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- Teachers need to call students in random orders for different parts of the lesson.

Teacher Students
Slide Aims Action
Suggestions Timing Performance Timing

- Teacher reveals some

Let students get to 30
information about Before we start the lesson, I would like to introduce myself… Listen
know the teacher seconds
1 minute
- Our lesson today will be about “WHAT IS YOUR IDEAL WORKING
Introduce the - Introduce the lesson and EVVIRONMENT?” 30
lesson explain a bit about it. - If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I’m here to support you seconds
- Read the lesson’s
LESSON Tell students what
objectives on the slide - After today’s lesson, you will be able to: 30
OBJECTIVES they will gain after Listen
- Use tools to emphasize … seconds
30 seconds the lesson
key objectives on the slide
1. Do you like your working environment? Why/Why not?
2. Would you like to work in an environment like the one in the
- Ask students to watch the video? Why/Why not?
WARM UP video and answer the
4 minutes questions (ask 3-4 Link: 30 seconds/
1 minute Watch the video
(includes 1 Get students students to answer the student = 2
30 and answer the
minute 30 ready to learn. questions) minutes 30
seconds questions
seconds for - Teacher can give extra *Teacher can ask some extra questions below: seconds
watching video) questions.
3. Describe your ideal working environment.
4. What types of working environments do you know?

- Pair up students and ask

them to make a - In this part you guys will work in pairs. Let’s choose one role and act it out
Warm-up the
FREE TALK conversation about the with your partner in 2 minutes. Have a short
atmosphere and 30 2 minutes/pair
6 minutes and 30 context on the slide. - Read the situation for students conversation with
encourage seconds = 6 minutes
seconds - Remind students to pay - Please pay attention to other students’ conversations, I might ask you a partner.
students to speak
attention to other students' some questions about them.
- Read out loud the
conversation and explain the I will read the conversation first and you guys will have to pay attention to it. - Listen to
meaning of the bold words Take note if necessary. teacher’s
on the slide 30
explanation and 30 seconds
- Choose students to seconds
Let students know take note
practice the dialogue.
DIALOGUE about useful
(Recommendation: Depends
5 minutes sentences in the
on the number of students in
context Ok, I would like to invite some of you to practice the conversation with me. - Chosen student
the class, you can choose
the weakest students or And the others, please pay attention to the dialogue, my intonation and 1 will practice with
1 minute/pair
students who didn’t get to pronunciation. Minute 30 the teacher.
= 3 minutes
speak in the warm-up slide - Could you practice the conversation with me? I will be…. And you will seconds - The rest of the
to practice the dialogue with be…. class will listen
you, or pair up students and and take note
ask them to practice the
dialogue together)

- Let students in turn read

out loud all the words on the 20 seconds/
Now I’d like you guys to read all the words below: 30
slide. student =
Make sure all students get to 2minutes
pronounce the words.
LOUD + Let students
- Listen and
PRONUNCIATIO pronounce the
N sounds correctly - Explain and correctly
7 minutes It seems that you all still have some pronunciation mistakes with the
pronounce the words for the
sounds /t/ and /d/.
students and ask them to 2 minutes 20 seconds/
repeat 30 student = 2
- Let’s practice and I will correct your pronunciation
- Let students practice until seconds minutes
they pronounce correctly
(maximum three times)
- Let the students choose a
context and practice it with
Let students Now you guys will practice what you have learnt with me. - Make a 2 minutes/
CONVERSATION - You can correct their
practice the Remember to use the sentences/words we have learnt. 4 minutes conversation with student = 12
16 minutes mistakes after the
conversation your teacher. minutes
- Practice with all the
** Teacher has to remind students about their biggest strength and 1-
- Give comments on 2 mistakes that they need to improve.
students’ performance in ( sandwich method) - Take note of
detail (which words they -Write down students’ feedback in the assessment form. teacher’s
pronounced incorrectly…) - Remind students: "You need to finish homework soon after this lesson by
Give feedback to - Evaluate each student’s opening the Outline and clicking on the link on page 10.”
+ HOMEWORK 3 minutes - Ask the teacher 2 minutes
each student performance
5 minutes questions (if
- Ask if students have any
Link: necessary)
questions related to the