a Tall Order
Brian McCréight
13 tall tales told by the Lowcountry Liar, whose homespun yarns weave fact and fiction like the Gullah women make sweetgrass baskets. Tales for telling aloud.
“Anyone who loves Charleston, or ghost stories, or just good old well-told tales will love this book. — Bret Lott, author of Jewel $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-337-0 6 x 9 • 136 pages • 13 drawings

Lowcountry Voodoo: Beginner’s Guide to Tales, Spells and Boo Hags
Terrance Zepke
A compilation of some of the beliefs, special spells, and remarkable stories passed down through generations of Gullah families who have made their home in the South Carolina and Georgia Lowcountry. Learn spells and curses and how to avoid them, as well as how to bring good luck while avoiding bad luck. Meet a boo hag bride who sheds her skin at night, and Dr. Buzzard, the most famous root doctor.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-455-1 6 x 9 • 160 pages • b&w illustrations by Michael Swing

Alligator Tales
Kevin M. McCarthy Color photos by John Moran
True (and tongue-in-cheek) accounts of alligators and the people who have hunted them, been attacked by them, and tried to save them from extinction. Learn how modern alligator hunters go about their business, which hasn’t changed much in the last hundred years or so.
“Highly interesting . . . illustrated with wonderful photographs.” — Naples Daily News $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-158-1 6 x 9 • 184 pages • 31 b&w photos 16-page color insert

Christmas in Florida
Kevin M. McCarthy
Learn Florida’s own sundrenched ways of celebrating Christmas. Discover the holiday celebrations of the many ethnic communities as well as the old-time traditions.
“Replete with hilarious anecdotes and Christmas recipes native to the Sunshine State . . . celebrates the idiosyncratic ways we peninsula people ring in the yule.” —St. Petersburg Times “A grab-bag of holiday cheer.” — Miami Herald $10.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-208-3 6 x 9 • 160 pages • 25 b&w photos

Tourists, Retirees, and Other Reasons to Stay in Bed
David Grimes
David Grimes’s humor column, which he began writing in 1985, runs in the Sarasota HeraldTribune. After his 25 years as a Florida resident he offers us his sage advice on topics such as these: • Granny Sweat Boosts Health • Though Often Confused, Tourists, Love Bugs Differ • Be Kind to the Canadians
$10.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-207-6 6 x 9 • 168 pages • 5 line drawings


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
The Condominium Concept
Twelfth Edition
Peter M. Dunbar
The practical guide for operating a successful Florida condominium association. Completely updated and cross-referenced not only to the Florida Statutes and the Administrative Code but also to Florida appellate court decisions. Includes 69 sample forms and documents. Written in clear, concise language for officers, directors, homeowners, managers, realtors, and attorneys.
$27.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-480-3 $21.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-481-0 September • 6 x 9 • 384 pages • sample forms

Law | Reference
The Law of Florida Homeowners Associations
Eighth Edition
Peter M. Dunbar and Charles F. Dudley
The only complete guide for the operation of Florida homeowners associations, including single-family subdivisions, townhouse and cluster developments, and master community associations. Complete footnoted references to Florida Statutes and court decisions.
$21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-482-7 $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-483-4 September • 6 x 9 • 184 pages • sample forms

The Homeowners Association Manual
Fifth Edition
Peter M. Dunbar and Marc W. Dunbar
The only complete and practical guide for the operations of homeowners associations, including single-family subdivisions, townhouse and cluster developments, mobile homeowners associations, and master community associations. Ensure that the association carries out its responsibilities fairly and effectively.
$21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-423-0 $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-313-4 6 x 9 • 152 pages • Sample forms and documents

Florida Divorce Handbook
Fifth Edition
Gerald B. Keane
This updated fifth edition reflects the most recent changes in family law in Florida. Includes the stages of a divorce case, what no-fault is all about, how to find the right lawyer, what to do if served with divorce papers, what a settlement is and how it helps, how custody disputes are decided, the different types of child support, awarding alimony and dividing property, and how Final Judgments can be modified.
$18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-402-5 6 x 9 • 216 pages

Florida Law
A Layman’s Guide Fifth Edition
Gerald B. Keane
A practical, readable guide to your legal rights in Florida. Includes property law, family law, business law, and special areas such as torts, criminal law, small claims, and consumer law.
“I truly recommend this book.” — V.B. Carlton, Chief Justice, Retired, Florida Supreme Court $18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-395-0 6 x 9 • 336 pages

Everglades Lawmen
True Stories of Game Wardens in the Glades
James T. Huffstodt
Meet the people who have dedicated their lives to protecting the wildlife and natural resources of the Florida Everglades. From the first game wardens to present-day wildlife officers, law enforcement in this wild, untamed area has kept pace with changing times.
“This is one excellent read; don’t pass up getting a copy of this one.” — Bob Mullen, International Game Warden $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-192-5 6 x 9 • 243 pages • 45 b&w photos

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Reference | Nonprofits

Books of Continuing Interest
The Florida Quiz Book Florida Fun Facts
Second Edition
Eliot Kleinberg
From theme parks to ballparks, the quirky to the educational, Miami to Tallahassee—fun facts from every city and county are offered here. Detailed indexes make this book an excellent resource for Florida history.
$8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-320-2 6 x 9 • 168 pages • 110 b&w photos

How Much Do You Know about Florida?
Hollee Temple
Over 2500 questions and answers on topics like Agriculture, Architecture, Art, the Economy, Ecosystems, the Environment, Plants, Animals, Geology, Geography, History, the Keys, Law, Literature, Meteorology, the Oceans and Coastline, Parks, Space Science, and good old general Florida Statistics. Includes references to Sunshine State Standards.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-353-0 6 x 9 • 256 pages • 29 photos and drawings

Pop Culture Florida
James P. Goss
A behind-the-scenes look at the people and events in the pop history of Florida since 1945. A factual, fun, sometimes funny overview of high-living movers and shakers, scam artists and criminals, and other colorful folks.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-199-4 6 x 9 • 176 pages • 50 b&w photos

You Got Me ! —Florida
Rob Lloyd
Florida trivia in a unique format. Scrupulously researched, informative, and entertaining, this book can also be used as a reference—unlike any other you’ve seen.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-183-3 6 x 9 • 256 pages • 25 b&w photos

Benefit Auctions
Sandy Bradley

A Fresh Formula for Grassroots Fundraising
Step-by-step guide with tried-and-true methods for putting on a wildly successful auction. How to hire an auctioneer, solicit donations, train volunteers, and market the event. Includes sample forms and letters.
“After raising money for nonprofits for 30 years, I was delighted to discover new pointers on every page.” — Susan Howlett, author of Getting Funded $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-304-2 8½ x 11 • 168 pages

Club Board Members Guide
How to Become an Effective Member of Your Club Board
John L. Carroll
Contains common-sense solutions for anyone on the board of a public or private organization. Learn your legal responsibilities; how a president is chosen; how to handle meetings; what to do about issues of money, privacy, and complaints; and how to select and deal with a general manager.
$18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-244-1 6 x 9 • 218 pages

Organizing Special Events and Conferences
Darcy Campion Devney
A comprehensive and practical handbook, for staff and volunteers, that reveals the tricks and techniques of the professional event organizer. For any event from a church social or school fundraiser to a national conference.
“A goldmine of information.” —Booklist “Full of solid advice and useful details.” — Jill Muehrcke, Editor, Nonprofit World $19.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-217-5 8½ x 11 • 130 pages • checklists, schedules


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
The Darkest Shade of Honor
Eighth in the series
It is 1886 and Wake, now of the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Intelligence, meets rising politico Theodore Roosevelt in New York City. Wake is assigned to uncover Cuban revolutionary activities between Florida and Cuba. He meets José Martí, finds himself engulfed in the most catastrophic event in Key West history, and must make a decision involving the very darkest shade of honor.
“A solid entry in this popular series.” — Booklist $21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-465-0 March • 6 x 9 • 416 pages

Fiction | The Honor Series by Robert N. Macomber
At the Edge of Honor
First in series Winner of Best Historical Novel of Florida by the Florida Historical Society
Peter Wake joins the U.S. Navy and arrives in Florida in 1863. On a tiny, armed sloop, Captain Wake chases Confederate blockade runners. He is forced to make decisions that take him to the edge of honor.
“Macomber skillfully describes tactical strategizing while providing the history of Florida’s Civil War sea battles.” – Publishers Weekly $19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-252-6 $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-272-4 6 x 9 • 280 pages

(see also page 9)

Point of Honor
Second in series Winner of the John Esten Cooke Literary Award for Best Work in Southern Fiction
In 1864 Wake searches for Union deserters and finds an old nemesis during a standoff with the French navy on the coast of Mexico. Wake risks his reputation for his love of the daughter of a Confederate zealot. He balances on the point of honor.
“An American hero worthy of his counterparts in naval fiction.” — Tall Ships Books $19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-270-0 $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-345-5 6 x 9 • 336 pages

Honorable Mention
Third in series
Now in command of a steamer, Lt. Peter Wake chases a strange vessel during a tropical storm off Cuba, liberates a slave ship, encounters a powerful warship in Havana’s harbor, and tracks down a colony of former Confederates in Puerto Rico.
“Macomber is not only a superb naval historian, but he can also tell a compelling action-packed story that educates painlessly as it sails the reader along.” — Randy Wayne White $19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-311-0 $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-462-9 6 x 9 • 336 pages

An Affair of Honor A Dishonorable Few
Fourth in series
It is 1869 and the U.S. is recovering from the Civil War. Lieutenant Wake heads to Central America to deal with a former American naval officer turned renegade mercenary. Wake is forced to make a decision that will lead to his court-martial.
$21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-339-4 6 x 9 • 368 pages

Fifth in series
Wake, in 1873, is executive officer of a ship on patrol in the West Indies. He runs afoul of the Royal Navy in Antigua, and then he’s sent to Europe, where he gets embroiled in the Spanish Civil War, and then to North Africa. The charms of the wife of a French diplomat engage Wake in an affair of honor.
“A fine mix of drama and authenticity, based on Macomber’s own trips to the locations he writes about.” — Ft. Myers News-Press $21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-368-4 6 x 9 • 376 pages

A Different Kind of Honor
Sixth in series Winner of the 2008 American Library Association Boyd Literary Award for Military Fiction
It’s 1879 and Lt. Cmdr Peter Wake is the American naval observer to the War of the Pacific raging along the west coast of South America. Wake witnesses history’s first battle between ocean-going ironclads, rides the world’s first deep-diving submarine, and faces his first machine guns in combat.
“A tour de force, the best yet of a superb series.” — Admiral James Stavridis, USN $21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-398-1 6 x 9 • 392 pages

The Honored Dead
Seventh in series
Lt. Cmdr. Peter Wake, Office of Naval Intelligence, is in French Indochina in 1883. He encounters opium warlords, ChineseMalay pirates, and French gangsters; suffers starvation at sea, survives a typhoon; is marooned on a beach; and endures a horrific full-scale battle.
“A must-read book for anyone who appreciates history, intelligence, and great story-telling by a master of the art of historical fiction.” — Rear Adm. Tony Cothron, USN (retired), 62nd Director of Naval Intelligence $21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-438-4 6 x 9 • 400 pages

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


A Land Remembered
Patrick D. Smith

Books of Continuing Interest
Patrick Smith’s Florida : A Sense of Place ( DVD)
In this delightful and educational DVD, Patrick Smith discusses his life and writing, with an emphasis on how his books were researched by his travels and work around the state. This DVD has the feel of personal contact with Florida’s greatest living author. Appeals to all ages.
$19.95 • Home Viewing ISBN 978-0-9765509-0-7 $95.00 • Public Viewing ISBN 978-0-9765509-1-4 • Includes license to show to schools and libraries Runtime: 56 minutes

Winner of the Florida Historical Society’s Tebeau Prize for Most Outstanding Florida Historical Novel
In this best-selling novel, Patrick Smith tells the story of three generations of the MacIveys, a Florida family who battle the hardships of the frontier to rise from a dirtpoor Cracker life to the wealth and standing of real estate tycoons.
“This novel distinguishes itself as the elemental struggle of man and nature.”—NY Times Bk Rvw $19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-0-910923-12-5 $13.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-116-1 6 x 9 • 404 pages

Forever Island & Allapattah
A Patrick Smith Reader
Patrick D. Smith
Forever Island is widely recognized as the classic novel of the Everglades. It’s the story of Charlie Jumper, a Seminole who clings to the old ways and fights developers to maintain them.
“A captivating fable.” —NY Times Book Review

The River Is Home & Angel City
A Patrick Smith Reader
Patrick D. Smith
The River Is Home is Smith’s first novel, set in Mississippi. “A charming excursion into a lost world.”
—New York Times Book Review

Allapattah is the story of a young Seminole in despair in the white man’s world.
$19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-0-910923-42-2 5½ x 8½ • 386 pages

Angel City is the powerful exposé of migrant workers in Florida in the 1970s. It was made into a critically acclaimed film.
$19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-0-910923-64-4 5½ x 8½ • 400 pages

For God, Gold and Glory
De Soto’s Journey to the Heart of La Florida
E. H. Haines
A fictionalized version of the journal kept by the private secretary of Hernando de Soto during his 1539–43 desperate journey of almost 4000 miles through the wilds of La Florida. A tale of adventure and survival, undying faith, unconquerable friendship, and the dark aspects of human nature.
$16.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-428-5 6 x 9 • 160 pages

Nobody’s Hero
Frank Laumer
A novel about Ransom Clark, survivor of Dade’s Battle near Tampa, Florida, at the start of the Second Seminole War in 1835. Tells of the seriously wounded Clark’s incredible journey from the battle site back to Fort Brooke.
“A marvelous novel about the unsung hero of the Second Seminole War.”—Jeff Klinkenberg, author of Pilgrim in the Land of Alligators $19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-431-5 6 x 9 • 288 pages

Black Creek
The Taking of Florida
Paul Varnes
A sweeping and believable story of early Florida when white settlers moved into the territory, taking it from the natives with false treaties and finally all-out war. Both the whites and the Indians were newcomers anxious to “take Florida.”
$19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-396-7 6 x 9 • 292 pages

Confederate Money
Paul Varnes
The riveting story of a young Florida man’s journey through the battles of the Civil War as he amasses Confederate dollars and changes them shrewdly into silver and gold.
“Brings the wartime South to life. Highly enjoyable.” — Lake City Reporter $18.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-271-7 6 x 9 • 280 pages

The Beginning
Patrick D. Smith
In this 1960s novel from Patrick Smith, just as the blacks and whites of a small Southern town think they are moving toward equality, civil rights workers arrive and violence erupts.
“An outstanding novel. As true a picture of Southern racial relations to be found.” — Mississippi Press $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-450-6 6 x 9 • 324 pages


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
Seven Mile Bridge
Michael Biehl
Florida Keys dive-shop owner Jonathan Bruckner returns home to Wisconsin after his mother’s death, searching for clues to his father’s death years before. He is stunned by what he discovers about his father’s life, and comes to know his parents in a way he never did as a child. Mostly, he is surprised by what he learns about himself. Fluidly moving between past and present, between hope and despair, Seven Mile Bridge is a story about one man’s obsession with the truth, and how much can depend on finding it.
$19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-451-3 6 x 9 • 280 pages

Death in Bloodhound Red
Virginia Lanier

Winner of the Anthony Award for Best First Mystery in the U.S.
Jo Beth Siddon raises and trains bloodhounds for search-and-rescue in the Okeefenokee Swamp. She is accused of murder and must unravel a web of deceit and betrayal to save her life.
“Melds good-old-boy humor and action-packed adventure.” —Publishers Weekly “A very appealing first novel.”— Library Journal $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-407-0 6 x 9 • 462 pages

Nervous Water and Other Florida Stories
Wil LaBossier
Six short stories that explore the spirit of fly-fishing. Tales of stalking fish examine environmentalism, philosophy, fishing as entertainment, the nature of celebrity, the meaning of relationship, and the importance of fishing to our identities.
“Thoughtful stories on the ancient and always fascinating sport of fishing.” —South Florida Sun-Sentinel $16.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-324-0 5½ x 8½ • 160 pages

Conflict of Interest
Terry Lewis
Trial lawyer Ted Stevens fights his own battles, including his alcoholism and his pending divorce, as he fights for his client in a murder case. But it’s the other suspect in the case who causes the conflict of interest.
“Gripping, taught courtroom proecedural. . . . This well-crafted drama rings with authenticity all the way to its heart stopping conclusion.” —Publishers Weekly $18.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-132-1 6 x 9 • 328 pages

My Brother Michael Mystery in the Sunshine State
Stuart Kaminsky, Editor
An enticing selection of Florida mystery stories. Includes Florida writers Edna Buchanan, Carolina Garci-Aguilera, Les Standiford, Peter King, Robert W. Walker, Stuart Kaminsky, Stuart McIver, John Lutz, Nancy Bartholomew, David Ash, E.C. Ayres, David Beaty, Stanley Ellin, Erik Wiklund, Robert Randisi, and Harold Q. Masur.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-185-7 6 x 9 • 362 pages

Janis Owens

Winner of the Chatauqua South Award for Fiction
Out of the shotgun houses and shaded porches of a west Florida mill town comes this extraordinary novel of love and redemption. Gabriel Catts, still in love with his brother’s wife, attempts to reconcile a family shattered by his betrayal.
“Nothing short of stunning.” — Library Journal “A luminously written first novel.” — Kirkus Reviews $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-343-1 6 x 9 • 304 pages

Myra Sims
Janis Owens
A rare literary opportunity to experience the same story from a different character’s perspective. We met Myra Sims in My Brother Michael and knew her through the eyes of her friend, brother-in-law and onetime lover, Gabriel Catts. In Myra Sims we hear Myra’s story in her own flat Louisianan voice as she evolves from victim to survivor.
$22.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-177-2 6 x 9 • 480 pages

The Bucket Flower
Donald R. Wilson
In 1893 a young Boston woman goes into the wilds of the Florida Everglades to study the plants, which no woman has ever done. She finds a lawless frontier inhabited by dangerous wild animals and even more dangerous men. She manages to prove she is not just a “bucket flower,” a pampered person unfit to face the rigors of the swamp.
$19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-369-1 6 x 9 • 280 pages

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Fiction | Cracker Westerns

“Adventure-packed cowboy yarns set right here in Florida—as historically accurate as anything Zane Grey or Louis L’Amour wrote.” — The Tampa Tribune Guns of the Palmetto Plains
Rick Tonyan
Tree Hooker, tough as alligator hide and quick with gun, knife and whip, takes on the job of driving cattle north to feed the hungry Confederacy. Quicksand, snakefilled swamps, Yankee raiders, and vicious outlaws try to block his way.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-070-6 5 x 7 • 405 pages

Riders of the Suwannee
Lee Gramling
Tate Barkley returns to 1870s Florida after ten years on the Western frontier with the idea of settling down near the Suwannee River. But a run-in with Big Bill Caton’s outlaw gang means that his gunfighting days are not over. Especially when a pretty young widow needs some help to hold onto her place down on the Gulf coast.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56614-043-0 5 x 7 • 292 pages

Thunder on the St. Johns
Lee Gramling
The vast unsettled lands of Florida in the 1850s are a magnet drawing people toward the promise of fresh beginnings. Most of them are honest, hard-working citizens. But there is another element, as on any frontier: the violent, the greedy, the power-hungry. Will the honest homesteaders prevail over those who would destroy their dreams?
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-064-5 $9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-080-5 5 x 7 • 294 pages

Trail from St. Augustine
Lee Gramling
In the spring of 1771, John MacKenzie arrives in British-ruled St. Augustine. He is quickly drawn into an adventure that involves defending a young woman indentured to the powerful and treacherous James Tyrone. MacKenzie and Becky Campbell set out across the untamed Florida wilderness, pursued by Tyrone’s murderous trackers, toward a showdown on the Florida Gulf coast.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-042-3 5 x 7 • 264 pages

Ghosts of the Green Swamp
Lee Gramling
Trouble’s found Tate Barkley again, but this time it’s in the form of a beautiful but coldhearted young woman with two murderous henchmen, who rob Tate and leave him for dead. When he’s able to set out in pursuit, Tate follows a trail that draws him ever deeper into that vast forbidding swampland near the headwaters of the Withlacoochee River.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-120-8 $9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-126-0 5 x 7 • 296 pages

Ninety-Mile Prairie
Lee Gramling
While Peek Tillman herds cattle to market, he has to be on the lookout for wild beasts and reptiles—as well as predators of the human variety. He encounters more than he can figure how to handle when he meets a beautiful woman and her archaeologist husband down from the Northeast, not to mention some greedy outlaws.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-255-7 $9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-257-1 5 x 7 • 288 pages

Bridger’s Run
Jon Wilson
Tom Bridger has come to Florida in 1885 to find his long-lost uncle and a hidden treasure. He arrives in Jacksonville and heads west across Florida’s wild frontier, his quick temper bringing several brushes with death, including gator-filled swamps and a footrace with a stagecoach. It all comes down to a boxing match between Young Tom Bridger and Bongo Jones, the Key West Slasher.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-170-3 $11.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-174-1 5 x 7 • 256 pages

Wiregrass Country

Alligator Gold
A Cracker Western
On his way home from a Northern prisonerof-war camp at the end of the Civil War, Caleb “Hawk” Hawkins is focused on getting back to the D-Wing, his Florida cattle ranch. But along the way, Hawk encounters a very pregnant Madelaine Wilkes, learns that his only son has gone missing, and that his old nemesis, Snake Barber, has taken over his ranch.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-446-9 $9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-447-6 5 x 7 • 320 pages

Herb and Muncy Janet Post Chapman
A tale of the rugged Florida frontier in 1835. A family struggles to keep their ranch thriving under threat of rustlers and renegade Indians. Now the family is further tested as another Seminole War is brewing and outlaws are on the rise.
$10.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-156-7 5 x 7 • 368 pages


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
Sea Kayaking in Florida
Second Edition
David and Mark Gluckman
The latest information on boats, camping, clothing, and gear for both the novice and experienced kayaker. Maps and campsite guides to the Big Bend Sea Grasses Saltwater Paddling Trail, a trail itinerary of the Nature Coast, and maps and campsite locations for the open water of the Everglades.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-322-6 6 x 9 • 216 pages • 18 b&w photos • 8-page color insert • 12 maps • drawings and charts

Sports | Humor
Bicycling in Florida Second Edition The Cyclist’s Road and Off-Road Guide
Tom Oswald
Complete directions, maps, and tips for over 70 rides throughout the state from the highest point in Florida (345 feet!) through the horse farms in the center of the state and out to Key Biscayne. Information on Florida’s cycling laws and important safety issues. List of bike associations.
“Bike riders will love this guidebook.” — The Tampa Tribune $10.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-403-2 5½ x 8½ • 232 pages • 30 b&w photos 71 maps

Fishing Adventures in Florida
Sport Fishing with Light Tackle
Max D. Hunn
Join the author as he steers through twisted mangrove channels of the Ten Thousand Islands, searching for the “big one.” Brawl with tarpon and tangle with snook; if there’s a cure for snook fever, Max Hunn hasn’t found it.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-218-2 6 x 9 • 208 pages • 23 b&w photos

Tales from a Florida Fish Camp
Jack Montrose
Join Jack Montrose, a fish camp regular since 1965, as he reminisces about the good old days fishing on the St. Johns River. Captures the atmosphere and humor of fish camps, where fishermen gathered to tell tales of their fishing exploits, play practical jokes, and relax with a cold beer.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-276-2 6 x 9 • 208 pages • 16 b&w photos

They Called It Golf Because Flog Was Already Taken
Frank Fenton and David Grimes Cartoons by Al Konetzni
A professional golfer and a humorist team up to give you some pointers and some laughs. Get Fenton’s take on kick point, torque, and balance point. Grimes reminds us not to “putt” rules before golfing fun and tells us why golfers should hit balls, not the bottle.
$8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-288-5 6 x 9 • 152 pages •10 cartoons

Running in Florida
Mauricio Herreros
The author has run every course in this book and gives you the best places in each region. Complete directions, mileage, where to find facilities and parking, whether there are fees, the condition of the terrain, safety tips. Includes running clubs, general references, and a pace chart.
“With a local’s eye for detail . . . his pride in the state’s beaches, historic neighborhood, and pristine parks shines through on every page.” — Southern Living $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-273-1 6 x 9 • 192 pages • 50 b&w photos

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Literature | Poetry | Travel | History
Florida in Poetry
A History of the Imagination
Jane Anderson Jones and Maurice O’Sullivan, Editors
A collection of poems from some of the earliest Europeans to encounter La Florida to contemporary poets who write of the beauty and degradation of the place. Includes Bartolomé de Flores, Walt Whitman, Langston Hughes, Elizabeth Bishop, James Merrill, Edmund Skellings, May Swenson, Richard Wilbur, Donald Justice, and Marjory Stoneman Douglas.
$24.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-083-6 7 x 10 • 296 pages

Books of Continuing Interest
The Florida Reader
Visions of Paradise
Maurice O’Sullivan and Jack C. Lane, Editors
Historical and literary introduction to our state’s rich and diverse culture—from early Spanish myths and Seminole and AfricanAmerican folktales to the latest descriptions of modern Miami. Features John James Audubon, Zora Neale Hurston, Zane Grey, Wallace Stevens, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings.
“A vibrant biography of our complex and challenging peninsula.” — FL Hist. Quarterly $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-062-1 6 x 9 • 270 pages

Dog Island and Other Florida Poems
Laurence Donovan Foreword by Donald Justice
Miami poet-artist Donovan contemplates sea, sand, and sky in his words and etchings. In his foreword Donald Justice calls Donovan “doubly gifted.”
“ ‘Dog Island’ is one of the finest poems about Florida ever written... ” — Robert Zaller, Drexel University $12.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-284-7 5 x 7 • 96 pages • 16 etchings

Shakespeare Plays the Classroom
Stuart E. Omans and Maurice O’Sullivan, Editors
This guide for teachers and lovers of literature and theater is an original collection of essays exploring the idea that Shakespeare’s plays are best approached playfully through performance.
“A gift, rich in pleasures and incredibly multifaceted.” — John Andrews, president of the Shakespeare Guild $24.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-277-9 6 x 9 • 250 pages

Guide to the Gardens of Florida
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-169-7 6 x 9 • 192 pages • 16-page color insert • 42 drawings

Guide to the Gardens of Georgia

$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-198-7 6 x 9 • 144 pages • 16-page color insert • 28 drawings $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-251-9 6 x 9 • 120 pages • 8-page color insert • 22 drawings

Guide to the Gardens of South Carolina

This series takes you on a tour of the best gardens you can visit in all three states. Learn the history and unique offerings of each garden, what plants to see, and the best time to see them. Includes directions, hours, fees, calendar of events. Enjoy formal and informal gardens and get ideas for your own.

African Americans in Florida
Maxine D. Jones and Kevin M. McCarthy

African American Sites in Florida
Kevin M. McCarthy

Native Americans in Florida
Kevin M.McCarthy
A clear and concise telling of the history of the native peoples of Florida. Includes a calendar of important dates and the 185 sites on the Native American Heritage Trail.
“Native Americans in Florida is a history book for young people that has appeal for all ages.” — Sarasota Herald-Tribune $25.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-181-9 8½ x 11 • 200 pages • 120 b&w photos 8 pages of color paintings Teacher’s Manual • $4.00 • ISBN 978-1-56164-188-8

This book takes you on a tour, Brief essays profile over fifty through the 67 counties, of the African Americans during four sites that commemorate the centuries of Florida history. Traces role of African Americans in the role African Americans played Florida’s history. in the discovery, exploration, and “Documenting the history of settlement of Florida, through a people is essential to the preservation of their existence. the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement. For classroom use: one free teacher’s manual with the Remembering the past ensures the future as we move toward it. I am happy to say that we commend McCarthy for being an purchase of three books. advocate to preserving our history by means of this book.” — Dr.
$17.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-031-7 8½ x 11 • 190 pages • 80 b&w photos Ages 10 and up • Reading level grade 7 Teacher’s Manual • $4.00 • ISBN 978-1-56164-045-4 $29.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-385-1 8½ x 11 • 344 pages • 175 b&w photos

Bernadette Kelly, Chair, Florida’s African American History Taskforce


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Books of Continuing Interest
Georgia’s Lighthouses and Historic Coastal Sites
Kevin M. McCarthy Illustrations by William L. Trotter
The lighthouses, forts, historic homes, plantations, and churches of Georgia’s coast. Each site is illustrated with a full-color painting.
$14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-143-7 8½ x 11 • 144 pages • 30 color paintings

Lighthouses | Carolinas | Georgia

Lighthouses of Ireland
Kevin M. McCarthy Paintings by William L. Trotter
The story of the lighthouses that dot the Irish coastline. Thirty of the most interesting lights are featured with detailed histories and full-color paintings by noted maritime artist William Trotter.
$21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-131-4 8½ x 11 • 160 pages • 30 color paintings

Florida Lighthouse Trail
Thomas Taylor, Editor Illustrated by Paul Bradley
The histories of Florida’s light stations by different authors, each an authority on a particular lighthouse. Dates of construction and operation, foundation materials, lighting equipment. Directions to each lighthouse site. Preface by Wayne Wheeler, president of the United States Lighthouse Society. Names, contact information, and websites of lighthouse organizations.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-203-8 6 x 9 • 192 pages • 190 line drawings

Lighthouses of the Florida Keys
Love Dean
History of the Keys lights, which includes the largest collection of iron screwpile lighthouses in the world. Covers construction, as well as the storms and politics that have swirled around them.
“Two of almost everybody’s favorite subjects are lighthouses and Florida Keys, and here’s a readable book about both.” — Jacksonville Times-Union $24.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-160-4 6 x 9 • 304 pages • 83 b&w photos 12-page color insert

Lighthouses of the Carolinas
A Short History and Guide
Terrance Zepke
From North Carolina’s Currituck Lighthouse to South Carolina’s Haig Point Lighthouse, 18 of Carolina’s lighthouses still stand. Covers how the lighthouses were built in the 1700s and 1800s, how lightkeepers lived, and how the lighthouses have weathered hurricanes, erosion, and neglect. Includes visiting information and directions.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-148-2 6 x 9 • 192 pages • 102 b&w photos 8-page color insert

Bansemer’s Book of Florida Lighthouses
Roger Bansemer
$29.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-172-7 9 x 12 • 144 pages • fullcolor paintings throughout

Bansemer’s Book of the Southern Shores
Roger Bansemer

An artist’s journal, reproduced as a large and colorful book, describing in words and images the natural beauty of the coasts—from the sponge divers of Tarpon Also by Roger Bansemer: Journey to Titanic Springs to the marshlands of coastal Georgia.
$24.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-292-2 $18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-293-9 8½ x 11 • 128 pages • full-color throughout $35.00 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-294-6 9 x 12 • 256 pages • full-color paintings

Lighthouses of Greece
Elinor DeWire & Dolores Pergioudakis
This lavishly illustrated and carefully researched book covers more than 100 lighthouses, most still guiding ships around the Greek Islands. Their romance, beauty, and history are captured in this handy guidebook. Beguiling images, fascinating histories, and helpful travel information will guide you to these beloved seamarks in the land of Hellene. Includes interesting sections on ancient lighthouses, lighthouse keepers, lighthouse construction, and much more.
$21.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-452-0 $16.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-460-5 May • 7 x 10 • 168 pages • full-color photos

Guardians of the Lights
Revised Edition
Elinor DeWire
Stories of the heroism and fortitude of the men and women of the U.S. Lighthouse Service, who kept vital shipping lanes safe from 1716 until early in the 20th century.
”Charming blend of history and human interest.” — The Waterlog $27.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-077-5 $18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-119-2 6 x 9 • 324 pages • 130 b&w photos • color insert

The Lightkeepers’ Menagerie
Stories of Animals at Lighthouses
Elinor DeWire
The stories of all the cold-nosed, whiskered, wooly, hoofed, horned, slithery, buzzing, feathered, and finned creatures that live at lighthouses, accompanying and helping the keepers. Tales of animals from lighthouses all over the world, tales of happiness and sadness, courage and cowardice, tragedy and comedy, and even absurdity.
$27.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-390-5 $21.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-391-2 6 x 9 • 416 pages • 150 b&w photos • color insert

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Those Amazing Animals

Yo u n g R e a d e r s

Each volume has 20 questions and answers, 20 photos, and 20 funny illustrations by Steve Weaver.
Those Amazing Alligators A
Kathy Feeney
$14 $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-359-2 Library binding $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-356-1 $8 7 x 10 • 56 pages • Ages 5–9 Reading level grade 3

Those Lively Lizards
Marta Magellan
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-426-1 Library binding $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-427-8 7 x 10 • 56 pages • Ages 5–9 Reading level grade 3

Those Beautiful Butterflies
Sarah Cussen
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-414-8 Library binding $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-415-5 7 x 10 • 56 pages • Ages 5–9 Reading level grade 3

Those Magical Manatees
Jan Lee Wicker
$14 $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-382-0 Library binding $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-383-7 $8 7 x 10 • 56 pages • Ages 5–9 Reading level grade 3 • Lexile 750

Those Colossal Cats
Marta Magellan
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-457-5 Library binding $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-458-2 7 x 10 • 56 pages • Ages 5–9 Reading level grade 3

Thos Those Outrageous Owls
Laura Wyatt
$14 $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-365-3 Library binding $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-366-0 $8 7 x 10 • 56 pages • Ages 5–9 Reading level grade 3

Those Delightful Dolphins
Jan Lee Wicker
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-380-6 Library binding $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-381-3 7 x 10 • 56 pages • Ages 5–9 Reading level grade 3

Those Peculiar Pelicans
Sarah Cussen
$14 $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-358-5 Library binding $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-340-0 $8 7 x 10 • 56 pages • Ages 5–9 Reading level grade 3

Those Excellent Eagles
Jan Lee Wicker
$14 $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-360-8 Library binding $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-355-4 $8 7 x 10 • 56 pages • Ages 5–9 Reading level grade 3

Thos Those Terrific Turtles
Sarah Cussen
$14 $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-363-9 Library binding $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-364-6 $8 7 x 10 • 56 pages •Ages 5–9 Reading level grade 3

Those Funny Flamingos
Jan Lee Wicker
$14 $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-357-8 Library binding $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-295-3 $8 7 x 10 • 56 pages • Ages 5–9 Reading level grade 3

Those Voracious Vultures
Marta Magellan
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-424-7 Library binding $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-425-4 7 x 10 • 56 pages • Ages 5–9 Reading level grade 3


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Yo u n g R e a d e r s
A Land Remembered Student Edition
Patrick D. Smith
Florida’s favorite historical novel in a two-volume edition for young readers. (See page 27 for the adult edition.) Suitable for ages 9 and up. Volume 1 covers the first generation of MacIveys to arrive in Florida and Zech’s coming of age.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-230-4 • $7.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-223-6 6 x 9 • 240 pages • Ages 9 and up • Reading level grade 5 • Accelerated Reader quiz available • Lexile 810


Volume 2 covers Zech’s son, Solomon, and the exploitation of the land as his own generation prospers.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-231-1 • $7.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-224-3 6 x 9 • 200 pages • Ages 9 and up • Reading level grade 5 • Accelerated Reader quiz available • Lexile 920

The teacher’s manuals aid in teaching language arts, social studies, and science coordinated with the Sunshine State Standards of the Florida Department of Education. A Land Remembered Goes to School: Elementary Teacher’s Manual $6.00 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-228-1 • 8½ x 11 • 64 pages Middle School Teacher Plans and Resources for A Land Remembered $6.00 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-341-7 • 8½ x 11 • 64 pages

Blood Moon Rider
Zack C. Waters
A young boy is sent to live with his grandfather in Florida during World War II. He and a new friend have adventures involving German U-boats lurking in the Gulf of Mexico.
“. . . a good choice for middle school boys. Historical notes provide the context that could make this a plausible choice in the study of World War II . . .” — School Library Journal $13.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-350-9 5½ x 8½ • 136 pages • Ages 9–14 • Reading level grade 6 • Accelerated Reader quiz available

Marilyn Bishop Shaw

Florida Historical Society award for best youth-oriented book
An 11-year-old boy and his parents, newly freed slaves, work to build a Florida homestead. Solomon learns to drive cattle by cracking a whip.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-349-3 $9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-434-6 5½ x 8½ • 208 pages • Ages 9–14 • Reading level grade 6 • Accelerated Reader quiz available • Lexile 870 A Teacher’s Handbook for Solomon $6.00 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-384-4 8½ x 11 • 64 pages

The Spy Who Came In from the Sea
Peggy Nolan

Kidnapped in Key West
Edwina Raffa and Annelle Rigsby
It’s 1912 and 12-year-old Eddie’s father has been falsely accused of a crime, so Eddie goes to Key West to try to prove his innocence. He arrives just before Flagler’s first train down the Keys. Eddie is kidnapped in the midst of the turmoil. Will he escape? Will he ever get home? Will he be able to help his father?
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-413-1 5½ x 8½ • 136 pages • Ages 8–12 Reading level grade 5 • Lexile 830 • Accelerated Reader quiz available Teacher’s Activity Guide $5.00 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-406-3 8½ x 11 • 36 pages

Master list finalist for Sunshine State Reader’s Award
14-year old Frank Hollahan moves to Jacksonville, Florida, in 1943. When Frank informs everyone at school that he saw a spy land on the local beach, no one believes him, but Frank sets out to prove the spy’s existence.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-186-4 $8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-245-8 5½ x 8½ • 144 pages • Ages 8–14 Reading level grade 6 • Lexile 590 Accelerated Reader quiz available

Escape to the Everglades
Edwina Raffa and Annelle Rigsby
Running Boy’s mother was a Seminole and his father, a white man. Now 14, he has received his adult name, Will Cypress, at the Green Corn Dance. Hoping to prove his loyalty to the Snake Clan, Will joins Osceola’s band of warriors fighting to remain in Florida during the Second Seminole War.
$12.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-351-6 5½ x 8½ • 112 pages • Ages 9–12 • Reading level grade 5 • Accelerated Reader quiz available Teacher’s Activity Guide $6.00 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-362-2 8½ x 11 • 32 pages

The Treasure of Amelia Island
M. C. Finotti

Winner of the Florida Historical Society’s Horgan Award
Eleven-year-old Mary Kingsley, daughter of historical figure Ana Jai Kingsley, tells the tumultuous events of 1813 when the Patriots try to force Spain out of La Florida. This would mean that Mary and her family would become slaves again. Amidst all this Mary and her brothers search for pirate treasure. Includes a reader’s guide.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-416-2 5½ x 8½ • 104 pages • Ages 8–12 Reading level grade 5 • Lexile 830 Accelerated Reader quiz available

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Reference | Lighthouses | Pirates | History
My Florida Alphabet
Russell W. Johnson and Annie P. Johnson Illustrations by John Hume
A unique alphabet book, all about Florida. The text is the same as lyrics to the Florida alphabet song, which is included on a CD. Children sing along, learning their letters as they see, hear, and pantomime motions for each letter. Includes finger cards for each letter to create simple words through sound combinations.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-392-9 Library binding • 7 x 10 • 64 pages Audio CD included • Full-color illustrations Ages 4–8 • Reading level grades Pre-K–2

Yo u n g R e a d e r s
My Florida Facts
Russell W. Johnson and Annie P. Johnson
Learn facts about Florida from the state capital to the number of counties, from what states border Florida to how to make a Key lime pie. A kid-friendly book that makes learning fun by singing along with the “My Florida Facts” song, included on a CD. Research shows that music and rhythm facilitates learning.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-430-8 7 x 10 • 64 pages • Includes CD Full-color illustrations by Michael Swing Ages 8–12

Florida A to Z
Susan Jane Ryan Illustrated by Carol Tornatore
From alligator to Zephyrhills, you’ll find Florida information packed into this alphabet—almost 200 facts about Florida personalities, history, geography, nature, and culture. For the Florida official gem, see M; for the saltwater mammal, see D; the saltwater fish is in A; the state butterfly is fluttering in Z.
$19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-249-6 8½ x 11 • 64 pages •full-color throughout Ages 9–12 • Reading level grade 6

The Florida Quiz Book
How Much Do You Know about Florida?
Hollee Temple
Over 2500 questions and answers on topics like Agriculture, Architecture, Art, the Economy, Ecosystems, the Environment, Plants, Animals, Geology, Geography, History, the Keys, Law, Literature, Meteorology, the Oceans and Coastline, Parks, Space Science, and good old general Florida Statistics.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-353-0 6 x 9 • 256 pages • 29 photos and drawings

Florida Lighthouses for Kids
Elinor DeWire
The history and lore of Florida’s 33 lighthouses with fun facts and colorful illustrations that appeal to kids. Learn about the people who designed and built them, meet some of the keepers, see how lighthouses operate, and find out about their new roles as museum.
$8.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-323-3 7 x 10 • 64 pages • full-color throughout Ages 9 and up • Reading level grade 6

Lighthouses of the Carolinas for Kids
Terrance Zepke
A colorful and fun book filled with the history and lore of the lighthouses guarding the Carolina coasts, from Currituck at the top to the Haig Point Lighthouses at the bottom. Meet some of the keepers who braved storms and suffered loneliness. Learn how lighthouses operated in the early days and how they operate now.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-429-2 7 x 10 • 64 pages • Color photos and illustrations Ages 9 and up

Pirates of the Carolinas for Kids
Terrance Zepke
Full of fun facts and colorful art, this book details the life of a pirate in the Golden Age of Piracy and introduces nine of the most famous pirates to weigh anchor in the Carolinas. Why they became pirates and how they found treasure. What kinds of ships they sailed and how they talked. Includes activities and a quiz.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-459-9 7 x 10 • 72 pages • Full-color illustrations by Michael Swing • Ages 9 and up

America’s REAL First Thanksgiving
St. Augustine, Florida, Sept 8, 1565
Robyn Gioia
Fifty-six years before the pilgrims landed in New England, Spanish explorer Menéndez founded the first North American city, St. Augustine. The Spanish celebrated a thanksgiving meal with the Florida natives. Learn about Spain and Florida in the 1560s and how to make the food they likely ate that day.
$14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-389-9 Library binding • 10 x 8 • 48 pages • 55 color illustrations • Ages 9–14 • Reading level grades 4–8 • Lexile 1000 • Accelerated Reader quiz available Teacher’s Manual $5.00 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-421-6 8.5 x 11 • 48 pages


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Yo u n g R e a d e r s

Nature | Animals | History | Biography Iguana Invasion
Exotic Pets Gone Wild in Florida Virginia Aronson & Allyn Szejko
Green Iguanas, Burmese Pythons, Nile Monitor Lizards, Rhesus Monkeys, and many more kinds of non-native animals are rapidly increasing in population in subtropical Florida. This full-color book provides scientific information, exciting wildlife stories, and identification photos for the most common exotic animals on the loose—most of them offspring of abandoned pets. Learn answers to questions like these: When should a trapper be called? Can I feed them? Are they dangerous? What is the effect of all these exotics on the environment? What can we do to help with the problem? $16.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-468-1 $12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-469-8 7 x 10 • 80 pages • 69 color photos • Ages 12 & up

The Gopher Tortoise
A Life History
Patricia Sawyer Ashton and Ray E. Ashton Jr.
Color photos and easy text make clear the behavior and daily life of this endangered animal. Explains the critical role this tortoise and its burrow play in the upland ecosystem of Florida and the Southeast. Learn how scientists study them and try to protect them.
“An important new book on a very important animal.” — Center for N. American Herpetology $19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-303-5 $14.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-301-1 8½ x 11 • 72 pages • full-color throughout Ages 10 and up • Reading level grade 5 Lexile 1220

An Ecosystem Facing Choices and Challenges
Anne E. Ake

Silver Medal, Florida Book Awards
Reveals the diversity of plant and animal life in the unique ecosystem of the slow-moving waters of the Everglades. Explains how and why this system is in trouble from the diverting and draining of the water. Tells of the many attempts to save the Everglades and why it’s worth saving.
$19.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-410-0 7 x 10 • 128 pages • 100 color photos • Ages 11–14 Reading level grade 6 • Lexile 1100 • Accelerated Reader quiz available

Hunted Like a Wolf
The Story of the Seminole War
Milton Meltzer
A prize-winning book telling the history of the Second Seminole War (1835–1842), when the U.S. Army invaded the Seminole territories. Explores the Seminoles’ choices and the sacrifices they made by resisting in the longest and costliest of the Indian wars.
“Based on a solid foundation of research.” – The New York Times Book Review $16.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-305-9 6 x 9 • 192 pages • 20 b&w photos • Ages 12 and up • Reading level grade 8 • Lexile 1070

Esmeralda and the Enchanted Pond
Susan Jane Ryan
Visit a mysterious Florida pond with Esmeralda and her dad. She wants real answers about nature, but her dad offers imaginary, mysterious ones. He finally tells her the real science behind the enchanted pond.
“I cannot contain my enthusiasm for this book.” — NSTA $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-236-6 8½ x 11 • 48 pages • full-color throughout Ages 8–11 • Reading level grade 4 Activity Guide $5.00 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-247-2 8½ x 11 • 48 pages

The Old Man and the C
Carole Tremblay Illustrated by Angela Donato
Meet Charlie, whose dream is to catch the biggest fish in the sea. He signs up for a fishing tournament, but what he catches, after the battle of his lifetime, is a big surprise. Unlike Hemingway’s hero, this quest for a big fish is an amusing adventure that ends up with a case of the hiccups.
“. . . ideal for young children who have graduated from easy reader picturebooks and are ready for wordier fare . . .” — The Midwest Book Review $15.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-354-7 Library binding • 7 x10 • 32 pages • 14 color illustrations • Ages 6–10 • Reading level grade 3 Lexile 720

Sandra Friend
A clear and well-illustrated explanation of the phenomenon of sinkholes, which are born of the interaction between water and any rock that dissolves easily. Explains how a sinkhole becomes part of the environment, filling with water or becoming a deep, damp area that supports a new habitat. Reveals sinkholes from the oases of the Arabian Desert to the crystal-clear springs of Florida.
$18.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-258-8 8½ x 11 • 96 pages • 110 photos Ages 12 and up • Reading level grade 9 Lexile 1150

w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275


Biography The Two Henrys
Henry Plant and Henry Flagler and Their Railroads Sandra Wallus Sammons
Henry Plant and Henry Flagler changed the landscape of Florida in the late 1800s and early 1900s. This dual biography is a story of railroads and the men who built them with their creativity, innovation, and money. Flagler opened up the east coast of Florida with his railroads and hotels, and Plant did the same on the west coast of the state.

Yo u n g R e a d e r s

Henry Flagler, Builder of Florida
Sandra Wallus Sammons
An exciting biography about the man who changed Florida’s east coast with his hotels and his railroads. Henry Morrison Flagler was already a millionaire when he first visited Florida in 1878. He came back and built railroads along the east coast so that others could more easily travel there. And he built grand hotels so that those who came had a beautiful place to stay. By 1912, he had built a railroad all the way to Key West. Henry Flagler was very determined and practical. He met all the great challenges he set for himself.

Sandra Wallus Sammons has written this biography as well as three others on this page—all for young readers so they can understand the important people in Florida’s history. She has worked as a librarian in Florida schools and $10.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-466-7 $7.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-467-4 understands what kids like to read. March • 6 x 9 • 72 pages • b&w photos • Ages 9–12 $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-456-8 $9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-461-2 March • 6 x 9 • 112 pages • b&w photos • Ages 12 & up

Marjory Stoneman Douglas and the Florida Everglades
Sandra Wallus Sammons
Marjory Stoneman Douglas is called “the Grandmother of the Everglades.” Read about her life from her childhood up north to her long and inspiring life in south Florida. When she arrived in Miami in 1915 she began to understand the importance of the Everglades, an area most considered a “swamp.” She called attention to it with her book The Everglades: River of Grass. (See page 10.) During her 108 years, she was a newspaper and magazine journalist as well as a book writer. She received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for her work on the Everglades. $11.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-470-4 $7.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-471-1 March • 6 x 9 • 72 pages • b&w photos • Ages 9–12

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and the Florida Crackers
Sandra Wallus Sammons
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings grew up loving to write and hoping to become an author. Later she moved to Florida, where she lived out in the country at Cross Creek in an area called the Big Scrub. She met the people who lived there, the so-called Crackers. Their simple way of life fascinated her, so she wrote stories about them. One of her books, called The Yearling, was about a boy and a pet deer. This book won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction. Her dream of becoming a famous writer had come true. $11.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-472-8 $7.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-473-5 March • 6 x 9 • 72 pages • b&w photos • Ages 9–12

Konnichiwa Florida Moon
The Story of George Morikami, Pineapple Pioneer
Virginia Aronson
The story of George Morikami, a poor Japanese immigrant who became a millionaire in south Florida. He learned to make his fortune from the land by growing pineapples and buying more land, where he developed a beautiful garden, the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Delray Beach.
$10.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-263-2 Library binding • 5½ x 8½ • 64 pages • 19 b&w photos • Ages 8–12 • Reading level grade 6

Gift of the Unicorn
The Story of Lue Gim Gong, Florida’s Citrus Wizard
Virginia Aronson
The story of Lue Gim Gong, who came to Florida as a boy and overcame poverty and discrimination to become a brilliant horticulturalist. He developed worldfamous species of citrus. In China, “gift of the unicorn” means the blessing to parents of an exceptionally bright child.
$11.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-264-9 Library binding • 5½ x 8½ • 80 pages 23 b&w photos • Ages 10–14 Reading level grade 7


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Yo u n g R e a d e r s
The Young Naturalist’s Guide to Florida Second Edition
Peggy Sias Lantz and Wendy A. Hale
Children discover natural Florida by seeing and doing. Covers the plants, animals, and habitats. Fully updated with websites and new chapters on global warming, endangered and exotic species, rivers and lakes, and nature at the Space Center.
$18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-377-6 8½ x 11 • 224 pages • 300 drawings Ages 10–14 • Reading level grade 6

Nature | Art | Native Americans | Paleontology
Drawing Florida Wildlife
Frank Lohan
Clear, easy method for learning to draw Florida’s birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals, as well as the plants, trees, and landscapes that form their setting. Includes partially finished drawings for you to complete. Lists the tools and materials you will need. For all ages.
$12.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-090-4 8½ x 11 • 96 pages Step-by-step drawings for 60 subjects • All ages

Seminole and Miccosukee Art and Activities
Dorothy Downs
A hands-on way to learn about Florida’s Seminoles and Miccosukees, who have been making and wearing patchwork clothing since the early 1900s.
“All fourth-grade classrooms should have this book. ” — Francis Holleran, President, Florida Council for the Social Studies $9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-332-5 7 x 10 • 56 pages • color throughout Ages 9–12 • Reading level grade 7 • Lexile 1040

The Crafts of Florida’s First People
Robin C. Brown
Learn how the earliest Indians got their food, made clothing, and cooked meals by doing these things the way they did, using materials you can find in Florida today. Illustrated directions on how to make pottery, weave cloth, build traps, start a fire without matches, and much more.
$9.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-282-3 7 x 10 • 64 pages • full-color throughout Ages 10 and up

Legends of the Seminoles
Betty Mae Jumper with Peter Gallagher Paintings by Guy LaBree
For the first time, stories and legends that have been handed down through generations are set down for all to enjoy. Meet mischievous Rabbit, the Corn Lady, the Deer Girl, and creatures of the Everglades. The tales impart valuable lessons about living in harmony with nature. Each story is illustrated with an original color painting.
$18.95 • Softcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-040-9 8½ x 11 • 96 page • 23 color paintings All ages • Reading level grade 7 • Lexile 890

Dinosaurs of the South
Judy Cutchins and Ginny Johnston
Based on fossil evidence uncovered by paleontologists, this book covers the variety of dinosaurs that lived in the forests and coastal lowlands of the Southeast U.S. Includes the meat-eating predators, the gentler plant-eaters, and the flying reptiles.
“Easy to read yet highly educational and fact-filled. Enthusiastically recommended for youthful dinosaur fans.” — Children’s Bookwatch $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-266-3 8½ x 11 • 64 pages • full-color throughout • Ages 8–12 • Reading level grade 4 • Lexile 970

Ice Age Giants of the South
Judy Cutchins and Ginny Johnston
All about saber-toothed cats, dire wolves, mammoths, mastodons, giant sloths, and more. Learn how scientists locate and examine fossils of these Ice Age giants.
“Recommended for middle school students.” — National Science Teachers Association “This delightful volume is as educational as it is enjoyable. If your child has any interest in fossils, it is a must.” — Newsletter of the Florida Museum of Natural History $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-195-6 8½ x 11 • 48 pages • full-color throughout Ages 8–12 • Reading level grade 4

Giant Predators of the Ancient Seas
Judy Cutchins and Ginny Johnston
All about the giant creatures that prowled the waters of prehistory based on the fossil clues scientists have found. An extraordinary array of photos and original paintings as well as fascinating new information.
“. . . of interest to both students and budding paleontologists.” —School Library Journal “Excellent photos of fossils and illustrations of what these giants may have looked like.” — NSTA Recommends $14.95 • Hardcover • ISBN 978-1-56164-237-3 8½ x 11 • 64 pages • full-color throughout • Ages 8–12 • Reading level grade 4

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100 Orchids for Florida, 20 200 Quick Looks at Florida History, 17 Adventures in Nowhere, 7 Affair of Honor, 29 African American Sites in Florida, 34 African Americans in Florida, 34 Alligator Gold, 32 Alligator Tales, 26 America’s Real First Thanksgiving, 38 Ancient City Hauntings, 18 Apalachicola Bay, 11 Art in Florida, 17 Art of South Florida Gardening, 20 At the Edge of Honor, 29 Aviation in Florida, 22 Bansemer’s Book of Florida Lighthouses, 35 Bansemer’s Book of the Southern Shores, 35 Beginning, 30 Benefit Auctions, 28 Best Backroads of Florida, 14 Best Ghost Tales of North Carolina, 25 Best Ghost Tales of South Carolina, 25 Bicycling in Florida, 33 Black Creek, 30 Blood Moon Rider, 37 Bridger’s Run, 32 Bucket Flower, 31 Christmas in Florida, 26 Chronicles of the Strange and Uncanny in FL, 3 Classic Cracker, 18 Club Board Members Guide, 28 Coastal North Carolina, 25 Coastal South Carolina, 25 Common Coastal Birds, 13 Condominium Concept, 5, 27 Confederate Money, 30 Conflict of Interest, 31 Cracker Westerns, 32 Crafts of Florida’s First People, 41 Dangerous Sea Life, 11 Darkest Shade of Honor, 29 Death in Bloodhound Red, 31 Different Kind of Honor, 29 Dinosaurs of the South, 41 Discovering the Civil War in Florida, 21 Dishonorable Few, 29 Dog Island, 34 Dogs of Proud Spirit, 3 Drawing Florida Wildlife, 41 Dreamers, Schemers and Scalawags, 21 Easygoing Guide to Natural Florida, 14 Edisons of Fort Myers, 22 Escape to the Everglades, 37 Esmeralda and the Enchanted Pond, 39 Essential Catfish Cookbook, 23 Everglades, 39 Everglades: River of Grass, 10 Everglades Lawmen, 27 Exotic Foods, 23 Exploring Wild South Florida, 12 Ferns of Florida, 12 Fishing Adventures in Florida, 33 Fishing Central Florida, 4 Fishing North Florida, 8 Fishing South Florida, 8 Flagler’s St. Augustine Hotels, 18 Florida A to Z, 38 Florida Bounty, 23 Florida Cattle Ranch, 13 Florida Chronicles, 21 Florida Divorce Handbook, 27 Florida Fun Facts, 28 Florida Ghost Stories, 24 Florida History from the Highways, 14 Florida Horse Owner’s Field Guide, 13 Florida in Poetry, 34 Florida Keys, 15 Florida Keys Impressions, 16 Florida Law, 27 Florida Lighthouse Trail, 35 Florida Lighthouses for Kids, 38 Florida Magnificent Wilderness, 10 Florida Night Sky, 12 Florida Place Names, 22 Florida Quiz Book, 28, 38 Florida Reader, 34 Florida’s Best Fruiting Plants, 20 Florida’s Best Herbs and Spices, 20 Florida’s Birds, 10 Florida’s Finest Inns and Bed & Breakfasts, 14 Florida’s First People, 13 Florida’s Fossils, 13 Florida’s Ghostly Legends and Haunted Folklore, 24 Florida’s Great Ocean Railway, 16 Florida’s Living Beaches, 10 Florida’s Museums and Cultural Attractions, 17 Florida’s Past, 21 Florida’s Rivers, 11 Florida’s Seashells, 10 Flowering Shrubs and Small Trees for the South, 19 Flowering Trees of Florida, 19 For God, Gold and Glory, 30 Forever Island & Allapattah, 30 Gardening in the Coastal South, 19 Georgia’s Lighthouses and Historic Coastal Sites, 35 Ghost Orchid Ghost, 24 Ghosts and Legends of the Carolina Coasts, 25 Ghosts of St. Augustine, 18 Ghosts of the Carolina Coasts, 25 Ghosts of the Georgia Coast, 25 Ghosts of the Green Swamp, 32 Giant Predators of the Ancient Seas, 41 Gift of the Unicorn, 40 Gopher Tortoise, 39 Grits & Grunts, 15 Groundcovers for the South, 19 Guardians of the Lights, 35 Guide to the Gardens of Florida, 34 Guide to the Gardens of Georgia, 34 Guide to the Gardens of South Carolina, 34 Guns of the Palmetto Plains, 32 Haunt Hunter’s Guide to Florida, 24 Haunted Lighthouses, 24 Haunting Sunshine, 24 Hemingway’s Cats, 7, 15 Hemingway’s Key West, 15 Henry Flagler, 40 Hillsborough River Guidebook, 6 Historic Homes of Florida, 14 Historical Traveler’s Guide to Florida, 17 Homeowners Association Manual, 27 Honor Bound, 9 Honorable Mention, 29 Honored Dead, 29 Hoof Prints, 13 Horses of Proud Spirit, 13 Houses of Key West, 16 Houses of St. Augustine, 18 Hunted Like a Wolf, 39 Ice Age Giants of the South, 41 Iguana Invasion, 39 Journey to Titanic, 35 Key Biscayne, 16 Key West Gardens and Their Stories, 16 Kidnapped in Key West, 37 Konnichiwa Florida Moon, 40


w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Land Remembered, 30 Land Remembered (Student Edition), 30 Law of Florida Homeowners Associations, 5, 27 Legend of the Lowcountry Liar, 26 Legends of the Seminoles, 41 Lighthouses of Greece, 35 Lighthouses of Ireland, 35 Lighthouses of the Carolinas, 35 Lighthouses of the Carolinas for Kids, 38 Lighthouses of the Florida Keys, 35 Lightkeepers’ Menagerie, 35 Living Beaches of GA and the Carolinas, 9 Lowcountry Voodoo, 26 Mario Sanchez, 16 Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings and the Florida Crackers, 40 Marjory Stoneman Douglas: Voice of the River, 10 Marjory Stoneman Douglas and the Florida Everglades, 40 Mastering the Art of Florida Seafood, 23 Menéndez, 22 Miami, A Backward Glance, 22 Mongo Mango Cookbook, 23 More Tellable Cracker Tales, 26 Mostly Mullet Cookbook, 23 Murder in the Tropics, 21 My Brother, Ernest Hemingway, 15 My Brother Michael, 31 My Florida Alphabet, 38 My Florida Facts, 38 Myakka, 12 Myra Sims, 31 Mystery in the Sunshine State, 31 Native Americans in Florida, 34 Native Bromeliads of Florida, 20 Natural Florida Landscaping, 20 Nervous Water, 31 Ninety-Mile Prairie, 32 Nobody’s Hero, 30 Old Florida Style, 11 Old Man and the C, 39 Oldest Ghosts, 18 Organizing Special Events and Conferences, 28 Ornamental Tropical Shrubs, 19 Over Key West and the Florida Keys, 16 Parrots of South Florida, 13 Patchwork, 41 Patrick Smith’s Florida, 30 Paynes Prairie, 12 Pirates of the Carolinas, 25 Pirates of the Carolinas for Kids, 38 Point of Honor, 29 Poisonous Plants and Animals, 12 Pop Culture Florida, 28 Priceless Florida, 10 Riders of the Suwannee, 32 River Is Home & Angel City, 30 Running in Florida, 33 Sandspun, 26 Sea Kayaking in Florida, 33 Searching for the Dixie Barbecue, 23 Seashore Plants, 11 Seasons of the Sea, 11 Seven Mile Bridge, 31 Shakespeare Plays the Classroom, 34 Shipwrecks of Florida, 17 Shrubs & Woody Vines of Florida, 12 Sinkholes, 39 Solomon, 37 Southeast Florida Pioneers, 22 Southern Gardening, 19 Spanish Pathways in Florida, 22 Spanish Treasure Fleets, 22 Spiritual Florida, 17 Springs of Florida, 11 Spy Who Came In from the Sea, 37 St. Augustine and St. Johns County, 18 St. Johns River Guidebook, 11 Stalking the Plumed Serpent, 10 Storm Gourmet, 23 Streets of Key West, 16 Sunshine State Cookbook, 23 Suwannee River Guidebook, 11 Tales from a Florida Fish Camp, 33 Tellable Cracker Tales, 26 They Called It Golf..., 33 Thirty Florida Shipwrecks, 17 Those Amazing Alligators, 36 Those Beautiful Butterflies, 36 Those Big Bears, 8 Those Colossal Cats, 36 Those Delightful Dolphins, 36 Those Excellent Eagles, 36 Those Funny Flamingos, 36 Those Lively Lizards, 36 Those Magical Manatees, 36
w w w.p in e a p pl e p re ss .c o m • 8 0 0 .746 .3275

Those Outrageous Owls, 36 Those Peculiar Pelicans, 36 Those Terrific Turtles, 36 Those Voracious Vultures, 36 Thunder on the St. Johns, 32 Time Traveler’s Guide to Florida, 17 Touched by the Sun, 21 Tourists, Retirees..., 26 Trail from St. Augustine, 32 Treasure of Amelia Island, 37 Trees of Florida, 4 Tropical Surge, 21 Tropical Trees of Florida & the Virgin Islands, 19 Twenty Florida Pirates, 22 Two Henrys, 40 Visiting Small-Town Florida, 6 Wiregrass Country, 32 Yankee in a Confederate Town, 18 You Got Me!—Florida, 28 Young Naturalist’s Guide, 41


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