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2: Activity 3 - Writing task forum

Presented by:
Doris Selene Uribe Balbín
Yolima Tabares Angel
Group: 900004_164


Luis Felipe Gaviria

Universidad Nacional Abierta y A Distancia

Ingles B1
October 8 / 2018

Doris Selene Uribe Balbín

My name is Doris Selene Uribe Balbín, I am 47 years old, I study psychology and I live in
Santa Rosa de Osos, a municipality in the north of Antioquia.

Yolima Tabares

My name is Yolima Tabares, I'm 38 years old ,The program that I am studying is
psychology ,I am located in the city of Popayan, For this activity the role to develop is of
DELIVERIES, The color of participation will be BLUE
The theme chosen to work was:

Unit / Topic Chapter in the book Pages

Unit 1 – Wh. Questions. 5 25-30


III. Controlled Composition Replacement exercise

A. Writing about Roberto’s Family

Afredo is 13 years old, her hair is brown, her eyes are brown, her hobbies are riding a
bicycle and watching television, her favorite sport is running, EL speaks English as a
foreign language. Alfredo has a pet named Charlie.

Teresa is 16 years old, her hair is brown, her eyes are blue, she has hobbies like dancing,
playing piano and singing, her favorite singer is Jose Luis Rodriguez, the favorite dance is
Hustle she dominates two foreign languages English and French. his pets are two cats that
are called Tilin and Nieve
B. Writing about Yourself
Use the model paragraph and replace the information about Roberto with information about
I am a 48-year-old woman, I live in Santa Rosa de Osos, I study psychology in UNAD, I
have dark hair, my eyes are brown, my favorite sport is yoga, my hobbies are reading,
writing and crochet knitting. I have a large family, my father, my mother, four brothers, a
sister, a son, six nephews and a beautiful granddaughter. We live very close and we are in
permanent contact.

IV. Grammar Prepositions of place: in, on, at When you give your address, you use these
prepositions. in: a country, a state, a city, a district, a continent on: a street (a boulevard, an
avenue, a lane, a drive, a highway) at: a specific address or place such as at home, at work,
at the bank Use the information below and write as many sentences as you can.

Choose in, on, or at for each sentence.

V. Grammar Questions with be to make a simple yes, no question with the verb to be,
change the order of the subject and the verb. Rewrite the sentences below as questions.

Make sure each question ends with a question mark.

1. His name is Roberta. Is his name Roberto?
2. His teacher is Mrs. Rodriguez. Is his teacher Mrs.
3. Sara is Roberta’s pen pal. Is Sara Roberta's pen pal?
4. She is from Alaska. Is she from Alaska?
5. He is from Venezuela. Is he from Venezuela?
6. Roberto is very tall. Is Roberto very tall?
7. His family is large. Is his family large?
8. The weather in Venezuela is warm all year long. Is the weather in Venezuela warm
all year long?
9. The winters in Venezuela are wet and rainy. Are the winters in Venezuela wet
and rainy?
10. The winters in Alaska are very cold. Are the winters in Alaska very

VI. Grammar Questions with do to make a simple yes, no question with other main verbs

in the present tense, you need to add a helping verb, do or does. T

he helping verb goes before the subject.

Rewrite the sentences below as questions. Make sure each question ends with a question

1. Sara lives in the United States. Does Sara live in the United?
2. Roberto lives in Caracas. States? Does Roberto live in Caracas States?
3. His father works in a bank. Do his father work in a bank?
4. His mother works at home. Do his mother work at home?
5. His grandparents live in the house. Do his grandparents live in de house?
6. His brother and sister go to high school. Do brother and sister go to high school?
7. They have pen pals, too. Do they have pen pals, too?
8. I have your address. Do I have your address?
9. We know your telephone number. Do we your telephone number?
10. You play soccer as a hobby. Do you play soccer as a hobby?

VII. Sentence Construction Asking and answering questions

When you write a letter to a pen pal, you can ask many questions that
begin, "Do you have any ...?" Make a question for each topic below, and
then answer it.
1. brothers and sisters Do you have any brothers and sisters?

2. hobbies 3. pen pals 4. Grandparents 5. records

6. pictures of yourself 7. Dogs 8. Cats

1. Do you have any hobbies? Yes, my hobbies are doing yoga

2. Do you have friends by mail? Yes, I have many for whatsapp

3.Do you have your grandparents alive? Yes, they are alive

4.Do you have records of the said event? Yes, I do not have any records

5.Tiens photos of yourself in your portfolio? Yes, I have a photo of myself, type of


6. Do you have a dog? No, he's a cat No, he's a cat

7.Maria has a cat? Yes, she has a beautiful cat

VIII. Controlled Composition Incomplete letter

New York, October 6, 2018

Dear Edison

I am very happy to write you.

My name is Yolima Tabares, I live in Popayan would you like know each other? We can.

I am 38 years old, I am high, my eyes are brown color and my hair is long, my hobbies are
read and study. My father is called Carlos and my mother is called Maria, I have uncles in
my family too they names are Roberto, Marina and Julio.

My city is big, the weather is warm, and the winters are more rainy.

¿Do you have any postal code? ¿Do you have any country to travel? ¿ Do you have any
state as my city? ¿ Are you soccer player? ¿Are youliar? Please write and tell me about
yourself sincerely.