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Microsoft commits to running data centers off 50% renewable energy

by 2018 cloud to reduce fuel consumption

Microsoft announced it plans to by public transportation, adopt Microsoft has committed to greater
power its data centers around clean energy like solar power, im- transparency, including reporting
the world using 50% renewable prove food resiliency in a changing its energy consumption across re-
energy by 2018. The company also climate, and understand and pre- gions and the mix of sources for the
plans to boost its use of renewable dict changes in the ocean, “we must power it uses, while continuing to
power for its data centers to 60% also ensure that we are building a report its total energy consumption
by the early 2020sRob Bernard, responsible cloud.” and the impact of its carbon reduc-
Microsoft’s chief environmen- tion program.
tal & cities strategist, made the The company also supports public
announcement at the VERGE16 policies designed to accelerate the
conference last week. Bernard’s availability and affordability of re-
comments during a conference newable energy on the grid. Twelve
keynote were a reiteration of a states are challenging the plan, but
commitment earlier this year by “Tremendous amounts of
Microsoft, along with Amazon,
the company to increase its use Apple and Google, signed an am- energy will be required
of clean energy. Microsoft’s latest icus brief in support of the White to power this data-driven
announcement came on the same House’s Clean Power Plan, which revolution. The leading
day that Apple committed to 100% is expected to enter oral arguments
renewable energy use by joining cloud companies have a
later this month.
RE100, a global initiative by influ- The plan is a commitment by the responsibility to address
ential businesses. To date, RE100 U.S. and 19 other countries and 28 this energy usage,”
has amassed membership from 77 leading technology innovators to Bernard wrote.
corporations, including Microsoft. double funding and other resourc-
es for clean energy research and
In Microsoft’s Green Blog, Ber- development.
nard noted that as the company
begins using the power of the
The 2016 National Renewable Energy Policy Forum:
immense promise for the future of
This year’s Renewable Energy way through the courts. With tax
renewable energy in the U.S. and
Policy Forum takes place as seis- credits phasing down just as the
around the world.
mic developments in national and deadlines for most ambitious emis-
global policies are reshaping the But important challenges remain. sion reductions come into force, the
renewable energy marketplace. Other renewable technologies, Clean Energy Incentive Program,
In December, Congress enacted including geothermal, hydro a promising but uncertain new ele-
a major new tax package offering and biomass, secured a tax cred- ment of the Clean Power Plan, may
long-sought stability to the wind it extension only through 2016, have a critical role to play.
and solar power industries. Just two and will need quick action from
weeks earlier, 129 nations at the Congress to keep their incentives Moreover, a whole new set of
COP21 meetings in Paris reached in place. Meanwhile, the Clean issues are moving towards center
agreement on an unprecedented Power Plan moves to the critical stage, and this year’s forum will
global effort to reduce greenhouse implementation stage, with states provide in-depth analyses of these
gas emissions. Taken together, working on their compliance plans and other important policies and
these developments are a source of even as legal challenges work their address the critical challenges that
“Driving Growth in a
New Policy Landscape”

New Initiative:
Expanding the Use of Renewable
Energy Around the World
ACORE’s International Initiative
exists to accelerate the transition to
a global renewable energy economy.

In order to accelerate this transi-

tion, ACORE now partners with a
number of countries, multilateral
organizations and global corpo-
rations to foster an exchange of
knowledge and best practices,
identify business opportunities and
promote the use of renewable ener-
gy around the world.

ACORE’s International Initiative

provides a needed platform to
discuss and improve policy and
financial mechanisms for global
renewable energy development.

lie ahead, including the implemen-

tation of the Clean Power Plan, the
achievement of the nation’s COP21
commitments, and the policy sig-
nals and business models needed to
drive continued market evolution
and expansion.