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Connecting With Christ

Which of these facts about the Etch-
Nearly 20 years ago at the height of

This Week @ campus hill

ells is not true:
Operation Desert Storm, Ruth Dillow
• Miss Susi has climbed a higher received a very sad message from
mountain than Pastor Mark the Pentagon. The message stated
that her son, Clayton had stepped on Volume 1. Issue 4 April 20 I 2019
• Campus Hill is the 7th congrega-
tion in which Pastor Mark has served a land mine in Kuwait and was killed.
Ruth later wrote these words, “I can’t On February 15, 1947 Glenn Chambers record an important detail about the
• Pastor Mark and Miss Susi gradu- boarded a plane bound for Quito, Ec- death of His Messiah. The One who had
begin to describe my grief and shock.
ated from the same high school — uador to begin his ministry in mission- no place to lay his head would be bur-
It was almost more than I could bear. ary broadcasting. But he never arrived.
10 years apart ied in a rich man’s tomb. Joseph prob-
For 3 days I just wept. I expressed an- In a horrible moment, the plane carry- ably didn’t realize that his act fulfilled
• Pastor Mark and Miss Susi had a ger and loss. For 3 days people tried ing Chambers spiraled downward and prophecy. The full answer to the why of
two year engagement. FALSE to comfort me but nothing worked ... crashed into a mountain peak. Later it Jesus’ death was also several days away
They were engaged November 4 the loss was simply too great.” was learned that before leaving the Mi- for Joseph and the others. All he knew
and married on April 14—5 months! ami airport, Chambers wanted to write was that he was now a disciple of Jesus
But 3 days after she received that his mother a letter. All he could find for -- and that was enough to motivate his
• Miss Susi lived in Hong Kong for message the phone rang. The voice stationery was a page of advertising gift of love. — Pastor Mark
one year. on the other end said, “Mom, it’s me! on which was written the single word
It’s Clayton, I’m alive!” Ruth recalls, “WHY?” Around that word he hastily
• Pastor Mark and Miss Susi love to

the cross
scribbled a final note. After Chambers’s
snow ski. “I couldn’t believe it at first. But then LIVING IN THE SHADOW OF
mother learned of her son’s death, his
I recognized his voice and realized letter arrived. She opened the enve-
• Pastor Mark and Miss Susi’s 28th he really was alive. The message
wedding anniversary is tomorrow, lope, took out the paper, and unfolded
was all a mistake.” She continued, it. Staring her in the face was the ques-
“I laughed, I cried, I felt like turning tion “WHY?”
cartwheels because my son who I
thought was dead was actually alive.” No doubt this was the questions Jesus’
disciples asked when He was arrested, Tonight is our final time together in our
The story of Jesus’ resurrection is tried, and crucified. And it was prob- Week of Reflection. We’ll be ponder-
very similar. The disciples, family ably the questions Joseph of Arimathea ing the meaning of Christ’s resurrection.
members, those who were at the asked himself as he approached Pilate What does Jesus’ resurrection mean to
and requested the Lord’s body. It must you? When D. L. Moody, the great evan-
cross had all received the news that gelist, was dying, his last words were,
have nagged at him as he wrapped the
Jesus died—BUT an incredible turn body in a linen cloth, carried it to his “Earth is receding, heaven is approach-
of events was about to take place. own freshly hewn tomb, and rolled the ing; this is my crowning day.”
Jesus’ power over death brought the massive stone into its groove over the
possibility of eternal life to everyone! Christ’s resurrection is a reminder that we
tomb’s mouth. In the face of his grief, need have no fear about death, and if we
• Pastor Mark and Miss Susi have
Joseph carried on. He did what he knew do not have to fear death, we don’t have
four children, two boys and two girls
Along with you, living in the power of he had to do. None of Jesus’ relatives to fear anything!
and of course, numerous “adopted”
Jesus’ resurrection, were in a position to claim His body for
burial, for they were all Galileans and “Therefore there is now no condemna-
none of them possessed a tomb in Je- tion for those who are in Christ Jesus. For
• In 1989, Pastor Mark organized the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus
rusalem. The disciples weren’t around
and led the first Pathfinder Rock has set you free from the law of sin and of
to help either. But there was another
Climbing Invitational for the North death.” — Romans 8:1,2
reason for Joseph’s act of love. In Isa-
American Division of Seventh-day
iah 53:9, God directed the prophet to
a weekl y com m uni cat i o n fo r C am pu s H i l l fam i l y an d fri e n ds
Roar VBS is an African adventure for Ted Mohr - Grief, Comfort
the entire crew. Students will learn Today : Sabbath April 20
The outpouring of the Holy Spirit
that “God is good” and will stay with Etchells - Our house to sell quickly 8:30a - Choir Practice
them forever. Healing for 9:30a - Sabbath Schools
Campus Hill Health Ministries 10:55a - Divine Worship Service
Our Church to become a family 12:45p - Student/Visitor Luncheon
Wisdom in giving a hand up to the 6:30p - Living in the Shadow...
My marriage Sunday : April 21
YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION IS Our children to seek Jesus 5:00a - Prayer Walk, Mt. Rubidoux
NEEDED as we plan outreach in our Wednesday : April 24
community. Did you know our church To have a special prayer re-
6:30p - Prayer Meeting
family is spread out over quite a large quest placed in our weekly prayer
mission field? box, mark your Blue Card and Thursday : April 25
We’re planning to form Mission place it in offering or email it to 6:30p - Finance Committee
Groups according to geographical
location in order to reach those dis- Friday : April 26
This VBS will teach and reinforce connected from a faith community. 7:00p - Family Vespers
young bible students God’s good- I’m excited to partner with you to
ness in all of life circumstances. In reach into every part of our commu- Sabbath : April 27
the joyful and in the painful, God is nity in spreading the gospel! Take 8:30a - Choir Practice
always with us, taking care of us. a moment to fill our one of our Blue 9:30a - Sabbath Schools
Cards in the pew rack so we can con- 10:55a - Divine Worship Service
Kids experience God’s Word every firm your contact information. 12:45p - All-Church Luncheon
day. One memorable Bible Point is 6:30p - Church Board Meeting
reinforced throughout each station,
each day—making it easy to apply PATHFINDER SABBATH!
long after VBS is over. On Sabbath, May 11, we’ll be having
a special
Save the dates, our Vacation Bible Pathfinder Did you know research shows that
Sabbath only 1 in 5 Adventists read their Bi-
School will take place from June as our bles daily. Let’s make sure we’re help-
16-22. kids serve ing bump that average up! MASTER CALENDAR UNDERWAY
in Divine If you are a leader of one of the min-
VBS HELPERS ARE NEEDED! Worship. Our goal will be to read the entire
We’ll also istry areas here at Campus Hill Church,
If you would like to spend a few Bible in one year, and although this
be part of I need your help. Please send all dates
evenings helping share Christ with seems like a daunting task, it involves
their yearly for 2019 events and ongoing weekly or
our kids, please sign up on the insert Investiture only reading about 4 chapters of the
one-time programs. I am working on
in your Church Bulletin. Service Bible each day.
a Master Calender so members and
after our
Fellowship Apr 21: Gen 1-3 guests can know what our big Church
We are in need of funds to begin
Dinner. Apr 22: Gen 4-7 Family is up to. Please send to my per-
purchasing materials. If you can
Plan to stay by to show your support Apr 23: Gen 8-11 sonal email,
help, please place your offering in a for our club and to let our young Apr 24: Gen 12-15
tithe envelope and mark it, VBS. people know you appreciate their Apr 25: Gen 16-18
Thank you! commitment to Jesus!
Apr 26: Gen 19-21
Apr 27: Gen 22-24