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Termination Procedure

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How do I terminate an employee within Sage Pastel Payroll & HR?

1. Make a backup of your data by going to File…Backup

2. Select the directory on your computer where Pastel Payroll must save the backup.
3. The following screen is displayed:

4. Select Process.

Note: Do not make Backups in your Company folder, always Backup to a separate

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5. Go to Process…Payslips

6. Ensure that your employee’s status is “Not Processed”.

6. Ensure that any values to be paid to the employee upon termination (excluding
leave) are processed on the Payslip, on the necessary tabs.

7. Once the values have been captured, select the Terminate button at the top right
hand side of the payslip.

8. You will then be prompted with the following Terminate/Reinstate screen:

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9. Select the correct end date for the Employee’s Last Working Day
10. Select the reason for termination from the Drop Down List.
Eg. Resigned

11. Select OK

12. Select Yes on the Confirmation message

13. The employee’s status would have changed to Not Proc (Term)

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14. Select the Leave tab on the payslip, to pay out the leave days that are due to the

15. In the next available line, enter Transaction Code 0001 – Annual Leave and
select the check block Pay Out

16. Save the changes.

17. Select the Income tab

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18. Transaction 5010 - Leave Pay Paid Out (Terminate) will be shown on the income
tab and will have calculated automatically based on the number of days Paid out.

19. Once you have performed a pay period update, the employee’s status will read

Note: If you make use of Partner payroll for submitting reports and values for skills and
equity please follow the below steps.

20. Go to Edit…Employee Masterfile.

21. Select the Employee in question by selecting the magnify glass

22. Select the Skills/Equ tab

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21. On this tab, select Performance Management on the right hand side

22. The following screen will display, insert the Type of Incident by selecting the drop
down list.

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23. Select the applicable incident and select Enter

24. Insert the remaining required information

25. Save the changes.

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