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Order the following sentences

1.- clean your room/ have to/ you

2.- they/ play football/ Do/ have to?

3.- don’t have/ I/ make my bed.

4.- do the dishes/ has to/ she.

5.- cut the grass/ Does/ have to/ he?

6.- She/ study/ has to/ everyday.

Complete with HAVE TO/ HAS TO/ don’t have to/ doesn’t have to

1.- Sarah_________ study hard for the exam.

2.- David ________ clean his room.
3.- I __________ cut the grass every Sunday.
4.- Andres__________ to play football after class.
5.- You____________ make your bed everyday.
6.- She________________ (negative) go to school on Saturday.
7.- I ___________ brush my teeth everyday.
8.- You________________ (negative) do the dishes.
9.- He________________(negative) make his bed in the morning.