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What a week it has been for Christians

around the world. In Sri Lanka, bomb-

This Week @ campus hill

ings killed more than 250 Christians who
gathered for Easter. In China, Christian Connecting With Christ
churches in many parts of the country are
being disbanded and their facilities are Nearly everyone can look back upon
being destroyed by government forces. friendships that at one time were Volume 1. Issue 5 April 27 I 2019
strong and growing but which have
We need to be praying daily for those fallen apart. The reasons are many Dear Church Family, LIVING IN THE SHADOW OF THE CROSS
suffering persecution around the world, and varied, and no two the same. was an incredible blessing to many as our
no matter their beliefs. God honors The relationship ended because of a What is a true friend? One example of nightly attendance told the story. I know I
choices and the consequences of those move where distance became an is- was blessed as Pastor Cristian and Pastor
friendship gives us a clue.
choices. He never rules by force, but by sue or it could have been a change of Shiphrah
servitude. God loves! We are asked to world views or faith. It could be any shared
love our enemies, not fight back. In his first seasons with the Brooklyn t h e
of a thousand reasons, but in the end
the relationship faded away. Dodgers, Jackie Robinson, the first speaking
We also need to remember that wring- black man to play Major League base- duties.
ing our hands about how bad the times ball, faced venom nearly everywhere he Numer-
There are other relationships, how- ous peo-
are profits no one. Jesus told us He will traveled; fastballs at his head, spikings
ever, that remain in spite of distance, ple have
return when the good news is preached
disagreements, and the crazy things on the bases, brutal language from the c o m -
to the whole world. Let’s pray that we
of life. Mary Ann Evans, known by opposing dugouts and the crowds. mented
may be faithful in our task to do His work
her pen name George Eliot, hit at the that they
right here in the Inland Empire!
root of this kind of friendship: During one game in Boston, the taunts didn’t
k n o w
LAST SUNDAY MORNING, a number and racial slurs seemed to reach a peak. what to
“Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible In the midst of this, another Dodger, a
of our Campus Hill Church Family met comfort of feeling safe with a person, expect,
at 5am in the parking lot carpooling to Southern white named Pee Wee Reese, but fo-
having neither to weigh thoughts, nor
the Res- called time out. He walked from his po- cusing
measure words, but to pour them all on Jesus’
urrection out just as they are, chaff and grain sition at shortstop toward Robinson at
Celebra- last week before the crucifixion was moving,
together knowing that a faithful hand second base, put his arm around Robin- deepening their walk.
tion on will take and sift them, keep what is son’s shoulder, and stood there with him
the top of worth keeping, and then, with the for what seemed like a long time. THE AGAPE FEAST/LORD’S SUPPER was
Mt. Rubi- breath of kindness blow the rest also a wonderful experience as we reflect-
doux. We away.” The gesture spoke more eloquently ed back on
arrived the meaning
than the words: this man is my friend.
a b o u t It’s my prayer that we can be the type of the Pass-
6am and Robinson later said that arm around his over to the
of friends she describes and model shoulder saved his career.
c o u l d our lives after the “friend who is clos- Israelites. We
hear the er than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24 also looked at
m u s i c Who can you put your arm around to- the imagery of
cascading day? Serving alongside you to be a true our being in
down the slavery to sin
friend... — Pastor Mark and being de-
mountain livered by the
as we hiked to the top. The wildflow- blood of the
ers were out in abundance, and while Lamb of God.
at the foot of the cross we made some The last part
new friends as we sang and prayed. of our focus is
Our group formed a bond through this looking forward to the time when we will
shared experience as we walked and “drink the cup” with Jesus in heaven.
talked. Plan on joining next year to re-
a weekl y co m m u n i cati o n fo r C am pu s H i l l fam i l y an d fri e n ds
ceive a great blessing!
Roar VBS is an African adventure for • The outpouring of the Holy Spirit Today : April 27 :
the entire crew. Students will learn • Our house to sell quickly-Etchells 8:30am - Choir Practice
that “God is good” and will stay with • Campus Hill Health Ministries 9:30a - Sabbath Schools
them forever. • Recovery from surgery, strength 10:55a - Divine Worship Service
• Our Church to become a Family 12:45p - All-Church Luncheon
• Our children to seek Jesus 6:30p - Church Board Meeting
• Christians around the world Sunday : April 28
suffering persecution
• My finances, a new job, my family ?:00a - Prime-Timers
to fully accept Jesus in our lives
• Health, Strength, and God’s will
as we plan outreach in our commu- 6:30p - Prayer Meeting
• My mental health
nity. Did you know our church family
• My family
is spread out over quite a large mis- Friday : May 3
• Me to get good grades, my Mom’s
sion field?
back pain, for my Papa’s work 7:00p - Family Vespers
We’re planning to form Mission
Groups according to geographical To have a special prayer request placed Sabbath : May 4
This VBS will teach and reinforce location in order to reach those dis- in our weekly prayer box, mark your Blue 8:30am - Choir Practice
young bible students God’s good- connected from a faith community. Card and place it in offering or email it 9:30a - Sabbath Schools
I’m excited to partner with you to to 10:55a - Divine Worship Service
ness in all of life circumstances. In
the joyful and in the painful, God is reach into every part of our commu- 12:45p - All-Church Luncheon
always with us, taking care of us. nity in spreading the gospel! Take
a moment to fill our one of our Blue
Kids experience God’s Word every Cards in the pew rack so we can con- Join
day. One memorable Bible Point is firm your contact information. READ THRU THE BIBLE
reinforced throughout each station,
Did you know research shows that
each day—making it easy to apply PATHFINDER SABBATH! only 1 in 5 Adventists read their Bi-
long after VBS is over. On Sabbath, May 11, we’ll be having bles daily. Let’s make sure we’re help-
a special ing bump that average up!
Save the dates, our Vacation Bible Pathfinder
School will take place from June as our Our goal will be to read the entire
16-22. kids serve Bible in one year, and although this
in Divine seems like a daunting task, it involves
VBS HELPERS ARE NEEDED! Worship. only reading about 4 chapters of the
We’ll also Bible each day. MASTER CALENDAR UNDERWAY
If you would like to help share Christ
be part of If you are a leader of one of the min-
with our kids, please sign up on the
their yearly Apr 28: Gen 25-26 istry areas here at Campus Hill Church,
insert in your Church Bulletin. Investiture Apr 29: Gen 27-29 I need your help. Please send all dates
Service Apr 30: Gen 30-31
after our for 2019 events and ongoing weekly or
We are in need of funds to begin May 1: Gen 32-34
Fellowship one-time programs. I am working on
purchasing materials. If you can May 2: Gen 35-37
Dinner. a Master Calender so members and
help, please place your offering in a May 3: Gen 38-40
Plan to stay by to show your support guests can know what our big Church
tithe envelope and mark it, VBS. for our club and to let our young May 4: Gen 41-42
Family is up to. Please send to my per-
Thank you! people know you appreciate their
commitment to Jesus! sonal email,