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Create Commitment item

 A commitment item master record is to allow the flow of transactional data from Financial
Accounting module to Funds Management module.
 A commitment item corresponds to a GL account in the chart of accounts.
 A commitment item must be created first before a GL account is created as this is a required field
in the GL master record.

Create Commitment item Group

 This process is triggered by the need to report on a number of Commitment items Commitment
item groups are used to summarize commitment item groups that have the same characteristics
e.g. for editing purposes or reporting purposes.
 The commitment item group is created in the same manner as the normal commitment items.
 The term, commitment item group is also the name of a node in hierarchically structured groups

Create Funds Center

 Funds Centers represent an organizational unit within a Financial Management area, which
represents the structure of an organization or an area of responsibility e.g. departments or
projects. Budgets are assigned to funds centers and commitment items in Funds Management.
 Budget is consumed as transactions are posted to funds centers (via cost centers) with
commitments and actual values.
 Funds Centers will be a mirror image of the Saudi cost centers and Saudi will be able to have
budgetary control at the lowest cost centre (funds centre) level. Funds centers are maintained on
a one to one relationship with cost centers and profit center

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