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A. Choose the right answer by crossing a, b, c, d a. instruction d.

or e b. programmers e. computers
1. If you use a city map, you … your way. c. operators
a. Are not losing d. did not lose 7. A programmer first of all has to … a flow
b. Will not lose e. have not lose chart.
c. Would not lose a. A narrative language
2. If the electric is on, the machine… b. An English language
3. X: “what will you do if the electric is on?” c. A computer language
Y: “…” d. A special laboratory language
a. I begin to operate the computer. e. A machine language
b. I would begin to operate the computer 8. What language is this chart translated into?
c. I will begin to operate the computer 9. … a number of electrical circuits switch on
d. I will have begun to operate the and off. The underlined words have the same
computer meaning as …
e. I am beginning to operate the computer a. Turn on and off d. turn down
b. Turn on e. turn over
Question number 4 to 13
c. Turn off
Computer needs instructions from trained 10. What do a number of electrical circuits do
people. These instructions are called after the instruction have been fed into the
programmers, and people who write them are computer?
called programmer, a programmer first of all has a. To do the computer
to produce a flow chart like the one shown below. b. To type the data
c. To use the programmed
Then this chart is translated into a special d. To switch on and off
“machine language”, which the computer can e. To commute the articles.
respond to. After the instructions have been fond 11. How does the computer perform its
into the computer, a number of electrical circuits operation?
switch on hand off using binary arithmetic to a. Quickly enough d. softly
control them. You may have learnt about binary b. Very slowly e. too hard
arithmetic in your math’s class. c. Very quickly
The computer performs its operation very 12. What should the program do unless the
quickly. Unless the programmed is wrong, or has program is wrong?
been wrongly inserted, or the computer has a. It should tell you
developed a fault, it should tell you what you b. It should tell you what you want to know
want to know. Programing is sometimes called c. It should program the computer
software and the computer equipment hardware. d. It should keep the date
e. It should count the result
4. Who do computers need instruction? 13. What is the programming sometime called?
a. Trainers d. instructors a. Software d. input
b. Trained people e. students b. Hardware e. output
c. A programmer c. Flow chart
5. From the text, we know that the people who 14. … you to clean the room?
… the programmed are called programmers. a. Can d. may
a. Read d. translate b. Must e. ought
b. Compute e. write c. Will
c. Perform 15. What … they planning to go tonight?
6. … and people who write them are called … a. Is d. will
the word “them” here refers to… b. Are e. were
c. was c. Four years
16. Indar is going to … his lesson tonight. 22. What was Ms. Rogers promoted to during
a. Study d. will that time she worked with Mr. Gregory?
b. Are e. were a. An applicant d. a staff
c. was b. A businessman e. an officer manager
17. She didn’t answer when I knocked on the c. A personal manager
door. She … sleeping, I saw her enter the 23. Her voice is so … that we can hardly hear
room an hour ago. her.
a. Must d. may be a. Softly d. softer
b. Can be e. may have been b. Soft e. the softest
c. More soft
Question number 18-22
24. Ana and Ani … picked mother up today.
a. Am d. were
b. Is e. was
c. are
25. This laptop is … by her.
a. Take d. taken
b. Took e. to taking
c. To take

B. Answer the question below!

1. Put the following into passive voice!
a. We use the room only on special
18. X: “what is the form of the letter above?”
b. They have made the telephone call.
Y: “it is … letter.”
c. We will not admit children under
a. An application d. an order
b. A request e. an inquiry
d. A thief stole my bag.
c. A recommendation
e. The students could understand this
19. What is the message of the letter above?
a. Ms. Rogers write to Mr. Richard Tron.
2. Change into active!
b. Ms. Rogers and Ms. Richard Tron are
a. We are followed by someone.
b. The letter is received by me.
c. Mr. Gregory Papas recommends Ms.
c. Many things are lost by people every
Suzane to Mr. Richard Tron in
connection with her application
d. He will be taken to the hospital by them
d. Mr. Richad writes to Gregory Papas
e. Mr. Gregory writes to Ms. Suzane
e. The screw has been tighten by him
20. Ms. Suzane has requested that I write to you.
The underlined word refers to?
a. Ms. Rogers d. Mr. Tron
b. Readers e. writes
c. Mr. Gregory Papas
21. How many years were Ms. Rogers and Mr.
Gregory colleagues?
a. Two years d. five years
b. Three years e. six years