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Daily VOICE OF MASSES Simultaneously published from Islamabad, Quetta, Gwadar, Hub, Karachi, ABC Certified
Vol.IX No. 353
Reg. mails-B / ID-445
Chief Editor: Syed Farooq Shah
Monday, 6 May, 2019, Shahban 30, 1440 A.H. Pages 4: Rs. 07

FM Qureshi rejects Ghani phones PM Imran

opposition’s criticism of Pak, Afghanistan agree to
expected IMF package enhance regional connectivity
Increase in prices of POL products made for socio-economic dev.
due to rise of prices in Intl market ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Paki­ proach towards Afghanistan.
MULTAN (APP):  Foreign He rejected the impression that stan and Afghanistan on Sun­ He said the prolonged Af­
Minister  Shah Mehmood the IMF was interfering in the day agreed to make efforts for ghan conflict had damaged Af­
Qureshi  has rejected  criticism issue of replacements of min­ availing their geographic loca­ ghanistan  and  adversely  af­
by the opposition parties of the isters. He said a technical com­ tions to enhance regional con­ fected  Pakistan  over  the  past
International  Monetary  Fund mittee of the IMF was on a 15­ nectivity. many decades. For the sake of
(IMF) proposed package, say­ day visit to Pakistan and talks Afghan  President Ashraf the two peoples, the aim of the
ing  that  the  deal  was  being were under way with the gov­ Ghani telephoned Prime Min­ leadership  should  be  to  help
struck due to wrong policies of ernment. ister Imran Khan wherein they build peace, promote economic
the previous governments. FM  Qureshi  said that  ev­ discussed  bilateral  ties  and progress, and advance connec­
Talking to the media here agreed to realize the true eco­ tivity for regional prosperity, he
ery political party had the right nomic  potential  of  the  two urged.
at Chah Jammu Wala on Sun­ to  make changes  in  its  ranks,
day,  he  said  that  those  who countries  for  socio­economic The prime minister reiter­
adding  that  Maryam  Nawaz development,  alleviation  of ated  his  vision  for  finding  a
were criticising the government Sharif had been nominated as
over  the  IMF  understanding poverty, and welfare of the two peaceful  solution  in Afghani­
the  PML­N  vice  president, peoples.  The  two  leaders  ex­ stan, fully owned and led by the
had  themselves  availed  the
IMF packages  in the past. He which is against the verdicts of changed  views on  matters  re­ Afghans  themselves.
said  that  Pakistan Muslim the Supreme Court of Pakistan, lating  to  peace,  security  and He  underlined  that  Paki­
League­N  had  contacted  the under  which  the  disqualified prosperity  in Afghanistan  and stan  would  spare  no  effort  to
IMF after they came to power persons  were  not  allowed  to the region, a PM Office state­ advance  the  common  objec­
in 2013. Similarly, the PPP gov­ avail any political status. Prime Minister Imran Khan attending as chief guest the ground breaking ceremony of Al-Qadir ment said. tives  of building  peace in Af­
ernment had  also  availed  the He  said  that  the  PML­N Prime  Minister Imran ghanistan and having a fruitful
University at Sohawa. Khan said the spirit of brother­ bilateral  relationship  between
facility during its tenure in 2008. had also nominated  Rana
Tanveer  as  chairman  of  the hood  defined  Pakistan’s  ap­ the two brotherly countries.
Then why they were criticising
the incumbent government, he Public Accounts  Committee
Launches Al-Qadir University to ‘teach Sufism, create future leaders’
Moon not sighted
asked.  The  minister  said  that
the incumbent government was
availing the IMF package due
to 10 years long wrong policies
(PAC) on which its ally, Paki­
stan People’s  Party  (PPP),
objected saying it had not been
Nations faced ups and downs but they First Ramazan on Tuesday
of  the  previous  governments.
taken  into  confidence  before
making the decision. should not give up their ideology: PM KARACHI (APP): Ramazan -ul- Mubarak moon was
not sighted in Pakistan, hence the first of Ramazan
will be on Tuesday. Chairman of Central Ruet-e-Hilal
SOHAWA (APP): Prime Min­ Committee Mufti Muneeb ur Rehman announced
ister Imran Khan Sunday broke Naya Pakistan would feature meritocracy, justice and here on Sunday.
ground for Al­Qadir University The moon sighting body meeting was held under
here what  he  said  would cre­ education, minorities’ rights to its people on the pattern of the chairmanship of Mufti Muneeb at Met office
ate  future  leaders  to  counter Madina state; Establishment of a university at Sohawa is to Karachi to decide the beginning of the holy month.
Islamophobia and protect  ide­
ology of Pakistan. provide equal quality education to the youth across the country
Addressing  the  ceremony
here, the prime minister said the ment of a university at Sohawa national cause to broaden edu­ tance would also be sought for
university would teach the stu­ is to provide equal quality edu­ cational  base. teaching and research on tech­
dents the principles of State of cation to the youth across the He said 35 percent of stu­ nology­related  subjects.
Madina  and Pakistan’s  ideol­ country. dents would be given scholar­ He said the university had
ogy  as  envisioned  by Allama To  be  built  at  an  area  of ships  and  get  free  education been named after Sheikh Abdul
Muhammad Iqbal and Quaid­ 200 kanals, the institution would while  rest  65  percent  would Qadir Jilani who  happened to
e­Azam Muhammad  Ali consist  of  a  Sufi  Academic fund  their  studies  by  them­ be a top Sufi and had also es­
Jinnah. Block with capacity of 800 stu­ selves. tablished  link  between  Islam
He  was  accompanied  by dents,  Science  Block  for  700 The  prime  minister  said and spirituality.
Chief  Minister of  Punjab students,  hostel  for  200  boys besides teaching contemporary He said  Sufism was a
Sardar Usman Buzdar, Special and girls, an auditorium and a sciences  like  artificial  intelli­ great  science  but  contrary  to
MULTAN: Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Assistant  to  PM  on  Informa­ library. gence and technology, the main western world, no university in
Mahmood Qureshi talking to mediamen tion and  Broadcasting  Dr Since  no  university  exists focus of the university  would Pakistan was holding research KARACHI: Central Chairman of the Ruet Hilal
Firdous Ashiq Awan, Minister between Gujrat and Rawalpindi be research on Sufism and its on the subject.
Woman, young boy for Religious Affairs Pir Nurul
Haq  Qadri,  Minister  for  Sci­
therefore  the  location of
Sohawa has  been  selected  to
connection with Islam.
“We  have  to  groom  our
He said the previous lead­ Committee Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman sighting the
ers had buried the ideology of moon during evening hours at Forecast Office.
martyred in Indian ence  and Technology  Fawad
Chaudhry, Aviation  Minister
offer  the  youth  of  the  area  a
quality seat of learning.
youth as leaders...We will cre­
ate scholars who will respond
Pakistan  which  was  meant to
make  the  country  an  Islamic PM handed over country
Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Educa­ The prime minister said it to the anti­Islam tirade started welfare  state.
unprovoked firing tion Minister Shafqat Mehmood
and SAPM Zulfiqar Bukhari.
was  a  private  university  that
would be run on donations by
after 9/11,” the prime minister
The prime minister said the
nations ignoring their ideology to new East India
RAWALPINDI  (APP):  A year­old Nasreen  Bibi and  12­ The  concept  of  establish­ philanthropists contributing in He  said  Chinese  assis­ could not exist.
woman  and a  young boy  em­ year­old boy Muhammad Zahid
Gaza Sunday
Company: Marriyum
braced ‘Shahadat’ (martyrdom) son  of  Shabbair Ahmed  em­
when Indian Army  resorted to braced  Shahadat.  While  an­
death toll rises to
Committee set-up to decide Fruits, vegetables
prices on raise ISLAMABAD  (INP):  Paki­ ter  of  grave  concern.  Being
stan  Muslim  League­Nawaz Governor SBP, Dr. Baqar will
unprovoked  fire  in Hotsprings other  lady  Ms  Sonia  Bibi  sus­
and  Kotkotera  sectors  along tained serious injuries. 12 in Israeli strikes 10-year lunar calendar for ahead of Ramazan (PML­N) spokesperson, serve for IMF and will work
Line of Control (LOC) on Sun­ Pakistan Army troops re­ Gaza City, Palestinian Ter- Marriyum Aurangzeb  reacting for  its  interests instead of Pa­
day. According  to  a statement sponded  effectively  and  tar­ ritories (AFP/APP):The toll
issued  here  by  Inter  Services geted those posts, which ini­ of Palestinians killed in the
Eids & Ramazan: Fawad ISLAMABAD  (Online):  In­
stead  of  providing  economic to appointment of IMF econo­
mist as Governor SBP has said
kistan, she added.
The spokesperson  PML­N
ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Minis­ mulgated in  the country af­ relief  to  people,  fruit  veg­
Public  Relations  (ISPR),  the tiated fire. Intermittent firing Gaza Strip rose to 12 on Sun- etables, and other edibles’ price that  Prime  Minister  Imran further  stated that  the PTI  now
Indian Army targeted civil popu­ continues,  the  ISPR state­ day, the enclave’s health ter for Science and Technology ter  getting  federal  cabinet’s Khan has  handed  over  the don’t needs to go IMF as it has of­
Chaudhry Fawad Hussain Sun­ approval. He said the commit­ reached a new height in Twin­
lation and as a result of that 45­ ment said. ministry said, as Israel car- cites  Rawalpindi  and country  to  new East  India ficially opened the office of IMF
day  said  a five­member  com­ tee would consist of members Company.  In  her reaction  on in  Pakistan  by  appointing  its
ried out a series of strikes mittee had been constituted to from Pakistan Space and Up­ Islamabad  ahead  of  the  Holy
PM’s initiatives are in response to dozens of
rockets fired from the
prepare a ten­year calendar for
Muharram, Eids and Ramadan
per Atmosphere Research
Commission (SUPARCO),
month of Ramazan.
Among other commodities,
Sunday, Marriyum Aurangzeb
said that IMF will rule the SBP
economist  as  Governor  SBP.
The  IMF  was  no  free  to  do
due to appointment of Dr Raza what it will desire, she added.
reflection of State of Hamas-run territory.
The ministry said three
to  end  dispute  arising  from
sighting of crescent.
Meteorological  Department
and  Science  and  Technology
prices  of  fruits,  vegetables,
sugar, pulses and rice also wit­ Baqar as its Governor.
She  said  that  the  Prime
Marriyum Aurangzeb said
that  appointment  of  Raza
Madina: Dr. Firdous people, including a preg-
nant woman, were killed in
northern Gaza and two in
In a tweet on Sunday, the
lunar calendar would be pro­
and they would start working
from next week.
nessed  an  increase.  Appeal
was being sold of Rs 300 per Minister  handed  over  keys  of
national exchequer to IMF em­
Baqar  was  proof  of  the  fact
that  IMF’s  loans  amendment
ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Prime kg, lemons Rs 400 per kg, ba­
ployee neglecting the high Pa­ and  restructuring  system  was
Minster  Special Assistant  on New SBP Governor southern Gaza, raising an
Information and Broadcasting is pride of Pakistan earlier toll of seven.
Turkey says it will not nanas Rs 200  per dozen, Wa­
ter Melon of Rs. 30 per kg.On kistani officials which was mat­ being introduced in Pakistan.
Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan hail­
ing PTI led government poli­ Pakistan  (SBP)  Governor  Dr ECP to announce bow to US sanctions the other hand despite of gov­
ernment Rs  2  billion  subsidy Maleeha Lodhi
cies  said  on  Sunday  Prime Reza Baqir, who got educa­
Minister  Imran  Khan  came tion  in prestigious  interna­
schedule for over S-400 deal packages, main items included
sugar,  flour,  cooking  oil  and Organization of LLF in
into the power with the vision tional educational institutions, polls in tribal Monitoring Desk impact  each  other  and  that  it
other daily edibles were disap­
peared from utility stories. NY proof of cultural
of State of Madina and its re­ was pride of Pakistan.
districts today ANKARA: Turkey  will  never will not abandon its deal with The  citizens  who  visited
flection could be seen in all his Dr  Firdous  said  Dr  Reza
initiatives.  Talking  to  PTV had  joined  Prime  Minister’s PESHAWAR (APP):  The bow to U.S. sanctions over its
agreement  to  purchase  Rus­
Russia. It has proposed  form­
ing a working group with Wash­
Ramazan  Bazaar  stated  that
there was no significant differ­
development in Pakistan
news, she said construction of Imran  Khan’s finance team to Election Commission of Paki­ NEW YORK (INP): Pakistan’s literary  festival  was  proof  of
the  Al­Qadir  University  at steer the country out of the eco­ stan  will  announce  election sian  S­400  surface­to­air mis­ ington to assess the impact of ence in prices as compared to
sile  defense  systems,  Vice the S­400s, but says it has not general market rate. 100pc in­ Permanent  Representative  to the  cultural  development  in
Sohawa and the education sys­ nomic  crisis.  He had  tendered schedule  for  sixteen  seats  of the  United Nations,  Maleeha Pakistan. Pakistan’s Permanent
tem that would be introduced his resignation  from the  Inter­ Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assem­ President  Fuat  Oktay  said  on received  a response  yet. crease in Irani dates price also
disappointed  citizens  as  they Lodhi has said that cultural ac­ Representative to the  UN said
in  the  university  also  reflect national  Monetary  Fund  to bly  for tribal  districts on  May Sunday  regarding  a deal  that Speaking to broadcaster Kanal
were with the view that reduc­ tivities help to highlight the posi­ that  the  LLF  New York  high­
PM’s  vision.  She  said  Prime serve Pakistan, she added. She 6. According  to  a  press  re­ has  strained  ties  between  the 7,  Oktay  said  the  U.S.  con­ tive image of any country. lighted  creative experiences of
Minster  Imran  Khan  laid  the said  the  opposition  wanted  to lease  of  Election  Commis­ NATO allies. Washington says cerns  are  unreasonable  and tion in prices in Ramazan Ba­
zaars  must be  ensured  to  fa­ Speaking after inaugurat­ the country across the world.
foundation stone  of  the  Al­ close the  doors  on  intelligent sion of Pakistan issued here the systems are not compatible that the planned July  delivery ing the fourth edition of Lahore The Lahore Literary Fes­
Qadir  University  at  Sohawa Pakistanis working in prestigious on Sunday, electoral list will with  NATO  equipment  and date  for  the S­400s  remained cilitate.  Prices  of  vegetables
were  also touching  sky­high. Literary  Festival  (LLF)  New tival  (LLF),  one  of South
with the objective to teach Sufi international institutions, to serve be frozen after the announce­ may compromise its Lockheed unchanged.  “When  Turkey York, Maleeha Lodhi congratu­ Asia’s premier cultural events,
school  of  thought  to  create their  motherland.  However,  it ment of the election schedule. Martin F­35 fighter jets. It has signs  an  agreement,  Turkey Onion was being sold of Rs 70
per kg,  tomato Rs  80  kg, po­ lated  the organizers  over suc­ returns  to  Asia  Society  New
peace  and  harmony  among was  the  ‘Naya  Pakistan’  of warned of possible U.S. sanc­ keeps its  promise. We  signed cessful  organizations  of  LLF. York for the fourth year. The
Muslim youths. Meanwhile in Prime  Minister  Imran  Khan, Haji Azam Khan tions if Ankara pushes on with this agreement and certain pay­
tato  Rs 40  per kg,  ladyfinger
During the international festi­ “safe place for dangerous
a statement,  she said the which  acknowledged  their  ca­ Rs 120 per kg.
newly appointed State Bank of pabilities, she added.
Yousafzai the Russian deal. ments were  made. Syrups  and  juices,  which val,  topics  of  cultural  and  art ideas”  (The  Guardian)  hosts
Turkey, a  prospective ,”  Oktay  said.  “I  don’t activities  were  discussed. writers, artists, and commenta­
passes away buyer and a partner in the pro­ think the arguments and con­
are  widely  used  in  Ramazan,
are  being  sold  in  black,  and She was of the views that tors speaking  on  issues affect­
PPP demands formation of From Our Correspondent
MINGORA: Haji Muhammad
duction of the F­35s, has said cerns  here  have  a  lot  to  lean consumers  are  paying  Rs10 the annual organization of the ing Pakistan and the world.
the S­400s and jets would not on,” he said. more on various brands.
JIT on sudden removal Azam  Khan Yousafzai,  elder
son  of  late  Gajja  Khan has Shockwaves across Pak as
of Governor SBP passed away in  Mingora after
short  illness.  His  namaz­e­ 127 children test positive
ISLAMABAD  (Online):  PPP economic control to IMF. janaza  was  offered  in  Kuz
has demanded formation of JIT
on the sudden removal of gov­
They also rejected the gov­
ernment  move  regarding  in­
Kanra which was attended by
elders of  Yousafzai  and
for HIV in Larkana
ernor State Bank of Pakistan. crease of oil prices and warned Essakhail  tribes  beside  large Monitoring Desk that  has  gripped  the  Larkana
The  federal  government  has that the  people  would  agitate number  of  people.  Later  he KARACHI: Alarm bells began district of Sindh for the last 10
removed Governor State Bank to topple the government if the was buried in local graveyard. ringing  in  Islamabad  over  an days.  An official of the federal
Tariq Bajwa and Federal Board inflation rate wasn’t controlled Meanwhile  Editor­in­ out of control HIV outbreak in health ministry said following a
of  Revenue  Chairperson immediately.  They  declared Chief of Independent Group of Larkana  and  the  provincial discussion with UNAIDS
Jahanzeb Khan from their of­ the oil price hike a petrol bomb Newspapers  Syed Farooq government’s incompetence to Country Director for Pakistan
fices on Friday. While address­ and said it would hit the poor Shah  and  Syed Anwar  Shah deal with the situation after 25 and  Afghanistan,  Dr.  Maria
ing  a  press  conference  PPP people  really  hard  ahead  of have expressed their deep sor­ more children and four adults Elena G Filio Borromeo, they
leader  and  secretary  general Ramazan.  They  stated  that row  over  the  demise  of  Haji tested  positive  for  the  lethal have  decided  to send  a
Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukhari government’s  failure  to  take Muhammad Azam Khan.  In a viral infection, raising the total technical  team of  experts
and  Deputy  Secretary  Infor­ effective  steps  for  economic statement,  they  prayed  that number  of  infected  children comprising an epidemiologist, a
mation  Palwasha  Khan  have stability would  lead the coun­ May Allah SWT bless his soul during last 10 days to 127. prevention specialist  and
stated that sudden  removal of try  to  total  destruction.  They and give patient to his family. Sensing the gravity of the UNAIDS strategic information
governor State  Bank of  Paki­ viewed that Pakistan Tehreek­ In may be mentioned here situation, international  health advisor as well as officials from
stan was  alarming  and  de­ i­Insaf  leaders  had  claimed  in that late Gajja Khan resided in organisations have  decided to WHO,  Unicef, UNAIDS  and
manded  formation  of  JIT  on the past that they would bring Quetta before the partition and quickly  dispatch a  team of NACP to investigate the recent
this issue.  Moreover they have the petrol price down to Rs38 Azam  Khan  also  got his edu­ technical  experts to  probe the outbreak  and  present  its
viewed that sitting government per  liter  but  the people  won­ cation from Islamia School and ISLAMABAD: Workers of petrol pump filling petrol in a bike, as Govern- outbreak  after  no  let­up  was recommendations to  the
has  handed  over  the  country dered where they had gone. Degree  College. ment decision to raise the price of petroleum products by Rs8.35 per liter. observed  in  an  HIV  outbreak government.
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Page 02 OPINION Daily Independent

By Ghazi Salahuddin alongside  Zulfikar Ali
In the midst of all this up­
heaval  in  the  economic,
political and national secu­
The faltering skipper Bhutto  who, too,  was  a
flawed person. But Bhutto
was  a  giant  intellectually
rity  sectors,  one  needs  to nance. The timing of it was nity  for  the  prime  minis­ for the award he truly de­ ian, is excusable. But one and as he demonstrated in
worry  about  the  kind  of inexplicable. However, ter  to  affirm  his  faith  in serves.  It  has  a  lot  to  do becomes  conscious  of  it those  dark  days  when  he
leadership that Pakistan is some  other  changes  fur­ democracy and in the fun­ about  how  freedoms  are right away and a correction was  thrust  into  power,  he
Monday May 06, 2019 fated to have at this time.
Putting  it simply, has
ther raised concerns about damental right of freedom curtailed and politics engi­ is made. Nothing like this was a leader in a hurry. He
the democratic credentials of expression. Indeed, the neered  in  a  country  like happened when Imran put took  decisive  action  from
Now every citizen can become a millionaire Imran  Khan  been  able  to of  the  present  arrange­ Pakistani situation has fig­ Pakistan.  Here  is  also  an Japan  across  Germany’s the word go.
translate the  promise that ment. ured  in  all  global  assess­ example  that the  life­ border. There  is also But the idea is not to
Reward on reporting he had become for his ar­
dent  supporters  into  per­
In response  to appre­
hensions  that  the  system
ments of the existing state
of the freedom of the me­
threatening  profession  of
journalism still attracts in­
something about his sense
of  numbers.  One  billion
compare  the  two. One
problem is  that Imran
formance  during  this  pe­
corruption riod  of  more  than  eight
may  covertly  be  shifting
towards presidential
Take  this  as  another
trepid  professionals  like
Cyril. For that matter, how
trees can become five bil­
lion  in  a  very  deliberate
Khan earned his charisma
in  a  game  and  not  in  the
Federal Government has introduced, authoritarianism, Imran measure of the leadership many  Rhodes  scholars  or statement. practice  of  politics  and
Yes, there is always a Khan  had  an  interaction that  Imran seems  capable people  with equivalent I do not have the space governance. What  he
after a long term consultation, estab- problem  in  meeting  high with  senior  mediapersons of that he has not meaning­ qualifications  can  Imran to go into more examples. brought  to  politics  was
lishment of the Whistleblower Protec- expectations that are unre­ on Friday to defend the in­ fully defended media free­ count in his inner circle? There are other lapses that mostly  a  sense  of  outrage
tion and Vigilance Commission bill alistically raised in a politi­ duction of a number of un­ dom  and,  by  implication, I have raised the issue make sense, given the bal­ and an indecipherable
2019, with an aim to provide mecha- cal  campaign.  We  should elected  people  into  the the fundamental rights that of Imran Khan’s leadership ance  of  power  that  exists longing for change. In 23
concede that the situation cabinet. Another sensitive constitute  the  basis  of  a and  its  attributes  that  are in  our  system.  After  the years  after  the  formation
nism for whistleblower information by that the PTI has inherited issue that was raised in this modern, progressive soci­ reflected  in  the  decisions cabinet  reshuffle  that of  the  party,  Imran  Khan
providing some ‘incentives’. The legis- is exceptionally  grave, meeting  was  that  of  the ety. that he has made so far. All brought one­time  PPP was  not  able  to  draw  the
lation will provide a mechanism for though this should not have Pashtun  Tahaffuz  Move­ Talking  about  media politicians  can  be  chas­ ministers into Imran’s lap, sketch, as an architect
whistleblower information relating to been a surprise for any pru­ ment (PTM). For me, freedom, I must take note tised for what they had said columnist Khurram would do, of a ‘Naya’ Pa­
dent observer of the affairs Friday’s encounter of of  that  uplifting news or  promised  before  com­ Hussain wrote these words
corruption and to protect information of  the  state. After all,
Imran Khan with some days ago that the In­ ing into power. But Imran in Dawn last week: “Less If it is in anyway rel­
provider, in order to protect Imran Khan had steadfastly mediapersons was re­ ternational  Press  Institute Khan takes the cake in this than a year into his term, eva nt, th e  PPP was
whistleblowers from disadvantageous built his case by citing the markable not for what was (IPI) has named Cyril category. We have endless and he has already become founded in Novem ber
measures such as removal from office, shortcomings  of  the discussed.  What  was  not Almeida from Dawn as its clips  from  his  speeches the closest thing to a lame 1967 and it had to go into
disciplinary action and intimidation etc. former regime. His relent­ discussed – and I can only 71st World  Press Freedom and interviews in the past, duck  without  actually  be­ national elections in three
less concentration on cor­ refer  to  reports  that  have Hero. Considering the glo­ juxtaposed with what he is ing one. It’s hard to tell who
“In order to give incentive to ruption necessitated a
years and in power, in ex­
been published – is some­ bal  stature  of  the  IPI  –  a saying or doing now. his  own  people  are  any­ tremely  tragic  circum­
whistleblowers, the bill provides re- good understanding of the thing that actually defines network of editors, media This is something that more”. stances, in four years. Per­
wards but also to discourage false in- system  he  would  have  to the quality of a democratic executives  and leading one cannot explain just as I  know  that  any  as­ haps a charismatic leader
formation it also provides punishment work with. dispensation  that  has  put journalists  in over 100 an  obligatory  U­turn,  in sessment of Imran Khan’s should not be an appren­
for them,” according to statement of In any case, there has Imran Khan in the seat that countries – we should see Imran’s  own view, that performance as the prime tice for long years. But a
been  ample  criticism  of he now occupies. this as an honour also for only  great  leaders are  ca­ minister must  take  into study of the uses and lim­
objects and reasons of the bill. The Imran  Khan  after  the  re­ Come  to  think  of  it, the Pakistani media that has pable  of.  For  God’s  sake, account the fact that he is
clause related to ‘protection to the its of charisma in a coun­
cent reshuffle in the cabi­ Friday, May 3, was World been  under  attack  for  so how many U­turns make a – or was? – a charismatic try  in  which  power  does
whistleblower’, “the commission shall net. The  highlight, of Press  Freedom  Day.  Be­ long. leader? Then, there is the leader.  It  is  also  true  that not reside in the political
ensure that no whistleblower is course, was the sudden re­ cause of what has happened Since Cyril is a friend, phenomenon of the slip of any society in crisis would domain is  a  subject for
moval of Asad Umar from to the media in Pakistan, it I will  not go  into any  de­ the  tongue. A  slip  of yearn  for  such  a  person.
victimised by disadvantageous mea- the pivotal Ministry of Fi­
another time. Courtesy
sures or otherwise merely on the provided a timely opportu­ tail about the justification tongue, even if it is Freud­ Some  would  place  him The News
ground that such whistleblower had
made a whistleblower information or EU and Palestine An ongoing war
rendered assistance in assessment By Muhammad Amir Rana
under this act,”. According to the By Ramzy Baroud
The Easter Sunday carnage in In  the given  context, with  IS
clause related to ‘reward and punish- A recent statement made by the outgoing French Ambassador American actions? With more redundant statements that merely Sri  Lanka  demonstrates  how changing  its  operational  strat­
ment’, “the whistleblower shall be re- to the US regarding the nature of Israeli apartheid accentuates emphasized its political position but lacked any mechanism for terrorists can  find  a soft  belly egies,  security  forces  have  to
a larger ailment that has afflicted the European Union foreign serious action. Last December, eight EU ambassadors, includ­ and hit it hard. They have learnt be extremely vigilant.
warded twenty per cent of the recov- policy. The EU is simply gutless when it comes to confronting ing that of France, issued a statement at the UN that was clearly the art of exploiting local con­ There  is  also  a  risk  that
ered amount and certificate of the re- Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine. aimed  at  the  US.  “We, the  European  Union  members  of  the flicts to set off a perfect storm, amid  the ongoing  crackdown
covered amount and certificate of ap- Ambassador Gerard Araud was, of course, right when he (UN Security) Council, would like  to reiterate once  more and thereby holding on to the lime­ against banned  organisations,
told  the  US magazine, the ‘Atlantic’,  that  Israel  is  already  an emphasize the EU’s strong continued commitment to the inter­ light and maintaining relevance frustrated and hard­line mem­
preciation”. The clause related to ‘iden- apartheid  state.  Noting  the “disproportion  of  power”  between nationally agreed parameters for a just and lasting peace in the in the eyes of those who share bers  of  these  groups  (mainly
tity’ says ”Fine may extend to rupees Israel and the Palestinians, Araud said, “The strongest (meaning Middle East, based on international law, relevant UN resolutions their ideology. They channel the Jaish­e­Mohammad  and
five hundred thousand be imposed in Israel) may conclude that they have no interest to make conces­ and previous agreements,” the statement read, in part. anger and  grievances of  local Jamaatud  Dawa)  can  initiate
sions.” And since Israel “won’t make (Palestinians) citizens of Again,  words  and  no  action.  The same  pattern  was  re­ radicals, who then do the rest new militant  formations  or
case of disclosing to the concerned per- Israel … they will have to make it official, which we know the peated after Trump took it upon himself to grant the Occupied in their own way. strengthen  existing  terrorist
son”. The documentary evidence of cor- situation, which is apartheid.” Araud added, “There will be offi­ Syrian  Golan  Heights  to  Israel, defying the  UN, the  EU  and, Al  Qaeda  developed  a networks  of Al  Qaeda,
cially an apartheid state. They are in fact already.” needless to  say, the  aspirations of  millions of Arabs. The  EU multilayered strategy of engag­ Tehreek­i­Taliban Pakistan and
ruption will also be mandatory, verbal The fact that Araud has only divulged such obvious truths foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, countered with another ing local affiliates, serving as a IS. In  this backdrop, the gov­
accusation will not be viable. The com- at the end of his five­year diplomatic assignment is expressive statement, on behalf of 28 EU states that Europe “does not rec­ nucleus while the latter could ernment should devise a proper
mission will have criminal justice op- of  the nature  of politics, in  general, and European  politics, in ognize Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights.” also  pursue their  independent plan about the future of banned
particular. The unpleasant truth is that the EU has served as an So what? While the US defies international law with con­ local agendas. It seems that the groups.
tions for advancement of adverse in- American lackey in the Middle East and has consistently oper­ crete steps, the EU settles for mere words, emphasizing a status militant Islamic  State  (IS) In March, the government
formation. The commission will have ated within  Washington’s acceptable  margins. EU  diplomacy quo  that,  even  when  it  was  embraced  by Washington  itself, group  has  transformed  this hinted at developing a compre­
rarely ventures away from this maxim. The fact that Araud dared wrought nothing but misery for Palestinians. strategy  by  developing a hensive  strategy  to  deal  with
the option to get information from fed- to speak out is the exception, not the rule. EU ineptness is only matched by its hypocrisy. Israel still nucleus­free  global  terrorist banned  groups.  The policy  is
eral, provincial governments and finan- But Araud’s revelations are unlikely to translate into any­ enjoys  advantageous trade  privileges  with  Europe,  and  diplo­ network,  thus enhancing  the still awaited. In a recent press
cial institutions. The commission will thing substantive. Moreover,  they will  not inspire  a  serious matic ties between Israel and most EU member countries are at impact of  terrorism. The  fear conference, however, the DG
rethink in the EU’s position regarding the Israeli occupation an  all  times  high. The only  collective European  initiative that is that it will  not remain local ISPR  divulged that  the policy
also send the case to NAB or Anti-cor- or the US’ blind support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin seemed  to  matter  at  the time  was  in  2013, when  the  EU  re­ or regional in the near future. to bring  proscribed
ruption after investigating the report Netanyahu’s  militant  and  racist  policies  towards  the  Pales­ quested that Israeli products made in illegal Jewish settlements A global  threat would require organisations  into  the  main­
of the proclamation. tinians. be  labeled  as  such. After  years  of haggling,  the EU  admitted altogether different countering stream was formulated on Jan
Some had hoped that the advent of an erratic and abrasive that monitoring Israeli trade practices as far as labeling is con­ approaches. 1, and  funds  for  it were  allo­
We appreciate the legislation for the president in the White House could jolt the Europeans into ac­ cerned has proven “impossible”. It  would  require  a  com­ cated  in  February. The  state­
first time in Pakistan to enable an or- tion. They were encouraged by the January 2017 Paris Middle The French  position on  trade with  the illegal  settlements prehensive review of local con­ ment does not give any sense
East summit that took place, despite American protests.  More was  particularly disgraceful. While the Irish Senate had  voted flicts and their scales, ideologi­ of the  initiative’s  roadmap  or
dinary man to report wrong doing, cor- than 70 countries added their voices to that of their French host, on December 5 to end the import of settlement­produced goods, cal and political factors, and the methodology in terms of how
ruption and misuse of power and au- declaring their opposition to the illegal Jewish settlements and in October 2018 the French did the exact opposite by suspend­ sense  of  humiliation and these  groups  will  be
thority. Due to the lawlessness and calling for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state ing the special labeling rules. victimhood among marginalised mainstreamed  or  dismantled.
as “the only way” to achieving peace. In truth, the ineffectiveness of EU policies is nothing new, communities.  Equally  impor­ He  also  stated  that  that  all
monopoly of officials of law enforce- The summit’s final statement urged  Israel and the Pales­ nor can  it be  blamed on Trump’s unilateral measures.  In fact, tant will be to explore vulner­ madressahs  will  be  brought
ment agencies in our country, a com- tinians to  “officially restate their commitment to  the two­state the words of French Ambassador Araud are consistent with the abilities of individuals and com­ under the state’s control, under
solution.” Then­French president, François Hollande, explained frustration felt by other EU diplomats throughout the years. munities to  adopt extreme  or the purview of the ministry of
mon man remained inattentive and ir- that  his country’s motive was to  merely  ensure the ‘two­state In February 2013, a report issued by EU diplomats described violent  measures  to  express education.
relevant with such activities happen- solution’ is the frame of reference for future negotiations. illegal  Jewish  settlements  as “the  biggest single  threat to  the their anger. It is not known when the
ing around him. Because he realized But what good did that do? Israel and the US ignored the two­state solution”,  calling  on  Brussels to  take decisive  mea­ IS may have suffered ter­ relevant  ministries  debated
summit as if it never took place. Tel Aviv continued to pursue its sures  to  stop  Israel’s  “deliberate  and  provocative”  settlement ritorial defeat but is still hold­ these issues and when the fed­
the strength and networking of the Apartheid policies, crowning these efforts with the nation­state enterprise.  It has  been  over  six  years  since  the  report  was  is­ ing control in the grey areas of eral  cabinet  approved  these
corrupt people. He knew that if he did Law in  July, which  declared  Israel  as  “the nation­state  of  the sued. The EU did nothing to stop the illegal settlements, which cyberspace. In South Asia, Sri policy  initiatives,  but  security
Jewish people”. Trump, too, ignored the French and the EU al­ have grown in leaps and bounds since then. Lanka is the latest victim of its institutions have been working
report against a corrupt person, then together. On December 15, 2016, he selected an ardent Israeli Worse, in the latest elections won by Netanyahu, he prom­ ideological  propagation.  Paki­ with different religious segments
the corrupt person and its allies will supporter, David Friedman, to be his Ambassador to Israel. Fried­ ised to annex the illegal Jewish settlements into Israel. Consid­ stan,  Afghanistan and for  several  months  under  the
retaliate with the connivance of law en- man opposes the two­state solution and still refers to the Occu­ ering the unconditional American support regarding Israel’s pre­ Bangladesh have suffered the banner  of  Paigham­i­Pakistan,
pied Palestinian Territories in some ancient biblical designations, vious illegal annexations of Jerusalem and the Golan, this, too, same. It will continue its focus a  document  of  counter­narra­
forcement agencies on the power of Judea and Samaria. Nor did Trump consider the French position could be a tangible reality in the near future. After all, the Jew­ on this region because of wide­ tives to religious extremism pre­
money to make his life hard. That’s why when he moved his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusa­ ish nation­state law recognized Jewish settlements as “national spread  communal  and  sectar­ pared under supervision of the
a common man preferred remained lem last May. value” and the state “will labor to encourage and promote (their) ian fault lines that can provide country’s premier security insti­
How  did  the  EU  respond  to  the  concrete, albeit  illegal, establishment and development.” Courtesy The News fertile grounds for developing tutions. The army chief also re­
unconcerned instead of reporting such terrorist cells. No one was able portedly met groups of religious
activities to the relevant authorities
and departments. Therefore, most of us Patient safety to  prefigure  that  the  Sri
Lankan  attackers  had  a  link
with IS­inspired individuals in
scholars.  These meetings  give
the impression that security in­
stitutions are determined to se­
cannot perform our social duty rather Kerala. Since 2015, more than riously  deal  with banned
to see the shadow of rapidly growing By Taimoor Shahid They must honour her memory. Even if those arrested for doctors  and  nurses who  know two­dozen  Indians,  including organisations this time.  How­
Little  Nashwa,  merely  nine­ They  must  be  responsible. little  Nashwa’s death are their jobs well but are only hu­ women and children, had trav­ ever,  the  process  of  decision­
corruption around us helplessly. Nev- months­old, died last month due They must feel the pain that we awarded  the  strictest  punish­ man — they need help to imple­ elled  to Iraq  and Syria to  join making on all these issues should
ertheless, after introduction of this law, to a tragic medical error: being feel,”  wrote  Josie’s  mother ments possible under the law, ment systems that are safe and IS. In recent  months, IS  foot­ have been inclusive, since it is
prints have been found in dif­ the civilian government that will
we and our future generation will defi- given an incorrect dosage of a Sorrel King. it will not prevent future errors. protect patients against inevitable
ferent parts of India including ultimately  have to  implement
concentrated  electrolyte.  It Sorrel  and  her  husband The broken  system will  place human errors. Through the Sehat
nitely demonstrate a new courage and embarked on a mission to make another healthcare worker in a Insaf Program­­me or other pri­
Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. these  policies.  For  instance,
was  given  by  a staff  member It has also  been  raising a flag madressah  mainstreaming  is  a
dignity. Besides, everyone will be able who should probably not be ad­ hospitals safer places for other similar situation, leading to the vate insurance programmes, hos­ for India­held Kashmir for the politicised  issue. The previous
to report against all those who owns ministering medications in the children.  They  went  back  to same kind of error reccurring. pitals must be mandated to meet last three  years,  and  covering government had extensive con­
more assets and higher life style than first  place,  let  alone  that  of  a the very  hospital  they  consid­ To  truly  prevent such quality  standards  and  perfor­ atrocities in IHK in its publica­ sultations  with clerics  and
high alert medication. ered  responsible  for  their events  in  the future,  we need mance on patient safety indices tions.  There  is  a serious  con­ reached certain conclusions on
their known income or salary. The cor- The  emotional  response daughter’s  death  and  tried  to to  accept  that  Pakistan’s to be enrolled as service provid­ cern that IS will make inroads the  subject.  It  is  not  known
ruption in Pakistan is at its peak. Ac- of  Nashwa’s  parents  —  and improve  it through a healthcare  system  is  broken ers.  These  initiatives  can  start in IHK and manage a massive whether  those  consultations
cording to a report from the Transpar- her father’s pleas for action to programme  later  named  the and thus needs fixing. We must from  basic reporting  of  quality attack. If that  happens,  it will were considered  in  the  recent
Josie  King  Patient  Safety accept that,  until it is fixed, it and patient safety data for com­ further undermine regional sta­ decision­making process.  Sec­
ency International released in 2018, prevent similar tragedies — is
bility.  One  should  not  ignore ondly, since education is a pro­
all too natural. Civil society of­ Programme.  They  found  a will  remain  highly  unsafe  for parison purposes, and can go up
“75 percent of Pakistan’s population fered  support,  and  the  elec­ partner in Dr Peter Pronovost patients, and many will likely die to supporting  healthcare estab­
that  a war  between  India and vincial  subject  under  the  18th
who has to face land transfer affairs Pakistan was  one  of Al Amendment, how can the fed­
tronic  media  highlighted  the at Johns Hopkins, and together from  preventable  medical  er­ lishments  for electronic  health Qaeda’s  top  priorities  to  pre­ eral government take the deci­
and 65 percent who require to come in case at every level, resulting in began identifying safety prob­ rors. All  the  architects  of  the delivery platforms. pare  the  ground  for bigger sion  to  put madressahs  under
connect with the police do complain of the  arrest  of  the  duty  doctor, lems and devising ways to pre­ current health system — medi­ Lastly,  public health in­ change and create more physi­ the  federal  education  ministry
nurse  in­charge and  adminis­ vent them. The initiative grew cal  schools,  nursing  schools, stitutions must also be brought cal  spaces  for  itself.  IS  has without initiating any legislative
bribery; even there are extreme com- trator of the hospital. Politicians into the Josie King Foundation, hospitals’ management, health into this net of accountability many former Al  Qaeda  affili­ measures?
plaints of corruption in the tax rev- and  celebrities  attended  her with multiple  programmes ministries,  regulatory  bodies, and be compelled to improve ates in its ranks who could sug­ Apparently, it seems that
enues, government officials and politi- funeral,  expressing  solidarity helping the  health system and healthcare commissions — —  not  only  through infra­ gest following this blueprint. the government itself is not in­
with the family. All this can help across  the  US,  including  pa­ have their own unique respon­ structure,  but  also  through Pakistan  is  among  those terested  in  taking  security­re­
cal parties.” tient safety curriculum devel­ sibilities to prevent such harm South Asian nations that have lated matters into its hands; it
provide  emotional  support  to safer  processes.  Many  lives
As per our analysis, from a Lineman the bereaved family at this cru­ opment and awards for nurse­ by working towards improving are lost in public hospitals due
successfully  dealt  with  terror­ already  has  a lot  on  its  plate,
ism, and has dismantled terror­ including the economy and ‘ac­
and Meter Readers to Patwari and cial  time, but  it  cannot  bring led patient safety projects. the system. Medical and nurs­ to medical mistakes, only for ist networks from its soil. But countability’. But it should at
Tehsildar, Police Constable to SP, from little Nashwa back. And, sadly, Medical errors are a lead­ ing colleges must introduce pa­ things to go back to business local, regional  and global  ter­ least bring the issue of banned
this will not be the last case of ing cause of death globally. In tient safety as an integral part of as  usual  once  the  bereaved rorist networks are still around organisations into parliament for
a clerk to Secretary of the concerned someone’s precious one dying Pakistan  alone,  an  estimated the curriculum, in line with inter­ families have stopped protest­ and have been sustaining their open debate. As has been wit­
department and from a councilor to due to a medical mistake. half a million people die due to national guidelines as proposed ing. A  national  roadmap  for operations at a critical level. IS nessed in the past, these groups
MPA, and MNA, from a provincial min- In 2001,  at  one  of  the preventable  medical  errors. by WHO.  Health  regulators  in prevention of harm from medi­ in Pakistan is the local version. resurfaced  and took  refuge  in
ister to the federal minister, Even the world’s  best  hospitals  (Johns Most of these errors are made the form of healthcare commis­ cal  errors  is  the  need  of  the Many small sectarian and mili­ national  narratives  after  pres­
Hopkins), 18­month­old Josie by studious healthcare workers sions must not only start playing hour. Between Nashwa’s tant groups have contributed in sure on them was released.
majority of the Prime Ministers and King died of dehydration and a stuck in a broken system. Un­ their  roles  in  licensing  those death and the writing of this developing these local IS struc­ Security  is  as  serious  a
Presidents of the previous regimes are wrong  dose  of narcotics.  Her fortunately, it is only those on healthcare establishments that article, at least 3,000 more pa­
tures in Pakistan. For instance, business as the economy and
the National Thowheed Jamath accountability. One major ter­
facing allegation of involvement in cor- parents  underwent  the  same the  front lines  of  this  system meet the minimum criteria, but tients may have lost their lives provided a network base to IS rorist attack can disturb many
ruption. We are confident that the trauma  as  Nashwa’s  parents who face the brunt of the pun­ also  act  as  technical  resource in  our  health  system  due  to in Sri Lanka. IS affiliates have political and strategic calcula­
and wanted to punish the hos­ ishment. Those responsible for centres for  improvement initia­ preventable  medical  errors. already  launched  22  terrorist tions  and  hit  the economy  in
present Government will be success- pital. “How can they get away the dysfunctional system in the tives. In a majority of Pakistan’s The time to act is now. Cour­ attacks in Pakistan since 2015 an  imperceptible  way.  Cour­
ful in their strife against corruption. with  this?  They  must  suffer. first place get away with it. hospitals,  there are well­trained tesy  Dawn and most were  large in  scale. tesy  Dawn
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Monday May 06, 2019 Page


WeT enrolls 2.2 million Govt’s low-cost house

building project to reduce
children in 50 districts poverty: PTI Leader
ISLAMABAD (APP): Cash Transfer (UCT) to attain­ compliance, case management ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Paki­ houses under Prime Minister’s
Waseela­e­Taleem (WeT) ment  of  human  development and  transfer  of  payment,  he stan Tehreek­e­Insaf  (PTI) Naya  Pakistan Housing
programme of Benazir Income goals. said. leader  Mian Mehmood­ur­ project.
Support  Programme  (BISP) He said WeT programme To create long term sus­ Rasheed  on  Sunday said  all He  informed  that  many
has enrolled around 2.2 million was initially tested in five dis­ tainable awareness on the im­ policies being implemented by foreign  investors had  also  ex­
primary school children  in 50 tricts and later  on,  the portance of primary education the government were aimed at pressed their willingness to in­
districts across the country. programme  was  extended  to among BISP beneficiary lifting the low­income class of vest in  the project.  Singapore
The WeT programme additional  27  and  then  to  18 families,  increase  enrolment the society. and  China­based  companies
was developed by BISP in con­ new districts across the coun­ of children in schools for pri­ Talking to Radio Pakistan would also be invited in this re­
sultation with all  the try, which increases  the num­ mary  education, improve he termed the initiative of the gard.
programme stakeholders to fi­ ber  of  WeT  programme  dis­ school attendance by the chil­ government to provide shelter He further said  the
nancially  support  the  primary tricts from 5 to 50 districts. dren and decrease school to  homeless  people a  positive project would be a major break­
education  of  four to  12  years The programme is likely dropout  rates  are  the  main development. through  and  it  would  create
old  children  for  their  enrol­ to be extended to 50 more dis­ objectives of the programme. He  said  through such new employment opportunities.
ments and retention, an official tricts  thereby  increasing  the He  said  BISP  was  the  main schemes,  the  people  would Advanced  technology  would
told APP. number of WeT districts to 100 coordinating  authority,  the definitely get job opportunities also be availed from China for
He said each  beneficiary across the country, he added. programme was being imple­ ISLAMABAD: People are waiting to get drinking water while setting up a that  would  reduce  poverty  as the construction of houses un­
child  received  a cash  transfer He  said  the  programme mented in close coordination row of water bottles and coolers. well, adding, the previous gov­ der the project.
of  Rs  750  per  quarter  upon had  six  main  components  in­ with district/provincial edu­ ernments had never paid atten­ Responding to a question
meeting the admission verifica­ cluding  supply  capacity  As­ cation department  through tion  to  welfare  of  the  people he  said  houses  were  planned
tion  in  1st quarter  and  atten­
dance  requirement  of  70  per­
sessment, social  mobilization,
registration, admission and at­
Implementing Partner Firms
(IPFs) including Aurat Foun­
Islamabad Expressway and only  prioritized  their  per­
sonal  interests.
to  be  constructed  over  three
and  five  Marla.  The  cost  of
cent in subsequent quarters till
completion of the primary edu­
tendance  verification,  case
management and cash transfer.
The  components  were
dation,  MM Pakistan and
Rural  Support  Programme
Network,  hired  by  the  De­
starts developing cracks, He further  said the  gov­
ernment  would sought  coop­
eration from private sector for
housing unit of three Marla on
ground floor would be Rs. 1.75
million  and first floor would be
The  official  said  it  was
part of the Graduation strategy
interlinked and interdependent
to mobilize BISP beneficiaries
partment  for  International
Development (DFID)­Pa­ ditches owing to poor quality construction of  low­cost rupees1.6 million.
aiming to link the Unconditional to  enroll,  retain,  attendance kistan.
ISLAMABAD (APP):  The demanded inquiry and investi­ He demanded immediate KC-EU to hold ‘signature
Islamabad Expressway has gations  against  the  contractor repair of the damaged express­
started developing  cracks,
ditches and bumps from  vari­
and supervisory staff of Capi­
tal  Development  Authority
way portions as the portion has
become constant nuisance for
camp’ on Kashmir in Ireland
ous spots owing to poor quality (CDA)  on  whose  negligence the daily commuters traveling ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Kash­ sive nu m ber of people
of work  and substandard ma­ the condition of such an impor­ from Zero Point to Rawat, par­ mir  Council  Europe  (KC­ showed  their positive re­
terial used by the contractor in tant  artery  was  deteriorating ticularly under Faizabad bridge, EU)’s team will launch a two­ sponse  in  the  context.  It  is
the  reconstruction  of  the  sig­ day by day. as  long  queues  of  vehicles day  ‘One  Million  Signature important to  mention that
nal free corridor. The  worst  ditches  could could be  witnessed  daily  dur­ Campaign’ in Dublin,  the basic  aim of  the  EU based
The commuters using ex­ be  spotted  under  Faizabad ing peak hours due to bad con­ Capital  of  Ireland,  to  create signature drive is to collect
pressway have expressed their Bridge, Sohan, Khanna while dition of  road  and  narrow widespread  awareness on a  million signatures in or­
annoyance  and  anguish  over travelling from  Zero  Point  to bridge. the  Kashmir  issue. der to highlight the conflict
the  deterioration  of  the  ex­ Rawat.  Same is the situation Tensions mount, he said, According  to  Kashmir of  Kashmir  and  pressurize
pressway  so  early  despite  the a commuter have to face while immediately after crossing the Media  Service  (KMS),  the New Delhi  to  stop the  hu­
fact  that  the  major  portion  of travalling from Rawat to Zero I/8 interchange, as a complete team will  collect  signature man rights abuses perpe­
the  project  has  yet  not  com­ Point  as  several ditches  and mess  awaits  the  commuters from th e Irish people in trated  by the Indian forces
pleted. bumps  could  be  spotted  from and welcomed  them  with  the favour  of  oppressed  people in occupied Kashmir.
Umar Shaid, a commuter, Khanna bridge to Faizabad. complete  chaos. of Kashmir during the  two­ The  collection of one
day signature camp on Mon­ million signatures will  be
SACP submits detailed AIOU Academic day and Tuesday in the capi­
tal  city.
presented in the shape of
the  document to  the  ‘Euro­
Association T he E U­based cam ­ pean Parliament’s  human
ISLAMABAD: Visitors viewing the displayed stuff during an exhibition
titled “Kazakhstan through centuries” arranged by Embassy of the Repub-
report on Rathodero formally
paign h ad been first
launched  in  Belgium  a  few
rights committee’ in order to
raise  the  issue  of  violations
lic of Kazakhstan and PNCA at PNCA. HIV/AIDS cases inducted years ago and so far, a large
number the people in the dif­
of human rights in occupied

Students sensitized on academic ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Sindh

Aids  Control  Programme
(SACP) has submitted detailed
lic Private Health Institute also
confirmed  five HIV  cases.
The sources said that the
ISLAMABAD (Online): The
office­bearers  of  Academic
Staff  Association (ASA)  of
ferent  European countries
have  signed  the  documents
of the signature drive.
Condemning the viola­
tions, Ali Raza Syed pointed
out the issues related to kill­
research at Intra-University report  to  the  federal  govern­
ment  on reporting  of  HIV/
AIDS  cases  in children  and
Provincial Health Department
had constituted three member
special committee to assist the
the Allama  Iqbal Open Uni­
versity (AIOU) took oath of
their  office  at  a  ceremony
Local NGOs and social
activists  based  in different
European count ries h ave
ing of innocent people in ex­
tra  judicial  actions,  illegal
detention of  youth  and  po­
Kashmir Conference adults in Rathodero.
According  to  official
sources, the screening of local
Joint Investigation Team, which
was formed to investigate the
held here for a period of two
years. Vice  Chancellor  Pro­
fessor  Dr.  Zia­Ul­Qayyum
supported the motivation of
move and held camps in the
context in the  host coun­
litical leaders and enormous
search operations against
innocent  masses  by  Indian
ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Speak­ Kashmir  and  Pakistan  were he said would lead to empiri­ population  for  HIV/AIDS  is The  team  members  in­ administered  the  oath.  Ad­ tries. security forces  in the  occu­
ers at an Intra­University Con­ the hope to lead from the front cal  evidences  to  highlight continued  in  surrounding  vil­ cluded  Professor  of  Infec­ dressing  the  ceremony,  he In a statement ahead of pied territory.
ference sensitized students, be­ and  help in  just resolution  of Kashmir  issue.  He  was of lages to know the exact num­ tious  Disease,  Daw  Univer­ announced  that  Open  Uni­ the signature camp in Dublin, Ali Raza Syed urged the
longing to various universities Kashmir dispute. the  view  that  academia  has ber  of  affected  persons  from sity  Health Sciences, Dr versity of UK and University Chairman Kashmir Council international community es­
of Pakistan  and Azad  Jammu Chairperson Sudhan Edu­ a great role to play for high­ the  disease. Shehla  Baqi, Associate  Pro­ of  London will  soon  launch EU Ali  Raza  Syed  said, the pecially  the United  Nations
and  Kashmir,  on  the  impor­ cational  System,  Madam lighting the plight of suffer­ They said that the provin­ fessor  of Infectious  Disease, joint  degree  programs,  en­ Council  has already  orga­ (UN) and EU to stop human
tance of academic struggle for Khadija Zareen while speaking ing  Kashmiris,  adding  that cial government had completed Dow  University  Health  Sci­ abling their students to enrich nized successful  camps  in rights abuses in Kashmir and
resolution of Kashmir dispute, on the occasion, highlighted the IDDDS has  recently  pub­ the screening of 4102 persons ences Dr Azizullah Dhillo and themselves with new aca­ connection with  the  signa­ take  necessary  steps  for  a
urging  them  to  conduct  their sacrifices  of  Kashmiris  for lished  many  empirical  stud­ so far during last nine days out Professor  of  Infectious  Dis­ demic  standards  and  con­ ture campaign in the differ­ peaceful resolution of Kash­
scholarly work in this field for achieving  their  basic right  to ies, which would provide ba­ of  which  157  persons  were ease, SIUT Karachi Dr Sanil temporary  needs. ent EU countries and a mas­ mir dispute.
creating empirical awareness in self­determination. sis  for  future  research and confirmed HIV positive. Dodani.
the  world.  The  conference She said it was high time help opening the eyes of In  these  157  HIV  con­ The team will visits vari­
titled, “Humanitarian, Human that people of the country, par­ world  community  towards firmed  cases,  127  were  chil­ ous  villages  of  Ratodero  be­
Rights  Law  and  the  Right  to ticularly,  youth  intensify  their Kashmiris’ sufferings  and dren while 30 were adults from sides  conversation  with Dr
Self­Determination:  The  Tra­ struggle and efforts for resolu­ help  resolve the  issue.  Emi­ local  areas. Muzaffar  Ghangro,  who  is
jectory from first to fifth Gen­ tion of the issue. nent  Researchers scholars The SACP has registered facing  charges  of  involve­
eration.”  was a  part  of  Inter­ On  the occasion,  Senior including Assistant Professor 29  new  cases  so  far  and  an­ ment in spread of HIV/AIDS
University Youth Initiative Se­ Journalist  and  former  BBC at  Riphah University, Awais nounced to provide free medi­ virus to local population. The
ries­ (IUYIS­I) organize by In­ corropondent Zulfiqar Ali gave Wasi, Human Rights Lawyer, cal treatment to these affected committee will submit its re­
stitute  of  Multi­  Track  Dia­ detailed briefing on how India Nasir Qadri, Senior Journal­ persons. port to the Provincial Govern­
logue, Development  and Dip­ was  killing  and  maiming  the ist  and  PhD  Scholar  Peace Local NGO People Pub­ ment.
lomatic  Studies  (IDDDS)  in young  generation  of  Kashmir Journ alism , M uh amm ad
Muzaffarabad, said an IDDDS by using lethal pellets guns in Ashraf and Sarah Salahuudin
press statement issued here on
occupied  Kashmir and target­
ing civilians on LoC.
delivered lectures and shared
their  research findings  on
4293 criminals held, looted
Speaking on the occasion,
Director  Kashmir  American
He  particularly  men­
tioned  the  killings  by  using
Kashmir  dispute  with stu­
dents on the occasion. items worth Rs 281.4m
Council and IDDDS Washing­ Sniper rifles.  Direct or They also urged the stu­
ton D.C, Sardar Zulfiqar Khan
said although it was a challeng­
IDDDS, Waleed Rasool, said
that  it  was  imperative  that
dents  to  come  forward  and
play their active role in high­
recovered during 2019
ing task to highlight the Kash­ the  students  of  the  country lighting the Kashmir issue by ISLAMABAD (APP): The  police also  arrested
mir  issue  at  international  fo­ pay  heed  towards  academic involving  in academic re­ Islamabad police arrested 631 absconders  during  the
rums, however, said  youth  of research on Kashmir, which search in the field. 4293 outlaws during the ongo­ same period including 301 pro­
ing year and recovered looted claimed  offenders  and  330
Commuters in agony FIA registers valuables worth more than Rs court  absconders  wanted  to ISLAMABAD: Women were enjoying the water fall of a stream at
Angoori area, Islamabad.
281.4 million from them while police in cases of murder, at­
8500 complaints a significant reduction in crime tempt to murder, dacoity and
over traffic jams at regarding online rate was witnessed during this
period,  a  police  spokesman
other  crimes.
Moreover, the police held
Low participation IWMB suggests ticketing
police check-posts women harassment said on Sunday.
He said that 158 dacoity
614  accused for involvement
in bootlegging  and drug ped­
of women in labor
system for trails visitors,
ISLAMABAD (APP):  The administration to improve traf­
ISLAMABAD (APP):  Federal as well as robbery cases were dling activities while 220.800 force: Survey
commuters  in the twins  cities
of  Rawalpindi  and  Islamabad
fic discipline in the city, the ITP
have failed to do so due to con­
Investigation Agency  (FIA)’s traced  and  310  persons  were
cybercrime wing has registered, arrested  besides  recovery  of
a total of  8500 complaints  re­ looted items worth Rs 26.9 mil­
kilogram hashish, 20,644 kilo­
gram  heroin,  6.410  kilogram
Commission on Status of
MHNP entrance
have  expressed  their  annoy­ sideration of the message prob­ opium,  1.362  gram  ice,  11 Women  conducted  a  survey ISLAMABAD (APP): The  obligation  of  entry
garding  online women harass­ lion including gold ornaments gram cocaine and 6616 bottle Islamabad  Wildlife  Manage­ tickets  would  help  the  board
ance over  the recent  joint ini­ ably in the wrong manner. ment in the year 2018 and 2019. from them. here Monday revealed that in
tiative  of Islamabad  Traffic Aamir Afridi, a motorist, wines  were  recovered  from Punjab  the  Labor  Force  Par­ ment Board (IWMB) has sug­ generate  supporting  income
According to  an  official  docu­ The  police  also  nabbed them. gested  to  start tickets  on  visi­ source  which  will  ultimately
Police  (ITP)  and  operational told  APP  that  the  ITP  cops ment,  in  Punjab FIA  received 276  culprits  involved  in  182 ticipation rate of women was
police to check road violations were  no  more  interested  in The police launched spe­ low as it comprised up to only tors of Margalla Hills National help to provide best facilities to
more than 5,500 complaints per­ cases of street crime and theft cial  crackdown  against  those Park  (MHNP)  to  overcome the  citizens  coming  to  the
at  police  pickets,  causing  se­ educating road users instead of taining to cybercrime, including while looted items worth Rs 87 36.3  percent.
vere traffic jams at several lo­ issuing fine tickets for getting involved in supplying drugs at According  to  the survey shortage  of  resources. park,” he added.
hacking,  identity  theft,  cyber­ million  were  recovered  from educational  institutions  and Margalla hills are accom­ IWMB was managing the
cations. their  25  percent  share of  the bullying, cyber­stalking, financial them. women’s  labor  force  partici­
At  the  check­up  points amount. nabbed  seven  persons  after pation  faces  specific barriers, modating  a  large  number  of maintenance of MHNP within
fraud, digital piracy, intellectual As  many  as  94  persons registering  07 cases  against nature  lovers  and  hikers  at the available limited resources
set up in different areas of the He said indiscriminate is­ property  rights violation,  elec­ were held  for involvement  in 24.9  percent  in  Urban  areas
city, huge traffic  jams  are be­ suance of tickets to motorists them. A total of 5.460 kilogram Margalla and  this step  would whereas  some  donors  were
tronic terrorism and extortion. In 117  cases  of  car  tempering hashish, 325 gram heroin were of  Punjab  whereas  43.4  per­
ing observed since the launch would not help reduce viola­ cent of women were in labor help generate revenue for pre­ also  sending  financial  assis­
Sindh,  3,236 written complaints and  theft  while  124  vehicles recovered  from  them. serving the beauty  of  eye tance  in  the  Board’s  private
of campaign on April 30. tion of traffic rules and make were  received  by  FIA  regard­ were  also recovered from force.  The  survey  finds  that
The  commuters  remain the  city  roads  safe.  Educat­ The  police also  arrested catching  sites. account. The government was
ing  online  harassment.  The them worth around Rs 110.9 309 persons for having illegal the  majority  of  women  aged
stuck due to traffic jam during ing  the  road  users  of  safety Talking  to APP,  IWMB also giving some funds to the
document further revealed that million. weapons  and  recovered  19 15­64 years in the Punjab cite Assistant  Director  Sakhawat Board which was moving the
peak hours  at  various  points, measures could reduce num­ these cases involve using, shar­ at  least  one  factor  which  is
including  Faizabad,  Loi  Bher ber  of  accidents,  but  25  per Likewise,  77 bike  lifters Kalashnikovs, six carbines, 22 Ali said it was proposed in the cogs  of IWMB  management,
ing, disseminating and manipu­ were held besides recovery of daggers, 275 pistols and 6167 barrier to their working. Board meeting to put a certain he added.
and Kashmir Highway, Murree cent share in the fine amount lation if information such as pho­ 78 bikes from them. This percentage is
Road and others. was  good  amount,  besides rounds from them. price  like  Rs  5  to  Rs  10  for Sakhawat mentioned that
tographs, phone numbers, con­ slightly lower in rural areas of entering the national park. it was a holistic plan which also
It may be mentioned that salaries,  for  the  ITP  person­
despite clear directions  by the nel, he added.
tact  details  and other  personal
information on social media. 97.9 percent women the Punjab as compared to ur­
ban  areas.  The  most  quoted
“It has been obvious that
despite  the  budget  of  Rs  16
included  the  provision  to  im­
pose  toll  on  the cars  entering
barrier was lack of qualifica­
in country missing tion  followed  by  lack  of  ap­
propriate  job  opportunities
million  provided  to  IWMB  it
has  become  difficult  for  the
board to manage over 17,000
the MHNP through Daman­e­
Koh  as  automobiles were  al­
ready consuming the oxygen of
from any skill training and  domestic  work  care  re­
hectors’ huge national park. the environment.

Punjab Commission on Status
grades or above and currently
employed is 3.8 percent, add­
Punjab has the high rate
of  unpaid  women workers MPDR agrees to scale
with percentage  of 45  where
of  Women  conducted  a  sur­
vey on Monday which reveled
that  97.9  percent  of  women
ing that this figure is signifi­
cantly lower in rural areas as
compared  to  urban  areas.
as home based  workers were
concerned, they were 19 per­
up YDF programme for
aged 15­64 years had not re­
ceived skill  development
Survey  stressed that
skills  are  important  part  of
cent, it added. Women, in vul­
nerable employment were 66
mass youth inclusion
training. women’s  grooming  to  play per  cent  with  77  percent  of ISLAMAB AD (APP ): number of beneficiaries in the
According  to  the  Sur­ their due role in development women who  were earning Prime Minister Youth Affairs YDF  programme.  He said
vey, the reasons of not being of  the  country  adding  that below minimum wages  in (P MYA) programm e h as YDF  Programme  was  a  re­
able to  attend trainings  were skills training programs are a Punjab. Survey  says  that recommended  Ministry  of markable initiative to ensure
domestic responsibility, trans­ promising way to bring more women employment were Planning,  Development  and active participation of young
port, financial means, spousal women into the workforce. highly  found  with  non  con­ Reform (MPDR)  to  extend professionals in national de­
or  male  consent  and  burden Survey said that offering tractual  status  with  84  per­ it s facilities in their velopment by creating a pool
of  care.  Minor  reasons  for training programs is not cent. Survey  stressed that programme Young Develop­ of youn g development
not attending training included enough as  these  programs there  is  need  to  Increase  fe­ ment  Fellows  (YDF). fellows.“It  hires  40 young
training was not useful, preg­ failed to reach large numbers male entrepreneurship which According  to  an  official, professionals  annually  for  a
nancy  and  threats  to  safety, when their design is inconsis­ can lead to higher female la­ the Programme was to scale it period of one  year to impart
ISLAMABAD: A man was lying on the bench and taking in Rose and it  added.  The  percentage  of tent so there is need to plan it bor force participation directly up  for  accommodating  more on­the­job training in running
Jasmine garden. women aged 20­34 years properly  to  ensure  women’s and indirectly and in the short youth in the initiative where the Government  business,”  he
having  an education of  14 participation. and long term. MPDR  had  agreed  to  raise informed.
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Daily Independent, Islamabad Monday May 6, 2019

India cyclone
GoB to allocate 30% of kills at least 33,
hundreds of
PSDP for promoting thousands
agri, fisheries, livestock PURI: Hundreds of thousands
Monitoring Desk
ISLAMABAD (APP): Muhammad  Usman Khan initiate programmes related to of  people  were  left  homeless
Balochistan  government  has Kakar said that the prolonged value addition  of  the  agricul­ after a cyclone packing winds
planned to allocate 30 per cent droughts had marred the agri­ tural  products.  The  Senator of  about  200  km per  hour
of the total next Public Sector culture  sector.  He  urged  the asked  to  arrange  session  for slammed into eastern India, rip­
Development Programme provincial government to intro­ stakeholders  and  progressive ping out tin roofs and destroy­
(PSDP)  funds  for  promoting duce  loan  scheme,  especially farmers  for enhancing  overall ing power and telecom lines, of­
agriculture, fisheries, livestock for women  for  cottage indus­ crop  production  and  steps  to ficials said on Sunday.
At  least  33  people  were
and transport sectors to create try, mushroom cultivation, poul­ encourage  cultivation  of  long
killed after cyclone Fani struck
income  opportunities  for  the try  farming, goat/sheep  farm­ staple cotton. the  state of  Odisha on  Friday
local communities. ing, ostrich farming, bee keep­ He suggested that cotton but a  million  people  emerged
Talking to APP, an official ing and vegetable cultivation. production should also be initi­ unscathed  after  they  moved
on  Sunday  said  that  the  gov­ He  suggested  the  gov­ ated in Balochistan to enhance into  storm shelter  ahead  of
ernment had been working to ernment  to  establish  advisory its overall yield. He asked the landfall.  The  death  toll  could
bring a new agriculture policy centres for providing guidance Pakistan Agricultural Research have been much greater if not
to increase the agricultural pro­ and  technical  assistance  to Council  (PARC)  to  organize HOUSTON: The Congressional Pakistan Caucus for the 116th Congress was announced in Houston by for the massive evacuation  in
duction which would ultimately farmers  pertaining  to  whole wheat  seminars  with  proper its two Co-Chairs, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D) and Congressman Jim Banks (R) in the the days before the storm made
benefit the farmers. cropping cycle. management  and  invite  50 presence of Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan and large number of community members. landfall, officials said.
He added that the provin­ The Senator  viewed that growers  from  each  district  to
cial  government  was  looking the people related to agriculture participate  in  the  seminar  in
for a ban on the import of veg­ sectors mainly lived in remote their respective  areas.
etables  and  other  agriculture areas and due to the lack of in­ He  urged  the  PARC  to
Appointments of 45 IsDB provides US $ 12.43 bn to
produces from Afghanistan and formation they could not avail fulfill the vacant posts and en­
Iran.  He further  said that  lat­ these  facilities. sure  the  provincial  quota  and
head of missions, 10 Pak for development projects
est technologies  would be  in­ He urged the government also  develop  agricultural  re­
troduced to  enhance  the  pro­ to play its role in capacity build­ search  institutions  across  the
CGs still not made ISLAMABAD  (APP):  Presi­ earmarked a US $ 500 million member countries.
dent  Islamic  Development fund  for  promoting  science He  said  the Islamic  De­
ductivity  of  agriculture  in  the ing, facilitation and education province to overcome dearth of ISLAMABAD  (Online):  The ria, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Ethio­
most competent federal minis­ pia, Greece, Kenya and so on. Bank  (IsDB) Dr. Bandar technology  and  innovation  in velopment  Bank  (IsDB)  has
province. Meanwhile  Senator farmers  and recommended  to expertise.
ter  of  Prime  Minister  Imran Names  for  appointment  of Hajjar  on  Sunday  said  IsDB the member countries.  He said awarded  four Pakistani  inno­
Khan cabinet Foreign Minister counsel generals in New York group  has  provided  a total  fi­ the  Transform Fund  by  the vators,  researchers,  entrepre­
(FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi and  Frankfurt  have  not  also nancing of  US $ 12.43 billion to IsDB was launched in 2018 to neurs seed capital and business
has so far failed to appoint 45 been decided so far. Pakistan’s Pakistan through  development support  science,  technology skills  mentoring  as  part of  its
head of missions and 10 Coun­ ambassador to China has been projects in past years.  Pakistan and innovation initiatives  that fifth edition of the ‘Transform­
cil  General  in  other  countries given  extension  twice  in  his is the integral member country will  tackle development  chal­ ers  Roadshow’  competition,
for months. service. Following  the induc­ of  the  IsDB  group  and is  the lenges around the globe. held  in association with
The process to initiate the tion of  Sohail  Mehmood  as third largest beneficiary of IsDB The  fund  works  in  line COMSTECH.
appointments was  slow down foreign secretary  the position financing in different develop­ with  United  Nations  (UN’s) The Roadshow is  a glo­
as the foreign minister and the of high commissioner in India mental  sectors,  Dr.  Bandar Sustainable Development Goals bal  initiative  in  which  appli­
ex­foreign  secretary  Tehmina has become  vacant. Hajjar said this while adressing (SDGs)  accelerating  progress cants are invited to pitch ideas
Janjua  were  not  on  the  same Well­placed  sources  said a  press  conference  here.  He towards achieving greater food accelerating  one  or  more  of
page  on  this  matter  as  both that  the  FM  Shah  Mehmood highlighted that IsDB is financ­ security, healthier lives, inclusive the UN Sustainable Develop­
were  in favor to appoint their Qureshi and ex­foreign secre­ ing  Neelum  Jhelum  Hydro and equitable  education, sus­ ment  Goals  (SDGs).  The  Is­
blue eyed  on  these  positions. tary Tehmina  Janjua wants to Power  Project,  Jamshoro tainable  management  of  wa­ lamic  Development  Bank
These  appointment  may  be appoint their favorites in other Power  Station,  CASA  1000 ter  and  sanitation,  access  to (IsDB) is a multilateral devel­
made  in  the  current  month, countries. Thus the recommen­ project  for improving  energy affordable  and  clean  energy, opment  bank  that  has  been
says  sources. The inner dations  made  by  the  Foreign needs of the country. and  sustainable  industrializa­ working  for  over  40  years  to
sources  stated  that  ambassa­ office for appointment of heads Dr Hajjar said that he had tion across  the  developing improve the lives of the com­
dorial  appointments  should of embassies still await. a very fruitful and constructive world, he said . munities it serves by delivering
have  been  announced in  No­ According  to  the  diplo­ meetings  with  the  President Replyingh  to a question, impact at  scale.  “We are one
vember 2018, could not be fi­ matic  sources,  recommenda­ and Prime Minister of Pakistan. President IsDB said the Trans­ of the world’s largest multilat­
nalized until May 5, 2019. tions  have also  been  made  to He said Prime Minister Imran form Fund  provides  seed eral  development banks,  with
ATTOCK: Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar along with Provincial Min- Sources  said  that  incum­ appoint special  secretary Khan’s vision of  road to Naya money for start­ups and SMEs an annual volume of operations
ister Health Dr Yasmin Rashid distributes health cards among the poor people bent government  has failed  to Imtiaz Ali  as  ambassador  to Pakistan  would  pave  way  for to  develop their  ideas  and  fa­ above  $10  billion  and  sub­
during a ceremony. name heads of embassies of 45 Japan, Atta Munim Shahid as the economic prosperity of the cilitate the commercialization of scribed capital  of  $33
important  countries  including ambassador  to  Africa  and  the country.  He  said  IsDB  has technology among the IsDB’s billion.”he said.
Railways earns Rs. 39 b Prime Minister India,  Malaysia,  Bangladesh, incumbent  Foreign office India Election 2019
commemorates Portugal,  Japan,  Singapore, spokesperson  Dr  Muhammad
Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Alge­ Faisal to Bangladesh. Politician killed
till March 2019 Tipu Sultan on ahead of new
stan  Railways  has  generated
which,  325  were  functional
while 135 were non­ functional.
death anniversary Pak gets encouraged round of vote
Rs 39.010 billion up to March
2019  which was  Rs 3.706
Out of 135 non­functional
locomotives,  he  said  69  Chi­
Minister Imran Khan Saturday
commemorated  Tipu  Sultan,
to use Yuan as other SRINAGAR (Online): Gunmen
shot  dead  a  local  leader  from
billion more  than the  pre­
vious financial year during
nese locomotives were requir­
ing  heavy  repairs due to  vari­ the ruler of Maysore and
India’s first freedom fighter as
BRI countries Prime  Minister  Narendra
Modi´s ruling party in Occupied
the same period by winning ous design defects and the de­ BEIJING (INP): The Belt and the short term. Kashmir  ahead  of  the  latest
the confidence  of  the  pas­ partment has planned to under­ May 4 marked his death anni­ round of India´s marathon elec­
Road Initiative  (BRI)  has  fu­ “On the positive side, the
sengers. take  rehabilitation/moderniza­ versary. eled  the yuan’s  international­ growing  pace  of  yuan  use  in tion, police said Sunday.
Pakistan  Railways  has tion of these locomotives which “Today  4th May  is  the ization, particularly in the past BRI countries has been faster The  killing  in  Anantnag
suffered no losses  during the was under  process  with  Chi­ death anniversary of Tipu Sul­ two to three years as work on than  the  yuan’s overall  usage district is the latest in a string
current  financial  year  due  to nese and Turkish Railways. tan  ­  a man  I  admire  because related  projects  accelerated. in  the  world  in  recent  years. of  attacks  that  have  marred LAHORE: Youngsters taking bath in Mughalpura
dedicated efforts of the He said four locomotives he preferred freedom and died Pakistan  is  also  among The trend is particularly evident India´s staggered  election Canal to get relief from scorching heat.
present  government  and  em­ were under condemnation pro­ fighting for it rather than live a those  countries that  have in some Southeast Asian coun­ which began last month.
ployees of the organization, an
official in the Ministry of Rail­
cess in  light of  condemnation
plan  and  these  engines  were
life of enslavement, the prime
minister  tweeted.
opened the door to settling all
bilateral  trade  with  China  in
tries like Singapore,” Zhou Yu,
said  director  of the  Research
The gunmen opened fire
on  Gul  Mohammad  Mir,  65,
Inclusion of informal
ways told APP. During the last
financial  year  (2018),  the of­
over  aged  and rendered  their
service  more  than  32  to  50 Also  known  as Tiger  of
Mysore,  Tipu  Sultan  died  in
yuan instead of the dollar. Ac­
cording  to  the  State  Bank  of
Center of International Finance
at  the  Shanghai Academy  of
who headed a local unit of the
Hindu  nationalist  Bharatiya labourers in EOBI being
ficial  said  Pakistan  Railways years  against  the  economical Janata  Party  (BJP), at  his
has earned Rs.35.304 billion.
He  said  Pakistan Rail­
life of 20 years.
The  official  said  seven
1799 after winning fame in the
wars  of  the late  18th  century
Pakistan there is no bar to us­
ing the yuan to settle payments
Social  Sciences.
The change is taking place house on Saturday night.
Police  said  a polling  sta­
planned: Zulfi Bukhari
for trade and investment from very “naturally” as local com­ ISLAMABAD (APP):  Ehsaas Bukhari told APP on Sunday.
ways  has  taken  several  steps locomotives met with accidents in southern India. China. panies  gradually  accept  yuan tion to be used in the district on
to improve financial position of on  various  dates,  fabrication Monday was set ablaze in the Labour Welfare and Social pro­ The  ‘Programme’,  re­
In  Southeast Asia  where settlement in their increasingly
the department and started 24 work  and  procurement  of Siraj demands economic relations with China active business interaction with nearby  Shopian  area.  Voter tection Group  has  recom­
mended the registration of in­
cently launched by Prime Min­
ister  Imran  Khan  for  poverty
new trains with the same roll­ spares was under process and are closer than  in other coun­ Chinese companies. This trend turnout  in  Occupied  Kashmir
ing stock and human resource. these engines would be in op­ govt to take tries and regions the yuan us­ is also facilitated by rapid busi­ has barely  crossed 10  percent formal workers with Employ­ alleviation and socio­economic
ees Old­Age Benefit Institution well­being  of  working  class
Introduction of trains
tracking system has contributed
eration after the completion of
work. He said 55 engines were
back increase in age is getting popular, one ex­ ness  expansion of  Chinese in  the previous  rounds of  the
election  and  Anantnag  is  ex­ (EOBI) in  a bid to  give  them sector,  he said,  was  meant  to
pert  told  the  Chinese  Media banks in BRI countries, he said.
in reducing the fuel consump­ under normal maintenance, pe­ POL products House, the Global Times. According to a statement pected to suffer on Monday— pension, social security and wel­
fare  packages like formal’s.
acknowledge  the  matchless
contribution of the workers and
tion  by  1.5  million  litres,  he riodical maintenance schedules the fifth round of voting in the
added. To a question, the offi­ which was regular feature and immediately However,  he  said  that
relatively  strict  foreign ex­
the Bank  of China,  it has  set
up  12  offshore  yuan­clearing six week  long  election  which The initiative is to be taken emigrants towards national de­
cial  said  at  present  Pakistan the diesel electric locomotives LAHORE (Online)  Amir change policies  in  many  BRI ends May 19. Results are to be as  the  part  of  ‘Mazdoor  Ka velopment in an inclusive way.
banks,  some  of which  are lo­ Ehsaas Programme’ and a sur­ Zulfkiar  said  social  pro­
Railways  owned  460  diesel would be rolled out after repair Jamaat­i­Islami Senator Sirajul markets, as well as insufficient cated  in  BRI  countries  like released four days later. Politi­
electric  locomotives,  out  of turn by turn. Haq  has  demanded  from  the branch  network  of  domestic cal  killings  are  common in vey  will  be carried  out to  de­ tection and welfare of domes­
Malaysia. It is also helping lo­ velop  a complete  and  accu­ tic  as  well  as  overseas  work­
government  to  take back  the financial  institutions  in  those cal companies use the yuan for India´s bitterly­fought elections
increase in the prices of petro­ markets,  are  restricting  the with  party  rivalries  as  well  as rate  database  of  the  infor­ ers  was  the  hallmark  of  this
business settlement in countries mal  labour  sector, Special policy and the government un­
leum products immediately. He yuan’s  internationalization  in along the routes of the BRI. regional politics boiling over.
added that the spiral of tsunami Assistant to Prime Minister der  the  leadership  of  Prime
may take everything with it. on Overseas Pakistanis and Minister Imran khan was
He  said  that  due  to  in­
crease in  prices  of  petroleum
Govt moves to promote national & Human Resource  Develop­
ment  Sayed  Zulfikar  Abbas
striving hard to uplift the liv­
ing standards of lower class.
products  prices  of  everything
have gone up.
Senator  Sirajul  Haq  said
regional cultural heritage: Amin Congressional Pak Caucus
this in a statement on Sunday. MIRPUR  (AJK)  (APP):  Fed­ Raja Inam Ullah  Khan Advo­ Jammu & Kashmir in general
He  further  said  that  the  op­ eral  minister  for Kashmir Af­ cate  and other officials of  the and the AJK in particular. for 116th Congress to
pressed public may come onto fairs  and  Gilgit­Baltistan Ali local administration. Felicitating  the  winners
the  streets. Amin  Gandapur  Sunday  said
that  the government  was  tak­
Praising  the  holding  of
grand festival  and  horse  and
for  their  outstanding  perfor­
mance in the festival, the fed­
expand bilateral ties
Polio Monitoring ing every possible steps for pro­ cattle show at the scenic site eral  Kashmir Affairs  and  GB ISLAMABAD (APP):  The the 116th Congress was an im­
Congressional  Pakistan  Cau­ portant  step  forward  with  re­
Officer shot dead moting  national  and  regional
cultural  heritage  with  healthy
of Lehri at the meeting point
of AJK and adjoining Punjab
minister said that  such events
not only help in to promote the cus for the 116th Congress was gard to expanding the scope of
in Bajaur activities  in  all  the four  prov­ province,  the  minister  said healthy  activities,  but  also announced in  Houston  by  its
two  Co­Chairs, Congress­
bilateral ties geared to improv­
ing lives and livelihoods of people
GILGIT: Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan Hafiz KHAR  (INP):  Unidentified inces  of  the  country  besides that enthusiastic participation emerge  as the  symbol  of  na­
miscreants  gunned  down  a Azad  Jammu Kashmir  and of  the  horse­riders  from  all tional  unity  and  harmony woman Sheila  Jackson  Lee in both  countries.  She  also
Hafeez ur Rehman giving away cheque to winner Polio Monitoring Officer here Gilgit­ Baltistan. four provinces of the country among all the four provinces of (D)  and  Congressman Jim praised the visionary leadership
team during 2nd final of Jashan-e-Baharaan Polo Saturday­Sunday midnight and He was speaking as chief besides AJK and Gilgit­ Pakistan besides  AJK  and Banks  ®  in  the  presence  of of Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Tournament at Shahi Polo Ground. escaped the scene.  Police said guest  at  the  concluding  cer­ Baltistan in the Javelin­throw Gilgit­Baltistan. Ambassador  Asad Majeed Congressman  Jim  Banks  also
that the incident took place in emony  of  the 3­day  Summer contests  at  the  picturesque Gandapur  observed  that Khan  and  a  large  number  of extended his support and com­
N. Korea tests multiple Mamund area of district Bajaur Tourism festival here at Lehri.
of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) The  ceremony  was  at­
site  of  Lehri  were  self­ex­
planatory of the great enthu­
in  this latest  hustle bustle  era
of latest technology, the people
community members.
The  press  release  issued
mitment  towards  a strong  and
effective Pakistan  Caucus.
by  Embassy  of  Pakistan in On this occasion, Ambas­
rocket launchers: KCNA where  unknown  extremists tended among others by Com­
shot  dead  a Polio  Monitoring missioner  Mirpur  Division
siasm  of  the  masses  in  par­
ticipating in such cultural
were getting away of their cul­
ture and heritage. Washington DC said Congress­
woman Lee reiterated her con­
sador Asad Majeed  expressed
deep appreciation to Congress­
SEOUL (Online): North Korea ensured  and  guaranteed  only Officer. Muhamamd Tayyeb, DIG Po­ events. He  said  that  such  festi­
said Sunday it had tested long­ by  powerful  strength,”  it The culprits  fled  the lice  Mirpur  range  Sardar Gandapur  said  that  an­ val  were  proved  to  be  the tinued commitment to strength­ woman  Lee  for her  steadfast
range  multiple rocket  launch­ added. scene after committing murder Gulfraz Khan, Divisional Head nual  summer festival  and strong  source  of  encourag­ ening Pakistan­US bilateral re­ support  to  Pakistan  over  the
ers and  tactical  guided  weap­ On  Saturday,  the  North and  the  body  was  shifted  to AJK  Press  Information  De­ horse and cattle show at ing  and  promoting  the  na­ lations. As founding Co­chair of last many years and “her com­
ons,  a  day  after  Pyongyang also fired “a number of short­ hospital  where  it was  handed partment  Muhamamd  Javeid Lehri was  proving  to  be  the tional  and  regional  cultural Pakistan caucus over the years, mitment to a stronger partner­
appeared to have launched its range  projectiles” from  Hodo over to heirs after postmortem. Malik,  President  AJK  Su­ strong  source  of  promoting herit age of P akistan and she remarked that its revival for ship with Pakistan.”
first short­range missile in more peninsula  near  the  east  coast The police  after register­ preme  Court  Bar Association the  ancient  culture  of  entire Jammu & Kashmir.
than a year. town of Wonsan starting at 9:06 ing a case against unidentified Australian Envoy stresses
The announcement on the am (0006 GMT), the South´s assailants  have  started  an  in­
“strike drill”, which the Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff  said in a vestigation. need for peaceful, respectful
Central  News  Agency  said statement.
took  place  Saturday  and  was
overseen  by  Kim  Jong  Un,
The  projectiles  traveled
northeast from 70 to 200 kilo­
Three terrorists ties among all peoples
came  after US President meters  (45  to  125  miles)  to­ killed in Buleda ISLAMABAD (APP):  Aus­ and all  over  the world.”
Donald  Trump  voiced  confi­ ward  the East  Sea. In  an  ear­ QUETTA  (PPI) At  least  two tralian High Commissioner to H e sa i d R a m a d a n
dence  that  the  North  Korean lier  statement,  it  had  said commanders and one terrorist Pakistan  Margaret  Adamson was celebrated in Australia by
leader  would  not  “break  his Pyongyang  launched  an  uni­ were killed  in an  intelligence­ on Sunday  said it was a time more  than  600,000  Muslims,
promise” even as nuclear talks dentified short­range missile. based  operation  at  Gardang to reflect  on the need for who made up a vital part of the
have been  deadlocked. Broken promises? area  of Buleda  city  of peaceful, friendly and respect­ multicultural society, including
KCNA  said  the  tests  in “Anything in this very in­ Balochistan. According  to  In­ ful  relations between all over 60,000 of Pakistani origin.
the East Sea, also known as the teresting  world  is  possible,” ter  Services  Public  Relations peoples,  regardless  of  faith, “With more and more Pa­
Sea  of Japan,  aimed to  “esti­ Trump tweeted  in  reaction  to press  release,  operation  was nationality, culture, or kistani  students  choosing  to
mate and inspect the operating the launches announced by the conducted  at  Secret  Sleeper ethnicity. study in Australia, our people­
ability  and  the  accuracy  of South Koreans. Cell of Indian Liberation Front “It  is  a  time  to  reflect to­people  links  can only
striking duty  performance” of “But  I  believe that  Kim (ILF).  During  operation  two on  what  we  all  need  to  do strengthen. Their contribution
the weapons. Jong Un fully realizes the great commanders, who had been In­ for our fragile planet and its ­ in Australia and following their
Kim was  also evaluating economic  potential of  North charge for eight  years, of  dif­ fragile biodiversity,” he said return ­ continues the long his­
“the  combat  performance  of Korea, & will do nothing to in­ ferent sectors  and  one  terror­ in his message regarding the tory of friendship between Aus­
arms and equipment,” accord­ terfere or end it,” he added. ist were killed. It is pertinent to holy month of Ramadan. tralia and Pakistan.”
ing to KCNA. “He also knows that I am mention  that  it  was  the  third The envoy “I wish every­ “To all our Muslim broth­
Kim  urged  his  troops  to with  him  & does  not want  to operation  conducted  against one a peaceful, harmonious ers and sisters, including Paki­
bear in mind “the iron truth that break his promise to me. Deal terrorists in Balochistan linked KARACHI: A view of burning fire that erupted in vehicle due to wiring in an d safe h o ly m on t h of stanis here and back  home in
genuine peace and security are will happen!” to Iran based Indian network. Buffer Zone area during the high temperature in provincial capital. Ramadan, here in  Pakistan Australia, Ramzan Mubarak!”

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