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Srna b8CS-Z DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH COURSE PACK COMMUNICATION AND PRESENTATION SKILLS BSCS-II, BSSE-II, BSIT-IL LAHORE GARRISON UNVERSITY SECTOR C, PHASE VI, LAHORE, PAKISTAN Course Title: Communication and Presentation skills (CPS) Level: BSCS IT Course Code: ENG1I1 Credit Hours: 3 jourse Learning Outcomes (CLOs) At the end of the course the students will be able to: Domain BT Level: BT= Bloom’s Taxonomy, C=Cognitive domain, P=Psychomotor domain, A= Affective domain Course Content * Principles of writing good English - understanding the composition process: writing clearly; words, sentence and paragraphs; Comprehension and expression; Use of grammar and punetuation Process of writing, observing, audience collecting, composing, drat persuasive writing, reading skills, listening skills and comprehension, skills for taking notes in class, skills for exams; Business communications; planning messages, writing concise but with impact. Letter formats, mechanics of business letter writing, memo and applications, summaries, proposals, writing resumes, styles and formats, oral communications, verbal and non-verbal communication, conducting meetings, small group communication, taking minutes. Presentation skills; presentation strategies, defining the objective, scope and audience of the presentation, material gathering material organization strategies, time management, opening and concluding, use of audio-visuat aids, delivery and presentation, ‘Teaching Methodology Lecturing, Written Assignments, Project, Presentation, Report Writing wand revising, Course Assessment Sessional Exam, Home Assignments, Quizzes, Presentation, Final Exam Reference Mate 1, Practical Business English, Collen Vawdrey, 1993, ISBN = 0256192740 2. Effective Communication Skills: The Foundations for Change, John Nielsen, 2008, ISBN = 1453506748