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age 1 of 20 FINAL REPORT TO DIRECTOR TOM SOREL FINAL REPORT TO DIRECTOR TOM SOREL April 8, 2019 Table of Contents Report to Director Tom Sorel evan at Introduction’ Issues for the Team Seer 2 Opening : 3 Issue 4: Allegation: Favoritism : : 4 'ssue 2: Allegation: Treatment of Young Female Employees Differently Than Others .11 !ssue 3: Allegation: Unprofessional Conduct! Workplace Harassment 13 Other Concerns 7 16 Staff Opinions on the Solution/Remedy to the Situation : 19 Final Staff Comments 19 Team Summary .. 7 : 19 Retaliation Statement... = 24 Page of 20, Introduction (On February 14, 2019, Tom Sorel, NDDOT Director, concurred that a workplace investigation by conducted to gather facts and determine any conclusions regarding allegations made by Drivers License (DL) employees. There was no formal written ‘complaint/grievance filed regarding these allegations. A leter of concem regarding DL Director Glenn Jackson was addressed to Tom Sorel on February 8, 2019. It was signed by Patti Rothmann and Jodi Jacobson. Rachel Mount also concurred following a meeting with Human Resources Director, Nikki Sackman. The focus of the investigation included: 1) Is there any evidence that indicates Mr. Jackson has shown favortism in the Drivers License Division? 2) Is there any evidence that indicates Mr. Jackson treats young female employees differently than other employees? 3) Is there any evidence that indicates that Mr. Jackson engaged in unprofessional conduct that could be construed as workplace harassment? ‘The investigation was conducted as provided for in the Workplace Investigation Process, NDDOT Personnel Policy Statement 20.2. Judy L. Froseth, Team Leader, and Dan Doni, Team Member, were assigned as the investigation team. Both have had previous experience in workplace investigations. Nicole Ralph in Human Resources provided coaching, ‘The following Drivers License employees were interviewed during the investigation: ‘Glenn Jackson, Directoy, Drivers License Division (DLO) Glenn Pata Rothman, Driver Records Manager DLD Pat sedi Jacabeon, Driver Records Supervigor DLO Jost RRechel Mount, Chie rivers License Examiner LD ache! Kayla Lemiew, Orivr Records Supervisor DLD Kayla Bile Moore, Deputy Chie Examiner DLO Bie Sarah Bicker, Werkfrce Scheduing Supervisor DLO Sarah Bicker Jennifer Homer, Driver Records DLO Jemiter Homer Jenifer Peo, river Records DLD Jenner Pel Tonya Schmit, Driver Records DLD Tonya “Thomas Noge!. Driver Records DLO Tom ‘Amanda Rene- Matthews, Applications OLD Amanda Perry Aanenson, Driver License Examiner DLD Petry ‘Sara Bender, Driver License Examiner, DLO Sora Bender Page 3of 20, ‘Some interviewed employees suggested we interview certain other employees and/or former employees; we didn't believe they would have anything new to add. In addition, We did get information via email rom Mark Nelson, Deputy Director for Driver & Vehicle Services/Business Support. (See attachment 5) Opening ‘The Workplace Investigation Team (hereinafter ‘the Team") was tasked to investigate complaints and management issues within the Drivers License Division. Based on fourteen interviews with Drivers License employees and additional research of relevant file documents, it appears that Glenn Jackson's leadership has deteriorated in his effectiveness to manage and lead the DL Gentral Office staf, The evidence affims the appearance of favoritism, differential treatment, and perhaps unprofessional Conduetiworkplace harassment. Additionally, there is miscommunication, there is some regard of chain of command, and working relationships with the director are not healthy. There are some employees who mistrust and avoid contact with the director. ‘There is a concem that Department policies have been violated. A larger, supplemental document, “Evidence Transcripts,” contain employee statements that address their ‘concems. This is attachment 1 Attachment 2: Violation of Policy 17.3 Workforce Harassment may be applicable, when: itis offensive or shows hostilty or aversion toward an employee or the employee's relatives, friends, or associates; it adversely affects an employee's employment opportunities; it unreasonably interferes with an employee's work performance; or it Creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. Attachment 3: Violation of Equal Employment Opportunity Policy 1.2 may be applicable. It states that no employee will be discriminated against because of age. Attachment 4: Violation of Policy II 41 Equal Employment Opportunity may be applicable. It states that no NDDOT employee will be discriminated against because of age. The EEO Program allows no discrimination of any kind in: training during employment or selection for training,