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Portfolio 2018-19

Career Readiness Reflection

(for Career Choices Events, Mock Interviews, Field Trips, Industry Expert One-On-Ones,
Simulations, Guest Speakers, etc.)

Date of presentation/event: N/A Location: Cloverdale High School

Brief description of activity (what was it?):

Guest Speaker for photography

Why did you choose to attend this presentation?

It was offered and sounded interesting.

What did you learn about this career/field that is appealing to you?
Photography is mostly freelance.

What areas of this career/field might be difficult for you?

Being freelance.

What skills have you already developed that would help you in this career/field?
Seeing what would be a good picture.

What skills would you need to further develop (or begin to develop) to be successful in this
Comfort with technology.

Do you want to continue to investigate this career/field as a possibility for your future? Why or
why not?
No, i'm not really interested in photography.