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Name: Paige Monacelli Date: 4/23/19

Curriculum Theme: Ocean Title of Lesson: Ocean center

Age: ___I ___T _XX__PS ___K
I. Concept Statement
The children will​ enhance their understanding of numbers and how to categorizes objects by 
engaging in the ocean-themed center. 
Mathematics Development

III. Sub-Domains and Skills

HSELOF Sub-Domain 1: ​Operations and Algebraic 
HSELOF Code: ​P-Math 7
HSELOF Goal: ​Child understands simple patterns 

Skill 1: ​Can complete patterns 

Objective 1: ​The children will enhance their understanding of patterns and how to complete them by 
engaging in the ocean center. 

HSELOF Sub-Domain 2: ​Measurement 

HSELOF Code: ​P-Math 8   
HSELOF Goal:​ Child identifies, describes, compares and composes shapes. 

Skill 2: ​understands shapes and their names. 

Objective 2: ​The children will enhance their understanding of the names of shape by engaging in the 
ocean-themed center.

HSELOF Sub-Domain 3: ​Counting and cardinality 

HSELOF Code: ​P-Math 2 Child recognizes the number of objectives in a small set. 
HSELOF Goal: ​Child recognizes the number of objectives in a small set. 

Skill 3​: ​can count objects in small sets. 

Objective 3: ​The children will enhance their ability to count objects and put them in sets by engaging 
in the ocean-themed center. 
IV. Materials Needed [A]

● Fishbowls (see supplemental materials)

● Fish that are different shapes (see supplemental materials)
● Pattern strips and answers (see supplemental materials)
● Jell fish (see supplemental materials)
● pipe cleaners( 25)

Prior to the Lesson / Preparation [B]

I will have all the materials cut out and ready for the children to complete.

V. Directions / Steps / Process [Parts A, B C]:

A. Motivation/Introduction/Visual Aid
I will bring out the different activities that they can interact with and introduce them to the different
activities they can complete.

B. Steps [Directions/Actions/Communication]
1. I will introduce each activity to the children as they come to the center.
2. I will demonstrate to the children how to do each activity.
3. I will allow the children to play with each as they want.
4. I will help the children when they need me too.

C. Conclusion and Transition

Conclusion/Reinforcement of Skills

The children will come and go to the center as they would like.

I will ask the children questions along the way as they compete for different tasks.
VI. Supplemental Materials / Resources