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Christina George Rothenberg

10749 Charnock Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90034 (480) 620-7672  

• Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, 130137480, May, 2013
• CBEST Math, Reading, and Writing passed, February, 2014

Arizona Educator Proficiency Assessments

• Early Childhood Education, June 2008
• Professional Knowledge: Early Childhood, June 2008
• Structured English Immersion Endorsement, June 2010
Arizona State University, Mary Lou Fulton School of Education Tempe, AZ
Bachelors of Arts Degree: Early Childhood Education December, 2008
Honors: Cum Laude
Teaching Experience
The John Thomas Dye School Los Angeles, CA
Co-lead Teacher – Second Grade August, 2016-Present
• Work with co-teacher and teaching team to plan and create curriculum and lessons.
• Teach language arts, math, social studies, spelling, handwriting, grammar, writing, and
vocabulary lessons whole group and small group.
• Plan and implement Math in Focus curriculum.
• Plan and implement Writer’s Workshop curriculum.
• Work with small groups and individual students needing enrichment and reteach of concepts.
• Analyze student data to identify strengths and weaknesses to facilitate the preparation and
implementation of individualized learning.
• Participated in hiring committee for lower school science teacher.
• Plan and lead field trips that are relevant to classroom curriculum.
• Serve on the Social and Emotional Learning committee to discuss students’ SEL needs and
choose a curriculum for the upcoming school year.
Co-Director of Upper School Student Council
• Help organize elections by updating information materials and student leader job descriptions.
• Help students lead student council meetings by helping them determine priorities, create
agendas, and make decisions for school events.
• Help students run school events and assemblies.

The John Thomas Dye School Los Angeles, CA

Associate Teacher – Kindergarten and Second Grade August, 2014- July, 2016
• Planned and implemented differentiated math and language arts lessons for struggling students,
grade level students, and students above grade level.
• Taught lessons whole group and small group.
• Worked collaboratively with other teacher to plan and implement social studies program.
• Worked with small groups and individual students during work time.
• Prepared materials for daily lessons and activities.
• Assisted in daily classroom procedures and routines.
• Assisted with behavior management.
• Assisted with lesson planning and implementation.
• Assisted with Kindergarten Admissions testing.
• Utilized classroom management techniques and effective teaching strategies.
• Supervised students during recess.
• Stepped in for the lead teacher when necessary.

Stephen S. Wise Temple Elementary School Los Angeles, CA

Associate Teacher - Second grade and Kindergarten July, 2012- July 2014
• Created and implemented intervention reading program.
• Developed curriculum for students using remedial phonics programs and USC Depth and
Complexity program.
• Implemented math lessons using the Macmillan McGraw-Hill California Mathematics program.
• Assisted in daily classroom procedures and routines.
• Assisted in the after-school choir program first through third grade students.
• Assisted with behavior management.
• Assisted in lesson plan implementation.
• Worked with small groups and individual students in centers.
• Substituted in grades K-6.
• Utilized classroom management techniques and effective teaching strategies.
• Created lesson plans as needed.

Riverbend Prep Academy, Mosaica Laveen, AZ

Second Grade Teacher July, 2009-June, 2012
• Planned and implemented lessons for core subjects, including: Imagine It! reading program,
Saxon math program, standards based science program, and Paragon social studies program.
• Used the Arizona State Standards and scope and sequence to create engaging, hands on science
• Implemented Mosaica’s Paragon social studies which incorporated art, music, science, and
reading into the social studies curriculum. Hosted second grade Paragon nights in which the
students showcase artwork and a performance to demonstrate their knowledge about the subject.
• Taught the intervention reading group during daily Walk to Read leveled reading. Focused on
phonics and reading comprehension with students who are below grade level in reading. Use of
skills based learning centers, small groups, and DIBELS monitoring to guide instruction.
• Created and implemented lessons using SmartBoard technology on a daily basis. Used
SmartBoard, Document camera, and computers and laptops in the classroom on a daily basis.
• Collaborated with other second grade, first grade, and third grade teachers, the Curriculum
Implementation Specialist, principal, special education teachers, and reading and math
interventionists to provide lessons and activities for all student needs.
• Analyzed student data to identify strengths and weaknesses to facilitate the preparation and
implementation of individualized learning.
• Taught second grade reading and math after school tutoring. Provided extra practice for students
falling far below the standards to achieve approaching and meeting the standards. Implemented
tutoring through centers-based and manipulative-based lessons.
• Participated in the Positive Behavior Incentive System committee. Implemented and taught other
teachers how to use the Character Always positive behavior system into the classrooms.
• Participated in school functions and fundraisers such as ice cream scoop nights, carnivals,
dinner/dance evening, and book fairs.
• Volunteered to teach in the Saturday school AIMS prep for 4-6th grade students. Participated in
weekly review sessions to help selected upper grades students to better prepare for end of the
year state testing.
• Participated in the School Improvement Plan committee to develop a plan to improve the school
environment, facilities, as well as quality of education.
Camp Emerald Bay, Boy Scouts of America Catalina Island, California
Instructional Specialist Summer 2010-2013
• Provided training to the staff about how to better implement their lessons in an engaging manner.
Provided ideas to the staff for getting all scouts involved in the merit badge classes.
• Provided ideas for better management of classes to keep scouts interested and help the staff teach
all material.
• Worked with the staff to provide a more professional teaching environment at the camp.
• Provided feedback to all area directors and the program directors about the staff. Observed all
merit badge instructors and gave detailed notes on strengths and areas to improve, including
suggestions to make instruction more effective.
• Worked with area directors and their staff to improve lesson planning and implementation by
collaborating to increase student involvement and engagement.