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Based on the Dictionary of Tourism and Hospitality, the definition of banquet is a luxurious reception
held in a special room of the hotel, by providing luxury food and other facilities.

According to Marsum (2001: 298), mentioning, "Banqueting is a term used to cover service activities
from special ceremonies in a food service company that are separated from food services in various
restaurants in general and in the Grill Room, where grilled dishes - the grill is also served in a break room
which is commonly called Longue. Banqueting is a term used to cover banquet service activities.

According to Naimuddin Dely Putra and Mhd. Yunus in the book Management of Drinking and Drinking
in Hotel Services, Banquet is a Food and Beverage Department outlet that is responsible for handling all
kinds of party activities or banquets organized by a committee or other parties who make orders to

According to Goodman Raymond (2003: 87), Banqueting is a service carried out simultaneously where all
guests are served at the same time. All arrangements, menus, drinks, and times must be scheduled
carefully before the actual event.

Initially the hotel did not provide special room facilities that have the ability to accommodate large
numbers of people who will conduct banquet activities at the hotel, because meeting rooms or meeting
rooms are economically considered to be less profitable if the hotel has to provide large rooms, with
equipment and service personnel used at certain times. In the last 15 years there have been major
changes in the habits and governance of society, especially in big cities.

The history of the banquet is motivated by the interacting human nature which, in the past, the French
nation, the family and relatives of the emperor often held gatherings while eating well among their
respective groups. They invite their relatives and colleagues to gather together with the food available.

Banquet is a tool that is not much different from the restaurant, both equipment, equipment, and food
served, but only banquet does not provide a dish permanently like a restaurant, but is held after the
ordering party will hold various forms of banquets.


1. Table service

A service system where guests sit in a chair facing the dining table, then food and drinks are delivered
and served, this table service is generally divided into 4 categories, namely:

a. American service (American service system)

Americam service has the following characteristics:

- The nature of the service is simple, informal and fast

- Food is ready to be arranged and arranged on a plate

- Presented to guests from the left

- The dirty plate is lifted from the right

b. English service (English service system)

This service is used by noble families in England, food is available at the table and arranged by the
hostess on a plate and served to her guests and the hostess is usually called a hostess, so this service is
widely used at home. The most common example is if there is a birthday, then the birthday will cut the
cake and immediately give it to the guest.

c. French service

French service is a type of service that is formal / official, initially this service was used for noble guests,
now it is preferred for people who want to get luxurious service. Food one by one comes from the
kitchen and upon arrival in the restaurant room is matured near the guest using the "range oven or
rechaud oven" and after cooking. Arranged or arranged on an oval platter using guerdion and decorated
with good decoration then one by one the dishes are offered by the waiter in sequence to the guests.
This type of service has the characteristic of serving the main food as a whole. If the guest has chosen a
part of the preferred food dish. Then cut by a waiter who has been expert and served directly onto the
guest plate, which is made of good and expensive service and decoration equipment.

d. Russian service

This type of service is often referred to as modified french service because in some ways it has
similarities with french service. Russian-style service is very formal, luxurious and guests feel the
extraordinary attention of the officers, a prominent difference between rusian and french


- Russian service requires a waiter, while French service requires two waiters

- Food served on the Russian service is prepared entirely in the kitchen while the french service is partly
prepared in the kitchen and in the restaurant.


In the Banquet organization in carrying out all tasks and operational activities led by a Banquet Manager
who oversees the Assistant manager, Secretary, Head Waiter Banquet, Bush Boy Banquet.

The following describes the work duties and responsibilities of each position, namely:
a. Banquet Manager:

Responsible for the section banquet he leads.

Coordinate all staff under it and provide guidance on a regular basis so that the service is always
satisfying guests.

It must always be closely related to F & B Manager, Public Relations Manager, Sales Manager, Restaurant
manager, Chief Engineering, Sous Chef, F & B Manager, Chief Security and Executive Housekeeper.

Carry out administrative tasks.

Check the readiness of the task and all of his subordinates. Must pay attention and listen to guest
complaints and resolve problems that must be solved.

Keep an eye on the operation of the banquet to completion.

b. Assistant Manager

Basically the duties and responsibilities of the Banquet Manager in handling their daily duties also bear
the responsibility of the Banquet Manager when unable to come. Provide briefings and supervision
during the event.

c. Secretary

Assist the tasks of a Banquet manager in dealing with entry and letter retaliation.

Make incoming reports, both from the results of meetings and reports originating from outside parties,
including complaints and suggestions from existing guests.

Besides that, he served as an intermediary before meeting the Banquet Manager, especially those who
used the telephone.

d. Banquet Supervisor:

Coordinating all activities, starting from preparing the needs of the service to the service to guests.

In addition to working with the kitchen, bar, or other parts for the sake of creating a good working

Handle all complaints from guests or requests that you need, also check all existing equipment.

Assist the Banquet Manager if experiencing difficulties.

Responsible to the Banquet Manager for all activities in the banquet and oversee the way all
subordinates work during the function.

e. Captain Banquet
Responsible for the conditions that occur in the operation of the banquet

Coordinate the waiters

Make scheduling time as well as division of tasks according to their respective positions.

Describing the atmosphere of the room, table, chairs, buffet table, mini garden, also controls the

Control all preparations before the event starts.

Lead the briefing before the event begins.

Welcome future guests before submitting further to the waiter.

Make daily reports.

Report the results of activities to the supervisior and the banquet manager about things that are
considered crippled in work operations.

f. Banquet Waiter

Carry out the tasks instructed by the banquet captain.

Responsible for the area that is part of its duties, such as cleanliness and tidiness.

Check all the equipment needed for later purposes, starting from table cloth, napkin, eating and drinking
equipment and others.

Set the room back perfectly after guests leave the room.

g. Head Waiter Banquet

Responsible for the conditions that occur in banquet operations.

Coordinating the waiters and daily workers.

Make a "Time Schedule" also the division of tasks in accordance with their respective positions.

Describing the arrangement of table chairs, buffet tables, mini garden also controls the decoration of the
room as well as preparing menu cards and names to be installed on the table.

Control all preparations before the equipment is installed on the table.

Lead a routine briefing before the event begins.

Make and submit a budget to add supporting facilities or equipment that is replaced.
h. Bush Boy Banquet

For the tasks of Bush Boy generally is to help from the tasks that must be done by the waiter,
because the waiter must always guide and direct and give a good example, also patient and careful
about bush boy


Handling in banquet services starts from the time the customer and Banquet officers first meet until the
end of the party, including the completion of payment. The process is divided into several stages,

1. Before Organizing

At the time of offering and requesting an event, the Banquet offers a variety of service products with
various facilities along with detailed costs. The customer will choose the product offered by the banquet
according to their wishes.

Both parties will approach each other, in this case the party is represented by a sales and representative
Banquet or Banquet manager. While the customer is represented by the host or executive committee.
This approach was carried out to reach an agreement that would be a technical meeting before the
event took place involving various related parties both from the hotel itself and from the customer side.

Signing the agreement after a joint agreement was reached, both parties signed a letter of agreement
containing the rights and obligations of each party.

Maintaining agreements with communications, from the time the agreement signing until the day the
event takes place, usually stretches quite a long time during that time, both parties communicate with
each other several times there are additions or reductions that might occur.

2. When implementing the event

This stage is the moment that is awaited by customers on the basis of an agreement that has been made
together. This implementation is not without constraints, for example if there are changes that might
arise from the customer's side. If the change is not principally, it may not be a problem, but if it does the
opposite it will be a troublesome problem. Because the agreement as a basis for agreement can be used
as a guide in solving any problems that may occur. The sequence of these stages is as follows:

Preparation (Preparation before implementation)

Service (during the event)

Clear up (as soon as the program finishes it is cleaned up and tidied up again as before)
3. Stages After the Event

After the event is complete, a number of accounts must be completed by the customer, the settlement
can be in the form of office payments, bank transfers, and credit cards.

This stage is the right time for the Banquet to accept all complaints and input from the customer to
receive complaints and input from the customer for the repair and improvement of service and product
quality. This is also a good opportunity to express gratitude and to be chosen as a place to hold and
remind customers


1) Kitchen department

The relationship between the Banquet Section and the kitchen is about the food and beverage menu
that will be served at the time of the function

2) Housekeeping department

This department is responsible for the cleanliness, beauty and tidiness of the space in the Banquet area
without forgetting the basic tasks, as well as carrying out a cleaner on the carpet used.

3) Engineering department

This department is in charge of providing lighting or lighting, air conditioners, closing partitions and
others concerning other technical requirements.

4) Front Office Department

The Banquet section relationship with the Front Office is to help provide information and provide rooms
- rooms for the committee and participants who hold events in banquets, especially large events such as
weddings, seminars, gala dinners, and others.

5) Florists

Associated with the procurement of flowers placed in the function room area

6) Sales and marketing department

Assist in the sale of Banquet products and also help promote these products to increase hotel revenue.

7) AV (Audio Visual)

Connecting with audio, providing LCD, microphone, etc.

8) Security department
Assist regarding the security of the event organizer's goods.



Banquet is a tool that is not much different from the restaurant, both equipment, equipment, and
serving system, but only banquet does not provide a dish permanently like a restaurant, but is held after
the ordering party will hold various forms of banquets.