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stu essed elves.” ector.
r s ir
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F i n n i v
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How you learn English with Learn Hot English magazine
Magazine Index
Pre-Intermediate (CEF level: A2)
Why are you learning English? To get a better job, to pass an official English exam,
to travel, or just to communicate in English? Learn Hot English magazine helps with all this. 3 Editorial
1 Increase your vocabulary. In every issue of Learn Hot 5 English for life! Want to travel to English-speaking 5 Royal Revelations TRACK 01
English you’ll learn over 350 English words and expressions! Plus countries? With Learn Hot English you’ll learn the words 6 Name Game; &
you’ll learn lots of idioms, phrasal verbs, grammar and more. and expressions you need for international travel!
Story Time TRACK 02
2 Improve your listening. Every magazine has 60 6 English for speaking! How do native English 7 Directory
minutes of spoken English audio. You’ll learn to understand speakers really talk? Learn with our natural English
English, plus you can hear lots of different accents! conversations. Also, learn English slang and read about 8 Useful Vocabulary: Toiletries &
3 English for exams! Learn Hot English helps prepare
current events (news, culture, music, ilms) so you can Bathroom Accessories part II
you for oficial English exams (First Certiicate, IELTS, TOEFL, make conversation with native English speakers. 9 Useful Verbs & Expressions:
etc.). How? Exams test your ability to speak and your range
of vocabulary. Hot English improves your communication 7 Want to learn even more? Buy one of our Toiletries & Bathroom
skills and your knowledge of words and expressions. fantastic books for improving your English. There are Accessories part II TRACK 03
books on business English, idioms, phrasal verbs and
4 English for work! Practical English for the ofice, for lots, lots more. Visit our shop for more information on 10 Car number plates. What’s yours?
meetings, for talking to clients – it’s all in Hot English. how we can really help you learn English: 11 Let’s Talk About... The Royal Family
Plus, read business tips from entrepreneurs.
12 Functional Language Persuasion
Hi, and welcome 13 Dr Fingers’ Error Correction
to another issue Clinic TRACK 05 &
of Learn Hot English Listening: Neighbourly Nightmares
– the fun magazine TRACK 06
for learning English. 14 Grammar Fun: Passives with the
In this month’s issue, verb to have TRACK 07
we’ll be looking at

some words with Intermediate (CEF level: B1)
two meanings. 16 Ceremony Chaos TRACK 08
This will be very 18 How to... learn with Hot English
useful for you and
will help you avoid
19 Listening: Book Promotion
making mistakes in
English. Of course,
20 Royal Trivia
that’s not all, and we’ll also be looking at chat-up
lines, what to say to someone you like, the royal 22 The King’s Speech & Raving Rulers
family, passives with have, royal trivia, crazy rulers, 24 Colin Firth & Speech Impediments

bathroom vocabulary and lots, lots more! Well,
we hope you enjoy reading and listening to this Upper Intermediate (CEF level: B2)
issue of Learn Hot English. Have fun, learn lots of 26 Modern Monarchy
English and see you all next month! 28 Words with more than one meaning!
29 Chat-up lines with double meanings!
  TRACK 10
  30 Corny chat-up lines TRACK 11
31 Play Time TRACK 12
32 Dr Fingers’ Vocabulary Clinic:

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Royal Revelations

Some interesting facts about the British Royal Family.

1 hat do you know about the British royal
Match the members of the Royal Family (1 to 9) to the family? A new book by former BBC journalist
photos (a-i). Brian Hoey (We Are Amused: A Royal Miscellany)
1. Queen Elizabeth II has some fascinating facts. Here are a few of them.
2. Prince Philip (the Queen’s husband)
3. Prince Charles (the Queen’s eldest son) Any chocolates sent to the Royal Family are
4. Prince William (the Queen’s grandson) immediately destroyed in case they’re poisoned.
5. Prince Harry (the Queen’s grandson)
6. Princess Anne (the Queen’s daughter) The Queen sleeps under linen sheets and woollen
7. Princess Margaret (the Queen’s sister) blankets. She isn’t that keen on duvets.
8. Prince Andrew (the Queen’s middle son)
9. Prince Edward (the Queen’s youngest son) The Queen prefers the radio to
television, with BBC Radio Four as her GLOSSARY
to poison vb
favourite station. There are radios on her if someone “poisons” food, they put
chemicals in it that will kill someone
bedside tables at all her residences. a sheet n
a thin piece of material (often made
of cotton) that you sleep on in a bed
When dining together, the Queen and a woollen blanket n
a a piece of material to sleep under
b Philip drink sweet German wine. made of sheep hair
to be keen on exp
if you “are keen on” something,
c The Queen likes a special blend of tea you like it
made by R. Twining & Company. She a duvet n
a thick cover to sleep under. Often
has it with milk and no sugar (she illed with feathers
a blend of exp
uses a sweetener instead). Her a mixture of
d e husband prefers cofee made by a part-timer n
a “part-timer” is someone who works
the Savoy Hotel cofee department. part-time (they work less than eight
f hours a day)
a housemaid n
The Queen has about 330 full-time staf at her residences a woman who works in someone’s
house cleaning, cooking, etc.
and a further 250 part-timers. The housemaids to vacuum vb

g (there are 26 alone at Buckingham Palace) have to to clean the floor with a machine known
h as a vacuum cleaner / Hoover, etc.
walk backwards when vacuuming to avoid a footmark n
2 Reading I leaving footmarks on the carpets. if you leave a “footmark”, you leave
dirt on the loor from your feet / shoes
What do you know about the Queen or the a carpet n
a thick material cover for the loor
British Royal Family? Discuss your ideas with a partner. Footmen must be about 5ft 9in tall (about a footman n
Then, read the article. What’s the most interesting fact? 175cm), and have a 36-inch chest (about 91cm) a man who works as a servant for a
rich person – opening doors, serving
so they can it into the uniforms, which date food, etc.
3 Reading II back more than 100 years to the reign of a chest n
the top part of the front of your body
Read the article again. Which fact do you ind the hardest to King Edward VII. to it into phr vb
if you can “it into” clothes, they are
believe? Why? the right size for you
The Queen hates people petting to date back phr vb
if something “dates back” 100 years, it
4 Language focus her corgis. Visitors who try to pat started 100 years ago
Obligation with have to Keep
the dogs are sharply told, “Don’t a reign n
a king or queen’s “reign” is the time
Look at the extract from the article on this page, “… do that! They don’t like it.” What she they were in power
to pet vb
have to walk backwards…” The writer has used the really means is she doesn’t like it! if you “pet” an animal, you touch it
construction “have to” to talk about obligation. Complete lightly and in a friendly way
to pat vb
the following sentence beginnings with your own ideas. The Queen has seven state limousines: ive Rolls- if you “pat” something, you touch
1. I often have to… at work. Royces and two Daimlers. They’re all painted maroon. it lightly many times, usually with a
lat hand
2. I never have to… at work. sharply adj
if someone speaks to you “sharply”,
3. I sometimes have to… at home. At Balmoral, the Queen enjoys trying to catch bats in they speak to you angrily and often
4. I always have to… at home. the great hall. She does this with the help of a footman quickly
a limousine n
and a large net attached to a long pole. The bats are a a long car often used by royalty and
5 Discussion protected species so they’re released… only to return celebrities
maroon adj
1. What else do you know about the British the next night. The Queen then repeats the exercise a dark red colour
a bat n
Royal Family? the following day. a lying animal that sleeps upside
2. Which member of the British Royal Family is down in trees
a pole n
most famous in your country? Why? And we bet you didn’t know that! a long stick
3. Which members of other royal families are to release vb
if you “release” an animal, you let
famous in your country? Extracts taken from We Are Amused: A Royal Miscellany by Brian Hoey. it go free

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English language names with real meaning.



Trivial Pursuit (board game)

DON’T THINK THAT IT’S IMPORTANT. / YOUR Kate Moss (British model)
“It’s a trivial matter and nothing to worry about. / His WHICH OFTEN GROWS ON STONE.
favourite pursuits as a child were swimming and skiing.” “The stone was covered with moss.”

Christina Applegate (American actress)

EITHER RED OR GREEN. / A “GATE” IS A DOOR THAT Ringo Starr (British musician)
“I’m going to eat an apple. / Close the gate after you or the STARS OFTEN APPEAR AS SMALL POINTS OF LIGHT IN
dog will get out.” THE SKY AT NIGHT. “The sky was full of stars.”

Twister (game)
“That child is a little brat!” “She twisted my arm behind my back.”

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Jokes, anecdotes and stories as

told by native English speakers.

I say, I say, I say. Why were

there screams coming from
the kitchen?
I don’t know. Why were Help!
there screams coming
from the kitchen?
Because the chef was
beating the eggs.

BEGINNER’S An elderly gentleman is on a

ENGLISH! train. Every now and then he

starts mumbling to himself,
smiling, and then raising
his hand. After a moment
of silence, he goes through Ha, ha, ha.

THE BEGINNER BOOK the same process again:

mumbling, smiling, raising
Another passenger who’s watching is very curious
STUDENTS OF ENGLISH. as to what’s going on. After a while, she says,
IT WILL HELP YOU...  “Excuse me for asking, but is something wrong?”
“Oh, no”, the man replies. “It’s just that long trips
✔ Speak in English! get boring so I tell myself jokes.”
“But why do you keep raising your hand?” the
✔ Understand English! woman asks.
✔ Learn the words and expressions you need! “Well,” the man says, “that’s to interrupt myself if
I’ve heard the joke before.”


Two girls are talking about
✔ 120 minutes of audio material! their parents’ jobs. “My
✔ 80 hours of quality learning activities! mum’s an accountant and
✔ 100 pages divided into 34 units! my dad’s a nurse,” says the
irst girl. “Well, my mum and
dad are in the steel and
Take your first steps in iron business.” I’m ironing
“Really?” asks the irst girl. my
English with our Beginner Book! “Yes, my mum steals and my dad irons.”

a scream n
Learn Hot English: English for a loud, high-pitched shout. People
often “scream” when they are in pain

work, life, exams & speaking! a chef n

a person whose job is to prepare food
in a kitchen to beat vb
two meanings: a) to move eggs quickly
with a fork in order to mix them up; b)
to hit a person several times
to mumble to yourself exp
to talk to yourself in a low, quiet voice
to raise your hand exp
if you “raise your hand”, you put it into
a higher position, often because you
want to say something
to go on phr vb
if you want to know what’s “going on”,
you want to know what’s happening
steel/to steal n
same pronunciation a) “steel” is a
strong metal; b) “to steal” is to take
something that isn’t yours
Tap here to buy! I steal
iron n
two meanings: a) “iron” is a strong
metal; b) “to iron” clothing is to make
it lat by using an iron (a hot metal
plate that you move over clothes)

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Toiletries & Bathroom

Accessories - part II

1 Match the words

Match the words (1 to 14) to the pictures (a-n).
1. Shampoo f
2. Conditioner c
3. Shower gel
4. (A bar of ) soap j
5. Deodorant (roll-on deodorant) d h
6. Antiperspirant spray SHAMPOO CONDITIONER

7. (Nail) clippers f e
8. (Nail) scissors n
9. Hair dryer
10. Make-up
11. Lipstick
12. Tweezers
13. Foot powder k i
14. Lip balm
g m
2 Wordsearch
Now ind these words in the wordsearch.
shampoo gel
conditioner soap
deodorant antiperspirant
clippers scissors
dryer lipstick
tweezers powder
balm splinter
nails hair
3 Guess the word
Think of ways to describe the words above.
See if your partner can guess the word from the clues.
you use to
wash your



Toiletries & Bathroom


Accessories - part IIPUT ON
If you “put on” make-up / lipstick / lip
If you “pull
balm / deodorant, etc., you apply it to a out” a hair /
part of your body. piece of glass
or splinter (a
very small, thin
piece of wood)
with tweezers,
you use the
tweezers to
take that thing

“I used the
“She put some tweezers to
make-up on.” pull it out.”


If you “cut your nails”, you use If you “dry your hair”, you use a hairdryer
nail clippers or scissors to or towel to remove water from your hair.
make your nails shorter.

“She dried
“I cut my nails her hair
with some nail with a
clippers.” hairdryer.”


If you “wash your hair”, you use shampoo If you “spray” on hairspray, you push
to clean your hair. a button on a spray can to make the
pressurised liquid come out.

sprayed on
“sHe washed some eco-
her hair with friendly
shampoo.” hairspray.”


If you “dry If you “cut your hair”, you use scissors
yourself”, you to make your hair shorter.
use a towel
to remove the
water from
your body.

“He cut his

hair with
a pair of

“She dried
herself with a
clean towel.”

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1 Pre-reading
Look at car number plates. What do you think
they mean?
1 2

3 4

ar registration plates are just a series of
XCUZE M3 SHY 8OY numbers and letters, right? Well, yes…
5 6
but not for everyone.
7 Amazingly, number plates existed before cars.
2 Reading I The city of Victoria in Canada gave horse-drawn
Read the article once to check your ideas from carriages number plates as early as 1884. And France
the Pre-reading task. was the irst country to introduce plates in 1893.
Early number plates were diferent shapes and sizes,
3 Reading II and made of lots of diferent materials, including
Read the article again. Then, add letters to iron, cardboard and even pressed soybeans. In fact,
complete the words in the sentences. it was not until 1957 that car manufacturers and
1. Horse-drawn car_ _ _ _ _ _ in the governments agreed on standardised plates, and
city of Victoria (Canada) were even today there are three diferent sizes.
given licence plates in the 19th
century. The irst car registration number in the UK was A1. This was sold to Earl Russell by the
2. The irst country to introduce London County Council in 1903. The letter “A” showed the number was from London, while
plates was Fr_ _ _ _. the number “1” showed it was the irst number issued. However, since then, the system has
3. Some early licence plates were changed many times. At the moment, number plates in the UK consist of a sequence of
made of car_ _ _ _ _ _. letters and numbers. Let’s look at the registration number plate “LK51 FTN”. First of all, “LK”
4. The f_ _ _ _ car registration shows which registration oice has issued the registration number (in this case, it’s London
number in the UK was sold to Stanmore). The numbers 51 show the age of the car (51 means the car was licensed in the
Earl Russell. second half of 2001). And the last three letters are random.
5. In the example number plate,
the number 51 refers to the a_ _ Diferent EU countries use diferent arrangements of numbers and letters. For example, Spain
of the car. uses four numbers and three letters, while Sweden uses three numbers and three letters,
6. Denmark uses two letters and ive and Norway and Denmark use two letters and ive digits. The system has changed many
di_ _ _ _ on their number plates. times because the letter-number combinations keep running out. UK number plates don’t
7. Not all UK number plates have have to include the European Union symbol (the EU stars on a blue background with the
the European Union sy_ _ _ _. abbreviation of the country), although many do. Most EU countries use the symbol.

4 Language focus Some number plates have become extremely valuable… particularly those that spell out
The Present words. Basically, numbers on the plates can be used to represent words or parts of words. For
Perfect Simple example,“8” can mean “ate”; “4” can be “four” or “for”; and “2” can symbolise “to”, “two” or “too”.
Look at this extract from the article on this For example, “NVERLA8” means “Never late”. Here are some more examples of plates that spell
page, “…the system has changed out words or phrases:
many times…” The writer has used the
Present Perfect (“has changed”). Complete the VN T YPL 8 D R T HV AVD EDR ] R There are a number
following sentences with the correct forms of [VANIT Y P L AT E ] [DARTH
STO L3N of ways of describing
the verbs in brackets. Use the Present Perfect.
the sequence of
1. They (see) the ilm
L 8 A SUUS U ASL ]L XCUZE M3 numbers-letters at
the front / back of a
before. [ L AT E AS [EXCUSE ME]
car: a number plate;
2. We (not eat) yet. T O PT E N1] 0 a licence plate (UK), a
3. He
4. She
(send) the e-mail.
(not take) the
007 SHY 8OY [TOP registration number
[JAMES BOND’S CODE NAME (UK), a license plate
package to the post oice. BOY] ] [SHY
(US), a vehicle
Plates that represent words or phrases are commonly known as registration plate
5 Discussion “vanity plates”. And they can be extremely expensive. Russian (US), a license plate
1. What’s the licence plate number businessman Roman Abramovich is supposed to have paid over number (US).
of your car? £250,000 for the plate “VIP 1”. Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton
2. What licence plate number- has bought the plate “LEW 1S” and the most expensive number
letter sequence would you like plate ever was “M1” which an anonymous buyer has acquired for
to have? £331,000.
3. What’s the system in your
country for licence plates? So, what’s your number plate? It might be worth a fortune.

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Coronation ceremony -
a special event in which a
king or queen is crowned
(oicially declared king or
Lady-in-waiting – a
female personal assistant
Horse-drawn to the queen / a princess,
King carriage etc.
Footman – a male
servant whose job is to
assist a prince/king, etc.
Queen by opening doors, serving
food, etc.
Subjects – the people
who live in a country ruled
by a king / queen.
National anthem – the
Palace oicial song of a country.
Residence – one of the
houses / palaces where a
Prince king / queen lives.
Reign – the period when a
king / queen rules.
Valet – a male personal
Princess servant to a king / prince,
Chauffeur – an oicial
driver for the king / queen.
Procession Bodyguards – security
oicers who protect the
Jewels king / queen.
Monarchy – the system in
which a king / queen rules
in a country.
Monarchist – someone
who supports the system
of kings / queens ruling in
a country.
Anti-monarchist –
someone who is against
Royal the system of kings /
guard queens ruling in a country.
Union jack Changing of the guard
(the flag of – an event that takes place
the UK) outside a palace when
Crown one group of royal guards
leaves and another group
Consort – a ruling
monarch’s wife or husband
(Prince Philip is Queen
Elizabeth II's consort).
Regent – a person who
The queen’s head Throne rules a country when the
(on coins, stamps Coat of current king / queen is sick
and banknotes) arms / unable to rule, etc.

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Persuasion = the act of convincing / persuading /
motivating / inspiring someone to do
something, often by giving them good
reasons for doing it.
There are a number of tenses that
can be used for persuading someone
to do something. Here are a few.

Imperatives can be used as a very
direct way of persuading someone
to do something. For example:
a) Use this one! It’s the best.
b) Listen up! I’ve got something
important to say.
c) Just do it! You won’t regret it!
Let’s can be used if you’re including yourself in the
proposed action. For example:
a) Let’s go to the cinema tonight. There’s a really good film
b) Come on! Let’s go to the party. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

There is / There are

There is / there are can be used
to introduce a problem-solution
scenario. For example:
a) There’s something we need to
talk about. I really feel that…
b) There are three things we need
to do. Firstly…
c) There’s a problem that we need to discuss. I think…
d) There are better ways of doing this. Personally, I think…

Conditional structures
Conditional structures can also be used. They’re good for
referring to the possible negative consequences of not There’s
doing something. For example: we need to
talk about!
a) If you don’t do it soon, it’ll be too late. It isn’t going
b) If you don’t tell them, someone else will. to take long...
honestly! So,
c) If we don’t act now, we won’t get another chance. come on!
d) If I were you, I’d get this one – it’s much better.

Future tenses
Future tenses can be used for stressing the benefits of
something. For example:
a) I’m sure it’s going to be fun.
b) We’ll have more time to
c) It’s going to be much better in
the long run.
d) It’ll provide us with a solution to
all our problems.

Future tenses can also be used to minimise any possible

inconvenience. For example:
a) It isn’t going to take very long.
b) It won’t take up much of your time.
c) An extra seat won’t cost much.
Now watch a video with someone trying to be persuasive!

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you have
to make so

my name is
alfie. And
her name is
Sandra. Dealing with noisy neighbours.

1 Pre-listening
Look at the list of noises below. Which ones are the loudest? See if you can put
them in order of loudness.
punk rock music shouting the TV on at full volume
a food blender an electric saw a door slamming
road drilling footsteps a lion roaring
a helicopter landing a bird singing a jet landing
2 Listening I
You’re going to listen to a police oicer who is talking to someone about excessive
noise coming from their house. Listen once, which noises from the Pre-listening
activity can you hear / are mentioned.

3 Listening II
Listen again. Then, answer the questions.
1. Who has complained about the noises?
2. What is Mr Crampton listening to?
3. What was he doing last night?
4. Who was making the noise early last Sunday?
1 Activity ANSWERS ON PAGE 47 5. Who was making the noise at 7am that morning?
Read the sentences, ind the errors and correct any errors. Then, listen to the CD 6. Who’s watching TV in the sitting room?
to check your answers. 7. What animal is in the bathroom?
1. This is my brother. He name is Alie. 8. How is Mr Crampton’s sister arriving?
This is my brother. His name is Alie. 4 Language focus The Past Continuous
2. That is my sister. She name is Amelia. Look at this extract from the transcript of the recording Neighbourly Nightmares:
“…I was listening to my daughter’s band…” The speaker has used
the Past Continuous (“was listening”). Complete the following sentences with the
3. My parents live in France. They house is very big. correct form of the verbs in brackets. Use the Past Continuous.
1. They (work) late last night.
4. The dog is in the garden. It bone is here. 2. She _______________ (talk) to a friend of mine.
3. He _______________ (not watch) the ilm.
4. We _______________ (discuss) the problem.
5. My car is blue. They car is red.
5 Discussion
1. Are your neighbours noisy? In what way?
6. He is very nice and he hair is long.
2. Have you ever had to ask a neighbour to make less noise? Why?
3. What other problems do you have with your neighbours?

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The section that makes grammar
easy, interesting and fun.
Speed, quality and accuracy!
GRAMMAR FUN Experienced team of

to have
professional translators.

All languages translated.

Interpreting services.
Contact us now for a
This month, we’re looking at passives with free, no-obligation quote:
the verb to have.
Passives with have
We form this construction with have + an object + a past
participle. For example:
a) They had the car repaired.
Access to all
b) She had the computer fixed.
our eBooks…
I’ve had
my car

We often use this construction to refer to actions which are

done for us (rather than by us ) – very often for the things
we pay other people to repair, fix, adapt or change.
For example:
a) She had her car repaired at the garage.
b) They had their jackets cleaned at the dry cleaner’s.
c) Corrine is going to have the computer fixed.
d) Alfie has all his suits made by a top fashion designer.

I’ve had
my hair

We can use a variety of tenses with this construction.

For example:
a) We had the carpets cleaned.
b) They’ve had the windows repaired.
c) She is going to have her hair cut.
d) He has had his trousers repaired.
e) They should have the swimming pool cleaned.

In some cases, get is possible instead of have. Get is

considered more informal. For example:
a) She got her car repaired at the garage.
b) They got their jackets cleaned at the dry cleaner’s. …and all our video courses
1 Exercise
Complete the sentences with the past participles from below.
done updated taken out
framed checked repaired cut recorded

1. They're going to have the song .

2. We want to have our roof .
3. We’re having the system .
4. They'll have the photo .
5. I had my make-up by a specialist.
6. She went to the dentist to have her tooth .
7. We are going to have the document by a proof
reader. Tap here to buy!
8. He’s going to have his hair by a specialist.

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Ceremony Chaos

When award ceremonies go wrong.


1 elebrities. Glamour. Glitz. Award
Match the ceremonies (1 to 6) to the descriptions (a-f). ceremonies take months to
1. MTV Video Music Awards prepare. But sometimes things
2. The BRIT Awards don’t go as planned.
3. The Oscars
4. The Eurovision Song Contest At the 19th MTV Video Music Awards,
5. The Grammy Awards Britney Spears was supposed to invite pop
6. The BAFTAs legend Michael Jackson onto the stage to receive a
birthday cake, but mistakenly she announced that
a. A British awards ceremony for ilms and he’d won an award. Unaware of the error, Jackson
television programmes. jumped up onto the stage and gave a speech
b. An annual competition for music acts from thanking everyone for his “Artist of the Millennium” Thanks
European countries. prize. The problem was – the award didn’t exist! for the
c. An awards ceremony for the best music videos
of the year. Michael Jackson was involved in another awards show catastrophe. During his
d. The most prestigious awards ceremony for ilms. 1996 performance at the BRIT Awards, Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker jumped
e. The most prestigious awards ceremony for onto the stage and disrupted the proceedings. “My
music. actions were a form of protest at the way Michael
f. A music awards ceremony held in Britain Jackson sees himself as some kind of Christ-like igure
every year. with the power of healing. The music industry
allows him to indulge his fantasies because of his
2 Reading I wealth and power,” Jarvis explained later.
Read the article once. Which award ceremonies from the
Pre-reading activity are mentioned in the article? In your The BRIT Awards was the scene of another famous
opinion, which event was the most disastrous? incident. During the 2000 show, friends of British DJ Brandon Block told
him (as a joke) that he’d won an award. This led to a humorous scene
3 Reading II as Brandon (who was very drunk at the time)
Read the article again. Then, write the name of an event next to got up on stage even though he hadn’t been GLOSSARY
an award ceremonies n
each statement. nominated. Eventually, security had to physically a special event where prizes are
1. A singer was protesting against Michael Jackson. remove the DJ. Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie given to people who have done
something well
2. Britney Spears made a mistake. Wood (who was presenting the award) threw a to go as planned exp
if an event “goes as planned”, it
3. Sir Terry Wogan named the wrong winner. drink over Brandon. After the incident, Ronnie happens the way people want it
4. Michael Jackson thanked everyone for a prize said, “That’s the nicest guy I’ve ever met.” to happen
a stage n
that didn’t exist. the elevated platform in a theatre
5. A singer pronounced the winner’s name Sometimes the presenters mess things up. In where the actors / musicians act
/ sing, etc.
incorrectly. 2007, Sir Terry Wogan announced the wrong a speech n
a formal talk to an audience
6. Jarvis Cocker jumped onto the stage. winner at the Eurovision Song Contest. Instead of a frontman n
naming Scooch, he incorrectly declared Cyndi the the main person or singer in a music
4 Language focus winner. A similar thing happened during Australia's to disrupt vb
Reflexive pronouns Next Top Model awards ceremony when presenter ifcause someone “disrupts” an event, they
problems and stop it from
Look at the extract from the article on this page, “…Michael Sarah Murdoch announced the wrong winner happening properly
proceedings n
Jackson sees himself as…” The writer has used a relexive during the inal. the organised series of things that
pronoun (“himself”). Complete the following sentences with the happen in a particular event
the power of healing exp
correct relexive pronoun. Finally, singer Avril Lavigne had if someone has “the power of
1. She looked at in the mirror. an embarrassing moment during healing”, they have magical powers
that make people better
2. He cut with a knife. the 2003 Grammy Awards. She to indulge fantasies exp
if you let someone “indulge their
3. They hurt with the toy. pronounced winner David Bowie’s fantasies”, you permit them to do
4. I bought a present. name incorrectly, using the “aʊ” whatever they want
a DJ n
5. Please don’t get up! We can serve . sound (as in the word “how”) a disc jockey; someone who plays
rather than the “əʊ” sound (as music in a club or on the radio
to remove vb
5 Discussion in the word “know” – David Bowie). When she was if someone is “removed” from a
place, physical force is used to take
1. Have you ever watched one of these award told about her mistake, Avril said, “Whoops! I knew them away
ceremonies? Which one? What was it like? that was going to happen… I knew I was going to a guy n inform
a man
2. What’s your favourite award ceremony? Why? pronounce someone’s name wrong.” to mess up phr vb
3. What famous award ceremonies are there in if someone “messes something up”,
they do it badly / make a mistake /
your country? But at least she got the right person!  get it wrong

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Trying to sell a few book ideas to a publisher.
5 levels to choose from!

1 Pre-listening
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Over 100 pages divided into 8 units! Match the books (1 to 5) to the authors (a-e).
3 hours of listening material! 1. War and Peace
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Read and listen to this product 4. Crime and Punishment Dostoyevsky
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spent on an English
Check ou d Leo Tolstoy
book III oft
course. My English
is so much better b Jane Austen
now because of this English c Charles
English Unlocked. Unlocked!
Thanks Hot English!” 2 Listening I
- Daniel K (Cologne,
Germany) You’re going to listen to a book publisher who
is talking to an author. Listen once. Which book e William
from the Pre-listening activity is not mentioned. Shakespeare

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Listen again. Then, write the name of the author’s book next to each
description. It’s…
1. …the title of his book of short stories.

Let’s be 2. …set in Russia at the time of the Napoleonic Wars.

3. …about a mean money lender who learns the true
meaning of Christmas.
4. …about a man called Raskolnikov who commits a
5. …based on a book by the Greek poet Homer.
6. …based on a book by English author Jane Austen.

4 Language focus Question tags

Look at this extract from the transcript of the recording Book
Promotion: “…It’s a good title, isn’t it?…” The speaker has used
a question tag (“isn’t it?”). Complete the following statements with the
correct question tags.
1. She got up on time, ?
2. They’ve had enough, ?
3. He’s been practising it, ?

4. We’re going to win, ?
5. I was using the right one, ?

5 Discussion
(if we aren’t already!) 1. Have you read any of the books mentioned? What did
you think of them? 2. Who are your favourite authors?
3. Which authors from your country are famous?

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Here are some more interesting facts about the British Royal Family. Extracts
taken from the book We Are Amused: A Royal Miscellany by Brian Hoey.
The Queen doesn’t like basement is said to be capable of Buckingham Palace. Staf must remain
men in loafers, withstanding a nuclear attack. out of sight as she likes to be alone.
and prefers dark
suits to brown ones. The Queen also There’s a
hates her staf wearing waistcoats! swimming pool The Queen’s favourite drink is gin
at Buckingham and Dubonnet (two-thirds gin
One of the things the Palace where to one-third Dubonnet) with ice
Queen really can’t stand Prince Philip goes added. Apparently, she doesn’t
is clip-on bow ties. It’s every day. Staf like the sound of ice cubes
said that she can spot one are permitted to use the pool, but banging against each other, so
at 20 paces. have to get out immediately if a royal Philip invented a device that makes
arrives (unless they’re invited to stay). tiny ice balls that don’t make any noise.
Both the Queen
and Philip dislike Doctors, Every morning at
long sermons. opticians, 9am, the Queen’s
Priests are pedicurists and Piper (dressed in full
warned to make hairdressers all go Highland uniform)
them less than to Buckingham marches along the
12 minutes long. Philip is reported to Palace to give terrace beneath Her
have once said that “the soul cannot the Queen her Majesty’s window for
absorb what the posterior cannot treatment. However, the 15 minutes playing Scottish military
tolerate.” Queen travels to Harley tunes on the bagpipes. He follows
Street for dental her from house to house – except
Guests for lunch appointments. Sandringham, the only royal residence
or dinner have to where she has the possibility of a lie-in.
eat as quickly as Philip has a
possible because fully-equipped Prince Charles takes
the waiters start barber’s chair in his a white leather
removing plates private apartment in toilet seat with him
as soon as Prince Philip has inished – Buckingham Palace, wherever he travels.
and he’s a notoriously fast eater. and a hairdresser visits
once a week. Charles prefers ish
More than 1,000 letters a week to meat. Nothing
addressed to the Queen are handled Every day after containing nuts is allowed on his table.
by staf at the Buckingham Palace “luncheon” (she
post oice. All letters from children thinks the word Princess Anne is teetotal and usually
and the elderly are replied to by “lunch” is vulgar) drinks orange juice or Coke at state
ladies-in-waiting. the Queen functions.
takes a walk in
the gardens at Princess Anne is a big rugby fan.
Extracts taken from We Are Amused: Princess Anne hates
A Royal Miscellany by Brian Hoey. For more to be driven and
There’s a subterranean passage
information on the insists on taking
royals, and to ind out
from the palace that can be used all sorts of interesting the wheel herself
to evacuate the Royal Family in an things such as the best on practically all
emergency. It leads to the Piccadilly places to see the Royal occasions. Also, she
Underground line, which connects Family, whether the doesn’t like having
directly to Queen has a driving to make small talk, so the driver puts
Heathrow licence, and what the on CDs of her favourite music (which
Airport. A Royal Family do for doesn’t include classical music) before
reinforced and Christmas, get this they set of.
fully-equipped fantastic guide to the
British monarchy!
bunker in the What a family!

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Strange tales of mad monarchs.

These days, kings and queens are often seen attending banquets, greeting members of the public
and waving politely from horse-drawn carriages. But in the past, things were somewhat different.
Here are a few snippets of information on some of the more eccentric members of the monarchy.
Everyone knows that England’s loafers n
King Henry the VIII (1491 a type of shoe with no laces (bits
of string)
to 1547) was partial to a bit of a waistcoat n
a piece of formal clothing with no
beheading (he decided that two of his sleeves (the bits your arms go in) that
six wives needed to have their heads is worn under a jacket
a clip-on bow tie n
chopped of). But did you know that a “bow tie” is an item of clothing that is
worn around the neck. It is in the form
Off with he actually went to play a game of of a bow (with two loose ends). A “clip-
heads! tennis while Anne Boleyn was being on” bow tie is attached to the shirt
with a clip (you don't have to tie it)
executed? He obviously didn’t have a a pace n
problem moving on after the end of a a “pace” is one step you make when
relationship. a sermon n
a speech (formal talk) given in church
by a Christian priest
a priest n
an oicial leader of a Christian church
Ivan the Terrible of Russia a soul n
your spirit; the part of you that consists
(1530 to 1584) (perhaps you can tell of your mind, character, thoughts and
from his name that he wasn’t the nicest to absorb vb
of leaders) commissioned the building if you “absorb” information, you
understand it and take it in
of the Moscow church of St Basil. a posterior n old fashioned
Luckily for the architects, Ivan thought the part of your body that you sit on
to remove vb
it the most magniicent construction to take away
to handle vb
he’d ever seen – great news if your boss to deal with; to answer / reply to (in
often loses his temper. However, he this case)
a lady-in-waiting n
was so impressed with the church that a female assistant to a queen / princess, etc.
he had the architects blinded so they a bunker n
a strong room under the ground used
could never design anything as good to protect people from bombs
to withstand vb
again. Shocking! if a building can “withstand” a nuclear
attack, it won’t be destroyed in the
nuclear attack
Harley Street n
a street in London where there are
One of the most important jobs involved in lots of medical specialists
vulgar adj
being the king of England is addressing your rude or uncivilised
subjects – but this was actually quite a challenge ice cube n
for King George I (1660 to 1727), seeing as a little square of ice that is used in drinks
a device n
he couldn’t really speak English. The monarch a little machine that can do a job
a lie-in n
was born and raised in Germany, so mainly if you have a “lie-in”, you sleep later than
communicated with oicials in French (he also the time that is usually acceptable
teetotal adj
spoke luent German and some Latin, Dutch and someone who is “teetotal” never
drinks alcohol
Italian). His English improved over time but due to take the wheel exp
to his problems with the language, he left a lot to drive a car. Literally, to take the
steering wheel (the round object you
of decision making to ministers and created the hold as you drive) in your hands
irst cabinet government. to make small talk exp
to talk to people about trivial,
unimportant topics
to be partial to exp
if you are “partial to” something, you
More and more smoking bans are coming quite like it
beheading n
into efect after several countries adopted if there is a “beheading”, someone’s
the policy to prohibit smoking inside public head is cut from their body
to chop of phr vb
buildings. Bad news for smokers, but it certainly to use a sharp tool (such as an axe) to
cut someone’s head of
could be worse: if you’d lived under the rule of to move on phr vb
Murad IV Ghazi (1612 to 1640) of Turkey, if you “move on” after something sad
has happened, you continue with
you were at risk of being executed if you were your life in a normal way
caught with a cigarette. In fact, the monarch himself to lose your temper exp
to get angry
would often wear civilian clothes and patrol the to address vb
to speak to formally
bars and cafés looking for anyone smoking, drinking to raise vb
alcohol or even enjoying a cofee. if you “raise” a child, you look after
him/her until they are an adult

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Colin Firth leaves audiences speechless. BEST ACTOR - COLIN FIRTH

Public speaking is nerve-racking at the best of times. But imagine having to speak
to thousands of people if you have a speech impediment. That was what King
George VI faced. And it’s the focus of a ilm The King’s Speech.
King George VI
Born: 14th December 1895
The second son of George V and
Mary of Teck, Albert
(which was his name
before he became
King George VI)
unexpectedly became
king in 1936 after
the abdication of his brother,
King Edward VIII. He was very
shy and had a stammer, which
took many years to overcome.
He was king during the Second
World War. He died on 6th
February 1952. His daughter,
Elizabeth (the current queen),
became queen after his death.

ing George (played by Colin Firth) grandson approached director Tom Hooper
sufered from a serious stammer with a previously unseen diary just nine
(also known as a “stutter”). As a weeks before shooting was about to begin.
result, he found it diicult to say
words without repeating the sounds several But despite every attempt from the creative *The Abdication Crisis
times. But because speaking to people is team to make the ilm as historically When King Edward VIII
so important for a king, he hired speech accurate as possible, it does have its critics. announced his plans to marry
therapist Lionel Logue Some say the ilm’s portrayal of events Wallis Simpson, he had no idea
(played by Geofrey involving former British Prime Minister how much controversy it would
Rush) to help him Winston Churchill are untrue. For example, cause. Simpson had
with his problem. The it’s well-known that Churchill supported been divorced twice,
ilm also stars Helena King Edward during the abdication crisis*, so the wedding was
Bonham Carter as but the ilm shows Churchill in favour of unacceptable for
Queen Elizabeth Edward abdicating. The ilmmakers have religious and political
(later more commonly known as the Queen also been liberal with the chronology of reasons. In the end,
Mother) and Guy Pearce as Prince Edward. events, bringing things closer together in Edward abdicated as
order to tell the story in a simpler way. In fact, king and let his brother Albert
The ilm was written by David Seidler, who Time magazine named the ilm one of the become the new king.
also sufered from a stammer as a child. top 10 most historically inaccurate movies
He managed to overcome his of all time, alongside Oscars 2011
problem after he was inspired by Shakespeare In Love (which
The King’s Speech picked up
King George VI. “Here was a stutterer also starred Colin Firth)
a number of Oscars, including
who was a king and had to give and Pearl Harbour.
radio speeches where everyone Best Actor (for Colin Firth), Best
was listening to every syllable he But despite all this, the Director (for Tom Hooper) and
uttered,” he said. “And yet he did ilm received rave reviews Best Picture.
so with such passion and intensity from critics and a
that it really helped me.” The number of prestigious
ilm also includes excerpts I’ve got awards, including a few
to make
from speech therapist Lionel an Oscar Oscars!
Logue’s notes. These were too!
included after the therapist’s A truly inspiring story.

22 / / For lots of free content visit our blog:

Some of the problems people have with speech.

SPEECH King George VI wasn’t the only

high-proile stammer sufferer who
In the ilm The King’s Speech,
overcame his speech impediment.
Here are a few more.
Die Hard actor Bruce
Colin Firth plays King George VI Willis (1955), who is famous
– the former English monarch who for his action-hero roles, had
had a stammer. The ilm highlights to deal with a stammer as
some of the challenges faced by a child. The star claims it GLOSSARY
nerve-racking adj

people with this condition, and

was his acting career that if something is “nerve-racking”, it
helped him overcome the problem. He said, makes you very nervous / worried /

how it can be overcome. Let’s “I was one of the fortunate people who
a speech impediment n

take a look at some of the most grew out of it. Everybody has some kind of if someone has a “speech
impediment”, it is diicult for them to

common speech impediments. vocal law. It’s what makes us unique.” speak “normally” / luently
to face vb
if you “face” a problem, you need to
Stammer (also known as a stutter) A person sufering Golfer Tiger Woods (1975) deal with it / ind a solution to it
a stammer n
from a stammer (such as King George VI) has managed to cure his stammer someone with a “stammer” has
problems speaking, and may repeat
trouble speaking without saying the same in a slightly more unusual sounds several times
sounds in words repeatedly. It can also prevent way – by talking to his dog. to hire vb
if you “hire” a person, you pay them
the person from speaking at all in some cases. The sports star admitted to do a job
Words beginning with “w”, “m” or vowel sounds it was hard, but having a speech therapist n
a person whose job is to help people
are often the hardest to pronounce for someone conversations with his pet really helped out. who have problems speaking
to overcome vb
with a stammer. Many people believe a stammer “It was very diicult, but I fought through it. if you “overcome” a problem, you deal
is caused by anxiety or lack of self-esteem, but I would talk to my dog and he would sit there with it so it isn’t a problem anymore
to utter vb
there’s no evidence to prove this. In fact, it’s and listen, and he’d fall asleep,” Woods added. if someone “utters” words, they speak
usually the stammer itself that causes people to / say them

Sir Isaac Newton

an excerpt n
feel insecure. Speech therapy can help correct a a short section of a book or magazine
to approach vb
stammer. (1643-1727) – the man who if you “approach” someone, you go
discovered the law of gravity to them (often with information or a

Lisp – also had a stammer. It’s

previously unseen exp
A lisp is a speech impediment which usually said that as an MP, Newton if something is “previously unseen”,
no one has seen it before
causes the suferer to have problems pronouncing was so self-conscious a portrayal n
an actor’s “portrayal” of a character in
the letter “s”. As a result, it often comes out as a about it that he had the windows of the a ilm, is the way the actor presents
“th” sound. So, instead of saying “sea”, they might Houses of Parliament closed so the public that character
events n
say “thea”. A lisp is usually the result of a physical couldn’t hear him while he was addressing important things that happen
problem. Lisps can usually be treated by a speech other MPs. to abdicate vb
if a king / queen “abdicates”, he/she
therapist, who gives the patient exercises with stops being king / queen
prestigious adj
sounds they ind the most diicult to pronounce. Known for his super cool something special that is admired /
monologues and smooth, respected by other people

Rhotacism deep voice, Samuel L

a challenge n
something that is diicult to do and
Rhotacism refers to problems pronouncing the Jackson (1948) is one which requires a lot of efort and
letter “r”. People with this condition usually say the of the last people you’d an injury n
if you have an “injury”, you have a cut
“r” sounds as a “w” sound (so they would say “I’m imagine with a speech or pain somewhere on your body
weally happy” instead of “I’m really happy”). British impediment. Although the actor says his to grow out of n
if you “grow out of something”, you
television presenter Jonathan Ross is one of the stammer is “annoying”, he has learnt to stop doing it naturally as you get
most notable suferers (he often jokes about the control it. “It’s kind of bizarre,” he said, “but older
a law n
way he speaks), and is often afectionately known if my character doesn’t stutter, then I don’t.” an imperfection; something with a
“mistake” in it
as “Wossy” (taken from his surname, Ross). Cartoon In fact, Jackson has his stammer to thank to ight through n
character Elmer Fudd also had rhotacism. for his successful career after his speech if you “ight through” something, you
continue ighting until it is resolved
therapist suggested he take up acting. an MP n
Dysprosody a member of parliament; an elected

Charles Darwin
politician in central government
Actually, this isn’t very common at all, but it’s self-conscious adj
easily worried / embarrassed /
worth mentioning. A person with dysprosody (1809-1882) – the man who nervous, especially about what other
will start to speak in a foreign accent, often after came up with the theory people think
to address vb
sufering a head injury. In 1999, American Judi of evolution – sufered from to talk directly to someone or a group
Roberts sufered a stroke. But when she recovered, several health problems and of people, often in a formal setting
a monologue n
she started to speak in a British accent, despite also had a stammer. It is said a part of a movie or play when one
person speaks for a period of time
having lived in America all her life. Another victim that he would speak with a stammer when to take up phr vb
from England, Linda Walker, started speaking in he became confused in conversation, and if you “take up” a new sport or hobby,
you start doing it
a mixture of Jamaican, Canadian and Slovakian he often had trouble pronouncing words to come up with phr vb
accents after her injury. that begin with “w”. if you “come up with” an idea, you
think of it

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Is Colin really such an English gentleman?

Many people think of Colin Firth as a typical

Englishman. On screen, he usually speaks
with a posh English accent, and plays some
very English characters in some very English
ilms. Even his name sounds incredibly
English. But just how English is he?
ot very English at for both British and
all, apparently… Hollywood ilms. He
“It’s true, I’m very went on to star as
associated with this the love-interest in
English stereotype,” he said. “But two Bridget Jones
I don’t think that exists outside ilms, had a supporting role in The
of the roles I play.” In fact, Colin English Patient, and later played a
is sure that the stereotypical love-sick writer in Love, Actually.
Englishman is a thing of the In 2010, he played King George
past. “It’s hard to run into those VI in The King's
guys now. I’ll give you a hundred Speech, a role
dollars for every guy with a that won him
bowler hat and umbrella you an Oscar for
see walking the streets of London Best Actor.
who’s not going to a fancy dress
party,” he added. But it’s not all
acting for Colin
Colin was born in Hampshire, – the star is
England to university lecturers also an active
Shirley and David. However, his campaigner
upbringing was anything but for the rights of asylum seekers
English. He spent some of his and refugees, as well as other
early years living in Nigeria (where deserving charities. He says his
his parents were teaching) before multi-cultured upbringing is the
moving to Missouri in America at reason why he wants to help
the age of 11, followed by some people from other countries.
time in Canada. He later returned He said, “To me, it’s just basic
to England to study, ending up at civilisation to help people. I ind
drama school in London. it incredibly painful to see how
we dismiss the most desperate
His big break people in our society. It just
came in the BBC makes me furious.”
TV adaptation Colin Firth
of Jane Austen’s So, will he ever break free from Born: 10 September 1960
classic novel the English gentleman typecast? Colin Firth is the son of Shirley and David Firth, who both
Pride and “I don’t know how many times worked as lecturers. He was born in Grayshott, Hampshire in
Prejudice. After I’ve read a script and thought, England. He spent the irst four years of his life in Nigeria, where
its release, he ‘nobody knows how good I’d his parents were working as English teachers. At age ive, they
became a be at this character – but they moved back to England. He has a younger sister, Kate Firth and
heartthrob want me to play that other one’,” a brother, Jonathan Firth. He is married to Livia Giuggioli.
and much he said. “But I’ve embraced Famous films: Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001), Love, Actually
sought- typecasting. I’m more afraid of (2003), A Single Man (2009), The King’s Speech (2010) and
after not being employed!” Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017).

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Colin has played a character called
I’m not
as English
as you
Darcy on screen three times in his
career: once in Pride and Prejudice
and twice in the Bridget Jones ilms.

The actor has lost his on screen

“wife” twice to members of the
Fiennes family. To Ralph Fiennes in
The English Patient and to Joseph
Fiennes in Shakespeare in Love.

His sister Kate is

a vocal coach,
so she helped GLOSSARY
him develop to run into phr vb
if you “run into” someone, you meet
his stammer for them by accident
the role of King a guy n inform
a man
George the VI in The King’s Speech. a bowler hat n
a round, black hat that was popular
with men (particularly bankers) in
England up until the 1950s

a fancy dress party exp
a party where people wear clothes
so they look like pirates, ghosts,
vampires, famous people, etc.
On being attractive… a lecturer n
a person who teaches in a university
“Forget ‘trying’ to be sexy. That’s just upbringing n
gruesome.” your “upbringing” is the way you were
treated and educated as a child
a big break exp
On being English… an actor’s “big break” is the
opportunity that leads to their success
“If you want to deine an Englishman a release n
a movie’s release is the date / day it is
nowadays, look at Keith Richards or irst shown in cinemas
Johnny Rotten or Ray Winstone rather a heartthrob n
a man that many people ind attractive
than John Major or Prince Charles.” much sought-after exp
if someone is “much sought-after”,
lots of people are interested in
On being an actor… meeting / working with them
a campaigner n
“Actors are basically drag queens. a person who works / supports a
People will tell you they act because particular cause or charity
an asylum seeker n
they want to heal mankind or, you a person who wants to live in another
know, explore the nature of the country because it is too dangerous
for them in their own country
human psyche. Yes, maybe. But a refugee n
a person who has been forced to
basically we just leave their country because it is too
want to put on a dangerous for them
to dismiss vb
frock and dance.” if you “dismiss” people or things, you
don't consider them to be important
and you ignore them
On his to embrace vb
if you “embrace” something, you
admirers… accept it as good or necessary
“I ind I’m typecasting n
“typecasting” is when an actor is
increasingly lusted after by people always ofered similar parts in movies
beyond pensionable age. because of the way they are (funny,
hard, tough, attractive, etc.)
I was told about a woman in hospital, on screen adj
in a ilm or TV programme (not in
diagnosed with high blood pressure, real life)
who was told not to watch Pride and gruesome adj
disgusting; horrible
Prejudice anymore. She was 103.” a drag queen n
a man who dresses as a woman and
performs / sings in a comedy show
to heal vb
to make something better; to cure
mankind n
the human species
human psyche n
people’s minds
a frock n old fashioned
a dress
to lust after phr vb
if someone is “lusted after”, other
people ind him/her very attractive

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Today’s young royals.

Royalty isn’t just about old people with crowns. Today, there are several “hot”,
young royals who are a lot more popular than their parents. Here are a few of
the most famous blue-blooded youngsters.


Prince Azim
Prince Azim (or His Royal
Highness Prince Haji
Abdul Azim to use his full
title) is the fourth in line to
Charlotte the throne of Brunei. He’s
Casiraghi especially well-known for
Most royals are far his lavish birthday parties.
too busy to work, but He once paid the late
Charlotte Casiraghi pop star Michael Jackson
manages to ind time to a reported $10 million just
be a magazine editor! to attend one celebration.
The daughter of Caroline At other parties, he's
Prince Harry (Princess of Hanover), given guests (including
Prince William William isn’t the only popular Charlotte is an established supermodel Naomi
Prince William is the son of young royal in the Windsor journalist, editor of Campbell and actress
Prince Charles (the Prince of family, his brother Harry is a Above magazine (an Scarlett Johansson)
Wales) and the late Princess bit of a celebrity too. While environmental magazine) goodie bags with iPods
Diana. He’s second in line to he’s been the focus of some and co-founder of Ever and diamonds.
the throne of England after his controversy (he once got into Manifesto (a fashion Interesting fact: Prince Azim
father, and is a qualiied RAF a ight with a photographer magazine). once delivered a necklace as
pilot. outside a nightclub), he’s Interesting fact: Charlotte’s a gift for singer Mariah Carey by
Interesting fact: Kate wasn’t considered a national treasure grandmother was none other private jet. Total cost: $6 million.
William’s irst love. When he was 13, and shares his mother’s than American actress Grace Kelly. Born: 29th July 1982
he had a crush on supermodel Cindy fondness for charity work. Born: 3rd August 1986 Bio: His Royal Highness Prince
Crawford, so his mum (Diana) invited her Interesting fact: Harry is actually a Bio: Charlotte Marie Pomeline Haji Abdul Azim is the fourth
round for tea! nickname – his real name is Henry. Casiraghi is the second child of in line to succeed the throne of
Born: 21st June 1982 Born: 15th September 1984 Caroline, Princess of Hanover Brunei. He is the son of Sultan
Bio: Prince William Arthur Philip Louis Bio: The younger son of Prince Charles and the late Stefano Casiraghi, Hassanal Bolkiah. Prince Azim has
Windsor is the eldest child of Prince and Diana. Henry Charles Albert David an Italian industrialist. She is the two sisters and one brother, as
Charles (the Prince of Wales) and the late Mountbatten-Windsor studied at Eton fourth in line to the throne of well as ive half-sisters and three
Diana (the Princess of Wales). College and also joined the military. Monaco. half-brothers.

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blue-blooded adj
if someone is “blue-blooded”, they are
a member of a royal family

Princess second in line to the throne exp

a person who is “second in line to the
Prince Albert Princess Sikhanyiso throne” could be king or queen after
the person before them
Prince Albert of Thurn Sheikha If you are born a royal, to have a crush on exp
if you “have a crush on” someone, you
and Taxis is a German The Karate Princess you can pretty much like them in a romantic way
prince and one of sounds like the title do whatever you the Windsor family n

Carl Philip the richest men in of an action movie, want, right? So why
the British Royal Family
a national treasure exp
Lots of people would the world. Last year, but Sheikha Maitha not start a rap career? someone who is loved / appreciated /
admired by their country
like to be a prince or Albert, 27, Like Prince bint Mohammed bin Princess Sikhanyiso fondness for exp
if you have a “fondness for”
princess. And lots of Carl Philip, Albert also Rashid al Maktoum of Swaziland has something, you like it very much
people would like to has a passion for cars, is exactly that! The deied her parents’ charity work n
things you do to help poor people:
be a race-car driver. and races for Reiter princess of Dubai, has traditional wishes giving money, working on projects, etc.
But what if you could Engineering when competed in karate and recorded busy adj
if you are “busy”, you have a lot of
be both? Prince Carl he isn’t busy with his and taekwondo hip-hop songs and things to do
lavish adj
Philip is living that royal duties. competitions even pursued an if you have a “lavish” party, you spend
very dream. Interesting fact: Albert internationally, and even acting career. She lots of money on it
late adj
Interesting fact: The changed his surname to won the silver medal in also wears western dead
prince would have been irst “Prinz von Thurn und Taxis” the 2006 Asian games. clothes, something a goodie bag n
a bag of presents often given to
in line to the throne (in front because German law does Interesting fact: In 2008, strongly discouraged guests when they leave a party
to deliver vb
of his older sister) if it wasn’t not oicially recognise she was included as 17th on for women in her if you “deliver” something, you take it
for the Act of Succession in royal titles, which means he the list of the “20 Hottest country. somewhere
a race-car driver n
1980, which ruled that men couldn’t legally call himself a Young Royals” as compiled Interesting fact: She’s a person who drives cars in races with
do not have more right to the “prince”… but now the word by Forbes Magazine. She the eldest daughter of King other cars in a competition
a surname n
throne than women. “prinz” is in his surname! also won the Arab World’s Mswati III of Swaziland, and your last name, your family name:
Born: 13th May 1979 Born: 24th June 1983 best female athlete award in one of his 24 children. Her Jenny Brook – Brook is the surname
to defy vb
Bio: Prince Carl Philip, Duke Bio: Albert Prinz von March 2007. mother is one of Mswati’s 14 if you “defy” someone in authority you
do something against their wishes
of Värmland is the second Thurn und Taxis is the son Born: 5th March 1980 wives. to pursue vb
child of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Johannes and Gloria Bio: One of 13 oicially- Born: 1st September 1987 if you “pursue” an activity, you do it
a career n
and Queen Silvia of Sweden. von Thurn and Taxis. He recognised daughters of Bio: Princess Sikhanyiso your “career” is the job you do for the
majority of your working life
He has a sister, Crown has two sisters, Princess Sheihk Mohammed bin Dlamini of Swaziland is the to discourage vb
Princess Victoria, who is Maria Theresia and Princess Rashid Al Maktoum (he also eldest daughter of King if you try to “discourage” someone
from doing something, you tell them
expected to take the throne. Elisabeth. has eight sons). Mswati III of Swaziland. not to do it

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There are lots of words in English that have more than There are 3 basic terms to describe the diferent types of
one meaning. words: homonyms, homophones and homographs.

For example, the word “date” can refer to a small, brown, 1 Homonyms
sweet fruit with a stone inside: “I ate some lovely dates.” Homonyms are words which have the same spelling and
pronunciation, but have diferent meanings. For example:
Or, if you have a “date” with someone, you have an I lit the ire with a match.
appointment to meet them: “I’ve got a date with Pete I got injured in the football match.
next Saturday.”
2 Homophones
Many words in English have several meanings. Here are a Homophones are words which have the same
couple of examples: pronunication, but diferent spellings and meanings.
I saw eight friends at the party.
BEAR I ate a lot of food at the weekend.

3 Homographs
Homographs are words that are spelt the same, but have
diferent pronunications and meanings.
There’s a tear in my trousers. [a hole]
pronunciation: /teə/
He had a tear in his eye. [liquid that comes out of your
eye] pronunciation: /tɪə/

You can have a lot of fun with words with muiltiple
meanings. For example, they can be used for “plays
1 A large mammal that lives in a forest: “There was a bear on words”. A “play on words” is the use of a word or
in the our back garden.” expression for humorous efect. Here are some shop
2 If you can’t “bear” something, it’s too much for you: names that use plays on words:
“I couldn’t bear the pain.”
Hair We Are! – a hairdresser’s shop name that sounds like
RUN “Here we are!”.

Lettuce eat! – a restaurant name

that sounds like “Let’s eat!”

Pets and the City – a pet shop

name that sounds like the TV
series Sex and the City.

The Merchant of Tennis – a tennis repair shop name that

sounds like the Shakespeare play The Merchant of Venice.

1 When you “run”, your legs move fast: “I’ve been Brewed Awakening – a cofee shop name that sounds like
running in the park.” the expression “rude awakening” (if you have a “rude
2 If you “run” a company, you direct or manage it: awakening”, you suddenly learn an unpleasant fact or
“She’s been running the company all on her own.” piece of information).

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Now test your knowledge of words with more than one meaning with these chat-up lines. A “chat-up line” is a sentence or
phrase you can use with someone who you like (in the romantic sense!). Read or listen to these chat-up lines and see if you can
explain the double meanings of the words or expressions in bold. See page 47 for the double meaning of the words in bold.

1 You know what

you and the weather 2 Are you a parking 3 Is that a ladder
have in common? ticket? Because in your tights, or a
You’re both hot. you’ve got ine stairway to heaven?
written all over you.

4 Are your legs tired?

Because you’ve been 5 You must be a
running through my light switch because
mind all day! every time I see you, 7 Why don’t you
you turn me on. log onto the Wi-fi
so we can get
6 If you were a
library book, I’d
check you out!
10 I’m not a
9 Can I tie your photographer, but
8 Hey, you’re shoes? I don’t I can picture you
pretty, I’m cute – want you falling and me together.
together, we’d be for anyone else.
“pretty cute”.

13 A Excuse me, would

11Let’s commit 12 A You look familiar. you like a raisin?
the perfect crime: Were we in the same B No thanks.
I’ll steal your class at school? A OK, then, how about
heart, and you B I don’t think so. a date?
steal mine. A Oh, I could’ve sworn
we had chemistry.

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Imagine you’re in a bar at night and you
see someone you like. What’s the best way
of starting to talk to them? You could use a
single. Coincidence? I think not.

Do you believe in love at first sight,

chat-up line – a short sentence or question to or should I walk by again?
break the ice. Three of the most typical chat-
up lines are: If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d
Do you come here often? put U and I together.
Can I read your palm?
What’s your star sign? You must do interior design because
Here are some really corny chat-up lines for you definitely made this room more
you to learn and use… if you’re feeling brave. beautiful.
[Learn Hot English accepts no responsibility
for any injuries incurred as a result of using So last night, I was reading the Book
these lines in real-life situations!] of Numbers and I realised I don’t
have yours.
See that door? Let’s go out!
See my friend over there? He
You know what you’d look great in? My wants to know if you think
arms! I’m cute.

My doctor says I’m lacking Vitamin U. Let’s lip a coin:

heads your mine,
Besides being gorgeous, what do you do for tails I’m yours!
a living?
If I had a nickel for
Can I take a picture of you to show Santa every time I saw someone
what I want for Christmas? as beautiful as you, I’d have
5 cents
I’ve heard you like water. That’s good – you
already like 70% of me. Are you a magician? Because every
time I look at you, everyone else
Are you a camera? Because every time I look disappears. GLOSSARY
at you, I smile. a chat-up line = a short sentence
or question you ask someone who
My psychologist says I’m afraid of you like in the romantic sense
If you were a hamburger at McDonald’s, commitment. Could you help me prove corny = if something is “corny”, it’s
a bit silly
you’d be a him wrong? gorgeous = someone “gorgeous” is
McGorgeous. nice and attractive
for a living = the things you do “for
My friends over a living” are the jobs you do
a wish = if you make a “wish”, you
OK, I’m here. there said I wouldn’t ask for something you really want
What were your be able to start a lip a coin = if you “lip a coin”, you
throw the coin in the air and see
other two wishes? conversation with the which side it lands on so you can
most attractive make a decision
heads = the side of a coin with a
Hi, I’m Mr Right. person in the room. head on it
tails = the other side of the coin,
Someone said Do you want to buy
you were looking
for me?
Gorgeous some drinks with
their money?
often with an image on it
a nickel (US) = a coin that is worth
5 US cents
commitment = someone
who is afraid of “commitment”
is frightened about having a
You’re single? I’m Good luck! relationship, often because they
don’t want to be hurt

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Play Time


1 Pre-reading
Look at the list of toys / games. Which
ones have you played with? Discuss
your ideas with a partner.
Cluedo, Slinky,
LEGO, Play-Doh, Yahtzee, Things we love to play with.
Frisbee, Hula Hoop,

Barbie, Mouse Trap, G.I. BOX 360 Kinetic. RoboSapien. The
Joe, Operation, Twister, The American
Flytech Dragonly. Wii Party. These International
Battleship, Hot Wheels,
Rubik’s Cube, Uno, are just a few of the games I’ve got Toy Fair
Dungeons and Dragons, of recent times. But some of the my eye
on you!
The American
Playmobil, Star Wars Action most popular toys are actually International Toy Fair
Figures, Cabbage Patch quite old. was irst held in New
Kids, Trivial Pursuit, My York City in 1903. It has
Little Pony, Transformers,
Games have been around been held there every
Pictionary, Tamagotchi year (except 1945) since
for several years. In 4000 BC, then. It’s the global
Other? Babylonians played a board game that was
2 Reading I
toy industry’s most
similar to chess. An early version of modern chess was a important event.
Read the article once. Which toys / games game called “chaturanga”, which was popular in India in
are mentioned that you like / liked? the 6th century. Yo-yos made of stone were irst used in
ancient Greece around 1000 BC. And
3 Reading II kites appeared in China around the same time. Many
Read the article again and say what of the most popular toys today appeared in the 20th
the numbers / dates, etc. refer to. century. These include Crayola Crayons (which irst
1. 4000BC appeared in 1903), Monopoly (which was invented
2. 6th century in the early 1930s), and Twister (which has sold more
3. 1903 than 22 million games since its release in 1966).
4. 22 million
5. 100 million Another popular game is Scrabble.
6. $4 million Unemployed architect Alfred Mosher Butts
7. 2004 invented the game in the 1930s. At irst,
8. 2 million it was called “Lexiko” and later “Criss-Cross
Words”. In 1947, entrepreneur James Brunot
4 Language focus acquired the game, but it wasn’t until 1953 GLOSSARY
a board game n
The use of since (when the president of Macy’s discovered it) that things really took of. a game you play on a lat piece of
Look at the extract from the article on And since then, more than 100 million sets have been sold worldwide. cardboard / wood / plastic, etc.
a release n
this page, “…And since then, a product's “release” date is the
more than 100 million sets As you can imagine, toys and games are a multi-billion dollar industry. Mr time it is placed in shops so you
can buy it
have been sold worldwide…” Potato Head was made in 1952 by Hasbro’s Playskool unit. It was the irst to acquire vb
to get or obtain
The writer has used the Present Perfect toy advertised on TV, and it grossed more than $4 million in its irst year. to take of phr vb
with “since”. Complete the following Play-Doh (which was originally designed for cleaning wallpaper) made if something “takes of”, it becomes
really popular
sentences with your own ideas. inventor Joseph McVicker a millionaire by his 27th birthday. Mattel sells to gross vb
the amount of money that a product
1. I haven’t spoken to an astounding 1.5 million Barbie dolls each week (that’s two dolls per “grosses”, is the total amount it
since last month. second!). And Bratz Dolls global sales in 2005 were two billion dollars. makes from sales before any tax
deductions, etc. are made
2. I haven’t cleaned my car wallpaper n
since . Some toys go out of fashion, but then become popular again. Cabbage paper that you put over the walls of
your home so it looks nice
3. I haven’t seen Patch Kids were all the rage in the early 1980s and are now back… as is the all the rage exp
very popular
since last year. Rubik’s Cube. Toy analysts say that parents are increasingly choosing to buy to make a comeback exp
4. I haven’t been to toys they remember from their own childhood. Other toys from the past that if a game “makes a comeback”, it
becomes popular again after it
since 2008. are making a comeback include Power Ranger action igures, board games stopped being popular
5. I haven’t since such as Cluedo, Buckaroo! and Twister, and circular trampolines. to bend down phr vb
to move the top half of your body
last week. forwards and down, often so you
can pick something up
These days, toys are getting a lot more sophisticated. to pick up phr vb
5 Discussion RoboSapien is a remote-controlled robot that was launched to take something in your hands
(often from a surface)
1. What toys / games do you in 2004. He can walk, turn around, bend down and pick to punch vb
have at home? things up, as well as punch, snore and belch (much to the to hit with a ist (with your ingers
closed into your hand)
2. How often do you play delight of children). RoboSapien was designed by Mark Tilden, to snore vb
when someone “snores” while they
games at home? who once created robots for NASA space missions. He expected are asleep, they make a loud sound
3. Which game from your the toy to be used mostly by schools and fellow scientists, but almost 2 through their mouth / nose
to belch vb
youth would you like million Robosapiens have been sold worldwide since their launch as a toy. if someone “belches”, air comes out
to play again if you had of their mouth, making a loud noise.
This often happens after eating or
more time? Fancy a game, anyone? drinking

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This month we’re looking at some clichés – those popular expressions that have
been used so much that they've lost their meaning or become unoriginal. For more
information on clichés, turn to our Word of the Month article on page 46.

a) Alfie’s working as an a) Sara’s studying to become

accountant, isn’t he? a doctor. a) I can’t believe it’s already
b) That’s right. Like father, like b) She’s following in her six o’clock. a) When do you think we
son. mother’s footsteps. b) Time flies when you’re should have the meeting?
This expression means that This expression means that having fun. b) There’s no time like the
both the father and the son the daughter is doing the This means, “Time goes present.
are working in similar jobs / same as the mother in terms quickly when you’re enjoying This means, “The best time
in the same industry, etc. of work / education, etc. yourself.” to do something is now!”

a) I can’t believe you charged us for just

a) Have you got that report finished yet? coming to the meeting.
b) Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know. a) I’ve had enough of this. b) Time is money.
This means, “It takes a long time to do b) Yeah, let’s call it a day. This means, “Time has a value and it will
an important job.” This means, “Let’s stop doing it!” be charged for.”


a) Do you think they’d do it if a) Do you think I should say

we offered them more? a) They cheated him out of something? a) Look at all that rain? The
b) Money makes the world go all his savings. b) I wouldn’t rock the boat if I weather’s awful!
round. b) A fool and his money are were you! b) Yes, it’s raining cats and
This means, “Money is the easily parted. This means, “I wouldn’t do dogs.
prime motivator for most This means, “Stupid people or say anything that might This means, “It's raining very
actions.” often lose their money.” cause problems.” heavily.”

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Unusual museums from


around the world

1 Pre-reading
Look at the words below. They are all topics / themes for
unusual museums. What do you think you can ind in these
museums? Discuss your ideas with a partner.
“Museums of the World” Travel Plan

“Museums of the World” Travel Plan

Here’s the travel plan for some of the more unusual museums on our
“Museums of the World” tour. I’ll send you the full itinerary next week.

Bad art
Barbed wire
Bananas The Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) (Boston, USA) shows what it
describes as “art too bad to be ignored”. The museum hopes to
bring the worst of art to the widest possible audience and has
even published a book of its most “important” works. As part of the
visit, we’ll be shown some truly awful portraits, landscapes and sculptures.

Hair Funeral The Devil’s Rope Museum (in Mclean, Texas) and The Kansas
Underwear hearses Barbed Wire Museum (in Lacrosse, Kansas) both claim to have
2 Reading I the deinitive barbed wire collections, telling the story of the wire’s
Read the article once to check your ideas from the Pre-reading role in the development of America. We’ll be visiting both of these,
activity. so we can decide which one we like best!

3 Reading II The Washington Banana Museum (Auburn, Washington, USA)

Read the article again. Then, write the name of a museum next contains 4,000 objects related to the history of what the museum
to each statement. describes as “the world’s most perfect fruit”. We’ll be given a guided
1. You can donate something to this museum. tour around the museum, during which we’ll learn all sorts of
2. You’ll be shown clothing worn by famous interesting things, such as the fact that bananas were introduced to the USA
people at this museum. in 1878 in the same exhibition as Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, and that
3. You’ll see some examples of awful art. the banana is now the US’ number-one selling fruit.
4. You’ll be given information about when
bananas were introduced to the USA. Now onto Europe – The Hair Museum (Avanos, Turkey) is
5. They both claim to have the deinitive located in a cave in Cappadocia, in Central Anatolia. It contains
collection of barbed wire. 16,000 samples of people’s hair. You’ll be ofered a chance to add
6. This museum includes an exhibit your own hair to the collection. Later in the year, the museum
from the 18th century. curator selects 10 donors to attend a pottery workshop. If you’re one of
them, you’ll be invited to stay in his guest house.
4 Language focus Future passives
Look at the extract from the article on this page, “…We’ll The Musée du Slip (Brussels, Belgium) is devoted to underwear.
be shown some truly awful…” The writer has used The idea behind the museum is that everyone is equal in their
a future passive (“will be shown”). Transform the following underwear. You’ll be fascinated to know that the curator has
sentences into the future passive. Do not include the agent collected samples from all sorts of people, including artists,
(the person who does the action). politicians and pop stars.
1. They will send it later.
2. They will inish it tonight. The Museu de Carrosses Funebres (Barcelona, Spain) is a
3. They will clean the rooms tomorrow. museum of funeral hearses. It takes a look at how local people
4. They will take out the rubbish this afternoon. have been transported to their funerals since the 19th century.
Read through the article again. Can you ind any more During the tour, we’ll be provided with a fascinating insight into
examples of future passives? how the people of Barcelona viewed death. On a similar note…

5 Discussion
1. What’s the most unusual museum you’ve …The Funeral Museum (Vienna, Austria) provides a central
ever been to? European picture of death and its rites. Amongst the 1,000 or so
2. Are there any unusual museums in your town exhibits, pride of place goes to a “lap-coin”, which is a reusable
/ city / country? What exhibits do they have? coin from the 18th century.
3. What’s your all-time favourite museum? Why
do you like it so much? Speak soon!

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Unusual news stories from around the world. TRACK 13


Quirky News N˚ 112 The voice of the people London 2011

Give us
your money,

Crime The elderly turn to crime. GLOSSARY
a pensioner n

an old person who has stopped
hat do elderly people in your said. “Two members of the gang (aged 63 and working and who is over 65
country do? Play bingo? Go 74 respectively) were carrying grenades and to hold up phr vb
to rob a bank with a gun
bowling? Meet up with their a hammer.” Meanwhile, police in France are a loaded gun exp
friends in bars and cafés? These days, more hunting a 70-year-old grandmother who used a pistol / rile, etc. that is ready to ire
and that has bullets in it
and more pensioners around the world are a toy pistol to hold up at least four banks. And vicious adj
cruel or violent
turning to crime! in Austria members of a major narcotics ring to stun vb
(dubbed the “Grandpa Gang”) were arrested if someone is “stunned”, they are hit and
then become unconscious or confused
In Manchester (England), more than 1,600 after selling more than €6m worth of drugs. to make of with phr vb
elderly people have been arrested over the if someone “makes of with” money,
they steal that money and escape
past three years. The oldest was a 94-year-old Back in London, a 69-year-old (who goes by the a raid n
an attack / a robbery (often with
man cautioned for violence against online name Devilman) was found guilty force / violence)
another person. In Watford, a gang of credit card fraud in a recent trial. a codger n inform
an old man
of over 65-year-olds held A search of his house uncovered a a grenade n
up three banks before I’m counterfeit credit card factory with a small, round explosive device which
explodes when a metal pin is pulled out
getting caught. One of too old details of 2,000 cards. He owned a hammer n
for this. a heavy tool used for hitting things
the members terrorised three houses, and was described by (nails into a wall, for example)
banking staf by pointing neighbours as “a very quiet man”. a narcotics ring exp
a gang that produces / sells illegal drugs
a carrot through a jacket pocket, dubbed adj
claiming it was a loaded gun. The gang “The over-60s are now the fastest- if someone is “dubbed” a certain
name, they are given this name
leader was 78 years old. In London, a gang of growing section of the prison population. fraud n
to lie or steal information in order to
elderly ladies was detained by police after a There are currently almost 2,500 people in this get money
number of vicious street attacks. They’d been age group in British prisons, making up three a search n
if there is a “search”, people look for
using handbags illed with rocks to stun their percent of the total, up from two percent something in a place / area / house, etc.
victims, making of with valuables such as in 2003,” a police spokesperson explained. counterfeit adj
fake (not real), not original, not genuine
money, jewellery and mobile phones. Just recently, Summertown prison in Bristol to own vb
if you “own” something, it belongs to
became the irst in the country to provide a you / it’s yours / you possess it
In northwest Germany, police captured a three- special “elderly wing”, complete with stairlifts to make up phr vb
if A “makes up” 3 percent of the total,
man gang as they prepared to storm a bank. It and specially-adapted bathrooms. A is 3 percent of the total amount
would have been their sixth raid. “These were a stairlift n
an electrical chair that elderly people
not lovable old codgers,” a police spokesperson Whatever next?  sit on to go up the stairs

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Dips! Social Splash
Offering advice in the nicest possible way.

1 Pre-listening
Think of places in your town / city that you’d recommend for the
following categories. Discuss your choices with a partner.
This is the second part of our recipes for delicious dips. A hotel.
Serve them with nacho chips, toast quarters, pitta A restaurant.
bread triangles, crisps, crackers or crudités (carrot A trip outside the city / town.
sticks, celery sticks, etc.). To make the dips, you’ll need A museum.
an electric, hand-held blender (see image to the right). A guidebook to use.
An area in the city to visit at night.
BLT dip A musical / play / show to see.
Ingredients A phrasebook to buy.
250 grams of mayonnaise. Other?
250 grams of sour cream or cream cheese.
4 teaspoon of chopped garlic. 2 Listening I
Pinch of ground black pepper. You’re going to listen to someone who is giving advice on visiting the
2 tablespoons inely chopped onion. Greek island of Rhodes. Listen once. What advice does the man give?
1 large tomato, diced.
500 grams of bacon, cooked to a crisp and crumbled or diced. 3 Listening II
Listen again. Then, complete the spaces with the appropriate words.
Mix all the ingredients together except the tomato and bacon. Place 1. You shouldn’t have to Rhodes.
in the fridge until it’s time to serve. Just before serving, stir in the 2. Were you on the south side of the
bacon and tomato. Yummy! island?
3. You should have in the village of Lindos.
Amazing nacho dip 4. We it was quite touristy, actually.
Ingredients 5. I would have The Delphi.
250 grams cream cheese. 6. The manager us that his family were
1 red chilli pepper chopped inely (optional). Greek.
1 onion, chopped. 7. We to this lovely place called Salt &
250 grams grated cheese. Pepper on our last night.
8. You’d be better of here and
Put the cream cheese, chilli (optional) and onion into a watching a documentary on Berlin.
microwaveable dish. Sprinkle the grated cheese on top. Then,
microwave for about ive minutes (or until the cheese has melted). 4 Language focus Short answers
Serve immediately with nacho chips. Look at this extract from the transcript of the recording Social
GLOSSARY Splash: “…No, we didn’t…” The speaker has used a short
a dip n
Guacamole dip a thick, creamy sauce that you eat answer. Complete the spaces with appropriate short answers.
Ingredients with toast, biscuits, raw vegetables, etc.
a pinch of exp
1. A: Did you go out last night? B: Yes, .
3 ripe avocados, a measurement that consists of an 2. A: Have you seen the ilm yet? B: Yes, .
amount of food that you can hold
peeled and pitted. between two ingers 3. A: Were you waiting for me? B: No, .
4 cup chopped red inely chopped exp 4. A: Had they been here before? B: No, .
cut into very small pieces
onion. diced adj 5. A: Does she want me to send it to her? B: Yes,
1 tablespoon of cut into small cubes (squares)
cooked to a crisp exp
freshly-squeezed lime fried in oil until it is hard and easy
juice. to break
a microwaveable dish n
5 Discussion
1 red chilli or jalapeño pepper chopped a plate that you can put in the 1. When was the last time you gave someone a bit
microwave and heat up
inely (optional). to sprinkle vb of advice about a holiday destination? What did
1 tomato, diced. if you “sprinkle” food on top of a dish,
you put an amount of that food over
you tell them?
Salt and pepper to taste. the top of that dish 2. When was the last time someone gave you a bit
peeled adj
with the skin taken of of advice?
Use the hand-held blender to mix all the pitted adj 3. When was the last time you had a conversation
with the stone taken out from the
ingredients except the tomato. Then, stir in middle with someone who seemed to be more
the tomato. Cover and chill in the refrigerator to stir in exp
if you “stir in” food, you add it slowly
interested in showing of than actually helping?
for at least 30 minutes. whilst moving it around or mixing it in What was discussed?

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few copies of
Hot English

Situation Formal Normal Informal

A friend has been

using a video console He refuses to He won’t He’s been
all afternoon and share it with let anyone hogging it.
hasn’t let anyone anyone else. else use it.
else use it.

You are showing

someone around This is the area in This is my This
the area in the which I reside. neighbourhood. is my
town where you hood.

She is most
A friend knows knowledgeable She knows She’s hot on
a lot about on the topic a lot about computers.
computers. of information computers.

He’s in a huff.
A friend is a bit He is in a mild He’s / He’s in a bad
angry. state of anger. a bit mood. / He got
angry. out of bed on the
wrong side.

You recently We were conveying We were

moved house. cardboard carrying We were
During the move, containers for the boxes all humping boxes
around all day.
For some great
you had to carry
lots of heavy boxes. duration of the day. day. deals on back
A friend is He often lulls me He’s He bores the learnhotenglish.
extremely boring. into a state of boring. hell out of me.
slumber. com/shop
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Photos from the news. TRACK 16


Photo 1 Olivia Colman won an Oscar for her performance as
Queen Anne in The Favourite.

Music Mania
When you don’t get what you were

1 Pre-listening
Look at the words below. In just two minutes, name as many bands /
singers, etc. as you can. Have a competition with a partner.
musicians bands conductors pop singers
rock stars reggae bands or singers punk bands
country and western singers or bands indie bands
opera singers folk singers or bands
classical composers singer-songwriters
Photo 2 7-months-pregnant Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Other?
2 Listening I
You’re going to listen to a conversation between an unsatisied client and an
events organiser. Listen once. Are any of the musicians / singers / composers,
etc. that you thought of for the Pre-listening activity mentioned?

3 Listening II
Listen again. Then, answer the questions.
1. When is Mr Blunt’s next appointment?
2. What does the client want Mr Blunt to return?
3. What was Mr Blunt supposed to be organising?
4. Which composer and orchestra did Mr Blunt say would
play at the wedding?
5. Which group did the client believe were going to be
performing at the wedding reception?
6. What was supposed to happen at the end of the
reception party?
7. Who is the client going to speak to in order to get
Photo 3 Colin Firth (King George VI) in The King’s Speech. back some of the money?

4 Language focus Reported Speech

Look at this extract from the transcript of the recording Music Mania:
“…Herr Karajan’s agent hadn’t told me he’d died…”
The speaker has used Reported Speech. Complete the following sentence
beginnings with your own ideas.
1. I was recently informed that…
2. I’d been told that…
3. They assured me that…
4. I was told that…

5 Discussion
When was the last time…
1. …you made a complaint about something? What
2. …you didn’t get what you were expecting? What
went wrong?
3. …you had to deal with someone who was attempting
to evade an issue? What happened in the end?

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This month we’re looking at some more “wall” idioms.

Be like banging / hitting your

head against a brick wall
For these four walls only Fly-on-the-wall IF TALKING TO SOMEONE IS LIKE
WHERE YOU’RE TALKING. ly-on-the-wall documentary focuses “I’ve been trying to convince him
“You mustn’t discuss this beyond on the lives of six student doctors to do the course, but it’s just like
these four walls.” who are all living together.” banging my head against a brick wall.”

wr i t i n g
Be a fly on the wall
See / read the writing on the wall IF YOU SAY THAT YOU’D LIKE TO “BE A FLY ON
“They failed to see the writing on the wall and lost a lot of “Kylie is going to talk to the president next week. I’d love to
money as a result.” be a ly on the wall for that meeting.”

to me!

Come up against a brick wall

IF YOU “COME UP AGAINST A Be a wallflower
LISTENING. “We’ve been trying to ind a solution to THEMSELVES.
“I’ve tried to discuss it with her, but it’s the problem, but I think we’ve come up “Come on! Get up and dance! Stop
like talking to a brick wall.” against a brick wall.” being such a walllower!”

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Noise Alert

Sounds that really annoy us.

1 rying babies. Buzzing mosquitoes. Ringing
Look at the list of noises. Rank them in order car alarms. They’re all annoying noises. But
of preference (number 1 is the one you like what’s the worst? A recent survey lists the
the most). Then, discuss your choices with a things we hate to hear.
The deinitive list of horrible noises has over
Birds singing 100 items. Several mobile phone ringtones
Children crying appear near the top.
Laughter These include ringtones
A dentist’s drill Stop
of non-stop coughing,
Drilling sounds noise! devilish laughter, the “Can
Banging noises You Hear Me Now?” ringtone,
A stranger speaking on a man screaming “Ring! Ring!”,
his/her mobile phone and chirping crickets.
Other general irritating
A barking dog
noises include barking
Fireworks dogs, pneumatic drills, electric leaf GLOSSARY
Motorbikes blowers, loud snoring and banging noises early on a Sunday
to list vb
to mention (often in reference to a
Pigs grunting morning. list of things)
a ringtone n
Tapping fingers the sound your phone makes when
someone is calling
Other? However, number-one on the list (as voted by more than 70% to cough vb
of those questioned) was the sound of… a dentist’s drill. “That if someone is“coughing”, they are making
a noise from their throat because
2 Reading I just sends shivers down my spine,” said one respondent. they are ill with a sore throat, etc.
Read the article once. Do you agree that the “After a visit to the dentist, I sometimes wake up at night with devilish adj
evil / bad / nasty (like the devil)
noises mentioned are annoying? Which ones that sound in my head. It’s horrible,” said another. “I’ve seen to chirp vb
when a cricket (an insect that jumps)
would you add to (or take of) the list? patients shaking with fear when I bring out the drill,” explained “chirps”, it makes a high-pitched sound
a dentist. Of course, anyone who’s actually been to the dentist a cricket n
a small insect that can jump very
3 Reading II and heard the sound will probably agree with that. far / high
Read the article again. Then, write a brief a pneumatic drill n
a machine used to make holes in the
description of how the device works. Try to do But there’s some good news. A new device developed by ground / earth
a leaf blower n
this without referring back to the article. experts at King’s College London, Brunel University and a machine that is used to clear leaves
London South Bank University can cancel out the sound of from the ground by blowing them away
to snore vb
4 Language focus the dreaded drill. The tiny gadget allows patients to listen the noise some people make
Phrasal verbs with up to music on an MP3 player while the sound of the drill is through their mouth / nose when
they’re sleeping
Look at the extract from the article on this page, eliminated. However, patients are still able to hear the dentist’s a dentist’s drill n
a machine used by dentists to make
“…These pick up any sounds and…” voice because not all sounds are iltered out. small holes in teeth
The writer has used a phrasal verb with “up” to send shivers down your spine exp
if something “sends shivers down
(“pick up”). Complete the sentences with the The theory behind it is fairly straightforward. Microphones are your spine”, it makes you scared /
correct verbs. placed close to the dental drill. These pick up any sounds and frightened / afraid
to shake vb
1. I’ve _______ up a new hobby: transform them into digital signals. Then, electronic ilters cancel if someone is “shaking”, their body
is moving with very quick , short
bird watching. out any unwanted sound waves. This can be done even if the movements
2. She’s _______ up smoking at last! wave’s amplitude and frequency changes (as the ones for the to cancel out phr vb
if noise A “cancels out” noise B, noise
3. Could you _______ up, please? I drill do). However, the great thing is that this technology also A stops you from hearing noise B
can’t hear you very well. allows other noises (such as the dentist’s dreaded adj
something “dreaded” causes you to
4. Could you use these notes voice) to come through. feel fear or to be very worried
tiny adj
to _______ up a report of the very small
meeting, please? It’s easy to use, too. Patients simply plug a gadget n
a small, useful device / machine
the sound-iltering device into their MP3 to ilter out phr vb
5 Discussion players. Then, via headphones, they can if A “ilters out” B, A stops B from
entering / coming through
1. What noise do you hate the listen to music and hear the dentist’s to pick up phr vb
if a device “picks up” a sound, it
most? voice without being disturbed This is receives / records / detects / hears it
music to
2. What are some of the most by the noise of the drill. Fantastic! my ears!
to come through phr vb
if a sound “comes through” a device,
pleasant sounds in the world? it is possible to hear the sound with
3. Where do you go to get some So, next time you go to the dentist, that device
to disturb vb
peace and quiet? remember to bring your MP3 player. to annoy / to irritate

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Health & Sickness

Here are some more phrasal verbs that you can use to talk about health and sickness.
Complete the sentences (1 to 8) with the words from below. Part III of III.
drugs ill eye ages work food cold plant

Fight off
Take care of someone ILLNESS AND
“She took really good care of me when I was “She was trying hard to ight of a she’d
last week.” had for more than two weeks.”

Swell up Cut down


3 4
“Shortly after getting hit in the face, his “I’ve got to cut down on the amount of fatty
swelled up, making it hard for him to see properly.” I’m eating.”

Break out Take off


5 6
“After touching the , he broke out in a rash “His health seemed to be improving so they took him of
that covered his back.” the .”

Drag on
“The pain started easing of so she went back to “This cold is really annoying – it’s been dragging on for
. .”

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Idioms Phrasal Verbs Listening files  
AUDIO SCRIPTS Articles Great content Vocabulary

NEIGHBOURLY NIGHTMARES CH: I wanted to talk about my book – the short story idea for Prejudice and Pride nearly 200 years
TRACK 06 collection. ago... I’m afraid the world of publishing is like
Dealing with noisy neighbours. FR: Oh, yes. That would be the short story collection that, Miss Horden.
entitled Ten Really Good Short Stories. CH: I see. Oh, well. I’ve got a great idea for another
CL= Constable Long (a police officer) CH: Yes, that’s right. It’s a good title, isn’t it? book. It’s about this boy called Johnny Potter
MC = Mr Crampton (a noisy neighbour) FR: Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it “good”, Miss who’s a wizard, and he goes to this special
Horden. It’s much more than just “good”. school for wizards called Hogbarts, and...
CL: Good evening. Would you be Mr Crampton? Anyway, what did you want to ask me about your FR: Goodbye, Miss Horden.
MC: Yes, that’s right. How can I help you, officer? book?
CL: I’m Police Constable Long and I’m from the local CH: I don’t understand why you don’t want to SOCIAL SPLASH TRACK 14
police station. publish it. Ofering advice in the nicest possible way.
MC: Is there some sort of problem? FR: Ah. I see. Well, I don’t usually discuss these
CL: Well, I’m sorry to disturb you on a Sunday, Mr decisions with authors. Daniel: Hello, Maxine. How are you?
Crampton, but... erm, would you mind, erm, CH: But you do want to publish it, don’t you? Maxine: Oh, hi, Daniel. It’s been ages.
could you turn that music down, please? FR: Well, no. We don’t. Daniel: It has indeed. It has indeed. So, what have
MC: Oh, yes, sorry, I was listening to my daughter’s CH: Why not? you been up to?
band. They’re good, aren’t they? Anyway, how FR: Well, your stories are not very original, are they, Maxine: Well, Bob and I…
can I help you? Miss Horden? Daniel: Bob? Are you still with Bob?
CL: Well, I’m afraid I’ve received a number of CH: What do you mean? Maxine: Yes, I am.
complaints from your next door neighbour. FR: Well, for example, one of your stories is a love Daniel: Well done. Good on you, mate. So, the
MC: What? story set in Russia at the time of the Napoleonic counselling helped, did it?
Wars. A Russian girl called Natasha falls in love Maxine: I don’t know what you’re talking about. What
CL: Your neighbour, Mrs Willows, has made a
with a man called Pierre, who is a Russian count. do you mean, counselling?
number of complaints about excessive noise.
CH: That’s right. It’s a wonderful story, isn’t it? Daniel: Oh, nothing, nothing. Something I heard.
She says that you were making a lot of noise last
FR: Your story is called Peace and War. So, what have you and gorgeous Bob been
night, for example. up to then? Did you go out last night?
CH: That’s right. It’s set in a time of, erm... peace and
MC: Oh, that. We were having a barbecue party. We war. Maxine: No, we didn’t. Er…we’ve just been to Greece.
were eating and drinking in the garden for a FR: You have heard of Leo Tolstoy, Miss Horden, A sort of second honeymoon.
couple of hours, but we finished before 10. haven’t you? Daniel: Good idea. Try to patch things up. Take your
CL: Yes, very well, and there were also reports of loud CH: Oh, yes. He wrote the James Bond books, didn’t mind off things. Did you have a good time?
noise early last Sunday morning. he? Maxine: Yes, we did.
MC: Oh, that’ll be my daughter. She was rehearsing FR: No, Miss Horden. He wrote a novel called War Daniel: So, where did you go in Greece? Somewhere
with her band. I’ve told her not to start too early. and Peace. nice?
I’ll have a word with her about it. CH: Really! What a coincidence. What’s it about? Maxine: Yes, Rhodes.
CL: And also this morning at 7am? FR: It’s a love story set in Russia at the time of the Daniel: Rhodes? Don’t tell me you went to Rhodes.
MC: Oh, that was probably me. I was drilling a few Napoleonic Wars. A Russian girl called Natasha Did you see that documentary on Rhodes?
holes in the wall. It didn’t take long. Look, why falls in love with a man called Pierre, who is a Maxine: No, I didn’t.
don’t you come in and sit down? We can have a Russian count. Daniel: Terrible place. Tinos is much better. You
chat. Let’s go into the sitting room. CH: Oh! should have gone there. You shouldn’t have
CL: Thank you, sir. FR: Yes. And the second story in your collection is gone to Rhodes. I know all about the Greek
MC: This way. called The Man Who Hated Christmas. islands. If there’s anything you want to know,
MC: Oh, we can’t go in there. My mother’s watching CH: Yes, it’s the story of Willy Scrooge, a mean just ask me.
TV. Let’s go to the kitchen. It’s this way. Here money lender who learns the true meaning Maxine: Right, yes, well, anyway, we had a lovely time.
we are. Oh dear. My son must be cooking of Christmas when three ghosts visit him on Daniel: Really? Of course you did. Were you staying
something. We can go into the dining room. Christmas Eve. I think it’s great. on the south side of the island?
This way. [to his daughter] I told you to keep FR: Oh, yes. The ghosts of Christmas Long Ago, Maxine: No, we weren’t. We stayed at this place near
the noise down. My daughter Zara’s doing her Christmas Now and Christmas Soon. Rhodes Town.
woodwork homework. Let’s go into the garden. CH: Oh, so you’ve read it, have you? Daniel: You’re joking. The hotels there are 10 times
Follow me. So, here we are. Come this way. We’re FR: Yes, I have. And I’ve also read A Christmas more expensive than the ones on the south
having a bit of work done on the garden. It’ll be Carol by Charles Dickens. side. Don’t tell me you stayed in Ixia. Please,
finished in a month or two. I know, we can go CH: Oh, yes. What’s that about then? no. No one stays in Ixia.
upstairs. Let’s try in here. I forgot, Shona, my FR: It’s the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge, a mean Maxine: Er… yes, we did, actually. It was very nice.
other daughter, is rehearsing for a concert they’re money lender who learns the true meaning Daniel: No, it isn’t. It’s horrible. You should have
doing next week. We can try the bathroom. Here of Christmas when three ghosts visit him on stayed in the village of Lindos. That’s much
we are. [lion roars]I don’t believe it. Someone’s Christmas Eve. The ghosts of Christmas Past, better. And cheaper. And it isn’t so touristy.
left that lion in here again. Perhaps we should try Christmas Present and Christmas Yet to Come. Did you see Lindos?
the attic. But you didn’t know that, did you, Miss Horden? Maxine: Yes, we did. We went there for the day.
Here we are. CH: Er, no. Never heard of it. Actually, we thought it was quite touristy
CL: [sound of helicopter] What’s that? FR: And presumably you’ve never heard of Fyodor actually. We didn’t like it.
MC: Oh that’ll be my brother. He’s coming over for Dostoyevsky, either, have you? Daniel: Oh, rubbish! Everyone loves Lindos. So,
lunch. He always travels by helicopter. CH: Dostoyevsky. He plays for Dynamo Kiev, doesn’t which hotel did you stay at? Not The Apis, I
Perhaps we should go back outside. So, officer. he? hope. Did you stay at The Apis?
Tell me, what was the problem again? FR: No, he was a great Russian novelist. His most Maxine: No, we didn’t. We stayed in a little family-run
CL: The noise, sir. Your neighbour says that your famous work Crime and Punishment. You’ve bed-and-breakfast place near The Apis.
house is extremely noisy. [a jet plane is read it, haven’t you? Daniel: Not Stephano’s. Please tell me that you
landing] What’s that? CH: Er, I might have done. Why do you ask? didn’t stay at Stephano’s.
MC: Oh, that’ll be my sister’s private plane landing. FR: Because in your book you have a story called Maxine: Erm, yes, we did, actually. Do you know it?
She’s also coming round for lunch. Would you Punishment and Crime. It’s about a man Daniel: Yes, I do. Terrible place. Even The Apis is
like to stay? called Raskolnikov who decides that it’s better than Stephano’s. You should have
acceptable to commit a crime if he then uses the asked me. I would have recommended The
BOOK PROMOTION TRACK 09 profits from his crime to do good. Delphi. Have you heard of it?
Trying to sell a few book ideas to a publisher. CH: That’s right. It’s one of my best stories. Has this Maxine: No, I haven’t.
Dostoyevsky bloke stolen my idea? Daniel: It’s a wonderful private hotel. Very exclusive
Frank Ripley = FR (book publisher) FR: Yes, that’s right. However, he “stole” your idea but not at all expensive. It’s run by real
Charlie Horden = CR (author) nearly 150 years ago when he published Crime Greeks. Not like Stephano’s. They’re an
and Punishment in 1866. And the Greek English family pretending to be Greeks. You
FR: Come in. poet Homer also “stole” the idea for your story should have gone to The Delphi. They serve
CH: Hello. Mr Riley. I’m Charlie Horden. Odysseus Goes on a Long Journey nearly real Greek food there. Wonderful.
FR: Oh, yes. Come in Miss Horden. How can I help? 3,000 years ago, and Jane Austen “stole” your Maxine: Well, we thought it was quite nice. The

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manager told us that his family were Greek, KB: Return what money? acted in good faith.
although he’d been brought up in London. RS: The £25,000 that I paid you for organising my RS: And then there was the firework display. Or
Daniel: Oh, you didn’t believe that, did you? He’s no daughter’s wedding. should I say, then there wasn’t the firework
more Greek than I am. KB: I’m sorry – no refunds. It’s quite clear. It’s in display. You told me that the reception would
Maxine: But he introduced us to his Greek mother. the contract. Look, it says here quite clearly. end with a ten-minute firework display
He showed us the house where he was born. [Reading from the contract.] “All fees must
Daniel: OK. If you say so. If you say so. Let’s not be paid in full a month before the date of the accompanied by Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.
argue. So, did you like the food? event and no part of the fees are refundable KB: Well, we did our best.
Maxine: Oh, yes, we did. We went to this lovely place should circumstances beyond our control cause RS: You did your best? There weren’t any fireworks.
called Salt & Pepper on our last night,. the organisation of the event to be slightly KB: I know. The shop was shut.
Daniel: Oh no. Not Salt & Pepper! What a tourist changed.” RS: What?
trap! RS: Slightly changed? KB: The shop was shut.
Maxine: It was really nice. We were the only tourists KB: Yes, that is correct. RS: What shop?
there. RS: According to our contract, Mr Blunt, there was KB: The firework shop. It wasn’t open so I couldn’t
Daniel: You should have gone to Taverna Ikaros. going to be live music. You promised me live buy any fireworks. Circumstances beyond my
That’s where you get real Greek food. music, Mr Blunt. You said Herbert von Karajan control. Like it says in the contract.
Maxine: We walked past it one evening, but all it had and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra would
on the menu was burgers and chips. perform Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” RS: Oh, yes, the contract. But what about the music?
Daniel: That’s a trick! That’s a trick! It’s designed from A Midsummer Night’s Dream as my KB: The music?
to keep the tourists away. Don’t you know daugher and her husband walked down that RS: Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.
anything? If you’re friends with the owner, aisle. KB: Well, I didn’t bother because I didn’t have the
like I am, you get the real thing. You should KB: And they did. fireworks. I thought 10 minutes silence would
have asked me. RS: You put a CD on, Mr Blunt. probably be better anyway.
Maxine: Oh well. Next time. Anyway, Bob and I have KB: Yes. And? RS: It’s not very festive to end a wedding with 10
just booked a weekend in Berlin. Perhaps you RS: That’s not what I expected, Mr Blunt. Besides, I minutes silence, is it Mr Blunt? You said the
could recommend somewhere to stay. have since discovered that Herbert von Karajan fireworks would make the day unforgettable. I
Daniel: Berlin? I was there a few weeks ago. Fabulous died in 1989.
place. How good is your German? KB: Really? I didn’t know. How sad! paid you £10,000 for them.
Maxine: Erm, not very good. I can’t speak a word. RS: You told me Karajan would perform at my KB: A bargain. An absolute bargain.
Daniel: Oh dear. You shouldn’t go to Berlin then. daughter’s wedding, Mr Blunt. That was a lie! RS: But there weren’t any fireworks. I want my
I mean everyone speaks English, but you KB: Not at all. A misunderstanding. Herr Karajan’s money back.
won’t see the real Berlin unless you speak agent hadn’t told me he’d died. I acted in good KB: I’m afraid I can’t help you there. The money’s
German. You’d be better off staying here and faith. gone.
watching a documentary on Berlin. Now, did RS: I don’t agree. However, I am prepared to accept RS: What do you mean?
I tell you about the time I went to... [fades that everyone makes mistakes. But I cannot KB: Well, I had to pay Mr Tchaikovsky in advance.
out] accept so many mistakes. He’s got your £10,000.
KB: What do you mean?
RS: But he didn’t perform.
MUSIC MANIA TRACK 16 RS: You told me that The Beatles would perform
KB: I know but he was there. He still had to be paid.
When you don’t get what you were expecting. at the wedding reception. The contract clearly
says that there’ll be dancing to the music of the You should ask him for your money back.
KB = Ken Blunt (event organiser) popular group The Beatles. RS: Well, erm, oh, right, have you got his phone
RS = Rachel Stevens (client) KB: That is correct. number?
RS: But I don’t remember seeing Paul McCartney at KB: No, I haven’t. But I do have an e-mail address
KB: Come in. my daughter’s wedding. for him. You should write to him asking for your
RS: Good morning, Mr Blunt. We need to speak. KB: That’s because you paid for “The Beetles” – £10,000.
KB: Do we? Well, I’m rather busy at the moment. that’s “Beetles” with two ‘e’s, see. Look, it’s in RS: OK. I will. What’s his address?
Perhaps you can come back next week. the contract. They’re a cover band. I thought KB: It’s That’s
RS: I’m afraid that’s not convenient, Mr Blunt. We they were rather good.
need to speak NOW! RS: They were a punk rock band. My daughter T C H A I K, 40, at hotmail dot com.
KB: Erm, I’ve got another appointment in 15 doesn’t like punk rock, Mr Blunt. RS: OK. Great. I’ll write to him this afternoon.
minutes. KB: Well, you shouldn’t have booked them then. You Thanks.
RS: That’s fine, Mr Blunt. It won’t take more than 15 can’t expect the real Beatles for £200. Two of KB: My pleasure. Bye.
minutes... to return my money. them are dead anyway. Everyone knows that. I RS: Bye.

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ROYAL REVELATIONS (PAGE 5) 4. framed; is “running through your mind”, its irst year.
1 Pre-reading 5. done; you’re thinking about it. 7. When RoboSapien was launched.
1e 2g 3a 4d 5f 6b 7h 8i 9c 6. taken out; 5. Turn on = a) if you “turn on” a light, 8. The number of RoboSapiens sold.
7. checked; you make the light work; b) if A
USEFUL VOCABULARY (PAGE 8) 8. cut “turns on” B, B thinks A is sexy. UNUSUAL MUSEUMS FROM
1f 2e 3m 4a 5j 6g 7n 8b 9k 6. Check out = a) if you “check out” a AROUND THE WORLD (PAGE 33)
10l 11c 12h 13d 14i CEREMONY CHAOS (PAGE 16) book from the library, you borrow it; 3 Reading II
1 Pre-reading b) if you “check someone out”, you 1. The Hair Museum
CAR NUMBER PLATES. 1c 2f 3d 4b 5e 6a look carefully at their body because 2. Musée du Slip
WHAT’S YOURS? (PAGE 10) 3 Reading II you like them. 3. The Museum of Bad Art
3 Reading II 1. BRIT Awards; 7. Connected = a) if you’re “connected” 4. The Washington Banana Museum
1. carriages; 2. France; 3. cardboard; 2. MTV Video Music Awards; to a WIFI system, you can access 5. The Devil’s Rope Museum /
4. irst; 5. age; 6. digits; 7. symbol 3. Eurovision Song Contest; the internet; b) if two people are The Kansas Barbed Wire Museum
4 Language focus 4. MTV Video Music Awards; “connected”, they’re friends on social 6. The Funeral Museum
1. have seen; 2. haven’t eaten; 5. Grammy Awards; media, etc. 4 Language focus
3. has sent; 4. hasn’t taken 6. BRIT Awards 8. Pretty = a) someone “pretty” is 1. It will be sent later.
4 Language focus attractive”; b) if someone is “pretty 2. It will be inished tonight.
ERROR CORRECTION (PAGE 13) 1. herself; cute”, they’re quite nice or attractive 3. The rooms will be cleaned tomorrow.
1. This is my brother. His name is Alie. 2. himself; (“pretty” is a modiier in this case). 4. The rubbish will be taken out this
2. That is my sister. Her name is Amelia. 3. themselves; 9. Fall = if you “fall”, you have an afternoon.
3. My parents live in France. Their house 4. myself; accident and fall onto the ground; b)
is very big. 5. ourselves if you “fall for” someone, you start to SOCIAL SPLASH (PAGE 35)
4. The dog is in the garden. Its bone is like them a lot. 3 Listening II
here. BOOK PROMOTION (PAGE 19) 10. Picture = a) a “picture” is a photo , 1. gone; 2. staying; 3. stayed;
5. My car is blue. Their car is red. 1 Pre-listening painting, etc; b) if you can “picture” 4. thought; 5. recommended;
6. He is very nice and his hair is long. 1d 2c 3e 4a 5b something, you can see it in your mind. 6. told; 7. went; 8. staying
3 Listening II 11. Steal = a) if you “steal” something, 4 Language focus
NEIGHBOURLY NIGHTMARES 1. Ten Really Good Short Stories you take it even thought it isn’t yours; 1. Yes, I did; 2. Yes, I have;
(PAGE 13) 2. Peace and War b) if someone “steals your heart”, you 3. No, I wasn’t; 4. No, they hadn’t;
3 Listening II 3. The Man Who Hated Christmas start loving them. 5. Yes, she does
1. a neighbour; 4. Punishment and Crime 12. Chemistry = a) the scientiic study
2. his daughter’s band; 5. Odysseus Goes on a Long Journey of substances; b) if two people have MUSIC MANIA (PAGE 37)
3. having a barbecue; 6. Prejudice and Pride “chemistry”, they’re very good friends 3 Listening II
4. his daughter’s band – they were 4 Language focus and like each other. 1. In 15 minutes.
rehearsing; 1. didn’t she; 2. haven’t they; 13. Date = a) a small, brown, sweet 2. Her money.
5. Mr Crampton – he was drilling some 3. hasn’t he; 4. aren’t we; 5. wasn’t I fruit with a stone inside; b) an 3. The client’s daughter’s wedding.
holes; appointment to meet someone at a 4. Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin
6. his mother; CHAT-UP LINES WITH restaurant, the cinema, etc. Philharmonic Orchestra.
7. a lion; DOUBLE MEANINGS! (PAGE 29) 5. The Beatles
8. by jet plane 1. Hot = a) with a high temperature; PLAY TIME (PAGE 31) 6. There was supposed to be a irework
4 Language focus b) someone who is “hot” is sexy 3 Reading II display.
1. were working; 2. Fine = a) money you have to pay for 1. The time when Babylonians played a 7. “Mr Tchaikovsky”
2. was talking; committing a crime; b) if someone is game that was similar to chess.
3. wasn’t watching; “ine”, they’re nice or attractive. 2. When an earlier version of modern NOISE ALERT (PAGE 41)
4. were discussing 3. Ladder = a) a piece of equipment chess was popular in India. 4 Language focus
used for climbing up something; b) 3. When Crayola Crayons irst appeared. 1. taken; 2. given; 3. speak; 4. write
GRAMMAR FUN (PAGE 14) a hole in your tights (the clothing 4. The number of Twister game sets sold
1. recorded; women wear over their legs). since 1966. PHRASAL VERBS (PAGE 42)
2. repaired; 4. Running = a) when you “run”, you 5. The number of Scrabble sets sold. 1. ill; 2. cold; 3. eye; 4. food; 5. plant;
3. updated; move your legs fast; b) if something 6. The amount Mr Potato Head made in 6. drugs; 7. work; 8. ages

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There seem to be certain topics that attract
a large numbers of clichés. One of these is
“time”. We’re often informed that “time’s a Teacher Coordinator
Rocío Herrero
great healer” (problems go away with time),
that “time lies when you’re having fun” Accounts manager
Rocío Herrero
(time goes quickly when you’re enjoying
yourself ), and that “there’s no time like the Administration Department
present” (it’s better to do something now Subscriptions (9:30-13:00)
rather than later). Similarly, it comes as no Jose Lobo (tel / fax) (00 34 91 549 8523)
This is surprise to learn that “Rome wasn’t built in Skype: hotenglishgroup
such a
cliché! a day” (it takes time to do things well), and
when “it’s time to call it a day”, it’s time to Credit control and administration
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stop doing something. Office hours 10am to 6pm (Spanish time)

cliché is an expression that has Barcelona office (Hot English)
been used so often that it starts However, if there’s one area of
to sound ridiculous – repetition communication where the cliché is “king”, Seville office (Hot English)
makes it “clichéd”. In some cases, the original it must be sport. Sports commentators in
expression has completely lost its meaning particular are famous for their use of clichés.
Editorial Department
because it’s been overused – it’s become a Here are some of their favourites.
James Blick assistant editor
cliché. Although the ideas in the cliché may Philip McIvor art director
still be true, they aren’t taken seriously and They’ve got this one in the bag. = They’re Patrick Howarth writer
are considered unoriginal. However, clichés going to win this game easily. Steve Brown writer
Christine Saunders writer
are still commonly used. In fact, people It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. = You Louisa Glancy writer
often use the cliché in a sarcastic / ironic / can’t say who’s going to win until the Contributors
funny way, saying something like, “Excuse very end. Blanca San Roman translation
the cliché, but” or, “I know it’s clichéd, but” A win is a win. = It’s a victory and it’s Magnus Coney proof reading
Here are some common clichés. Do you important. Marcie Lambert proof reading
Natalia T. Piekarowicz proof reading
know what they mean? Match the clichés This win was for the fans. = This victory is Laurent Guiard French depart.
(1 to 4) to the meanings (a-d). dedicated to the supporters. Peter Barton proof reading
Danielle Ott intern
1. Love is blind. It hasn’t sunk in yet. = They still don’t Georgina Kiely intern
2. It takes two to tango. realise what they’ve done. Rayner Taylor intern
Vanessa Simmonds writer
3. It was too little, too late. Petra Bates writer
4. If it ain’t broke, don’t ix it. One of the greatest sporting clichés of all is Slim Pickens special intern
“no question about it”. For example: Nick Hargreaves writer
a) If two people are involved in a bad a) He’s the greatest golfer in the world, no Printing
situation, they’re equally responsible. question about it. Printerman
b) If something works well, don’t try to b) Inter Milan are going to win, there’s no Audio Production
improve it. question about it. HEP
c) It wasn’t enough and it wasn’t at the CD Production
right time. Of course, there always is “a question about MPO S.A.
d) When you love someone a lot, you can’t it”, or we wouldn’t watch sports matches,
ISSN 1577-7898
see any faults in them. but that’s clichés for you! Depósito Legal M.14277.2001
April 2019
Many clichés start life as proverbs – Dr Fingers Published by Hot English Publishing, S.L.
memorable sayings about everyday life. To For more information on clichés, turn to C/Extremadura, 21 - 1ª planta,
give you an idea of how old these sayings Dr Fingers’ Vocabulary Clinic on page 32. oficina 1, Madrid 28011, Spain
Phone: (00 34) 91 549 8523
can be, “love is blind” was irst recorded in Fax: (00 34) 672 317 912
Shakespeare’s play Two Gentlemen of Verona Answers: 1d 2a 3c 4b
in 1590!
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