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YORK SCHOOL DEPARTMENT Office of the Superintendent of Schools September 3, 2015 Dr. and Ms. Neiverth, Ithas come to my attention that Ms. Neiverth failed to leave the classroom yesterday with the other parents at the kindergarten orientation Given yesterday's events, | feel | need to make clear the expectation that Ms. Neiverth will comply with the same rules and standards that apply’to all parents. While York Schools encourage the active interest and involvement of all parents and citizens in the public school, there are general guidelines regarding visitors that are necessary to avoid interruption of the instructional program, to protect students” privacy interests, and to promote the safety of students and staff. These guidelines include the expectation that absent from prior permission all parents leave school grounds at the start of the school day and remain off school premises until pick-up time. Further, while we are happy to accommodate observations scheduled in advance by private, qualified providers in the context of independent educational evaluations, regular and on-going observations by non-school staff are not permitted. Based on the foregoing, it is expected that: * While you are weleome to drop off in the morning following our drop-off procedure. like all parents you will leave the school property before the start of the school day * You will remain off schoo! grounds until pick-up at the end of the school day * While you may take advantage of the opportunity to volunteer in classroom, as with every parent, you must get permission from the classroom teacher first. * Observations by Ms. Hegg or anyone else must be scheduled in advance with the building Principal. April Noble. © Services and instruction will be provided by York School Department staf | trust that you will comply with these expectations You are also welcome to schedule meetings with school staff and administrators outside schoo! hours. Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns. Sincerely, Bebra 4. MMetem Dr. Debra L. Dunn Superintendent of Schools YORK SCHOOL DEPARTMENT SPECIAL EDUCATION OFFICE MELISSA CAMIRE Director, Special Education MCAMIRE@VORKSCHOOLS.ORG Phone: 207-363-1288 Fax: 207-363-5602 Web: September 17, 2015 Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Neiverth 6 Nighthawk Dr. York, ME 03909 Dear Dr. and Mrs. Neiverth, We welcome ongoing communication with all our families; however, due to the volume of email communications between York School District staff and yourselves thus far this school year, we feel it is important at this time to establish some guidelines to provide for timely responses to emails while still ensuring our atte! throughout the school week. These guidelines will be as follows: