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Lesson Plan Template

School: Alwaleed bin Abdulmalik school Date: 11 MARCH

PST: Time: 11:35 to 12:20

MST: Ms. Basheera Unit: States of matter

Class: Number
science 19

ADEC Learning Outcome:

Define the properties of matter, physical and chemical properties.

Prior Knowledge:

students learned about temperature and weather

Questions to include:

What happens to the water when the temperature is too high?

What happens to the water when the temperature is too low?

Which one of the states of matter is the rain?

Subject Matter: states of matter

Lesson Objectives: for this lesson students will be able to Identify the states of matter (liquid,
solid and gas)

Lesson Activities/Procedure:

I. Preparation

Before the class:

Prepare the following materials and Resources:

 A projector to show the states of matter video

 A computer to play the video
 Whiteboard
 Worksheets
 pencils
 pictures cards of solid, liquid and gas things
 The activity worksheets are enough for each group.
 Make sure every group has enough pencils.
 The projector and the computer are working

Key vocabulary:


During class:(10 min)

A. Routine: Start with the basic steps before each class (greeting, what day is today? Write the
day and the date on the board)

B. Review of the past lesson

C. Motivation (energizer): play the states of matter video

D. Unlocking of difficulties: to unlock difficulties use objects that represent the three states
of matter (bottle of water, balloon, book or any solid thing you find) to make it easier for them to
remember the differences, use examples of the states of matter from their daily life experiences.

II. Presentation (20min)

Whole class Activity 1: (states of matter presentation)

Play the PowerPoint slides, and introduce the three states of matter, the PowerPoint will contain
the mater definition, states of matter properties and examples of each state.

ask questions while presenting (e.g. do you see any solid things in the classroom, give me an example
of liquids?)

Whole class Activity 2: (states of matter matching cards)

On the board write the three states of matter names; liquid, solid and gas,

Let the students match the picture with the name.

III. Practice(15 min)

Small group Activity 3:

Before you send the students to their groups, give them instructions about what should they do.

For high level students:

Beside each state of matter write names of objects that belongs to it.

For mid- level students:

Sort the names of objects that are already written, under the state of matter that belongs
to it.

For low level students:

draw beside each state of matter objects that belong to it and write their names.

IV. Production/Evaluation

Ask the student questions about the lesson, (what have you learned today? What are the states of
matter? Give me examples etc.)

10 min

Evaluation / Assessment:

Give the students blank paper and let them divide it into three sections, for each section let them
draw one object for each; solid, liquid and gas.

Personal focus:

In this lesson I am working on my Classroom management strategies.