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Job Description

Position: Human Resources Administrator

Purpose of Position

The HR Administrator is responsible for providing HR administrative support on a day-to day basis. The
role contributes to the development and maintenance of the HR function. The HR Administrator
supports the Culture and Change Manager in providing a comprehensive HR service to managers and
employee within Careerforce.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to Culture and Change Manager

Direct Reports Nil

Delegated Authority

Financial Nil

Other As per delegations policy

External Relationships Internal Relationships

 Employment consultants  Chief Executive Officer

 Vetting agencies  Culture and Change Manager
 Contractors  Executive Assistant/Board Secretary
 Legal partners  Senior Management Team
 All staff

Primary Key Functions

Administration of HR  Provides administrative support for the whole HR function across
function recruitment, induction, remuneration, performance management,
employment relations, HR policy and procedures, learning and
development, health and safety and exiting.
 Provides support and guidance on HR policies and procedures to all
managers and employees.
 Ensures the right checks and balances are in place and are carried out. Eg
criminal checks are completed during recruitment for recruitment, initial
induction of new employees include baseline health and safety
information etc.
 Maintains paper based and electronic personnel files.
 Administers employee benefits, programmes and events.
 Evaluates risks and provides advice to managers and employees to
manage risk in line with Careerforce policies and procedures.

Primary Key Functions

HR system and  Maintain all records on the HR systems in line with changes to contracts,
process maintenance salary reviews, pay rates, market information, and any other information
that is relevant to this system, whilst ensuring complete accuracy and
 Enter data into HR systems as required to ensure all HR records remain
up-to- date
 Provide administrative support and coordination during recruitment
campaigns to the lead recruitment manager.
 Provide advice and support to the Culture and Change Manager on
system management, review and improvements.
 Develop a set of monthly HR reports that support monthly Leadership
and Board reporting.
 Provide backup to the Finance department for use and administration of
the payroll system.
Environmental health,  Supports the development and maintenance of policies and procedures
safety and wellbeing around organisational health and safety.
 Ensure that Careerforce is meeting employer obligations in relation to
health and safety regulations and legislation
Reporting and Market  Develop a suite of reports that provide baseline data for monthly
analysis reporting purposes, eg to Leadership team, Board of Directors.
 Provide recommendations on gathered data for reporting purposes.
 Provide routine remuneration advice to managers during recruitment
General  From time to time there will be a need to provide administrative support
Administration to the Executive Assistant/Board Secretary
 Other tasks as required by the Culture and Change Manager

Key Result Area General Activities Performance Measures

Strategic and business  Supports and contributes to the  All identified tasks/areas of
planning strategic and business planning of responsibility are managed in an
Careerforce. effective and pro-active manner.
Overall performance  Proactively supports HR  Evidence of contributions to
operations and workforce meeting key HR strategic and
planning. operational goals
Risk management  Supports the identification of risks  Evidence of contributions to
and impacts, and provides meeting the HR risk mitigation
administrative support for all HR plans.
operational risks, helps
implement and review solutions
under the direction of the Culture
and Change Manager.
Key Result Area General Activities Performance Measures

Financial  Contributes to the annual draft  All expenditure is within budgetary

Management budget planning. allocations.
 Monitors monthly HR budget for

Project management  Contribute as required to project  Carries out all assigned project
development and coordination. responsibilities successfully.

Communications  Communications to all employees  Communications are appropriate

are clear, concise and timely. and to required standards.
 Provides administrative support
for HR website information.
 Provides administrative support in
the development of internal and
external communications.

Variation of Duties

The duties and responsibilities outlined within this Position Description should not be construed as a
complete and exhaustive list, as it is not the intention to limit in any way the scope or functions of this
position. With the agreement of the Culture and Change or his/her nominee, these duties and
responsibilities may be amended from time to time by addition, deletion or modification to reflect
changing circumstances or shifts in organisational requirements.

Person Specifications

 Relevant tertiary qualification in HR or a Desirable

related discipline
 Two to five years’ experience in a similar
role All are essential
 Knowledge and understanding of:

o organisations structures, HR
operational policies and procedures
o human resources systems (Payroll,
HRIS etc.)
o office and administration
o project coordination
 Computer literate (Microsoft products etc.)
 Demonstrates good relationship building
and management skills.
 Highly developed communication skills,
written, listening and speaking
 Able to work autonomously and get on with
the work
Building Trust - Interacting and communicating with others i.e. staff and clients in a way
that gives confidence in one’s intentions and those of Careerforce. Maintains privacy and
confidentiality in strict adherence with the Privacy Act.

Focus on Service Delivery - Providing excellent service to others as the primary focus of
one’s actions, achieved through developing and sustaining effective relationships and
evidence informed practice.

Resilience - Succeeds personally and professionally through the application of a positive,

solution focused approach to adversity, disappointment and challenging situations;
utilises multiple techniques to achieve effective performance; is persistent but realistic
and displays adaptability in the face of changing circumstances.

Continuous Quality Improvement - Is self-motivated; reflects on practice and seeks to

improve to continually deliver excellent quality services. Setting high standards of
performance of self and others, assumes responsibility and accountability for successfully
completing assignments or tasks

Leading through Vision and Values - Keeping the organisation’s vision and values at the
forefront of own and others’ decision-making and action

Initiating Action - Taking prompt action to accomplish objectives; taking action to achieve

goals beyond what is required; being proactive.

Coaching - Providing timely guidance and feedback to help others strengthen specific
knowledge/skill areas to fulfil responsibilities or tasks. Allocates tasks appropriately and
provides the necessary support.

Managing Work (includes Time Management) - Effectively managing one’s time and
resources to ensure that work is completed efficiently and effectively.

Contributing to Team Success - Actively participating as a member of a team to move the

team toward the completion of goals.

Building Working Relationships - Developing and using collaborative relationships to

facilitate the accomplishment of work goals

Planning and Organising - Establishing courses of action for self and others to ensure that
work is completed efficiently