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1. Children, at what time are you going ... school __11. “There were a lot of people,” means there were today? +» people. a) to b) to the a) much b) few c)at d) at the c) big 4) many 2. She has been waiting for her boyfriend wu." 12. Little Jimmy is very fast. He’s just su i October. a a) to finished b) finished a) for b) since ©) finish . d)to finish c) already 4) from 3. We haven’t got ... money to buy a new car yet. a) at b) for a) enough b) too much °- dt c) too many 4) quite 14, You can’t speak French yet, .. 4. The little girl had a cup of tea in ... hands, Timothy? a) his b) your a) does b) do c) her 4) the ©) can’t 4) can 5, How old is your brother, Richard? He... ten 15. You have never seen this before, sun yesterday. you? a) is b) has a) haven't b) don’t ©) was had ©) do @) have 6. How are you going to bein London, Mr _ 16. Darling, .... go to the cinema tonight! Evans’ i a) let we b) let us a) long b) much ©) we let d) we let’s c) many d) time | 17. Mum, ... go shopping today, it’s raining. 7. There ... children in the park, weren't there? “> a) don’t let we b) let's not a) were a lot of b) were a lot 2 ¢) don’t we d) let's no c) was alot 4) was lots of ! © 18. The whole cake ...... eaten by the children last 8. Yous can speak English better than your friend, Sunday. a) has been b) was 7 can you b) don’t you ©) will be dis ©) can’t you 4) speak you 19. Peter’s exercises are wen of all, in my 9. That old woman drinks too much, .... = opinion. a) doesn’t she b) does she a) better than b) the better ©) isn’tit ) drinks she ) the best d) best 10. How ... are you going to give Susan for her 20. This problem. this clever boy last work? night. a) much b) many a) willbe solved —_b) is solved °)- d) money ©) was solved d) solved 5" 1. If she caught the plane, she .... arrive in time. a) would b) will ©) does 4) did 2. If I could, I ... go shopping with you, darling. a) went b) would c) must d) will 3. Girls, you wn Say those things about your teachers. a) mustn’t b) haven't to d) mustn’t to c) haven't 4.1... write to Jennifer.I haven’t written to her for ages. a) must to b) have that ©) have 4) must 5. Your problem is not difficult. It?s... than ours. a) easier b) easiest c) more easy 4) most easy 6. My mother’s dress is ... than my aunt’s. a) more long b) longest c) longer 4) the longest 7. By lunch time she will ... all the letters. a) have typed by) had typed c) have type d) had type 8, By twelve o’clock they will ... running for two hours. a) be by have been c) have d) been 9. My secretary was late. She had never ... late before. a) was ©) been b) had d) came 10. When the two boys arrived, most of their friends ... a) have left c) have leave b) had left d) had leave 11. What door is that? I think it is the .. a) main door b) door main | c) main’s door d) door’s main 12. Sandra is .... came to the party wearing that funny dress. a) one which by that who ) what d) the one who i “ 13. Darling, .... did you have dinner with, last night? L. a) who by that : 6 c) which d) whose © 14. The man... I met yesterday, had an accident on the way here. S_ a) whose b) whom ¢) to who d) which 15. The Bristol train ... . It was half an hour late. a) has just arrived —_b) has arrived just 5 c) arrived has just d) just has arrived 16. Have another piece of cake. No, thanks, ... too much. e a) I've ate b) Late i: c) eaten 4d) I've eaten 17.1 think my brother ... to come next month. a) can b) could ©) will be 4) will be able 18. Sorry, monsieur, I don’t speak French. ... you speak English? ze a) Can’t bywill E ©) Are able d) Would & 19. Mr. Brown ... for a loan, but then, he won the lottery. a) has asked by asks c) was asking 4) was going to ask 20, Little Susan ... TV when we got there. a) watch b) watched c) was watching 4d) saw 1. Jimmy, .anee champagne on Christmas day? { 11, When did you finish ..... your book? a) you drink ‘b) are you going to drink a) to write b) to writing iz ) are you to drink d) drink you a c) write 4) writing 2. Every day he four or five miles. Heis very _ 12. You must have something to eat before ... to fit, school. a) is running b) runs a) go b) going oc) run 4d) is going to run ©) to go 4) of go 3. That child is ... big! He’s like his father. a) so many b) so c) so much d) as 13. Did you ... in the London marathon last year? a)run b) ran c) runed 4) running 4. What did you ..... ? I couldi’t hear you. a) say b) tell ©) said d) told 14. At what time did you... to the bingo last night? a) went b) go c) going d) to go 15. The children haven’t ... from school yet. a) come b) came c) coming d) comed 5. Will you come to the party tonight? I am .... a) afraid b) afraid not Pc) don't afraid d) fear not 6. Boys, ... here, will you! 16. “Where did you park the car?” “It’s ... Pyrland a) you come b) come Road.” c) comes d) to come a) on b) into c) at d)in } 7. Hello, darling, have you .... dinner yet? oerrerneeoet soecnanerengncen ree emer Femme g a) make b) do 17. Tommy, don’t sit on the floor, sit .. the chair. 7 c) made 4) done a) on b) at ' c) in d) by 8. I’m going to the kitchen to...... some coffee. 4’ a) make b) do © 18. No, I... to have anything to eat today. c) made. d) did a) am no going b) am not going ©) don't go 4) go not 9. “Flow are you going to travel?” “... car, of course.” | 19. What ... to drink today, wine or beer? Wine, a)On b) In | please. c) By 4) Inthe a) are you going —b) are you ©) are going 4d) do you 10. How ww... you go to the hypermarket : tomorrow? © 20. That green car on the corner is my ... a) did b) will a) father's the car. ) father’s car ) shall d- ©) car’s father d) car’s the father 7