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Temperature Control: Sisalation® has proved Insulation maintains a constant and comfortable temperature

in a building by preventing heat transfer between indoor and
effective and beneficial in building in the comfort

factor, keeping the home and workplace cooler in summer outdoor climates, keeping the heat in during winter and out


and warmer in winter. during summer.


Thermal Resistance: R-Values (m².K)/W or
thermal resistance is determined by the overall Sisalation®
roofing or wall system design. (Visit the Sisalation® website
for typical applications, calculations and advice.)

Dustproofs: Keeping the building as dust free as

possible can be an important factor in reducing
allergens in the air we breathe, thus reducing allergy and
asthma symptoms. Heavy Industrial
Vapour Barrier: Sisalation® prevents moisture
Summer Winter Summer Winter
Aluminium Foil Insulation
being introduced into the ceiling by outside
weather conditions such as rain, humidity or condensation.

Fire: Sisalation® fire retardant products have been
tested by Firelab and have a fire performance
classification of B/B1/2/H&V-SP&USP - with and without

Economical: Easy to install Sisalation® is

Developed using the latest state-of-the-art laminating technology this
maintenance free and long-lasting. Used as an
top quality fire retardant product is ideal for insulating industrial and
exposed roof lining, lighting is greatly improved due to the Summer Winter Summer Winter commercial buildings. Sisalation® FR430 will also act as a dustproofing
foil’s high reflectivity.
UNINSULATED INSULATED layer and has excellent vapour barrier properties.

Energy Efficient: Sisalation® is totally compliant Sisalation® FR430 is suitable for use in industrial and commercial
with the requirements for thermal insulation applications as an under-roof and side-cladding membrane in buildings
products as specified by the Energy Efficiency Standards, designed with and without sprinklers. This is in accordance with
SANS 10400 XA. SANS 10400 Part T. (See Firelab Test Report: FTC 10/174a).
75 Richard Carte Road, Mobeni, Durban, South Africa 4052

Environmentally-friendly: The use of Sisalation ® PO Box 12242, Jacobs 4026

will impact positively on the environment. It helps

reduce environmental pollution and the consumption of 0860 527 725
natural resources and also reduces noise pollution.

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Sisalation® FR430 when used in conjunction with an airspace
is a highly effective thermal insulating membrane due to
- Aluminium Foil the high reflectivity and low emissive properties of the
aluminium foil surfaces. (Visit the Sisalation® website for
- FR Binder typical applications, calculations and advice.)

- Kraft
This combination makes Sisalation® an excellent barrier to
- Reinforcing Scrim heat flow via radiation.

- FR Binder When installed in industrial buildings as an exposed roof

lining, the reflectivity of the foil will enhance the lighting of
- Kraft
the building.
Sisalation® FR430 has been specifically reformulated
- Aluminium Foil PRODUCT DURABILITY to fully comply with the specified National Building
• Resistance to Acids and Alkalis: Sisalation® must Legislation SANS 10400 which regulates the fire
not be used in contact with wet concrete or exposed retardant properties of insulation products. This standard
Sisalation® FR430 is a heavy duty, durable, double sided, continuously to corrosive environment. incorporates all the factors pertaining to fire-hazard or
reflective foil laminate incorporating advanced fire retardant • Resistance to Copper: Sisalation® must not come into fire-risk assessment of the materials or assemblies under
properties. contact with copper surfaces, due to electrolytic action. actual fire conditions.
• Permanence: Excellent in normal building applications,
however extended direct outdoor exposure is not
ROLL SIZE recommended. Should unusual conditions exist, the FIRE TESTING
1250 mm x 40 m (50 m2) suitability of the material should be established by Sisalation® FR430 is fully compliant with SANS 428 and
Effective coverage including 150mm overlap (44 m2) contacting a technical representative of the company. ASTM E84 and is tested in accordance with the SANS
Gross mass ±12,25 kg 10177 protocol. It will satisfy most insurance underwriters.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES • All information used in this publication is correct at time FIRE PERFORMANCE CLASSIFICATION
Minimum Value of going to print and is based on our experience and given • Part 5 - Non combustiblity at 750˚C
Tensile strength (kN/m) - in good faith. • Part 10 - Fire propagation properties using 7,4 metre
Longitudinal direction 15 • Afripack Coatings reserves the right to change product inverted channel tunnel test
Transverse direction 9 specifications without notification. • Part 11 - Fire propagation properties using the large
Water vapour permeance, g/(s.MN) <0.002 • The quality of Sisalation® products is in accordance scale application facility (with and without sprinklers)
Burst strength kPa 990 with SANS 10400 Building Standards on condition for horizontal and vertical applications.
Emissivity of foil surface <0.05 that the product has been correctly installed as per the • B/B1/2/H&V-SP&USP
Nominal grammage g/m2 251 manufacturer’s instructions and not damaged by after (with and without sprinklers)
Category (Double sided reinforced membrane) A trades or roof deterioration, water leaks, exposure to acids
Tested in accordance with SANS 1381-4:2009 and alkali’s and the like.

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