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Job Description – Final: Nov. 1, 2010

Title: Executive Director

Summary of Responsibilities

The Executive Director (“ED”) has experience in the development of new organizations
and extensive knowledge of the Tri-Cities communities. The ED must be able to direct
the day-to-day operations in combination with fund-raising and budget development. The
ED must also have some knowledge of rehabilitation, mental health, addictions, and
homelessness. The ED supports the vision and values of the new Homes for Good Ending
Homelessness Society (“Society”), and is accountable to the Board of Directors for the
development, implementation and management of tasks assigned by the Board to ensure
the Society operates efficiently and effectively.

Highly relevant at this time is the raising of funds for both operations and client supports.
The ED will articulate a sustainable fund-raising process that can be implemented by the
Board, staff and members of the Society.

Program Development & Management

- Ensure the vision, as articulated in initial documents, is embedded in all actions
and plans.
- Initiate necessary documentation, as required, such as: housing documentation
(with support from other ‘Housing First’ programs), statement of ethics, and
supporting documentation for Board tasks.
- Develop the relevant processes and contacts to ensure support services are
available to new clients of the Society.
- Collaborate with government and community agencies in ensuring mutually
beneficial relationships to benefit the clients in their access to sustainable housing.
- When the finances are available, initiate staff hiring, training and development.
- Work effectively with volunteers of the organization.

Fund Raising & Grant Applications

- Takes a leadership role in developing and implementing a public relations plan,
including campaigns and appeals, organizing special events, and submitting grant
- Researches and identifies new sources of funding;
- Supports the development and implementation of fund-raising plans and the
evaluation for all fund-raising initiatives regarding planning, accountability and
- Reports to the Board on these initiatives and developments;
- Provides documentation as required, to funding and contract agencies;
- Develops and maintains a funder/donor/membership data base.

Public Relations & Community Leadership
- Serve on related task forces and committees (in conjunction with Board directors),
and facilitate communication and networking in the community to exchange
information on issues and activities related to homelessness and concurrent
mental health/addiction issues.
- Provide education to the community as to the scope, nature, intervention,
recovery, and community integration of persons who are currently homeless.
- Establish and maintain professional contacts with community, government, and
health organizations.

Administration & Financial Planning

- Prepare reports for Board of Directors’ meetings to facilitate informed decisions
and fulfill responsibilities to the Society.
- Attend and participate in Board of Directors and Board Committee meetings to
report updates and progress, receive general direction, and exchange information.
- Prepare, submit and implement fund-raising proposals in a timely manner.
- Collaborate with the Executive Committee in preparing operational budgets for
the approval of the Board of Directors.

- Maintain and uphold the highest standard of courtesy, professionalism and ethics
in all actions and communications made on behalf of the Society;
- Maintain the confidentiality of all information related to the Society, including all
information gathered during the period of employment, and further agree that the
said information shall not be disclosed at any time during or after the term of
- All documents, files, printings and other materials prepared pursuant to this
program shall remain the exclusive property of the Society.

Skills & Qualifications

- Relevant academic training plus experience in the development of new initiatives;
- Experience with writing funding proposals and community fundraising strategies;
- Proven critical thinking, crisis management and conflict resolution skills;
- Strong facilitation and team building skills;
- Demonstration of interpersonal and communication skills, including public
speaking and writing;
- Knowledge of individuals who are currently homeless;
- Understanding of ‘best practices’ in mental health and addictions;
- Knowledge of and sensitivity to issues of diversity;
- Demonstration of flexibility and willingness to be a change agent.