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CITY OF MIAMI, FLORIDA INTER-OFFICE MEMORANDUM. TO: — Commissioner Manolo Reyes DATE: November 21,2018 FILE: District 4 SUBJECT: Proposed vehicular restrictions SW 24" Terrace and SW 17" Avenue and SW 27" Avenue REFERENCES: ENCLOSURES: Location Map Residents Petition Responses from City of Miami Police Fire-Reseue, Solid Waste Department ‘The Department of Resilience and Public Works received a request from your office referencing the petition of property owners within the Silver Bluff neighborhood abutting the corridor of SW 24* Terrace. The neighbors expressed concerns about unsafe conditions due to excessive cut-through traffic between SW 17% Avenue and SW 27" Avenue and requested the City to implement a traffic control plan to reduce traffic within their neighborhood. As directed by Miami City Code Section 54-16(d), the Department of Resilience and Public Works solicited ‘written comments and recommendations concerning the proposed elimination of emergency vehicle access at the above named intersections from the Police, Fire-Rescue and Solid Waste Departments, to which Fire- Reseue and Solid Waste were opposed to the requested closures, Unfortunately, at this time we cannot move forward with the request e: Nzeribe Ihekwaba; PhiD.; P:E5 Assistant City Manager Alan M, Dodd PE, Director, Deparment of Resilience and Public Works /)