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RA 0386 An Act to Ordain and Institute the Civil Code of the Philippines

RA 0544 An Act to Regulate the Practice of Civil Engineering in the Phils.

RA 0545 An Act to Regulate the Practice of Architecture in RP

RA 1364 Sanitary Engineering Law

RA 1378 An Act To Regulate the Trade Of Master Plumber

RA 1582 Ammended Civil Engineering Law

RA 4566 Contractor's License Law

RA 4726 Condominium Act

RA 6541 Predecessor of PD 1096 (NBC)

RA 7277 Magna Carta for Disabled Persons

RA 7279 Urban Development Housing Act of 1992

RA 8293 Intellectural Property Code of the Philippines

RA 8534 Interior Design Law

RA 8981 PRC Modernization Act of 2000

RA 9053 Philippines Landscape Architecture Act of 2000

RA 9266 The Architecture Act of 2004 (January 2004)


PD 0223 Professional Regulation Commission (June 1973)

PD 0957 Regulating the sale of Subdivision Lots and Condominiums

PD 1096 National Building Code

PD 1151 Philippine Environmental Policy (June 1977)

PD 1185 Fire Code of the Philippines

PD 1216 Defining Open Spaces in Residential Subdivisions

PD 1308 Regulating the Practice of Environmental Planning

PD 1530 Instituting a System of Voluntary Contributions for Housing Purposes

PD 1594 Government Infrastructure Contracts

PD 1616 Architectural Guidelines for Intramuros

PD 1752 Amending the Act Creating the Home Development Mutual Fund


BP 220 Economic and Socialized Housing

BP 344 Accessibility Law


SB 2623 SENATE BILL-Act to strengthen the Architecture Profession

HB 5127 HOUSE BILL-Empowering Architects to sustain env't pushed