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Wilf and Wilma had come to play at Biff and Chip's house. It was Wilf’s birthday. “Happy birthday, Wilf,” said Biff and Chip. They gave him a big card. Wilf had a large box. It's a kind of submarine,” said Wilf. “This is my birthday present,” he said. “It explores the sea bed.” Everyone looked inside the box. “That's right,” said Wilma. “It goes “What is it?” asked Chip. to the bottom of the sea.” “It looks like a submarine,” said Biff. “What a brilliant present!” said Biff. 142 a in cecmeras Pci The submarine looked like a car. It Biff looked at the magic key. Suddenly had big windows and it had headlights. _it began to glow. It was time for a new Wilf put the headlights on. adventure. “it’s brilliant,” said Chip. “| wonder where the key will take us,” said Wilf. The magic took the children to the The children went to look at the sea, where there were lots of boats. submarine. Chip pointed to a yellow submarine. “| wish we could look inside,” said “Look at that one,” he said. “It looks Chip. just like Wilf's submarine!” Just then a hatch began to open and a man looked out 143 The man peered at them. “We're not your new crew,” shouted “Hello!” he said. “I'm Professor Tangle.” Wilf. “How do you do!” “How do you do,” said Will. Professor Tangle didn't hear properly. “My new crew?” said Professor Tangle. He got things muddled up. “You look a bit young,” “You know what to do?” he said. “That's good! Get on board,” went on “No, it's not a ship,” said the Professor. the Professor. “And tell me your names.” “It's a diving machine.” “I'm Biff,” said Biff, “and this is Wilma. “We know that,” said Wilf. This is Wilf, and this is Chip.” “We've never been in one,” said Wilma, “and we're not your new crew!” 144