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Abstract Writing Quiz (Dr.

Amitabh V Dwivedi)

1. The word abstract comes from the …………………………………..., which means a condensed form of
a longer piece of writing.

a) Latin abstractum b) Latin abstrahere c) Latin abstractus

2. The two main types of abstract are:

a) Descriptive & Informative b) Evaluative & Informative c) Descriptive & Calculative

3. The abstract is the ………………….. item that you write.

a) First b) Last c) Intermediate

4. Which works as an advertisement for your research writing:

a) Introduction b) Abstract c) Keywords

5. Which one is not true for abstract writing? It is

a) Written in plain English b) Often uses passive structures c) Must include referencing

6. Descriptive Abstract are written for:

a) Sciences b) Humanities c) Psychology essay/reports, Humanities & Social Sciences

7. Which one is generally not included in Descriptive Abstract?

a) Focus of paper b) Background c) Method

8. If you have written a 200 words abstract, then it is on the …………………. side.

a) Descriptive b) Informative c) Suggestive

9. Read two abstracts, and mark which sentence is background; purpose; aim; methods; results; conclusions

Abstract-1 Indicate: Abstract-2 Indicate: background;

background; purpose and aim;
purpose and methods; results;
aim; methods; conclusions
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(4). The preliminary results of the plagiarism entails (3).
research show that students from
different cultures initially have
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writing with different learning
and writing styles, but those with
a more developed metalanguage
are more confident and motivated
(5). The conclusion can also be
drawn that students’ level of
motivation for academic writing
positively correlates with their
opinion about themselves as
writers (6). Following an in-depth
multi-dimensional analysis of
preliminary research results, some
recommendations for writing
instruction will also be presented