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YORK SCHOOL DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF THE SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS Statement on Public Records Requests Today | learned there is information being promulgated on social media about the York School Department's compliance with The Maine Freedom of Access Act (FOAA). | am writing to provide you with information relative to the Department's role in dealing with FOAA requests. The Maine Freedom of Access Act (FOAA) requires the Schoo! Department to allow any person to inspect and copy all records in our possession that contain information relating to public or school department business, except records that have been designated confidential by ‘statute. Personnel records and student records are two of the most important categories of confidential records. With regard to personnel, evaluations, complaints, charges, and other sensitive information is generally confidential. With regard to students, personally identifiable information about a student that is contained in a record directly related to a student that the school maintains is confidential. When we receive a request for public records, we are required by law to make such public records available, without exception, to the person making the request. When we do so, we do not and have not disclosed records that include information made confidential by law. In this regard, we recently received a request for public records relating a candidate for the school committee. In responding to that request, with the assistance of legal counsel, we provided all public records falling within the scope of the request, and we withheld any records or portion of records that are confidential under the law. We did exactly what the law commands. For more information about the FOAA, please see the FAQs on the Attorney General's website: hips:/www.maine.zov/foaa fag/index.shimlérecords, Kind regards, f. Boca. Lou Go: ski, Superintendent 469 U.S. ROUTE ONE + YORK, MAINE * 03909-1638 + TEL. 207-363-3403 + Fax 207-363-5602 WER SITE: WWW.YORKSCHOOLS.ORG