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Future Group Pantaloon’s retail is India’s largest retail group with its stores
targeting different type of customers with different product category or prices.
This project deals with customer satisfaction adopted by a new retail store
opened in Meerut that was of Future group pantaloon retail named Big
Bazaar .The project mentions all the marketing activities and visual activities
that are performed to attract customers spread awareness about the store and
also how to retain the incoming customers to our retail store.
During the project many promotional activities were carried out, planned and
performed by me like Celebrity visits, Mothers day, Sabse Sathe 7 days,
Valentine’s day Wednesday Bazaar etc.
Lastly I was asked to do a customer satisfaction from our customers,to know
how much they were satisfied till yet from our store in terms of various
factors and which factor contributed the most to their satisfaction level and
also I have discussed various parameters to retain the customers and I also
recommended some retention strategies which help them to follow on the
customers and increase the customers base based on the old customers.