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I have got I haven’t Have I got?

You have got got Have you got?

He has got You haven’t Has he got?
She has got got Ha she got?
It has got He hasn’t got Has it got?
We have got She hasn’t got Have we got?
You have got It hasn’t got Have you got?
They have got We haven’t Have they got?
Correct the
You sentences.
haven’t Use the
words in got
They haven’t
Pat has got an encyclopaedia.
e.g. I have got a sister. (brother) got
No, I haven’t got a sister. I’ve got a _____________________________
brother. _____________________________
Ken has got a motorbike. (bike) I have got a red scooter. (green)
_____________________________ _____________________________
_____________________________ _____________________________
My grandparents have got two dogs. A zebra has got spots. (stripes)
(one) _____________________________
_____________________________ _____________________________
_____________________________ My friends have got three kids. (two)
You have got a garden. (roof terrace) _____________________________
_____________________________ _____________________________
Complete with have got, has got, Rewrite using the long
haven’t got or hasn’t got. forms.
Hello! I am Ron. I ___________ fair hair Lucy hasn’t got
and brown eyes. I live in Brighton, in rollerblades.
the south ________________________

of England. I ____________ a cat. His I haven’t got any pets.

name is Piper. He ____________ green ________________________

completely black. I used to have a dog, but now I The Hills haven’t got a
eyes and a long tail. He ____________
I am very car.
he iskeen on football. I
__________ a great collection of T-shirts with ________________________

different team colours. Unfortunately, I You haven’t got freckles.

__________ any from Real
The chair hasn’t got one
Madrid yet.