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Tania Gutierrez Ramirez

April 23, 2019

Flower Art Lesson

The children will be able to identify the egg as part of Easter celebrations and create their own
Easter egg craft.

Standards Covered:

GOAL CD-8: As a result of their explorations and participation in simple investigations through
play, children observe, describe, and demonstrate respect for living things, the environment, and
the physical world.
GOAL CD-9: As a result of their explorations and participation in simple investigations through
play, children demonstrate their ability to use scientific inquiry by observing, manipulating
objects, asking questions, making predictions, and developing generalizations.
3 to 4-year-olds


1. Paper plates
2. Dot markers
3. Popsicle sticks
4. Green construction paper
5. Glue


20 minutes

Take out the book Grow Flower, Grow! and have them make guesses about what it will be. Ask
them about flowers, and what it takes to get them to grow. After they are done sharing, read the
book to them and ask questions along the way to keep them engaged.
1. Sit the children in the carpet and do the introduction.
2. Read Grow Flower, Grow! to the children.
3. Review what the story was about to the children.
4. Have the children walk quietly to their spots on the table.
5. Give each child a blank pre-cut flower after writing their name on the back.
6. Hand out the markers, emphasizing that they will have to share the colors.
7. Glue the stem and leaf onto the flower once they are done decorating the petals.
8. Set them out to dry.

Reiterate what flowers need to grow. Have them each talk about their flower and share with their
peers about it. Ask if all flowers need to look the same, and discuss. After, redirect the children
to other play.

This lesson went along smoothly. The children were engaged during the book, and asked many
questions when they wondered about the flowers. They enjoyed the art craft, although there was
an instance in where they needed to learn that there weren’t enough markers to go around. They
had to share, and picked up on that quickly. There weren’t any modifications to this particular
lesson, and I really liked it.