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Hells' Kier

Hells' Kier is a level 70 trial introduced in patch 4.4 with Stormblood.

 The Fire-bird Down Below
 Disciple of War or Magic level 70
 The Ruby Sea (X:27.8 Y:16.4)
 Bunchin
 Players must first complete the Chronicles of a New Era quest Tortoise in Time

Hell's Kier (Normal)
Cremate - Tankbuster
Eternal Flame - Revives all the phoenix corpses
These will tether to a damage dealer and must be killed ASAP. If not killed after a certain
amount of time they will cast
Ashes to Ashes - high damage and debuff (will likely result in a wipe)
Best strategy is to stack them in the middle and AOE them down together
Endless Summer - Massive frontal cone AOE directed at one player - move out the way to
avoid to avoid damage and debuffs
Screams of the Damned - raid wide AOE damage
Phoenix Down - large plumes cover the platform and slowly begin to cast an explosion.
If above strategy was followed and all 4 phoenix were killed in the middle - then middle plume
should be destroyed to create a safe zone before the explosion happens. Any phoenix corpse
caught in the explosion will be revived with HP buffs.
If any phoenix are raised then be sure to focus them down so they do not explode and wipe the
The boss will then return to the centre and cast Eternal Flame again. The phoenix will fly away
this time and the platform will begin to change forming 8 circles around the centre.
Players must face the way of the arrow to absorb the orbs and not let them reach the boss so
she does not power her special. There are 7 waves of orbs.
Scarlet Melody - raid-wide damage based on strength of gauge from the orbs
At this point the platform will have changed drastically and there will be a hole in the middle
which you can fall through - so be careful. You can also fall of the edge as well.
Southron Star - raid-wide damage
Ruthless Refrain - knockback from centre of platform
Phantom Flurry - multi-hit tankbuster, followed by huge frontal AOE knockback
Well of Flame - large column AOE attack on a player, dodge this
Phoenix Says - when the phoenix hits a run the corresponding platform explodes dealing high
damage and debuffs
See which direction the phoenix is flying and position yourself next to (but not in) that section
about to explode and then move into it after the explosion
Another Well of Flame and Ruthless Refrain will occur during this part. Once all four sections
have exploded the platform will return to normal.
Incandescent Interlude - four meteor circles spawn around the boss - ensure at least 1 player
is in each
Rekindle - all players are targeted by circle AOEs, spread out to avoid any overlap (will happen
at same times as Incandescent Interlude)
Another tankbuster and knockback will happen.
Phoenix Rush - phoenix on edge will appear and rush across platform - dodge them
Phoenix Says 2.0 - platform will change colour again but this time 2 sequences of 4 runes on
each side, same principle as before but faster movement required.
After this you have seen all mechanic and these will repeat until the boss is dead.

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