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Reference to time
Non-exhaustive 2
B1 for period of time mentioned (eg per week)
B1 for response boxes not exhaustive

2. No time period
Labels too vague 2
B1 No time period
B1 Labels too vague

3. 2 reasons 2
B1 no time frame
B1 overlapping regions

4. 2 reasons 2
B1 eg only women asked or you need to ask men
B1 eg only leaving a cinema or needs to be different places

5. Overlapping intervals
No time period
No 6+ response box 2
B2 for two correct
(B1 for one correct)

6. (a) Overlapping intervals

Time frame
No 6+ (or none) 2
B2 for 2 correct731607245
(B1 for 1 correct)

Teddington School 1
(b) Not representative of all ages
Students use computers more 1
B1 for one acceptable reason

7. (a) No time period

No response box for 0
Need smaller class intervals 2
B2 for 2 of the 3 reasons
(B1 for 1 reason)

(b) Comment on sample 1

B1 for sample too small
or all same age group
or same gender

Teddington School 2

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