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Needle and Thread Combinations for Repair

Katlyn Carter
1. Either using the supplied chart or a different format of your choosing, for each body tissue listed (vaginal/perineum,
skin, labial/skin tag), indicate the
o Needle (point, size, shape),
o Synthetic suture size,
o Chromic Gut suture size.
o Research the product you would like to use in your midwifery practice, Supply an example of the specific product
name/company AND/OR supply a link to the product ordering page

Needle Suture size – Suture Size-

Tissue Product Example
(point/size/shape) Synthetic Chromic Gut

Taper, 36mm, larger
mucosa and 2-0 3-0
needle, half-circle coated-vicryl/

Skin edges of Taper or tapercut,

2-0 or 3-0 3-0
perineum 26mm, half-circle coated-vicryl-violet/

Taper, tapercut, or
reverse cutting plastic
labial, skin
surgery point, fine 4-0 4-0
tag coated-vicryl-violet/
needle (16 mm), half-