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The cloud based process automation

and collaboration platform of the future||©
We Help Reimagine Business Processes by… | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 2

The One Paper Lane Platform

Complete, Review, Approve and collaborate

from anywhere, anytime.
Real time dashboard with
data analytics and insights.

Fluid processflow with enhanced

business rules | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 3

Everything you need to accelerate productivity
DYOP – Digitize Your Own Process – Instantly ONE Push – Initiate a process flow with existing unstructured
digitize, add advanced fields for calculations and advanced or structured data and generate smart documents.
logic to make your existing documents smart while
automating any process. Real time chat – Collaborate in real time with others to get
clarifications and increase productivity on any document or
Document collaboration - Collaborate with internal as process.
well as external users while also editing and managing Word
documents. Document and process automation / Process
Business rules with contextual search – Set, define library - Create, manage and save for future use workflows,
key business rules and search for data in process flows and digitized documents
real time.
ONE Trail - Maintain audit trails on assignments, routing,
Manage deadlines - Set renewal or expiration dates for processing time with time stamps for compliance.
any document or process and set automatic reminders and
due dates. Data driven intelligent reports – Analyze juicy data and
KPIs on a single screen on any device at any time
OCR- Automated data extraction from emailed, scanned or
digital documents
Task Management – Designed to assist a project manager
. in developing a plan, assigning resources to tasks, tracking
progress, set up reminders and analyzing workloads | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 4
One Paper Lane - BPM, ECM and more… Set up forms: Allows users to start
discussions in which community members
post questions, answers, comments and

BPM: Automating, measuring Digital data integration: Pull data from

and optimizing business processes source documents and make available for
by leveraging workflow and customers’ ERP/applications to consumer.
collaboration capabilities.

Contract repository with renewals:

Key ECM: Store, manage and track and Alerts on expiring contracts.
electronic documents.
Features more Low code platform: Does not require the
appointment of IT consultants to configure and
implement the platform.
Project Management Automation:
Designed to assist a project manager Minimal change management needs:
in developing a plan, assigning resources Get up and running in in a matter of weeks
to tasks, tracking progress, set up – not months.
reminders and analyzing workloads.
Low cost of ownership:
50 to 60% less cost than other tools with license
fee based only on privileged users and not
all users. | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 5

Value Proposition across functional areas

Digital transformation of HR processes Enhancing F&A by automating
Digital transformation of
including – Employee Experience, Accounts Payable, Journal Entry
the vendor management and
Policy Orientation, Appraisal process, Month/Quarter end closing
procurement approval process
management, and T&E task management, as well as client
billing processes


Digital transformation of industry specific Enhanced marketing operations
Optimize the way legal documents and other
documents are reviewed, tracked, signed and processes including Financial Services client with an efficient process to
digitally filed management, supplier management and manage contents, approve and run
client onboarding campaigns | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 6

Examples of how it works

General Counsel, COO, Contract negotiation, completion of Create document templates, edit, track Enhanced client experience – Digital
Engagement Managers agreements and SOWs, contract renewals changes, auto fill information, route transformation of the contracting and
documents, digital signatures, accessible database management process
CFO, Controller, T&E Enable employees to submit expenses for Set up T&E process, provide access to smart Enhanced employee experience – Digital
Manager, HR Manager approval, reimbursement forms, upload of supporting documents, transformation of the T&E process
routing for approval and payment

CFO, Controller, AP Validation, approval Maintain vendor database, create invoice Digital transformation of
Manager and payment of vendor invoices validation and approval workflow, upload of the vendor management process
supporting information, trigger payment

CEO, COO, CFO, CHRO Creation of a confidential repository of Secure searchable cloud based database that Agile storage and access to important
documents that can be accessed from can be accessed as needed documents by a restricted group
anywhere by a restricted number of persons
CMO Campaign management Enhanced marketing operations with an Efficient successful campaigns and
Marketing content management efficient process to manage contents, overall performance of marketing
approve and run campaigns activities
Shortlisted candidates to complete Create document templates, auto fill Enhanced employee experience – Digital
onboarding documentation before being information, route to candidates, allow transformation of the documentation
added to employee roles supporting documents to be shared, digital process
signing of documents | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 7

Endless Possibilities | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 8

Why One Paper Lane
Better Insights and Analytics
Re-imagine business processes
– all the way thru the front,
middle and back office. Measurable Data and KPI from each Process.

TAT (Turn Around Time) Analytics for

Collaborate seamlessly. any process.

Real time collaboration.

Improve user experience.

Real Time reporting with Digital Audit Trail
and Time Stamps.

Data Driven Results from Business Rules. | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 9
Digital transformation that meets all your goals

36% 23% 30% 40%

Increase in Revenue Cost Reduction Risk Reduction Enhanced Productivity | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 10

Use Case – Leading e-commerce portal
"We realized that we were loosing revenue because of an inefficient Vendor
Management process. With OPL we are able to not only to reduce the time
Digital solution
One Paper Laneforprovided
Vendor Management
digital needed to onboard vendors, but we now have better insights and compliance
increased efficiencies
solution for and reduced costs
procurement. in our Vendor Management process.”

- Head of Digital Initiatives, Vendor Management


• Paper based Vendor Registration Enhanced vendor management process
• Lack of standard processes • Digital Vendor Onboarding

• Vendor information not available • Dynamic legal document generation process

• Certified signature workflow
80% 50%
• Operating costs too high • Instant validation of data inputs

• Loss of revenue because of time taken • Data extraction process from documents uploaded Reduction in
Increase in Efficiency
to make vendor products available on • Integration with existing applications administrative costs
E.g.: Vendor contract
portal • Central repository for all vendor information
process time reduced
• Higher visibility into process enabling improved
compliance with regulatory requirements from 4 – 6 weeks to 48 hours | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 11
Use Case – Global travel portal
"What a concept where one can do away with manual tasks

Leveraging One Paper Lane and have valuable data in a secure format. We look forward to
a long-term partnership with One Paper Lane."
to optimize HR operations.
- Director of HR and Analytics


• Old legacy systems not integrated. End-to-end HR set-up

• Expensive consultants with ideas,
• Employee on/off-boarding.
40 to
not turnkey solutions.
• Global spread resulted in siloed operations and
• Recruitment. 55%
• Policy orientations.
disparaged systems.
• Appraisal management.
• Reduction in time to onboard employees
• T&E, Cash management.
• Lower administrative costs. | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 12

Use Case – Leading wealth management firm
"The inefficieny of the earlier process delayed client onboarding
leading to reveue loss as well as higher adminstrtive expenses.
Optimized onboarding With OPL, we are able to provide a better client experience while
improved client experience. also helping grow our business faster”

- Vice President


• Existing onboarding process required clients to

Digitization of Client
on-boarding process
review information sent to them by email, print,
fill and send back scanned documents. 70%
• Onboarding process optimized
• Inaccurate data capture process
• Smart documents created for gathering information
• Leveraged SaaS platform to enable client • Reduction in time to onboard clients.
access at any time • Lower administrative costs. | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 13

Use Case – Fashion House

One Paper Lane provided digital Enhanced Accounts Payable process

solution for procurement. provides scalable solution while also
Improving controls


• Paper intensive Accounts Payable process • OCR to extract information from invoices
• No track of vendor invoices submitted • Vendor portal to submit invoices
• Lack of standard process • Auto sweep of email inbox and ingestion of 40% 11%
• Delayed and inaccurate approval process invoices and supporting documents
• Penalties paid for late payment • Vendor authentication process
Increase in efficiency Annual discounts
• Digital AP verification and approval process
• Seamless integration with existing systems | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 14

Use Case – Mid-sized Law Firm

Leveraging OPL to digitally transform

its practice and enhance its client


This Law firm was looking to optimize its practice OPL optimized the firm’s practice by leveraging
areas and streamline its client engagement
model to achieve more efficiencies as it grew its
it’s innovative collaborative workflow platform to
digitize the handling
practice of client data/information sharing, while also
improving the client onboarding and client • Reduction in time to onboard clients.
management process. The firm’s clients’ can now • 25% to 30% reduction in prep time
also digitally sign-off on engagement letters and because of improved collaboration.
• Process accuracy increased by over 40%.
work as needed.
• One technology platform for multiple
processes. | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 15
Use Case – Business Services Provider
Increased efficiency in running
MARKETING successful campaigns while improving
the overall performance of marketing


Business service provider was looking to improve By deploying the One Push module, the complex
the way it managed campaigns that it rolled out
to existing and prospective clients. The current
campaign process was automated, thereby
allowing customized messaging to be sent out to
process was inefficient and manual millions of targeted customers/prospects
One Paper Lane’s Doc Collaborator also helps
with the review and approval of new content. • Increase in efficiency
• 25% to 30% reduction in prep time
because of improved collaboration. | © 2018 One Paper Lane. 16

Thank you.

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+1 646 690 9748 | © 2018 One Paper Lane.