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YUVAN SHANKAR.R ( 7826986574 )

NAVNITHA ( 7708221200 )
Tamilnadu Dr Ambedkar Law University, Chennai

The presentation of this paper works on crimes among youth and crimes against youth and its
preventive measures. An increasing amount of research beginning to offer a globe overview of
extends of youth and violation. And in this paper we discuss about the status of youths in the
county and the circumstances which inducing youths to commit crimes and their preventive
measures. The most common and severe form of violation among Youths : Theft, assault,
Alcohol offenses, Rape, Cyber crimes, Vandalism, school disciplinary offences, Traffic violence,
Mischief/Criminal Nuisance, Criminal trespass, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Harassment,
Burglary, possession of weapons, Fraud and False reporting. Most form of violence are not
unique incidents but are ongoing and can even continue for decades. In our India and also other
countries crime among youths is the common and usual problem nowadays. Because of the
sensitivity of the subject, the violence is usually under-reported. Government should deeply
concentrate to take the preventive measure for crimes among youths. Government should
increase the awareness among the Students and youths about the crimes and their consequences
and also their preventive measures. By teaching the moral stories and make their circumstances
positive. By increasing the police vigilance towards students. And its important to make the
changes towards education system regarding the importance of education and consequences of
crimes and effectiveness of law are all those should teach in school education itself.