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JASMINE RAGA-POWELL​∙​ 518-419-8836

Home Address:​4 Laura Lane, Ravena, NY, 12143 

School Address​: Springfield College, Box #2225, Springfield, MA, 01109 
To obtain a position as a general specialist in order to enhance my skills in creating, developing, and implementing core 
athletic content, to meet the needs of each student. 
Springfield College​, Springfield, MA  
Bachelor of Science in Health and Movement and Sport Studies May 2019 
Minor: Athletic Coaching 
GPA 3.63/ Dean's List 6 semesters 
License: Health/ Family and Consumer Science, All and PE, Pre K-8, 5-12 
Passed the Physical Education and Family and consumer science section(s) of the MA tests for Educator 
Licensure August 2018 
Passed the Communication and Literacy section of the MA tests for Educator Licensure  August 2018 
Teaching Experience 
Student Teaching for Health Education 9-12  
Agawam High School, ​Agawam, M ​ A Spring 2019 
● Implemented a pre and post test assessment to check for student learning gains on the topic of alcohol, tobacco and 
other drugs. 
● Implemented objectives and assessments into lessons to provide a purpose to each topic and unit taught, and to 
create a more firm understanding of the importance of the material 
● Worked with ELL students modifying assessments to fit the diverse needs of each population 
Student Teaching for Health Education K-8 
Glenbrook Middle School, S​pringfield, ​MA Fall 2018 
● Created a six day unit plan on resolving conflict with a variety of assessments to set high expectations 
● Introduced Nearpod and Animoto to help students create more interactive project presentations 
● Taught lesson on body image to raise awareness towards eating disorders, the LGBTQ community and sexual 
Student Teaching for Physical Education 
Roger L. Putnam Vocational Technical Academy, ​Springfield, M ​ A Fall 2018 
● Implemented lesson plans that accommodate 504 and IEP plans into K-12 grade levels for Physical Education  
● Introduced non-traditional games to work on the knowledge of performance for specific skills such as catching and 
● Worked with a variety of grade levels in the same sport to learn how to adjust a lesson to specific Physical Education 
Homeschool Program 
Springfield College,​Springfield,​ MA Spring 2018 
● Worked with a diverse population of homeschool students grades 3-5 
● Taught students skill cues and activities related to throwing and catching with various objects 
● Created lesson plans with informal and formal assessments to check for students understanding and to modify 
lessons accordingly moving forward 

J. Raga-Powell, 2 

Adapted PE 
Alfred M. Glickman Elementary, S​pringfield​, ​MA Spring 2018 
● Worked with Special Education students in a Physical Education setting 
● Administered testing and evaluations such as FIEs and IEPs 
● Taught students sports related skills, fitness, and skill themes and movement concepts through modified activities 
Springfield College, ​Springfield, ​MA Spring 2018 
● Learned how to create small sided games and modified games in different sports setting 
● Learned how to teach the breakdown of skills through the whole-part-whole method and how to apply them into 
game like settings 
● Learned how to create a curriculum based around a singular sport to teach to collegiate students 
Health Modules K-12 
Springfield College,​Springfield, ​MA Fall 2017 
● Worked with peer students ages 18-21  
● Taught lessons on alcohol, refusal skills, human sexuality, and mental health 
● Learned how to use resources such as Health textbooks to create content based activities 
PE Module 9-12 
East Longmeadow High School,​E ​ ast Longmeadow​, M
​ A Spring 2017 
● Worked at East Longmeadow with high school students 
● Taught students various sports related skills as well as lifetime activities 
● Created a physical fitness/wellness block plan, a racquet, net, and wall modified games portfolio, and a Spike Ball 
sports education model 
PE Module 6-8 
Springfield College,​Springfield, ​MA Spring 2017 
● Worked in a middle school homeschool classroom 
● Taught students the skills and rules of Lacrosse 
● Created a skill DVD and introductory video for Pickleball, along with an assessment portfolio for invasion, 
net/wall, target, striking/fielding, and leisure/lifetime sports   
PE Module 3-5  
Balliet Elementary, ​Springfield, M ​ A Fall 2016 
● Worked in a classroom of third grade students 
● Taught students throwing and catching, striking in various settings, and dribbling 
● Completed and implemented a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program project 
PE Module K-2 
Walsh Elementary,​Springfield, M ​ A Fall 2016 
● Worked in a classroom of Kindergarten students 
● Taught students spatial awareness, levels, and pathways 
● Created a solution web for off-task behavior in a diverse population 
Related Experience 
Fred Benson State Beach Employment, L ​ ifeguard 
Fred Benson State Beach, B ​ lock Island,​ RI Summer 2018 
● Implemented and practiced lifeguard saves 
● Administered first aid/CPR when needed 
● Worked with a team to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the beach for beach patrons by employing an emergency 
action plan 

J. Raga-Powell, 3 

Coaching Practicum,​A ​ ssistant Coach  
Commerce High School, S​pringfield​, ​MA Fall 2017 
● Kept track of stats and helped girls with positioning through positive, specific, corrective feedback 
● Helped individual positions understand their task for the next game through drills and checking for understanding 
● Implemented drills during practice to ensure improvement moving forward to the next competition 
Camp Counselor  
Camp Walden, ​Diamond Point​, N ​Y Summer 2017 
● Ensured the safety, physical and emotional well being, as well as skill development for 14 year old girls 
● Ensured safety through protection and prevention, as a lifeguard for 8-16 year old girls and boys 
● Implemented swim lessons as well as taught sports related classes  
Language Skills: C ​ onversational French 
Technology skills​: Excel, PowerPoint, Prezi, Plicker, Kahoot, Word, NearPod, Google Classroom, Weebly and Animoto 
Certifications: ​CPR, First Aid, and American Red Cross Lifeguard certified Summer 2019 
Achievements: C ​ ertificate of Excellence for earning a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher  Spring 2019 
Nominations: ​Nominee for the Class of ‘63 Senior Award Spring 2019 
Memberships: M ​ ember of Massachusetts Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and  
Dance Fall 2015