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Portfolio 2018-19

Work Experience Outside of School

Describe the job(s) you have participated in outside of school.

I have worked as a hostess at Diavola and I basically create the layout for the restaurant
depending on walk-ins or reservations.
I have also worked at Coppola as a server’s assistant over the summer and I just buss tables and
serve food.

If this is a regular job, on average, how many hours do you work each week?
I would only work 2 days a week maximum because I have softball, so average I would work
about 12 hrs.

If this is an occasional job, how many hours do you estimate you have spent doing this
During the summer I work about 15+ hours a week.

Do you enjoy the work that you have done so far? Why or why not?
I do enjoy working at Coppola as a server’s assistant because I also get to communicate with
guests. I also like working as a hostess because I can I can create the layout and I am the first
person people communicate with when they walk in.

What kinds of soft skills, academic skills, and/or specialized training have you needed to
use in your work?
Responsibility, communication, and ability to follow directions are some soft skills I need to use
in my work.
Portfolio 2018-19

What have learned about yourself so far by doing this kind of work?
I have learned that I am capable of talking to guest when there is an issue, I can speak up
whenever there is an issue I can’t handle, and complete certain tasks that are given to me.