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President’s Report by Kaye Hotsenpiller
Hello Altrusans: With the advance of cooler weather comes a variety of activities that are terrific opportunities to get in some community service hours. The Holiday Festival takes place on November 19th at Wells Fargo Bank. If you know of someone that can sponsor a tree or gift basket or if you are willing to help decorate an item of choice please let Rose Price know this information. We are still in need of sponsorships as we are fast approaching November. Make a Difference Day on October 23rd was titled “Making a Difference through Early Childhood Education.” The event (originally scheduled for Centennial Plaza but moved to Lion’s Park because of weather) was geared toward young children, their parents, caregivers, and teachers. Altrusa typically has planned events around adults and teens so this was a great time to celebrate our youngsters. Lynda Wareham informs me that the Salvation Army Bell ringing will take place on Saturday, December 4th. You will have the opportunity to sign up at your store of choice with a fellow Altrusan. It is amazing how generous our community truly is. Led by Cheryl Gibson, the Environmental Committee has had a busy fall already. They kicked off September with the “Kids on Wheels” challenge. Altrusans volunteered at the three middle schools and counted how many youth rode their bikes to school. Each youth received an entry into the end of the week drawing for a gift certificate. At the end of the 2 weeks, all tickets were combined and a grand prize drawing for a bicycle was held during the day at an assembly. Kylee Smith was in charge of the collaboration between schools. Great job Kylee! The committee planted flower bulbs along the bike path between Cerise and Baldridge Parks. The flowers come up in the spring and are a nice way to beautify our community. Thank you Allison Nadel for organizing this event. Sincerely—Kaye TABLE OF CONTENTS Page 2 & 3 Page 4 & 5 Page 6 & 7 Page 8 & 9 Page 10 September Business Meeting Minutes Pot of Gold Fundraisers, Parliamentary Presentation & Bosom Buddies Walk/Run Page from the Past, November Birthdays & Holiday Festival Event Information Altrusa Donations & Making A Difference through Early Childhood Education event Kids on Wheels Challenge—Environmental Committee Project

970 252-3610 Kaye Hotsenpiller—President 970 249-7929 Diane Winger— President Elect 970 765-8885 Linda Riba— First Vice President 970 240-5489 Ginny Spaven— Second Vice President 970 964-4379 Lorie Bollig—Secretary 970 249-6823

Allison Nadel—Treasurer 970 240-3091 Roberta Hoey—Past President 970 249-3873 Martha Dusio— Director/Parliamentarian 970 249-7469 Lita Sargent—Director 970 417-1145

Club Business Meeting Minutes September 21, 2010
President Kaye Hotsenpiller called the meeting to order at 12:10 pm. A quorum was present as evidenced by Attachment A. GUESTS/MEMBER NEWS/BRAGS/ANNOUNCEMENTS: June Estep introduced Lynne Whipple from Major Mortgage Alice Vest informed the club that she had installed a Lifeline Unit for DeeDee Kinkel who is a former Altrusa member Gigi Bechtold bragged on Mary McKelvy and Lynda Wareham for stuffing 400 envelopes for Life Choices Kylee Smith announced that Magic Circle Theater will be performing a musical October 7, 8, 9 that should be most enjoyable Kylee also showed the club a calendar that Olathe Middle School has created for a fundraiser Donna Herman informed the club that ASTRA in Olathe is starting off strong with 16 member applications signed with funds and parental consents Rose Price reminded the club that decorator sign up sheets for the Holiday Festival are available Lorie Bollig reminded the club that items to be included in the “Self Indulgent Wine and Chocolate Gift Basket” to be donated to Black Canyon Boys and Girls Club silent auction need to be brought to the meeting of 10/5/2010 Dorinda Elder advised the club that tickets are available for the Black Canyon Boys and Girls Club Youth of the Year Event if anyone would like to attend DATES TO REMEMBER: October 22 Delta Four Club Social – carpooling has been arranged and a $50 donation to Foundation International Grants has been given on Delta’s behalf to celebrate their 25th Anniversary Kids on Wheels Bike to School Program starts 9/27/2010 October 9 Bosom Buddies Walk/Run. Judy Copeland is the Chairperson and has delegated Marge Keehfuss to be in charge of food and Margaret Goodhue to be in charge of registration. A sign up sheet was passed around for volunteers October 23 Make a Difference Day November 19 Holiday Festival December 14 Club Holiday Party SECRETARY REPORT: The minutes of the August 17, 2010 meeting were approved as presented. Correspondence included Thank You notes in response to grants awarded from Central Asia Institute, Montrose Fire Protection District, Colorado State University, Fore-Kin Trails Genealogical Society, Sgt. Warren Brown and Gene Lillard on behalf of the First Annual Police Officer’s Ball, and Montrose Stadium Committee. TREASURER REPORT: Janis Marcha presented the Treasurer’s Report and Financials for August 2010. They will be filed as presented. FOUNDATION REPORT: Alice Vest presented Foundation Financial Statements for August 2010. She advised that she would be transferring funds from the money market account to checking to cover expenses until our next fundraiser. Susan Woody asked if she could please research to see what the $125 Designated Funds from Montrose Community Foundation Funds were to be used for. COMMITTEE REPORTS: PROGRAMS – Diane Winger 9/2 – Literacy Committee Report 10/5 – Health Services for Women of MCHHS 10/26 – ASTRA 11/2 – Healing the Children by Dr. Lou Winkler MEMBERSHIP – Linda Riba There was not any activity for New Applications, Resignations or requests for Leave of Absence. The Club’s current membership is at 86 including 2 Emeritus. Karen Tuttle and Joey Montoya Boese have returned from Leave of Absence. Becky Wolford is the only member on Leave of Absence.


Business Meeting Minutes (continued)
SERVICE – Ginny Spaven On behalf of the Service Committee, Ginny MOVED that we fund the 18th Annual Bosom Buddies Walk/Run on October 9, 2010 in the amount of $500. MOTION PASSED. On behalf of the Service Committee, Ginny MOVED that we fund the 16th Annual Montrose Thanksgiving “Friends” Celebration for 2010 in the amount of $500. MOTION PASSED

ASTRA – Lori Michaels and Carolee Hawkins Lori and Carolee advised that the first meeting of the MHS ASTRA club will be Thursday, 9/23 and they had met with the officers last week. The focus of their projects this year will be on Youth Hunger possibly incorporating the Kids Aid Backpack program and a Baby Food Drive. They will continue their homemade wreath fundraiser hoping to support 30-35 Tandem Family children MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY – Lorie Bollig Lorie presented to the club preliminary plans for “Making a Difference through Early Childhood Education” to be held October 23 at Centennial Plaza. It is an event that will be geared toward young children, their parents, caregivers and teachers. Susan Woody MOVED to accept this project for Make a Difference Day 2010. MOTION PASSED. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS – Diane Winger On behalf of the International Relations Committee, Diane presented a new project idea that would provide funds to HISAAR foundation. This foundation is actively working on Pakistan water purification projects for emergency relief. They would like to use $300 of their existing budget for this project. Pat MacTiernan MOVED to allow International Relations to fund this project. MOTION PASSED. OLD BUSINESS: Margaret Goodhue reported on the 2009-2010 Club Audit. She reviewed all the records and has recommended procedural changes to the board. Kaye announced that a task force would be assigned to follow up on those recommendations.

NEW BUSINESS: Carolyn Otero presented a Scrap Gold Foundation Fundraising Project idea. Any gold such as mismatched jewelry, broken chains, etc. can be sent in to a refinery for cash back. She would also like to pursue local jewelry stores to see if they would like to donate to our cause. Carolyn would like a deadline of November 9 to turn all items in. Judy Copeland MOVED that we accept this fundraising opportunity. MOTION PASSED. ASTRA had approached the Holiday Festival Committee to see if they could participate in the Festival but keep any funds from their decorated items for their own projects. Val Burnell indicated that ASTRA had not committed to participating so any discussion or motions in regard to this matter were tabled.

Nut Sales generated nearly $900 last year with those funds being designated for conference expense. Ginny Spaven MOVED that we pursue nut sales again this year. MOTION PASSED. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:05 pm. Respectfully submitted, Lorie Bollig, Secretary

November 9th – Last day to bring in GOLD November 19th – Holiday Festival, Wells Fargo Bank, Main Street December 4th – Salvation Army Bell Ringing December 14th – Holiday Party for all Altrusa members, Elks Lodge

Mark Your Calendar For These Upcoming Events

Answers to the Parliamentary Quiz
Answers to the quiz: : 21-C, 22-A, 23-G, 24-I, 25-H, 26-B, 27-J, 28-F, 29-D, 30-E

Don’t Forget our New Fundraiser!

Members are encouraged to tell their friends, neighbors and family members about this new fundraiser! Carolyn Otero will be collecting the items until November 9. Please place your donation inside a zipped baggie along with a scrap of paper with your name (and the donor's name, if a friend is the actual donor).

Martha’s Parliamentary Presentation…
Match each item in Column A with the appropriate term from Column B. Answers will be included in the next newsletter.
Column A 21. Point of Information 22. Point of Order 23. Postpone Definitely 24. Postpone Indefinitely 25. Precedence 26. Previous Question 27. Pro tem 28. Quorum 29. Ratify 30. Recess Column B A. Call for enforcement of rules B. Close debate C. Inquiry as to facts D. Make valid action already taken E. Short intermission F. Members required to transact business G. Postpone to a certain time H. Rank I. Dispose of the question without a direct vote J. Temporary

Answers are located on page 3 of this newsletter.
Reprinted with permission of: National Association of Parliamentarians® 213 S Main Street Independence, MO 64050-3808 "" "" 816.833.3892 4

Bosom Buddies—2010
Montrose Altrusans volunteer every year to make the Bosom Buddies Walk/Run a success. Altrusa assistance for this important fundraiser for the local breast cancer support group included registration, food preparation, serving and clean up. This weekend of "hope and help" brought in more than $62,000 to help community members. Estimates are that about 900 people participated in the 18th annual "One Step Closer to Hope and Help" fundraiser between the silent and live auction Friday night and walk/run Saturday morning. Participants included breast cancer survivors and supporters, many families, children, church groups, and the Montrose High Girl’s Volleyball team. The MHS ASTRA club members and their Altrusa sponsors (shown with the flamingos below right) were also among those who walked or ran for this good cause!


“Page from the Past” by Elaine Hale-Jones
The first recorded minutes for the Montrose Altrusa Club appeared in the Oct. 28, 1975 edition of the Montrose Daily Press. Mrs. Norman Brooks (note usage of 'Mrs.'), president, was in charge of the Wednesday noon luncheon meeting held at DeJulio's Restaurant. Roll call showed 27 members present. Mrs. Carlisle Teague, vice president, introduced members of the Grand Junction Altrusa club: Mabel Donaldson, Marge Stout, Annie Dunston, Eulalah Hooker, Fern Knight and Fannie Susman. Mrs. Donaldson presented a program on Altrusa's International Grants-In-Aid Foundation. The program was begun in 1945 to provide financial assistance to South American Women in graduate studies in the United States. Since its inception, the program has been expanded to provide aid to needy women from Free Asia, the Middle East and Africa who are pursuing graduate studies in any of the 13 countries where Altrusa Clubs are located.

The Courtesy Committee thought it would be nice to include a Happy Birthday wish in the newsletter each month for the members with birthdays coming up in the following month. That way, in case you (or they) miss a meeting, you can share birthday wishes personally!

November Birthdays:
Debbie Tucker Sheryl Solow Casey Wareham Michelle Gottlieb November 11 November 16 November 21 November 28


Decorators and sponsors still needed. Please call Nancy Morton-Kaiser at 240-1021 to sign up!

Altrusa Donations—Fall 2010
A donation was made to Habitat for Humanity for purchasing Positive Body Image materials for The Eating Disorders Group at the Montrose School District. Photo at left: Ginny Spaven, 2nd VP of the Altrusa Club of Montrose, (r) presents a check to Habitat’s Executive Director, Robin Berndt.

Ginny Spaven (l), presents a check to Darcy Arnold (r), Mobility Manager for All Points Transit. The generous contribution helped to register one of the new city buses.


Make A Difference Day—Oct. 23, 2010
Making a Difference through Early Childhood Education
On Saturday, October 23, Altrusa of Montrose presented an Early Education Fair for young children, their parents, pre-school teachers, and day-care providers. The fair featured lots of entertaining (and educational) things for the little ones, including puppet shows and story-telling, plus some refreshments and treats for all. The Montrose Library Bookmobile was on-site for everyone to explore. Altrusa provided a Literacy table - providing reading suggestions and related activities for adults caring for young children. Books for children were also given away . The Fair was scheduled to be held at Centennial Plaza from 10:00 a.m. until noon but was moved to the Lion's Community Building at 602 North Nevada because of inclement weather. All in all, it was a great success!


2nd Annual Environmental Committee Project
Active lifestyles keep kids healthy & happy!
Altrusa of Montrose recently honored participants in "Kids on Wheels," a middle school program which encourages students to ride their bikes to and from school. Each day that students rode their bikes to school, they earned a ticket for a weekly drawing for two $25 gift certificates donated by Sports Authority. A final drawing at each school was for a Haro BMX bike plus a 30-day tune-up donated by Jeans Westerner and Altrusa. Olathe Middle School, Centennial Middle School, and Columbine Middle School participated in this annual Altrusa event, now in its second year. The winners of gift certificates and bikes were: Centennial – Leo Hernandez, Riley Rider, Kelly Payne, and Kyler Lemon Columbine – James Huskey, Lucianna Randall, Jacob Taylor Olathe – Gabriel Dunn, Garrett Hall, Dillon Boozell, Josh Gottlieb Also pictured: Ginny Spaven (Altrusa), Scott Heald (Sports Authority), Joe Simo (Assistant Principal, Centennial), and Jeff Fredrick (Jean’s Westerner)



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